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If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer, then you probably already know that keeping a clean battle station is almost as important as RGB lighting. Rather than spend a fortune and create a lot of waste by ripping through cans of compressed air, consider upgrading to an electric computer duster that is specially designed to blow the dust off of your delicate electronics in an eco-friendly manner.

  1. 1. MetroVac EDESD Electric Duster

    • Made with anti-static materials
    • 4 detachable nozzles + anti-static wrist strap
    • Durable design
    • High price tag
    • Very noisy
    • Runs hot

    The MetroVac EDESD Electric Duster is a powerful electric air duster that should be your go-to if you have expensive PC hardware that you want to keep clean. This electric duster is powered by a Watt motor that delivers about horsepower, which puts the air-blowing capabilities of the EDP on par with some small electric leaf blowers. It pushes air through fast and if it was just a little bigger you pretty much could use it to blow leaves.

    If you plan to use an electric duster for regularly cleaning the inside of your PC case rather than desktop tidying, then this may be a worthwhile upgrade. But don’t fully discount the EDP for PC case cleaning, as many users have reported safely using the EDP to clean out their PC cases for years without any negative consequences.

    The EDESD has the same powerful Watt motor and the same horsepower rating for its ability to push air out. This device basically sets the bar for what to look for out of an electric air duster. Unfortunately, that also means that the EDESD is just as loud as the EDP. You shouldn’t use this electric duster around pets or children under the age of 5. It also runs hot but this isn’t a big issue thanks to its sturdy plastic handle.

    Speaking of plastics, that is the main aspect that differs this model from the original. The four plastic air nozzles that come with the EDESD are made from ESD-safe plastics that do not hold or dissipate any static electricity. This unit ships with the concentrator nozzle, the air-flare nozzle, and the air-pin pointer as well as an added dust brush attachment.

    This kit tries to further increase its price value with a grounded power supply cord and an included grounding wrist strap but unless you have an unlimited budget for cleaning supplies, these additions simply aren’t worth the added cost of the ESD version even with the ESD-safe plastic attachments. I mean, you can buy a grounded wrist strap for $5 on Amazon.

    In summary, if you plan to do some serious PC case cleaning projects with your electric computer duster, then you will probably want to upgrade to this ESD-safe version of the DataVac. Otherwise, the added price only provides a marginal improvement over the original model.

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  2. 2. Metro DataVac EDP Electric Duster

    • 3 detachable nozzles + detailing kit
    • Powerful Watt motor
    • Durable design
    • Runs hot
    • Very noisy
    • High price tag

    If the Metro DataVac EDP looks familiar, that is because it is almost exactly the same as the MetroVac EDESD we reviewed above. The main difference is that this is an older model that doesn’t have the anti-lectrostatic discharge coating that the EDESD has. Obviously, if you can get the EDESP for not much more than the EDP, it an easy upgrade, but this is still a good backup choice if it is on sale or our top choice is out of stock.

    The EDP is a totally capable electric duster, which is almost powerful enough to do yard work. But this is not without its downsides. The first one you will notice is that the DataVac is quite loud. It is easily as loud as a Shop-Vac and if you plan to do some serious cleaning projects with it, you may want to consider ear protection. The other side effect is that this device runs hot after a few minutes of use. Thankfully, the sturdy plastic handle mitigates any discomfort that this may cause while you are using it, though you should still avoid touching its all-steel frame when you use it.

    This version of the DataVac EDP comes with three different nozzles: a concentrator nozzle, an air-flare nozzle, and an air-pin pointer. It also comes with a four-piece detailing tool kit for hand cleaning crumb caches. The air-pin pointer most closely resembles the function of a can of compressed air except that it has a bendable stem that can be used to direct air around tight corners.

    An important thing to keep in mind is that electric dusters pull air right from the room, so a proper electric air duster needs a filtration system to ensure it isn’t blasting the same dusty air right back into your keyboard. The DataVac EDP comes with three MVCED filters, which should be cleaned after every couple of uses and replaced once they start to fall apart. They are easy to install or remove from the bottom of the duster.

    If you only clean your hardware every once in a while, the DataVac EDP might be overkill. But if you prefer to keep a meticulous workspace, then this is an eco-friendly way to clean your keyboard on the daily.

    Find more information and reviews here.

  3. 3. EasyGo Compucleaner Electric Duster

    • Powerful Watt motor
    • 3 detachable nozzles
    • Lightweight design
    • Runs hot
    • Very loud
    • Power switch is hard to hold down

    The EasyGo Compucleaner is one of the most recognized names in the (ultra-niche) electric computer duster market for its cost-efficient air movement and its lightweight form factor. The Compucleaner is only pounds, making it easy to maneuver. Despite the name, this duster is effectively sized for cleaning cameras, printers, medical devices, and furniture just as well as computers.

    This Compucleaner has a powerful Watt motor that delivers a max airflow of 70 CFM. That’s far more than a can of compressed air and enough power to knock medium-sized items off your desk. In other words, be careful with where you point this thing. It starts to get hot after running for a minute but you have to hold the button to run it so you can mitigate this by sticking to short bursts.

