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"This novel skillfully tackles the dark topics of depression and suicide as well as the often misguided way Christians treat mental illness. It asks the hard questions such as how one should support a loved one who deals with this disease and what to do when our best intentions are ineffective in providing help and solace. Beautiful and haunting, Shades of Light is a heart-wrenching and necessary read that ultimately offers hope."

Elizabeth Musser, author of The Long Highway Home

"Sharon Garlough Brown uses the vulnerable, sensitive, compassionate, and creative character of Wren to sympathetically immerse the reader into her valiant struggles of coping with depression and anxiety. With Wren's deep insights into the life of Vincent van Gogh, we are invited to participate in the illuminating potential of visio divina to experience the comforting aspects of Vincent's art. Sharon succeeds in revealing what hides beneath the surface of the two wounded and kindred spirits—Wren and Vincent—namely, their compassion and their spiritual and intellectual depth. This is a book that compels us to be more compassionate and less judgmental."

Carol A. Berry, lecturer, author of Learning from Henri Nouwen and Vincent van Gogh: A Portrait of the Compassionate Life

"Sharon Garlough Brown's Shades of Light is a rare and beautiful study in contrasts. Faith and doubt, control and surrender, acceptance and resistance—all are woven into the darks and lights of a story so real and provoking that you will find yourself aching, wondering, hoping, and even praying alongside her luminescent characters. The struggles of depression and anxiety, of parenting and being parented, of loving and losing aren't tied up in easy answers or simple narratives, but are lifted up for what they are: the beloved brokenness where God's light and love get in."

Tara Owens, author of Embracing the Body

"Christians have not done well with the subject of mental illness. There is a great deal of stigma around the therapy process, calling people's struggles 'a lack of faith' or 'sin in their life.' This marvelous book courageously unveils the reality of psychological struggle even among people of faith, pointing us to the Jesus who keeps company with us in everything that is hard—a companion in sorrow. Thank you, Sharon, for this work that I predict will be healing to many."

James Bryan Smith, author of The Good and Beautiful God

"In Shades of Light, Sharon Garlough Brown draws us once again into stories of faith amid suffering and hope even in the darkness. Christians face mental illness like everyone else, but too often they wrestle alone and ashamed. As we enter Wren's world of anxiety and depression, we are invited to join her muse Vincent van Gogh and the characters from the Sensible Shoes series as her 'companions in sorrow.' Sharon's unflinching and compassionate portrayal of that sacred fellowship reveals Christ himself is with us on the journey, sharing our tears and holding us in love."

Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung, author of Glittering Vices

"Shades of Light is a beautiful, moving story filled with Sharon Garlough Brown's deep, spiritual insights. As a fan of artist Vincent van Gogh, I loved how the main characters, Wren and her mother, Jamie, drew from the faith of this 'companion in sorrow' as they faced the challenges of Wren's depression. Brown offers no pat answers to the questions raised by mental illness, but shows how joy and suffering are held in delicate balance through faith in the 'Man of Sorrows,' who is 'sorrowful but always rejoicing.' This is a powerful book, triumphant with hope."

Lynn Austin, author of Legacy of Mercy

"What a consolation this novel will be for those who have known the darkness! Too often church people approach mental illness with fear, simplistic theology, and useless spiritual bromides. By telling Wren's story, Sharon Garlough Brown instead gently welcomes us into a companionship of sorrow where we can glimpse the dark beauties of grace. There's bracing truth here about the stubbornness of mental illness, the spiritual and practical implications, the helpless ache of those who love but can't fix. But there's also beauty of soul, which emerges for readers through Wren's sensitive dwelling in the paintings and writings of Vincent van Gogh. And as we learn to dwell in Wren's world, to enter that circle of sorrow, we find at the center of it the compassionate, Gethsemane presence of Christ."

Debra Rienstra, professor of English at Calvin College, author of So Much More: An Invitation to Christian Spirituality

"Look for cameos by some of your favorite characters from the Sensible Shoes series in this quiet, honest story about the hallowing of the soul in its journey with Jesus through suffering. For anyone who has faced the darkness of depression or walked that road with a loved one, this is a beautiful, much-needed Christian vision of mental illness as both clinical (therefore treatable) and spiritual."

