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Project F: Our designers featured on the world stage

Global Consumer Design fabric care innovation ‘BioLogic’ will be showcased in National Museum of China in Beijing from April 25 to July 25 at the fourth edition of &#;Series Off Series&#; exhibition

In , our Global Consumer Design team began the “New Domesticity” project, in collaboration with Future Concept Labs Milan, to understand the laundry process and the new ways we relate to the machine and our use of architectural spaces.

Project-F-LogoIn parallel, the team launched ‘Project F: Fabric care futures’ in which they worked with three external groups: deep designdesignkoop and design RAW, to produce five prototypes that recreate fabric care appliances in light of the results of our research.

Consumer culture takeaways - Global Consumer Design Whirlpool

All five proposals were founded on a basic technical formula:

Project F - Global Consumer Design

Each element was examined in depth: the size, shape, proportion and location of containers, the need (or not) for water and/or detergent and the mechanical alternatives for agitation: scrubbing, plunging, compressing, fiber separation, rolling, vacuum, hydro-dynamics and water jets. Some concepts simply reconfigured existing technologies while others went quite far in the projection of the formula into the future.

We’re proud to announce that one of these prototypes, BioLogic, will be showcased in National Museum of China from April 25 to July 25, as part of  &#;Series Off Series&#; exhibition. The project is curated by Andrea Branzi together with Triennale Design Museum, and is promoted jointly by the General Directorate of Museums and Fondazione La Triennale di Milano.

BioLogic: the green machine

The design is made up of three zones: a holding tank for water, a series of washpods, and a plant container!

Biologic - Global Consumer Design

Taking green principles to a new level, the BioLogic system regenerates itself, while keeping by-products to a minimum:

  • It uses phytodepuration with hydroponic plants to renew ‘greywater’ from the wash. Water passes from the washpods to a plant container which harnesses the cyclical relationships between plants and water to filter out harmful by-products from the washing process: the plants use part of the polluting by-products of washing (phosphorous and nitrogen) as nutrients!
  • The whole appliance runs on fuel cell technology, which exploits the electrochemical attraction between hydrogen and an oxidant to create energy. Fuel cells, like batteries, are self-contained systems that do not create any waste products.
  • The wash cycle itself takes place in several washpods, rather than a single drum. This allows continuous, overlapping cycles, freeing users from rigid, routines.

Rather than remaining an isolated event in a more or less anonymous box, washing becomes part of an ongoing organic process that creates time, rather than just occupying it. The sound of the gently flowing water, the scent of the plants, the glow of the lights all make for a product that can be experienced.

Meet the designers

Patrizio CionfoliPatrizio Cionfoli &#; Patrizio is a graduate from Polytechnic University of Milan, having obtained a degree in Industrial Design from the Faculty of Architecture, in He began his professional career with Lou Beeren Industrial Design, Groningen, Netherlands, contributing to the design of espresso coffee machines.

Patrizio started his career with Global Consumer Design in as a Designer within the Food Conservation category.

Between and he worked with Whirlpool Europe’s Global Consumer Design as a designer within the Fabric Care team. In he moved on to develop and implement the Prêt-à- porter clothes refresher, which was launched across Europe in In the same year, the Prêt-à- porter was awarded the IDSA Bronze (USA) and the IFD ‘Janus ’ (France) for the most innovative concept. In he became Refrigerator Category leader where he developed several platforms which are now on the market as the latest Iconic Fridges for the KitchenAid Brand. Since the beginning of he has been the EMEA Brand Design Manager, and is responsible for the KitchenAid Design Manager.

Patrizio was one of the main designers of ‘BioLogic’, part of ‘Project F- Fabric Care Futures’, which obtained the “Compasso D’oro nominee” and I.D. Magazine ‘Design Distinction’ in the concept category in

Giuseppe NetiGiuseppe Netti &#; Giuseppe joined Whirlpool Global Consumer Design in He is currently leading the EMEA brand design studio, and is responsible for design strategies able to generate innovation and business growth. From , he led the design team of Countertop Microwave Ovens and Accessories, creating a strong product identity, which has been highlighted among leading international publications.

During Giuseppe was appointed to the global position of Principal Designer for the cooking category to connect advanced technology with different regional market needs.

In he moved on to lead the design of all Whirlpool European home appliances featuring one common design language across the globe.

Since he has been guiding the team of designers that shape the unique aesthetics and experience for Indesit, Hotpoint, IKEA, Privileg and Bauknecht brands.