    This duster comes with three different nozzles as well as some brushes for putting on the finishing touches. The most useful nozzle for dusting is the one with the most narrow opening. They are thin enough that you can blow crumbs out of chiclet-style keys that you would find on wireless mini keyboards. The wider nozzles are better suited for drying off wet items or clearing out pipes.

    One neat feature of the Compucleaner is that it has two different power modes. The low mode is helpful when you are dealing with delicate components while the high mode is great for quickly blasting away caked dust. Both modes are pretty loud but this is typical of any motorized tool. Considering that the high mode performs about as well as the top-rated DataVac EDP for a fraction of the price, the Compucleaner is a great value purchase.

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  4. 4. Opolar 2-in-1 Duster &#; Vacuum

    • Duster and vacuum mode
    • 3 detachable nozzles
    • Compact cordless design
    • Not as strong as compressed air
    • High price tag
    • Runs hot

    If you like to keep a properly clean battle station then you should ideally use both a vacuum and an electric duster. The Opolar 2-in-1 Duster & Vacuum takes care of both needs, allowing you to blow off large surfaces and suck debris out hard-to-reach places. It only takes a few modifications to switch modes. It comes with three detachable nozzles (two of which have brushes) and has two different power levels. You’ll typically want to keep it on the high setting, though, as it is still not as strong as canned air.

    However, this is to be expected from a cordless electric duster like the Opolar 2-in It is ultra-compact and powered by a mAh battery that delivers 30 minutes of on-time from one charge. It recharges quickly via MicroUSB too. Ultimately, the pros far outweigh the cons of this device, making it an all-around great tool for caring for your electronics.

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  5. 5. X3 Hurricane Cordless Electric Duster

    • Compact cordless design
    • Powerful variable air flow
    • 5 detachable nozzles
    • Very loud
    • Runs hot
    • High price tag

    The X3 Hurricane might look like a can of mace but it is actually one of the most compact and powerful electric dusters available. It is smaller than an actual can of compressed air and can easily fit in the pocket of a PC carry case. At the same time, it can push air out at a speed of MPH. This is quite impressive considering that it runs on battery power.

    The X3 Hurricane’s built-in battery allows it to run at full power for up to 15 minutes. Combine this with its compact form factor and a set of five straw-shaped detachable nozzles and it simply doesn’t get easier to clean your PC. The attachment selection doesn’t support uses beyond cleaning electronics but this is where the X3 shines anyway.

    It has a built-in air filter that removes particulate matter from the incoming air and a variable power control that allows you to control the power of the airstream, making it easy to go light on delicate fans and CPUs. This also makes it easy to regulate the two unavoidable side effects of noise and heat. The X3 Hurricane produces plenty of both.

    This electric duster is still guaranteed to last, though. In fact, Canless Air (the company that makes the X3) guarantees a lifetime warranty on this product. This is great because Li-ion batteries don’t last forever and that would otherwise limit the lifespan of this product. To that point, though, the battery in the X3 can last beyond power cycles and only takes about 4 to 6 hours to recharge.

    If it weren’t for the massive price tag then this would be an easy pick. But since this is considerably pricier than our top pick, the X3 Hurricane should only be considered if you highly value the battery and portable design.

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  6. 6. XPower A-2 Airrow Pro Electric Duster

    • 9 detachable nozzles
    • Powerful Watt motor
    • Washable air filter
    • Nozzles do not lock into place
    • Very loud
    • Air comes out hot

    The XPower A-2 Airrow Pro is one of the most useful electric dusters around because its high-powered motor and nine detachable nozzles lend it to additional uses beyond dust removal. This electric duster comes with three different air pump adapters so that it can be used to inflate airbeds, small boats, and other inflatables.

    In addition to this, there are more conventional attachments that are better suited for cleaning. These include a standard nozzle, a tapered flow nozzle with a straw adapter (best for PC use), an air blade nozzle, plus a number of detailing brushes for when you need to just deep clean your keyboard. Unfortunately, the adapters don’t lock into place so the highest pressure nozzles are prone to fly off if you don’t fasten them tight.

    That said, the XPower A-2 has low and high power modes, so you can always mitigate this risk by sticking to the low power mode when loosening light debris. The high power mode packs a serious punch as this electric duster’s Watt motor has a max airflow of 90 CFM. As you may expect, it gets pretty loud too.  And while the A-2 itself doesn’t run hot, the air it expels is warmer than average. This doesn’t pose a risk for most use cases but it is something you should be aware of when using this duster.

    Another thing to be aware of is that this electric duster has a washable foam filter at its air intake that should be cleaned every couple of uses. This ensures that you aren’t just blowing more dusty air into your equipment when you clean it. All in all, the XPower A-2 compares fairly well to other dedicated dusters while also offering the added utility of inflating stuff. It is definitely a solid pick.

    Find more XPower A-2 Airrow Pro Electric Duster information and reviews here.