Sarah Arthur, Christianity Today fiction judge, author of A Light So Lovely: The Spiritual Legacy of Madeleine L'Engle

"Brown's evocative prose . . . is both heartbreaking and enthralling. This emotionally harrowing story will appeal to fans of Karen Kingsbury."

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Shades of Light

"I was desperate. . . . I couldn't turn off the dark thoughts, no matter how hard I tried or how much I prayed. And then I spent a whole weekend in bed, and the crying wouldn't stop, and I got really scared. I've had bouts with depression before--it's kind of a cloud I've learned to live with--but this time was different. I felt like I was going under, like I'd never feel "I was desperate. . . . I couldn't turn off the dark thoughts, no matter how hard I tried or how much I prayed. And then I spent a whole weekend in bed, and the crying wouldn't stop, and I got really scared. I've had bouts with depression before--it's kind of a cloud I've learned to live with--but this time was different. I felt like I was going under, like I'd never feel hopeful again, and then that just made my anxiety worse and it all spiraled from there."

Wren Crawford is a social worker who finds herself overwhelmed with the troubles of the world. Her lifelong struggles with anxiety and depression are starting to overcome her. She finds solace in art, spiritual formation, and pastoral care along with traditional therapeutic interventions. But a complicated relationship from her past also threatens to undo her progress.

Fans of Sharon Brown's bestselling Sensible Shoes Series will be delighted to discover some old friends along the way. As Wren seeks healing in this beautifully written novel, readers are invited to move beyond pat answers and shallow theology into an experience of hope and presence that illuminates even the darkness....more

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Love the jungle print rug

Love the jungle print rug, but would have helped to be able to order a pad with it.

Reply from Shades of Light

Hello Janice, Thank you so much for taking the time to send in your review; we appreciate this very much. We are thrilled to hear that you "love" your new rug. Thank you for sharing that love with us and if you would like to order a rug pad from us please follow this link and it will take you to our rug pad offerings:
-The Shades of Light Team

When my order arrived with the wrong…

When my order arrived with the wrong shade in the box. I notified your Rep. Within 2 days the correct shade was delivered to me.
I appreciate your prompt response. Also, love the shade.

Reply from Shades of Light

Hello Jeanne, Thank you very much for taking the time to send in your review. We appreciate it very much, as we also appreciate your willingness to allow us to make this order right. It has been our pleasure.
-The Shades of Light Team

Excellent experience!!

Excellent experience! Found two lights that I absolutely loved, but then one of them had a defect in the shade that made it look crooked when hung. The replacement request was so quick and easy! A few pics later and my new light was on the way.

Excellent customer service!

I had an issue with a broken light in my first shipment from your company. I called and it was replaced without question. Then the second shipment was lost, so had to have it replaced again. All came in fine, and I am very pleased. One of my orders has been on backorder for months, so I simply swapped it for another style.
Again, I am very happy with your company and staff.
Thank you!
Teri Davis

I received 2 broken lights w shattered…

I received 2 broken lights w shattered glass. I was shipped a replacement and they are shattered as well. Clearly as packaging quality issue.

Reply from Shades of Light

Hello Beth, We are certainly sorry to hear that your outdoor lanterns were not delivered to you in good condition. A replacement order is in route to you as of today. We are sorry for any disappointment or inconvenience this may have created but we will work to make this right by you.
-The Shades of Light Team

I love shopping with Shades of Light

I love shopping with Shades of Light, good product, great prices. Some issues with back orders but we’ve been able to switch to available options when necessary.

Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore

I haven’t seen the product

I haven’t seen the product. I ordered it to be delivered to our condo in Ocean City, Md. Our billing address is Florida. Fortunately our Florida neighbor saw that there was a large box in our driveway. She took it in. The paperwork stated it was to be delivered to our Ocean City condo (where we want to use it) but the shipping label used (erroneously) our Florida address. We are returning to our Florida home next week and will be there until May. We are going to have to store this light fixture for months and then have to make room in our small car to bring it to Ocean City where it should have been delivered to in the first place. Very disappointed!

