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The 7 Best Subreddits for Men’s Style and Fashion

The internet is a wonderful place. There’s so much information out there just waiting to be absorbed.

Reddit is one of the best places on the internet to hang out with likeminded people and learn something new. The world of style is no exception! There are some incredible Reddit communities out there dedicated to stylish men.

Whether you want to learn something new, show off your awesome outfits, or just look at what other stylish guys are wearing, there’s a community for you.

1. r/MaleFashionAdvice

This is the granddaddy of male style subreddits. It has well over 2,000,000 subscribers with thousands of them online at any given moment. If you want advice on just about anything, there will be someone around to help. There’s a constant flood of new posts to read, so there will always be something new to learn from someone with more experience.

It’s not just about quantity, though, because most of the Redditors on this sub are very helpful and friendly, which isn’t always the case for Reddit communities.

This subreddit is incredibly organized with a schedule of specific posts, lots of primer posts to help you get started, and a team of mods that keep everything running smoothly. Whether you want to show off what you’re wearing today or you want to ask some beginner questions, this is the subreddit for you.

2. r/Styleboards

Styleboards are one of the best ways to get inspired, and this subreddit is dedicated to them. People get creative with their outfits, which will help you come up with something interesting on your own.

It’s not the most massive community in terms of members, but it does have tons of quality, which is what you always hope to see from a subreddit. The fact that it’s not terribly huge means that your styleboards will actually get noticed, so if you actually want to get into showing off your clothing, this is a perfect way to do it.

3. r/FrugalMaleFashion

The main r/MaleFashionAdvice subreddit is all about looking good. A lot of the content doesn’t factor in price, though. If you want to dress better but you don’t want to break the bank too much, then you need to add r/FrugalMaleFashion to your list of subscribed Reddit communities.

Whenever there’s a major deal at a popular retailer, you’ll usually find a post on this subreddit talking about it. There are over a million subscribers, so the Subreddit is extremely active. Even if you don’t consider yourself a frugal person, saving money is always a good thing!

4. r/Watches

A nice watch can be the perfect accessory for any outfit, and this subreddit is completely dedicated to all things timepieces. There are guides to certain brands, posts with people showing off their new watches, AMAs with watch companies, and plenty of other awesome content dedicated to telling time with style.

This is a very active subreddit with over 800k subscribers, so you can count on there being plenty of content. Whether you want to share your watch collection with other fans, or you want to learn how to wear a watch with style, this is the perfect community for you.

5. r/Sneakers

There’s a huge community of people out there who are absolutely obsessed with sneakers and this subreddit is full of them. If you’re interested in sneakers, or you want to be, you can join over 1,000,000 sneakerheads to check out what they’re wearing that day, get advice on sneakers, and just about anything else you can imagine.

6. r/Streetwear

r/Streetwear is its own sort of fashion that isn’t for everyone. If you’re a fan of the style, though, this massive subreddit is for you. It’s not specific to men, so the content will be mixed between genders, but don’t let that stop you from subscribing and learning how to rock streetwear with style.

The one drawback of this subreddit is that there are a lot of memes, so if you’re only looking for serious content, you might be disappointed. However, there’s plenty of useful stuff mixed in there, you just have to dig in.

7. r/MaleFashion

If you’re not into conventional fashion, r/MaleFashion is the community for you. It’s all about wearing things outside of what’s traditionally popular. Even if you consider yourself pretty traditional, you might find some inspiration from the creativity of the people hanging out here.


The Surprising Sweetness of Menswear Reddit

An internet forum devoted to a men’s issue and comprised of almost entirely men sounds like it could be, at the very least, less than 100 percent inviting, and at worst, a nightmare. Fortunately, however, the moderators of the r/malefashionadvice subreddit are keenly aware of this. And against all odds, they’ve built a place for men on the internet that is, shockingly, kinda sweet.

“It’s a surprisingly functional and actually really nice community,” says Walker Livingston, a 23-year-old soon-to-be law student living in Washington, D.C., and moderating under the username setfiretoflames. He’s one of more than a dozen mods on the Male Fashion Advice (MFA) subreddit, which at 868,000 readers is the 86th most-subscribed community on Reddit.

A typical exchange on MFA will often look something like this: a poster, usually an early-20s American guy who may or may not be still in school, asks a question like, “I’ve just started a new job and need a new wardrobe, where do I start?” or “What brand of Oxford would you recommend for someone with broad shoulders that’s under $100?” or “Do these jeans fit?”

In short, it’s a place for dudes who are suddenly at the place in their lives where they’re looking to spend more than $30 on a shirt, as another moderator, Adam (username: GraphicNovelty), puts it. He’s a 30-year-old digital media analyst and DSA member living in Washington Heights, and a decade-long veteran of the menswear internet.

“It’s definitely the most accessible,” he says of MFA, compared to forums like Hypebeast, Styleforum, Superfuture, or 4chan’s /fa/ board. “It’s the least risky, and the most open to newcomers. There are a lot of smaller ones that specifically skew toward certain designers that end up just being really, really sexist, homophobic or something else. That’s not at all what we’re interested in, and we try to actively root that out.”