  7. 7. Opolar Cordless Electric Air Duster

    • Powerful air flow
    • Compact cordless design
    • Slightly less loud
    • No air filter
    • Only one nozzle
    • Slow to start up

    If you are a tech professional on the go, then you may not always have the luxury of an available outlet to plug in an electric duster. That’s where the Opolar Cordless Electric Air Duster comes in handy. This device has a mAh battery that allows it to run for up to 30 minutes without being plugged in. This provides much more maneuverability without sacrificing the power you get from larger units like the DataVac DPP.

    Though the Opolar electric duster only has a 10 Watt motor it still moves as much air as a can of compressed difluoroethane gas. It just takes a few seconds to spin up to full power. For this reason, you will typically want to double-click the trigger to go into a continuous spray mode. The smaller motor isn’t quite as loud either, closer to an inflatable mattress pump than a ShopVac. That said, it is still too loud to use late at night.

    One shortcoming of the Opolar is that it has no air filter, so it can push new dust particles into nooks and crannies even as it blows others out. Additionally, it only has one nozzle and the air is far too diffuse to clean dust without it. This means that this electric duster is only really good for cleaning tech equipment. But that’s probably what you were going to use it for anyway, right? 

    After all, the portable form factor makes it the best duster for getting deep into crowded full tower cases. It is only pounds and can be tilted sideways or upside down unlike a can of compressed gas. It recharges via micro USB in about 3 hours, so it is easy to keep close to your rig and have ready when you need it.

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  8. 8. Meco Mini Cordless Keyboard Cleaner

    • Compact cordless design
    • Washable air filter
    • 2 detachable nozzles
    • Not actually an electric duster
    • Poor build quality
    • Slow to start up

    Okay, so the Meco Mini Keyboard Cleaner isn’t actually an electric duster but a miniature electric vacuum. The only reason we still included it on this list is that its value price is impossible to beat. The power of its vacuum motor will have you rethinking your whole PC maintenance strategy as it is nearly as strong as the competition despite being massively cheaper.

    The suction that it produces isn’t going to move things across your desk like an electric duster but it will suck up crumbs and dust from under keyboard keys and mouse keys too. It does take a few seconds to warm up to full power, though. The Meco Mini comes with two attachments: a flat collector nozzle and a brush nozzle for a little sweeping action. Both are useful around keyboards but you won’t necessarily want to scrape these against your motherboard in a deep clean.

    As a plus, they are quieter and generate less heat too, so they do still have merits. One of the bigger bonuses is the built-in battery, which allows for about 30 minutes of continuous use between charging and fast charging at around 4 hours. At the end of the day, though, this is only really a viable pick if you just want something to keep your keyboard and desktop clean. If you need to get deep into your hardware and remove dust, then you may be better off with a true electric duster. Still, no disrespect if this is all you have in your cleaning budget.

    Find more Meco Mini Cordless Keyboard Cleaner information and reviews here.

Is Dust Bad For Your PC?

Hopefully, you are reading this post because you already understand the importance of keeping your expensive electronics dust-free, especially those with ventilation fans. If, however, you still have doubts about whether or not dusting your PC is essential, I am here to assure you that it is.

Dust is going to get into your PC even if you have a positive pressure system with air filters on all your fans. When the dust bunnies really pile up, they can impede airflow in your PC case and cause components to overheat. You have to stay on top of it before it negatively impacts your PC's performance. And that usually means a costly part replacement to match.

If you want a first-hand account of the horrors dust can wreak on a computer, then check out this article on the dangers of dust from IT World.

How Often Should You Dust Your PC?

So you've taken the first step in committing to keeping your PC clean. Great. But how often should you actually open up your case and blow out dust? The answer depends on where you keep your PC.

Generally speaking, you should do a light dusting every three to six months, but you may want to clean your case more frequently if you have pets in the house. The same applies if you keep your desktop on the floor, where dust tends to accumulate.

Electric Duster VS Compressed Air Can

So you should dust regularly. Check. But what is the issue with just giving your PC a once-over with a can of moisture-free compressed gas every now and again? Compressed air cans from brands like Dust-Off may do the job but they are unnecessarily expensive, costing you loads more in the long run than just buying an electric duster.

Compressed air cans are also inconvenient to use. They have to be used in short bursts or else they can become cold enough to cause frostbite. They also have to be used standing upright or else the liquid difluoroethane inside can leak out.

Worst of all, cans of compressed air are single-use and have to be specially recycled because they are made from steel. Never mind the fact that when you are using them, you are literally expelling greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Not cool.

The advantages of electric dusters are clear. They are more eco-friendly and more powerful than compressed air cans and they serve multiple functions around the house. Some can even be used to inflate air mattresses.

Some Precautions for Using Electric Dusters

As I've mentioned above, these electric air dusters are quite strong and they should be treated with the respect you would give to any other power tool. They are technically loud enough to warrant ear protection during extended use and should not be used around pets or children under the age of 5.

And while air is totally harmless to computers, static charge in the air is a whole different story. Most all of these electric dusters are made with ABS plastic, which doesn't carry much of an electric charge but you should still be mindful of this and ground yourself by touching your PC case (or any other large metal object) before doing any cleaning.

If you live in an extremely dry area where static charge builds easily, then you may even want to consider an ESD-safe model like the DataVacPDESD.