Reply from Shades of Light

Hello Donna Davis, Thank you for reaching out to us. We are sorry that this error has occurred and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. A customer care team member has left a message for you and hopes that they can help resolve this issue for you. Please, give us the opportunity to make this right.
-The Shades of Light Team

Lisa Collins

Very confusing ordering process for a…

Very confusing ordering process for a lovely rug. It turns out the rug is not the same size as the order button states. There was small print above that stated the rug was not the stated size. Super confusing and frustrating. Luckily the customer service lady was very accommodating and I can return the rug.

Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore

I have ordered many items from them…

I have ordered many items from them with no problem at all but the last Time I ordered two rugs that were in stock then later told me they were out of stock for months so I canceled them and ordered a different rock in the meantime they went ahead and sent one of the rugs that I did cancel and when I received the third one that I ordered to replace the other two it was not at all what showed on the website so I called for a return label they never sent it to me so I called again and the girl said that it was not sent so they charged me for the label and I’m still waiting for it. Very Disappointed and still waiting for my return label

Original order arrived in a damaged…

Original order arrived in a damaged condition. Took nearly a month to get positioned to straighten that out. The replacement order was delivered in good shape, but the original package has been sitting on our front porch for over a week waiting to be picked up. I was under the impression that the new delivery and old return would occur at the same time. Still waiting for the pick-up to be completed.

Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore

I couldn’t be happier

I couldn’t be happier. The pendant lights are above and beyond our expectations. I absolutely love them. The purchase and delivery was easy and reasonable. However, site navigation was a little difficult. Overall, I give my experience a 9!

Great product and very helpful customer…

Great product and very helpful customer service.

Reply from Shades of Light

Hello Kimberly. Thank you so much for sending in this review. We value the feedback. We certainly appreciate this opportunity to assist you in Distinguishing Your Style. Enjoy your new pendant!
-The Shades of Light Team

The lights are absolutely fabulous

The lights are absolutely fabulous, the site easy to navigate, and the shipping process was smooth. When the glass of one of the pendants had a defect, the company took care of the issue in a fairly quick manner.

Reply from Shades of Light

Hello Susanne, Thank you so much for sharing this feedback with us; so many valuable insights, Thank you for giving us this opportunity to Distinguish Your Style. Enjoy your new pendants.
-The Shades of Light Team

Love my light! Love the company!

I absolutely love my dining room light. The shade was damaged when it arrived. But shades of light got in touch with me and is mailing me a new one. Very happy with the company.

Reply from Shades of Light

Hello Kathryn, Thank you for reaching out to us. We are sorry to hear that the shade your received is ripped. I looked into your order and i do see that a Customer Care team member has a replacement shade ordered for you. Please, expect a Customer Care team member to contact you shortly (if they haven't done so already.) Again, thank you and we appreciate the opportunity to make this right for you.
-The Shades of Light Team


Shades of Light

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  • Ordered a bunch of Lighting for a client project. Everything from Kitchen pendants to outdoor lamps. Everything arrived on time as promised and packed extremely well. The fixtures were as described.

    Waiting to see how my install goes!

  • I ordered three pendants which were listed as 'in stock' at the time of purchase, and they still took almost a month to get to me.

    The pendants ended up being too big for our kitchen so I had to return them, which has continued to be a terrible, frustrating experience. I had to pay $40 for a Fedex return label, which I was told 'would be emailed to me in 3-5 business days.' A week goes by and nothing until I send an aggressive email to customer service.

    I'm finally able to get the pendants in the mail, and a refund showed up on my credit card that is 1/4 of the total I paid for the pendants. Cue another aggressive email to customer service.

    Stay away from this place if you can - you'll be frustrated if you're not immediately & forever happy with the items you purchase.