When I meet him in downtown Manhattan, Adam’s wearing a Patrik Ervell fisherman sweater, Outlier trousers, and clear glasses, a vibe he half-jokingly calls “normal guy–core.” (“I’m 30 now, so I’m not impressing anybody.”) Walker, on the other hand, describes himself as an “absolute goth,” preferring black pieces from Uniqlo, Undercover, and the occasional Margiela. But they’re alike in one important way: They’ve both landed on their aesthetic of choice, and have therefore graduated beyond the platform’s average advice seeker.

After all, a lack of style expertise is what makes MFA tick: if everyone already knew how to dress, there’d be no one to, y’know, advise. It’s also what gives the community its trademark niceness — a subreddit that’s all about people asking for help inherently rewards vulnerability. “A lot of the time it’s like, just giving people affirmation that their choices weren’t bad,” says Adam. “Or if their choices were bad, letting them down in a nice way.” Adds Walker: “It’s not a collective dunking culture. It’s very earnest.”

That is, provided the users are operating in good faith. “Unfortunately, it is an online community that is mainly guys, and since we’re in that self-help bubble of the internet, there’s always some random toxic masculinity,” Walker says. “You’ll see people from the seduction communities, these weird pickup artist guys. Those people do not receive a warm welcome, because a) ugh, and b) it’s not really a good thing to have in the community. They’re there to prey on insecurity.”

There was also the time when an influx of lookbooks featuring scantily clad women found their way into the thread, which led to an argument about what is and isn’t an “off-topic or otherwise inappropriate” post. And then there’s the problem of men who just want a space to complain about the seeming absurdity of high fashion by posting a photo of, say, a Thom Browne runway. “In those cases, it’s a lot of explaining, ‘Hey, these shows are generally indicative of some idea the designer is trying to present in a certain way. But you’re probably not going to see these outfits ever on the street,’” Walker says.

For the most part, though, MFA is made up of guys simply trying to become more presentable versions of themselves. But the internet is still the internet, and Reddit is still Reddit. “There’s no point in you going to a website like this if you’re not a huge dork, you know what I mean?” Adam says (lovingly, of course). “There’s probably an inkling of insecurity in everyone who comes here. They to make things understandable so that they can feel confident doing it: It’s performing competency. And then you get some of the people who are way too far into it. Like, ‘I made a grid!’ And it’s like, ‘Dude, you don’t need a schema. It’s not science here.’ You see this anywhere on Reddit.”

A formulaic tendency in a group of users will, naturally, create formulas. “There’s this whole kind of semi-joke thing of the MFA uniform over the past couple of years,” says Walker. “It’s like if someone just wants to look nice. It’s inoffensive clothing that works well on most people’s body types.”

Or, as it’s known on the subreddit: the Basic Bastard. In the early 2010s, said Bastard was wearing a blue Oxford cloth button-down shirt, khaki chinos, and Clark’s desert boots. A few years later he changed into a gray crewneck sweater, raw denim, and minimalist white sneakers (the holy grail: Common Projects).

These days, it’s a little less clear what the Basic Bastard has in his closet. Maybe that’s because menswear has gone from a slightly niche interest to a far more accessible one, thanks to an influx of brands making fashionable menswear affordable. It’s been eight (!) years since writer Mary H.K. Choi declared that “All Dudes Learned How to Dress and It Sucks.”

Instead, much of the current conversation centers around the definition of what constitutes trying too hard. “Most of the long-time users are good at articulating it,” Adam explains. “If something’s not try-hard, it’s in line with your lifestyle, you look good in it, and it fits with your surroundings.”

Other times, the moderators double as therapists. “There’s a surprising amount of ‘I just got out of a relationship and I want to look good’ questions,” Walker says. “I look at them like, I understand what you’re going for, but I also feel like this is probably something where you should work on yourself along with also working on your clothes. You really don’t want to be at this cliff and say, ‘I’m going to jump right off it and clothes are going to be my parachute down it.’ You walk them back a little bit.”

Indeed, even the fashion advice-givers of Reddit admit that clothing can’t solve all our problems. “People will be like, ‘What’s the best T-shirt?’ The best T-shirt is the one that fits you the best,” says Adam. “All the T-shirts are fucking T-shirts.”

“Or,” he adds, “learn how to not care as much.”

And even though the moderators don’t get paid for their roles as stylists-slash-life coaches, there’s an incentive to spend hours on the forum. “I really like a lot of the guys and I’ve made actual real-life friendships from it,” says Walker. “And also, down to the core, I just really like shopping.”

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“Getting dressed makes me feel more like a person,” said Kyoko Caulfield. “I need to do it even if I’m in virtual school, even if I’m not working, even if I’m not seeing people. It’s still nice to share my outfit with the world in some capacity.”

Caulfield is 22 years old, identifies as genderqueer, and uses she/her pronouns. She is also one of the most prolific posters to Reddit’s “r/MaleFashion” (the subreddit is also referred to as Malefashion, or MF). Her all-time most popular post is of her wearing a hand-sewn kimono of her own design, upcycled from reused plaid fabric in a nod to her Japanese-Scottish heritage. This month, her most popular post to MF sees her modeling a vintage Boy Scout uniform next to her dad, captioned “father and son.”