In these years Giuseppe has led and collaborated on a broad number of products and design concepts that have achieved recognition from leading design competitions such as IF, Red Dot, Industrial Designers Society of America / Businessweek Design and Janus. Giuseppe is 44 years old and has a Bachelor Degree in Architecture and Industrial Design from Polytechnic University of Milan.

Ruben CastanoRuben Castano &#; Born in Bogota, Colombia in , he began studying industrial design at Xavier University in He transferred to Italy in for an internship in Whirlpool Europe’s design studio, where he continued to work and finalize his studies at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, obtaining a degree in Industrial Design in

Ruben was one of the principal designers of “BioLogic” for Project F.

Spotlight on the team &#; Global Consumer Design

Design doesn’t just happen. Design is the most human of endeavors – it takes ideas and forges them into objects, into experiences, into memories. Design makes connections. Design matters. The best design comes out of collaborative effort, the collective vision of a team.

Whirlpool’s Global Consumer Design is a multi-disciplinary design group that includes industrial, interaction and graphic designers who work alongside usability specialists, anthropologists and behavioral psychologists to understand people, ideate concepts and bring major domestic appliances to life.

Sours: https://www.whirlpoolcorp.com/project-f-our-designers-featured-on-the-world-stage/

In the early 80's, Whirlpool completely redesigned their standard washing machine model. The result is the "Design " series, known in the parts houses as "Whirlpool direct drive" models.

The most obvious feature of the design is that it does away with all drive belts. The motor is coupled directly to the transmission and pump. Other major changes include a new pedestal tub mounting system, a plastic tub with integral tub fittings, a liquid-ring basket balancing mechanism, and a mechanically direct-reversing transmission. Also, most of the component parts of the washer are held in place by spring clips or just a few screws, making them easy to replace.

A pump is mounted directly on the motor by spring clips. The pump moves water only during the spin cycle; during agitate, it is turning but it does not circulate water.

The motor is coupled directly to the transmission through a plastic and rubber flexible coupling.

Both the pump hub and transmission coupling will break away in the event of a pump or transmission lockup, preventing damage to the motor.

Figure DD Drive Train

Drive Train

A clutch drum and shoes (mounted atop the transmission) allow the basket to come up to speed slowly during the spin cycle. The clutch drum rotates and is driven by gears inside the transmission. Similarly, a set of brake shoes (attached to the spin tube) contact a drum (attached to the bottom of the mounting pedestal) to provide a basket braking action to the tub whenever the washer is NOT in the spin cycle.

Changing between the agitate and spin cycles is accomplished mechanically within the transmission when the motor reverses.

In buying transmission and clutch parts for these machines, you may come across the term "neutral drain." Early versions of these machines began spinning with water still in the tub, so-called "direct spin" machines. A redesign created a "neutral drain" machine, where the tub would start draining before spin occurred.

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Sours: https://www.appliancerepair.net/washing-machine-repairhtml
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When the Whirlpool Corporation began producing its new Design automatic clothes washers in volume in November, it was the culmination of a dozen years of product development.

The Design , to an untrained eye, is a big enamel box like any other top-loading washer. But according to Whirlpool, the line represents a fundamental redesign, not only of the washing machine itself but, equally important, of the manufacturing process. Cheaper to make, easier to service, the comes off a computer- driven assembly line in Clyde, Ohio, with 30 percent fewer parts than previous models.

With redesigned products like the line, Whirlpool has its eye on rapid growth. Last year Whirlpool grossed more than $3 billion, mainly from selling washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, microwave ovens and other appliances. Its strategy is to keep its existing lines growing and to acquire businesses that will contribute up to $1 billion in additional sales through

A Decade of Doldrums

That is an aggressive stance for a company that specializes in home appliances, an industry that only recently emerged from a decade of doldrums. Severe interest rates, the housing slump and retrenchment by consumers chilled sales.

It was not until last year that the appliance industry exceeded 's sales of million units. In , manufacturers shipped more than million units, according to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers in Chicago.

Whirlpool's goals, set in under its new chairman, Jack D. Sparks, include a growth rate of 10 percent a year, earnings growth of 15 percent a year and a 20 percent return on investment and stockholders' equity. Last year Whirlpool cleared percent on investment and percent on equity.

''There is no question in my mind we can attain those goals and objectives,'' said Leo R. Montgomery, senior vice president and controller of the company, based in Benton Harbor, Mich. One reason is Whirlpool's strong financial position, which shows about $ million in cash and short-term investments, and long- term debt of only $ million.

An Increase in Advertising

In part Whirlpool is looking to acquisitions, which could include a move outside the realm of home appliances. But its plan also calls for a new emphasis on promoting the Whirlpool brand to wrest market share from the competition. Whirlpool's spending for consumer advertising has risen about 85 percent in two years, and total marketing outlays have grown by 70 percent.