Sours: https://heavy.com/tech/electric-computer-dusters/

Is it safe to get dust out of a PC with an air blower?

The compressed air cans have a gas that will evaporate thoroughly without residue. )The liquid will evaporate, but it will cause water in the air to condense and freeze, so not a great idea to hold cans upside down when cleaning electronics.)

Air from a compressor will have condensation as well as possible compressor oil that can get on to your components. Unless specially equipped to filter that crap out, it probably would not be a good idea to use a compressor.

As stated, a electric blower can have static issues. If you're thinking about a gas blower, you potentially run into gas/oil residue. There won't be a lot of it by any means, but it can accumulate over time, and I wouldn't want ANY of it on my system.

I would suggest sticking with canned air, multipacks aren't THAT expensive and will last a long time.

answered Sep 3 '09 at


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Sours: https://superuser.com/questions//is-it-safe-to-get-dust-out-of-a-pc-with-an-air-blower
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Best Electric Duster for PC &#; Computer Cleaning in

(*This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase through the links I provide (at no extra cost to you). Thank you for supporting the work I put into this site!)

Dust is the No.1 enemy of PC, computer components and electronic equipment. No matter how good your computer case is and how many fan filters you have installed in it, dust still finds its way inside your computer case and gets collected over your precious computer components. Dust can lead to various issues that include an increase in the temperature of your case and can reduce your case fans and CPU / GPU heatsink fans performance, which may result in overheating of the processor and graphics card. Also, it can get collected on the motherboard and its components, and if there is moisture build-up inside the case during the humid season then it can lead to a short circuit on the motherboard or PCB and can damage it permanently.

The best way to remove dust from the PC case and computer components is not by using a vacuum cleaner, but blowing air to the components and case. Compressed air cans have been very popular for cleaning the computer and its parts but they prove too much costly to clean a complete PC, and they cannot be used again, once they get empty. You may also use a vacuum cleaner in blower mode to clean the computer and its components, but I would strongly advise not to do this because the air coming out from the vacuum cleaner carries a lot of static charge with it and it can severely damage your motherboard and other electronic components. So, the best way to clean the dust from your computer case, computer parts, and other electronic components is by using electric dusters or electric air dusters that are designed especially for this purpose.

An electric duster is a compact and small air blower that blows out air at high pressure to remove the dust from the things at which it is directed. It is completely safe to use on computers, laptops, keyboards, CPU and Graphics card heatsinks & fans / CPU Coolers, computer case fans, radiators, printers, cameras and other electronic equipment, components or devices. Electric air dusters are way more economical and safer than compressed air cans or compressed air dusters. It is only a one-time investment and then you can clean your computer or electronics as many times as you want, without having to fear that it may run out of the air which is the case with compressed air cans.

Electric Dusters are much safer than compressed air cans because the only thing coming out of them is air, but compressed air cans may emit the chemical liquid that is contained inside them, and this may cause damage to your computer parts and electronics. Also, the chemicals used in compressed air cans is very deadly and not safe for the environment. So, this is definitely not a green way to clean your computer or electronics. Selecting a good electric air duster is very important if you care for your computer or electronics, so here I am going to list down the best electric dusters that you can get for yourself.

Electric Air Duster Advantages

+ Economical than Air Cans

+ Safer than compressed air cans

+ Does not build up a static charge

+ Have a wide range of applications

+ Very easy to use or operate

+ Environment friendly

+ Saves a lot of time in cleaning dust

+ Unlimited usage with no restrictions

+ Free of dangerous fluorocarbons & deadly inhalants/propellants

Pro Advice: Always clean your Computer at least once a month using the Electric Duster. Also, these Electric Air Dusters can get hot when in continuous operation, so give them a little rest or pause in between when cleaning things.

Note: An electric duster is also known as electric computer duster, electric dust blower, computer dust blower, PC dust blower, electric air blower or an electric compressed air duster.

Best Electric Air Dusters for Computers & Electronics

Here are the best electric air dusters or computer air dusters for cleaning computers, PC components, laptops, notebooks, peripherals, electronics, etc. These electric dusters can be used for homes and offices.

DataVac Electric Duster ED

A very popular and powerful electric air duster that has been trusted by many users. MetroVac DataVac ED is a Watt electric duster with HP motor and comes with various attachments or nozzles to clean different things. It can be used to clean Desktop PC, laptops, keyboards, camera lens, MacBook keyboard, CPU heatsinks, case fans and various other electronics and household items.


It is much more cost-effective and economical than a canned air can, and can be used multiple times without any restrictions. It generates a maximum airflow of 70 CFM and comes with 12 feet long cord. The build quality of this electric duster is superb as the main body and air tank unit is made up of steel metal. This electric duster has no variable speed adjustment and works at a single speed only, and this is a slight shortcoming of this device. It is compact in size and various attachments include Air-Pin Pointer, Air Concentrator Nozzle, Air- Flare Nozzle and 4-Piece Detailing Tool Kit. It is available in both V and V variants, and with two-pin and three-pin plugs for use in different countries.

Pros: Steel body construction, Great performance, Long cord, Multiple nozzle attachments.