  • This company is horrible! Do NOT order from them. We ordered a light fixture; when it finally arrived, it was the wrong color. The box had a label that indicated it was the color we ordered, but that was not what was inside. I have sent multiple emails to their customer service department, and have received no response! We want to return this item, but I'm not paying for the shipping (as you normally would have to do), because this was their mistake, not ours! All we get are automated email responses with excuses about how they are running behind, etc., etc. Just don't waste your time ordering from them.

  • Needed to order a few light fixtures and had a couple questions so called the number on the back of the catalog. Sat on hold thirty minutes.  Finally, the person who answered and several times over described herself as a "third party answering service," knew nothing.  She was useless!   As I became increasingly more frustrated, I looked up any additional number to call the store directly.  The woman I reached who was basically unfriendly and curt at best, (perhaps I reached her "working from home").  At any rate, she proceeded to tell me she was getting off work in nine minutes, and was very abrupt answering my questions!  Basically, customer service sucks at Shades of Light so we are taking our business elsewhere.

  • I love the distressed painted mirror. Its perfect fit for my home. Very unique and nicely distressed colors! Its such a statement piece. Not gonna find anything like it on this island for sure. much compliments from my guests. I like to thank their wonderful customer service " Faith. C" She made it possible for the item to be ship here. No other company cares to ship to our islands. Thanks again Faith!!

  • I placed an online order for 3 hanging lights.  24 hours after I placed the order, I received a notice that the lights were back ordered and would be shipped to me by September 9th.  So far nothing and no updates from the company.  I have taken these steps:

    1) Went to the site and tried the "order status" link.  Order status does not recognized my order number.  
    2). Called customer service number and the line just rings and rings.  Was on letting the phone ring for 45 minutes x 3.  Hung up every time and no answer.  Pretty much figure no one is going to answer a phone that rings for 45 minutes.  That tells me what I need to know.
    3). Called the order number in the hopes of getting a live body and got a 3rd party answering service.  She took my information and said someone would get back to me within 72 hours.  Still waiting.

    Yelp seems to be the only way to contact this company.  If I don't receive a status by tomorrow, I'll just cancel.  The lack of communication is super frustrating.  Will it be another day?  A week?  A month?  Is this company in bankruptcy?  What is happening?  

    I wish I had read these reviews before I placed my order and I would have moved on.  This is putting me way behind in my project and everyone is very disappointed.

    Photo of Shades of Light - Richmond, VA, United States. Last communication

    Business owner information

    Photo of Walter F.

    Walter F.

    Business Manager


    Hello Janni, Please know that we are very sorry that we have disappointed you and understand your frustration with us. I see that we were able to cancel your order on 9/17.   We are very sorry that we could not meet your expectations. Not meeting expectations on both the timeframe of the delivery of your order as well as  with our ability to respond to you inquiries truly appalls us. Currently we are overwhelmed with orders. We have tried our best to let customers know at every touch point that currently due to both an unprecedented demand for product and exceptionally difficult and inefficient adjustments created by this Covid environment that orders are taking on average 10 to to 14 days longer than expected and that our customer service team is currently working through a back log of emails and that on average it is taking 2 weeks to answer.  Some of this is due to our in-house abilities to adjust and hire additional team members and some of it is due to the supply chains and service providers that we depend on for service. Who could have known that in-home isolation would have lead to incredible in home on-line shopping for home decor?  We have attempted to notify our customers by putting  messaging out at every touch point we have and tried to keep it as current as possible. We have sent emails, added messaging to our auto responses to emails, put special alerts on the top of shopping carts, as well as adding voice  messages when telephone lines are jammed and customers are unfortunately placed in queue on hold.  Obviously we are exceptionally disappointed and embarrassed that we can not ramp things up quick enough to live up to our usual standards. Our customers needs mean everything to us but please know that our shipping, receiving and customer service departments are breaking records and exploding all time performance records virtually every single day!  No effort is being spared to catch up and get our service back to expectations.
    We thank you for your feedback and will always remember just how important service is top our customers.  Stay safe.