MF began in 2011 as Reddit’s home for fit pics and conversation from men “dressed by the internet.” At the time, this meant devotees of fashion micro-cultures: raw denim-heads, Antwerp Six historians, Rick Owens zealots, people who could spell “sprezzatura,” etc. Diehards from these groups came from their separate blogs/forums and coalesced into r/malefashion as Reddit grew in popularity.

“Those guys were freaks!” said 21 year-old Dylan Burgoon (they/them), in loving admiration. “They knew everything about everything!” Burgoon joined malefashion just as this balkanized, pre-social media era ended. Now a fourth-year student at UC Berkeley running an Ann Demeulemeester archive in their spare time, they joined the subreddit when it was run by folks who had just arrived from isolated, predominantly-male spaces like StyleZeitgeist or SuperFuture. As such, the board at the time was overwhelmingly masculine. But, owing to the demands of its contributors, that’s changed.

“Even though I wasn’t on the board when it was just men,” said Caulfield, “every post I make I still get comments from people who are not aware of the switch.”

The “switch” she’s referring to has to do with r/malefashion’s name. Its reason for being, even. The name implies male exclusivity, but that’s not what the community wants anymore. The page is still called malefashion, but a banner across the top reads “fashion/antifashion/malefashion/femalefashion/androfashion/queerfashion.” The board’s sidebar reads: “The sub has evolved beyond its name and we welcome posters of any gender.”

So what happened? Well, over time, more and more people were attracted to the wealth of avant-garde fashion knowledge on the subreddit. Many of these individuals already felt that they “stood out” for reasons relating to their identities. “The community itself is great,” said Caulfield. “It’s very different from the public perception of Reddit,” which tends toward the right-wing and reactionary. “It’s extremely inclusive.”

But some users wanted the subreddit to behave as the rest of Reddit does, where each community strictly adheres to the name it’s organized under. But Burgoon and several others were posting outfits that were among the most popular on the subreddit, despite not being conventionally masculine. Heated debates ensued, though calling many of these comments “debate” is being charitable.

“[Even today], if there’s any perceived gender transgression, you will attract negative comments,” said Caulfield. “I got lucky, today I posted a male-presenting outfit... but I don’t think [the trolls] realized that I was assigned female at birth.”

As the debate raged on, it became clear that the vast majority of those complaining about the subreddit’s drift had little-to-no presence on the subreddit: they were just there to gripe (or troll outright). Zach E. Adams, one of the main moderators of r/malefashion, identifies those who want MF to be exclusively male as belonging to one of two camps. “There are people who will say, ‘the forum is named male fashion, go use r/fashion.”


Reddit Male Fashion Advice

Reddit Male Fashion Advice. We aim to foster an environment where everybody feels safe and welcomed and where people feel encouraged to have healthy and productive discussions. Reddits largest mens fashion community. Reddits largest mens fashion community. RedditFashion is a place for designer avant garde queer and other latest and trendy fashion. Reddits largest mens fashion community. Click to explore the world of techwear. Reddits largest mens fashion community. Click to explore the world of techwear. Or as one Redditor put it. I love Free Peoples style - like this or this - but whats appropriate for where Im going Mexico is either sold out or sold out in my size.

The Getup Go Anywhere Do Anything Considered By Reddit S Male Fashion Advice Community To Be Uniform 3 0 A Male Fashion Advice Mens Fashion Mens Outfits

We aim to foster an environment where everybody feels safe and welcomed and where people feel encouraged to have healthy and productive discussions. We welcome those who want to learn and those who want to contribute. Click to explore the world of techwear. There are dudes looking for advice on how to wear certain items like this request. There are recurring posts including ShouldShouldnt I Buy posts on Tuesdays and Outfit Feedback Fit Check posts on Fridays. Ive seriously spent over 4 hours looking so far. Sep 19 2018 victoriabeeGetty Images. Male Fashion Advice is our new favorite subreddit where guys in need of outfit advice crowd-source each other for help. Revive Your Style with MJ. This subreddit is a place to post sales ask for advice share useful tips and all that jazz as long as it pertains in general to menswear in Australia.

Its just a page called Male Fashion Advice Youll know youre in the right place because youll see Reddits signature alien peeking out of a chukka boot.

Looking for Reddits Male Fashion Advice. Male Fashion Advice is our new favorite subreddit where guys in need of outfit advice crowd-source each other for help. Making clothing less intimidating and helping you develop your own style. This subreddit is a place to post sales ask for advice share useful tips and all that jazz as long as it pertains in general to menswear in Australia. Making clothing less intimidating and helping you develop your own style. There are recurring posts including ShouldShouldnt I Buy posts on Tuesdays and Outfit Feedback Fit Check posts on Fridays. Im roughly a 16 and can wear a large or extra-large depending on fit so I dont need plus size brands per se. We welcome those who want to learn and those who want to contribute. Reddits largest mens fashion community. Click to explore the world of techwear. Seriously these tips are genius.


Fashion reddit male

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