Cons: No speed adjustment.

DataVac Electric Duster ED Specifications
Power Watts
Airflow70 CFM
Cord Length12 Feet
Speed SettingsNone
Weight3 lbs
Attachments6 attachments that include Air-Pin Pointer, Air Concentrator Nozzle, Air- Flare Nozzle and 4-Piece Detailing Tool Kit.

Buy DataVac Electric Duster ED

XPOWER A-2 Airrow Pro Electric Duster & Blower

A very reliable, powerful and highly popular electric duster and air blower from XPOWER. Just like the DataVac electric duster, this one is also a W air duster with HP motor, but it generates a bit more airflow at 90 CFM. It has got two-speed settings (high/low) and comes with 8 nozzle attachments for different applications. The cord length is 10 feet which I think is long enough for reaching anywhere.


It is a compact and lightweight electric duster, and its body is made up of high-quality ABS plastic. In some ways, it is even better than DataVac Electric Duster when considering the design elements, because its body does not get heat up like the DataVac duster, which has a steel body. It can be used to clean computers, electronics, computer devices, air vents, windows and various other things where dust can get into. It is available in three color options which are black, blue and green, and is also cheaper than DataVac Electric Duster. Highly Recommended by me.

Pros: Great build quality, Great performance, Highest Airflow, Long cord, Speed Adjustment, Multiple nozzle attachments.

Cons: None.

XPOWER A-2 Airrow Pro Electric Duster Specifications
Power Watts
Airflow90 CFM
Cord Length10 Feet
Speed Settings2 (High / Low)
Weight lbs
Attachments8 nozzle attachments

Buy XPOWER A-2 Airrow Pro Electric Duster

CompuCleaner Electric Air Duster

A high-pressure electric duster that is as good as the DataVac and XPOWER Electric Dusters mentioned above. CompuCleaner Electric Air Duster is also a Watt electric air duster and can be used to clean your electronic devices, computer keyboard, laptop, copy machine, printer, medical equipment, camera, and whatnot.  


CompuCleaner is a compact and super lightweight air duster ( pounds), and comes with a 9 feet long cord. It generates an airflow of 70 CFM and comes with three nozzle attachments to clean different items and for different situations. It has two speed adjustments, high and low that can be triggered using the switch located on the top of it. CompuCleaner is a great alternative to compressed air cans and is a must-have device for cleaning your desktop computer, electronics, cabinets and also for household cleaning. It is available in white and black color options.

Pros: Good build quality, Good performance, Speed Adjustments, Ultra Lightweight, Cheapest of all.

Cons: Only three nozzle attachments, A bit louder.

CompuCleaner Electric Air Duster Specifications
Power Watts
Airflow70 CFM
Cord Length9 Feet
Speed Settings2 (High / Low)
Weight lbs
Attachments3 nozzle attachments

Buy CompuCleaner Electric Air Duster

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Final Words

Keeping your computer clean is a very good habit and it is now made super easy and super-fast to do using these Electric Dusters. These electric air dusters are also very much affordable, portable, reliable and can be used for household cleaning too. You can pick any of the above mentioned electric air dusters according to your choice and requirements. I can say with utmost confidence that you really cannot go wrong with any of them, but if you still have got any queries regarding them then please ask by leaving a comment below.

Sours: https://graphicscardhub.com/best-electric-air-duster/

Compressed air can for computers electric air blower computer cleaning cordless air dust cleaner for PC keyboard crumbs

Powerful duster and deep cleaning
Air duster is a ultimate smart device, with 2 nozzles, 1 brush nozzle for more thorough cleaning and 1 round nozzle for blowing dust. It can be used for most devices, it is used for cleaning away the smallest dust particles in the high-precision instruments. This duster helps you clean up air conditioners, pet&#;s hair, printed circuit boards, medical devices, relays, contacts and connectors, computers, laptops and keyboards, switches and solenoids, electrical equipment, laboratory instrument, telecommunication equipment to electronic instruments and so on.

Electric Air Blower 0

Why choose our product
This is a portable air duster, you can put it in your home, in your car, it has no chemicals, will not produce any pollution, wide range of usability in every narrow and corner place. It can blow away dust on electronic components safely without creating static electricity, provide you with better experience.

Electric Air Blower 1

Deep cleaning
The cordless air duster allows the maximum rotating speed to reach up to RPM. Its motor produce a powerful thrust of air at almost 10 level strong gale (28m/s) for deep cleaning.

Large capacity battery
Air Duster built-in mAh (mAH*2) lithium batteries, it can work nearly hours (low gear) after a full charge (USB-port fully charged in hours).

Electric Air Blower 2

Portable and powerful
This unit comes with a USB charging cord, it can be charged with multiple USB-powered devices, such as laptops, power bank, power adapters, car chargers, etc. Comes with an extra brush tube, it can clean precision instruments deeply.

Electric Air Blower 3

Item Type: Electric Air Blower
Color: Black
Battery: mAh

Package Includes:
1 x Electric Air Blower

Sours: https://wowtoyou.com/electric-air-blower/

Blower electronic air

Best Air Compressor To Clean PC

Best Air Compressor To Clean PC

If you want to get the best air compressor to clean pc, we’ve got you covered. Our team of top experts analyzed various brands and models that are very popular in the market. We discovered eight products that you can put your money on to get the most satisfactory result.