  • 1. The items were listed as "in stock" and of course were not and took a month to get here.
    2. They sent the wrong part for one of the lamps so they do not match - fun.
    3. One of the lamps was made so badly that it wobbled and could not be leveled.
    4. The lamp shades that I received with my $350 lamps were the crappiest things I have ever seen.
    5. The customer service ignored my request.
    6. I'm too afraid to return them given the insane return standards they have (and the $30 return shipping fee plus the restocking fee FOR DAMAGED ITEMS)

    I cannot believe they suck so much.

  • No need to throw shade at this retailer!  Having purchased several light fixtures here, and also having several lamp repairs done here, I feel confident in saying this store brightens my day! The lighting here is exquisite.  From table lamps to sconces to floor lamps to chandeliers to lanterns and hanging/pendant light fixtures, this shop has it all.  Whatever your style, they've got you covered: Asian, Retro, Wrought iron, Modern, Classic, Contemporary, Nautical, Boho and more.

    Yes, they are more pricey that your average home décor store, but the quality is superb.  And talk about being shady... the selection of lamp shades is massive!  They will even help you choose the perfect shade for your lamp, just bring it in.  The have a nice selection of finials and bulbs too!

    The repairs take at least a week or two, and are again, are costly, but I have quite a few antique lamps and I trust them to do the work.  The employees are fairly pleasant and the store is displays and organized nicely.

    There's a lot to see and don't forget to look up!  The chandeliers are gorgeous!  Keep shining!

    Photo of Shades of Light - Richmond, VA, United States. Asian lamps
    Photo of Shades of Light - Richmond, VA, United States. Lanterns
    Photo of Shades of Light - Richmond, VA, United States

    Business owner information

    Photo of Walter F.

    Walter F.

    Business Manager


    Hello, Maria T. Thank you for you kind words and for this review. I can see how you earned your "Elite" status the pictures are a nice touch. I will make certain the associates see that you gave the this positive review.... I'm sure the repair department will be flattered to know that they have earned your trust. Don't want to hold you up.... just wanted to say, "thank you" and let you know we appreciate that you took the time to share your experience with Yelp community.
    -The Shades of Light Team

  • Website and choices were great. Everything after I gave them my money sucked like 2020.

    Placed an order for 2 items that were "in stock and ready to ship". 10 days went by with absolutely nothing. I sent them an email asking for an update. Another 4 days go by without a response. I call, it rings FORVER, and then I get a prerecorded message telling me to send an email for a faster response

    No. Canceling order now. This is ridiculous.

  • Worst customer service ever. It would take way too much time to describe the torture of calling Shades of Light. Suffice to say I spent a couple hours trying to get them on the phone .. being told over and over where I was in line, how long it would take (but the time never decreased) only to eventually be told by their answering service on the corporate number, that they're only taking email. I had placed an order without hearing a thing for 10 days. They'll get back to me in 5 business days. There are so many ways they failed to communicate.

    Btw, the 2 stars are for the product. They do have pretty righteous things you can't get anywhere else.

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Light shades of

Justin Sloan is a full-time author, game writer, and screenwriter. With a focus on character motivation, he is passionate about point of view and diving deep into issues that resonate with the audience. It all started when his grandma had asked for a journal of his travels around the world, both with the Marines and via his graduate degree in international relations at Johns Hopkins.

Instead, Justin captured the sense of adventure and nostalgia in his books. Ultimately, he left government service behind and decided to make the leap to creative.

What followed was a career of writing video games, authoring and editing articles at, and publishing over 100 novels. He started on high-profile IP-based games with credits on such titles as Tales from the Borderlands, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Minecraft: Story Mode.

Justin has worked on Marvel and mobile games, and a TV hybrid AI show titled Rival Peak. His books are in such genres as military science fiction, epic fantasy, and thriller. On the screenwriting side, Justin has adapted novels, won contests, and optioned features and a television pilot to both indie and major studios.

Along with his time as a signals intelligence Marine, Justin has worked for the federal government, Federal Reserve Bank, taught martial arts, and can play three songs on the bagpipes. He studied creative writing at the Johns Hopkins MA program, and screenwriting at UCLA.

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