Whirlpool's optimism stems largely from its estimates of replacement demand and demographic trends. Of the million major appliances in American homes today, some 80 million will be replaced in the next five years, according to Mr. Montgomery. In addition, Whirlpool estimates that by , people between the ages of 25 and 40 - prime candidates to purchase appliances - will constitute 43 percent of Americans over

The company is making its growth push at a time when appliances have reached new levels of sophistication, employing microcomputers, electronic controls and visual displays. Whirlpool and its larger rival, the General Electric Company, have generally paced the industry in revamping their products to incorporate these devices, industry analysts say.

The players in the industry are bigger and fewer; smaller manufacturers have been swallowed up or driven from the scene. In some 60 companies produced washing machines; today there are seven. Japanese manufacturers have already penetrated the microwave oven market, and the possibility of Japanese competition in other appliances, though unlikely, worries the industry.

Growing Market Shares

Analysts who watch the appliance industry say Whirlpool is well placed to increase its business with acquisitions, but some are wary of any move to broaden the product line. ''I wouldn't be anxious for them to get too far afield,'' said Russell L. Leavitt, an analyst with Smith Barney, Harris Upham & Company.

There is less worry over Whirlpool's ability to snare more of the home appliance market.

''The weight of evidence is in their favor,'' said Charles K. Ryan, an analyst with Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith Inc. ''The Whirlpool brand has probably gained market share for 20 years,'' with one or two exceptions, he added. ''Once you get momentum, you tend to keep it.''

Whirlpool and General Electric compete fiercely for overall sales leadership. By most estimates, the two industry giants between them command more than 50 percent of the appliance market, but market share for individual products varies widely. In clothes washers, for instance, Whirlpool-made appliances led 48 percent to 18 percent in In ranges, G.E. and Hotpoint, the brands produced by General Electric, enjoyed a 32 percent to 12 percent edge.

Sears's Kenmore Line

The Whirlpool brand is distinct from Whirlpool-made appliances sold through Sears, Roebuck and Company under the name Kenmore. Sales to Sears have declined from 55 percent of Whirlpool's total in to about 40 percent last year - a reflection, Whirlpool says, of its greater success in marketing its appliances directly.

Whirlpool's relationship with Sears dates back to , when the Upton Machine Company, Whirlpool's forerunner, began selling motor-driven wringer washers to the Chicago retailer.

Whirlpool is waiting for the Federal Trade Commission to act on its proposed acquisition of the Kitchenaid division of the Hobart Corporation, a Dart and Kraft Inc. subsidiary.

White Consolidated Industries, the third-ranking manufacturer of home appliances, has filed suit to block the purchase, claiming antitrust violations.

The Kitchenaid acquisition would double Whirlpool's market share in dishwashers, to 26 percent, compared with 22 percent for G.E./Hotpoint. It would also give Whirlpool a respected and popular name tag, especially in dishwashers, where. analysts say, Kitchenaid is regarded as a premium brand. The deal would add mixers, food processors, garbage disposers and hot water dispensers to the Whirlpool line.

According to Mr. Montgomery, the acquisition of Kitchenaid would put Whirlpool ''about halfway'' to its goal of cumulative sales gains of $1 billion by from acquisitions and mergers. Kitchenaid had sales of more than $ million in

Other Acquisition Efforts

The Kitchenaid proposal is not the only indication of Whirlpool's search for new business. Last month the company announced it had increased its ownership in Inglis Ltd., a major appliance manufacturer in Canada, to just over 50 percent. Whirlpool negotiated for months last spring with Litton Industries to buy its Microwave Cooking Products division, which had sales of $ million, before talks stalled in June.

In addition, Whirlpool officials have said they are looking for opportunities in consumer durables beside appliances. Analysts say Whirlpool is likely to stick to products compatible with its manufacturing and marketing expertise. Among the examples offered are do-it-yourself building supplies, outdoor furniture, lawn and garden-care products, and floor and wall coverings.

''They want things they know something about, and things they can make better,'' Mr. Leavitt said. Previous forays by the company into the production of television sets, electric organs and furniture met with little success, several analysts noted.

Even without acquisitions, Whirlpool has done well of late. Both Whirlpool and the home appliance industry enjoyed surges in and Whirlpool sales jumped percent last year to a record $ billion, and earnings climbed percent, to $ million, also a record.

Sours: https://www.nytimes.com//02/21/business/whirlpool-s-aggressive-goals.html

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