Best Air Compressor to Clean PC

1. XPOWER A-2 Airrow Pro Air Pump Blower


  • Power: Watts
  • Airflow: 90 CFM
  • Voltage: V
  • Weight: pounds
xpower a-2 airrow pro Multi-Use Electric Computer Duster Dryer Air Pump Blower

If you truly desire the best air compressor to clean pc, we recommend the XPOWER A-2 Airrow Pro. It boasts of a power rating of Watts, and that is why it is very popular in the XPOWER blower review.

This mini air compressor for computer cleaning comes with 9 easy-to-use nozzle attachments so that there can be maximum flexibility. 

With its airflow standing at 90 cubic feet per minute (CFM), it is ideal for cleaning various devices perfectly.

You can use this electric dust blower to clean computers, laptops, car interiors, and so on. It weighs only pounds, meaning that its maneuver is as easy as ABC.

What’s more, this portable air blower for cleaning has a built-in 2-speed control so that there can be optimum flexibility during operations.

There is a washable filter that is easy to change, hence, achieving the most satisfactory result is not a mirage. Its foot power cable is a plus, and you can wrap the cable around the machine for convenient storage.


  • Built-in 2-speed control for ease of use.
  • Easy to change the washable filter for optimum effectiveness.
  • It comes with a foot cord for undemanding storage.
  • 9 easy-to-use nozzle attachments for multiple functionalities.
  • Lightweight design for easy maneuver.


  • It may not be efficient on computer and laptop fans.

2. Metro Vacuum EDP DataVac Electric Blower


  • Power: Watts
  • Airflow: 70 CFM
  • Voltage: V
  • Weight: pounds
metro ed datavac watt volt hp electric blower duster

The Metro Vac ED Datavac blower is the best air compressor for cleaning pc when we consider performance.

It boasts of all-steel construction, hence, no one can dispute its ultimate durability. It has a dynamic motor of Watts, and that is why its performance is above par.

Also, the Metro ED Datavac has an airflow of 70 CFM, meaning that there is an assurance of an adequate volume of airflow. 

You will like its lightweight design, which makes its manipulation easier. This electric air blower for computer is easy to use, and you can use it to clean multiple devices.

It comes with an air pin-pointer, air-flare and air concentrator nozzles, as well as micro-cleaning tool kit for optimum effectiveness. 

With a power cord measuring 12 feet, there is no restriction during cleaning. It is produced from materials of high quality so that there can be flawless sturdiness and performance.

Besides, this mini blower for computer cleaning comes from a green energy source, which makes it cost-effective and more efficient than others. It is a better alternative to the contentious canned air products available in the market.


  • All steel construction for maximum lastingness.
  • Lightweight design for easy manipulation.
  • feet power cord for unrestricted operations.
  • It comes with an air pin-pointer, air-flare and air concentrator nozzles, as well as micro-cleaning tool kit.


  • It may get hot very quickly when using the included attachments.

3. OPOLAR Cordless Air Duster for Computer Cleaning


  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
  • Battery Capacity: mAh
  • Max. Rotating Speed: 33, RPM
  • Weight: ounces
OPOLAR Cordless Air Duster

The OPOLAR rechargeable air duster is the third best air compressor to clean pc, according to our research.

 It is a battery-operated duster with a battery capacity of 6, mAh. It makes use of a lithium-ion battery, which guarantees quick charging and long runtime.

This mini blower for dusting has the capacity of producing a strong thrust of air for effective cleaning. 

You can use it for effective cleaning of computers, circuit boards, and so on. With its runtime standing at about 30 minutes, this compressed air blower is your best bet for optimum effectiveness.

Also, it is designed to charge faster with a 2A adapter, even though this is not included in the package. The charging time of this computer blower cleaner is around three hours, hence, there is no spending too much time on charging.

You will like its design, and that is why it is the best air compressor for pc dusting. Its motor has a maximum rotating speed of 33, revolutions per minute (RPM). With its lightweight design, its maneuver is a piece of cake.


  • Top speed for deep cleaning of the microscopic dust.
  • It comes with built-in large mAh lithium-ion batteries for ultimate effectiveness.
  • Fast-charging capability for uninterrupted operations.
  • Compactly designed for ease of use.


  • It does not come with a charging cord.

4. SIN SHINE &#; Compressed Air Electric Air Blower


  • Power: Watts
  • Cord Length: 10 feet
  • Voltage: V
  • Weight: pounds
Sin Shine electric air blower

The best air compressor to clean pc in fourth place is the SIN SHINE electric air blower. It comes with a dynamic motor of Watts so that there can be perfect blowing operations at all times.

It can blow at 27 meters per second (MPS), hence, it can provide high pressure for the removal of dust.

With its dynamic light irradiation, you can easily point it to the cleaning area to achieve the most satisfactory outcome.

Also, this air compressor for cleaning has a cord length of 10 feet, meaning that there is no constraint when blowing. Its lightweight is a plus, and that is why you can manipulate it without much hassle during operations.

It comes with three different nozzles with three brushes for effective operations. With the capacity to blast dirt, debris, and dust effectively, it is the right machine to go for to get value for money.


  • Powerful motor for ultimate performance.
  • Easy to change the washable filter for optimum effectiveness.
  • feet durable cord that you can wrap around the unit for easy storage.
  • Lightweight design for easy maneuver.


5. OPOLAR Upgraded Cordless Electric Compressed Air Duster


  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
  • Battery Capacity: mAh
  • Max. Rotation Speed: 60, RPM
  • Weight: pounds
OPOLAR Upgraded Cordless computer duster spray

If you want a cordless computer cleaner air compressor, check out the OPOLAR Upgraded battery-operated blower. It is powered by three lithium-ion batteries, which are included in the package.

With a battery capacity of mAh, this is the right mini air blower for electronics, including your computer.

It has a maximum rotating speed of 60, RPM, hence, you can rely on its ultimate sturdiness and effectiveness.

With a battery capacity of mAh, this is the right mini air blower for electronics, including your computer. It has a maximum rotating speed of 60, RPM, hence, you can rely on its ultimate sturdiness and effectiveness.

It weighs just pounds, hence, no one can contend with its easy maneuver. You will like its cutting-edge design, which enhances efficiency, especially in reaching narrow areas.

What’s more, this air compressor clean computer has multiple USB ports charging possibilities. You can charge it with your laptop, power bank, wall plug using an adapter, and so on.


  • It comes with built-in large mAh lithium-ion batteries for optimum effectiveness.
  • Top speed for deep cleaning of the microscopic dust.
  • Fast-charging capability for uninterrupted operations.
  • Compactly designed for ease of use.


  • A bit pricey compared to its performance.

6. Compucleaner &#; Durable ABS Plastic Electric High-Pressure Air Duster


  • Power: Watts
  • Airflow: 70 CFM
  • Voltage: V
  • Weight: pounds
easygo compucleaner

The Easygo compucleaner is your best bet if you are looking for the best air blower for computer cleaning. It is powered by a motor of Watts, and that is why it remains a very effective machine.

It blows high-pressure air to get rid of dust, dirt, and debris effectively in all electronic devices. 

With its momentary switch for controlling power, it is easy to use so that you will be able to achieve the best results.

Besides, the Easygo compu cleaner has a multi-use capability, hence, you can use it for cleaning a variety of devices. With its airflow standing at 70 CFM, it is the perfect desktop air compressor you can lay your hands on.

It comes with a 9-foot power cord so that there won’t be any constraint during operations. Weighing just pounds, this machine is your best bet if you are looking for the best air compressor for pc dusting.


  • High-pressure blowing for efficient cleaning.
  • Dynamic Watt motor for maximum effectiveness.
  • 9-feet durable cord for unrestricted operations.
  • Lightweight design for convenient manipulation.


Best Air Blower For Computer Cleaning

7. MECO High-Pressure Air Duster


  • Power: Watts
  • Speed: 33, RPM
  • Voltage: V
  • Weight: pounds
MECO High-Pressure air duster

The MECO air duster high remains the best air blower for computer cleaning in terms of speed. It boasts of a maximum motor speed of 33, RPM with variable speed control for ultimate flexibility.

With a maximum wind speed of m/s, this machine offers the perfect blowing speed for multiple devices.

It produces a high-torque airflow with different nozzle attachments for multiple applications. 

You can use it for dusting, drying various surfaces, pumping air, and so on. With its foot power cable, there is an absolute assurance of unrestricted operations.

This air compressor computer has 8 additional nozzle attachments so that it can work for multiple devices.

Its 2-speed adjustability is a plus, and that is why it is the best dust blower for pc. There are two gears for speed adjustment, hence, achieving maximum flexibility is a stroll in the park.

Besides, this machine weighs pounds, meaning that you won’t have issues with its maneuver. It is environment friendly, and a better alternative to compressed air gas.


  • 8 easy-to-use nozzle attachments for multiple functionalities.
  • Built-in 2-speed control for ease of use.
  • Ergonomic design for ease of use.
  • High-pressure blowing for efficient cleaning.


  • The handle may get too hot when you hold it for 30 seconds of operation.

8. X3 Hurricane Variable Cordless Rechargeable Electronic Duster


  • Runtime: 15+ min
  • Speed: + mph
  • Voltage: V &#; V
  • Weight: pounds
X3 Hurricane air blower

Last but not least in this review is the Hurricane X3. It is produced from materials of high quality so that there can be maximum effectiveness.

With its variable speed trigger, there is room for maximum flexibility. It is environment friendly, hence, it is an ideal alternative to a canned air blower.

Also, the Hurricane air blower comes with five outlet nozzle attachments to use it for multiple applications. 

It provides continuous power, hence, it is perfectly blowing away every dust in all your electronic devices. 

With the capability of blasting air at over miles per hour, it offers the most suitable option for cleaning computer with air compressor.

It has two regular straws with an additional long flexible straw, which is bendable. That is why it is the best air compressor for cleaning pc, especially a very dirty one. 

There is a degree nozzle that helps in focusing air, and a brush attachment is in place for additional cleaning.

What’s more, this machine boasts of variable speed, which enhances flawless flexibility.

The battery has a runtime of about 15 minutes after it is fully charged. It is an ideal machine to get if you desire the best compressed air for pc cleaning.


  • Variable speed trigger for maximum flexibility.
  • 5 outlet nozzle fittings attachments for multiple operations.
  • Top speed for deep cleaning of the microscopic dust.
  • Compactly designed for ease of use.


Air Compressor For Cleaning PC &#; Buying Guide

Getting the best air compressor to clean pc requires taking the proper steps that will boost your decision-making process. Here are some of the things to consider when purchasing a small air compressor for cleaning computers.


Price comparison is very important before buying an air pressure cleaner for computer. Features comparison should go along with price comparison, e.g. Xpower vs Datavac, so that you will be able to know what you are paying for.


You should check the lastingness of the pc air compressor you want to buy. The best air blower for computer cleaning should be able to last long to enhance getting value for money.


The best air blower for computer cleaning should be portable. It should be easy to move from one place to another to boost convenience.


If the computer cleaning air compressor is not usable, it is as if you are wasting money. Read customer reviews to know the usability of the product, and you will be able to get the best air compressor for pc dusting.


You wouldn’t want to buy a pc blower cleaner that will pack up unexpectedly without getting a replacement. Hence, there is a need to check the terms of the warranty on the product before purchasing to get the best dust blower for pc.

Power Source

When getting an air blower for pc, you can either go for a corded or battery-powered machine. Corded machines are usually powerful but you have to contend with the restrictions of the cord. Cordless machines are easier to use but you have to keep the batteries charged properly to enjoy smooth operations.


The airflow is the volume of air that will keep a computer air blower functioning properly. It is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), and the higher, the better. This means that the best air compressor for cleaning pc with an airflow of 90 CFM will produce more volume of air than one with 70 CFM.

How to Clean PC With Air Compressor

Computers don’t like heat, and when dust builds up in them, it could sabotage their cooling adeptness. This can reduce the life spans of their components, which can affect their lastingness.

To make your system function properly, you should clean the interior  part every six to twelve months. If you are wondering how to go about it, this step-by-step guide will help you.

Step 1

Put off your computer and remove its plug from the mains or surge protector, and open its case.

Step 2

Use an air compressor cleaner to dust the interior components, using low torque. Make sure you place the pc dust blower some distance away from the periphery of the motherboard, processor, memory as well as expansion cards.

Get rid of the dust accumulation on the fans of the case with the aid of an air compressor for computer dust. When blowing the compressed air, use your finger to hold the fan to prevent rotation. If the fan blades rotate too quickly, they may chip because they are fragile.

Step 3

Use rubbing alcohol with the aid of a cotton swab to clean off the blades. Carry off the fans from the case if they are not easy to reach so that you can clean them properly.

Step 4

Get rid of the dust accumulation from the power supply with the aid of an air compressor for computer. If the power supply has a dust filter beneath, clean it properly to get the best result.

Step 5

Clean the heatsink as well as the fan on the processor properly. Use a dust blower for computer to get rid of the dust on the heat sink as well as the fan using low torque.

In a situation whereby the dust accumulation is too cumbersome, carry off the heatsink as well as fan for convenient and painstaking cleaning. Don’t forget to wipe the thermal grease on the heatsink and processor. Thereafter, administer new thermal grease prior to connecting the heat sink back to the processor.

Step 6

Use a pc air blower to ultimately clean all the ports, and use rubbing alcohol as well as a cotton swab to clean the external vents. Your computer is now ready to face its daily challenges.

Benefits of Using a PC Air Compressor

Using an air compressor to clean computers will help in protecting their components. It prevents overheating as well as shorting out, which boosts the lifespan of your computer.

Using air compressor to clean pc guarantees optimum safety for the expensive components.  A small error with these components can be costly, and that is why it is very essential to clean them properly.

During the cleaning process, you should be very careful. Using cloth can lead to the creation of scratches on delicate components such as the motherboard. A little scratch can make it fail absolutely.

Even though cotton or cloth can get to very small spaces as well as holes in your system, a computer dust blower will do the job almost perfectly. Also, this process makes your job faster so that you will be able to have time for other vital issues. It helps in effective cleaning of hidden components such as graphic cards, sounds cards, just to mention a few.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it safe to use an air compressor to clean a computer?

It is safe to use air compressor to clean computer. It won’t damage your computer, even if you go for the refrigerant.

Can dust mess up computer?

If you leave it for a long time, dust can build up on the fan and other components of your computer. It can decrease the lifespan of your computer.

What PSI is used for cleaning?

The majority of the shop and home compressors will produce roughly PSI. Some compressors are rated PSI, depending on brand and model.

How Often Should a PC Be Cleaned?

You should clean each component of your PC regularly. Every three to six months, try to open it for a comprehensive cleaning.


You need the best air compressor to clean pc to boost its efficiency. We hope that this guide will help to discover a product that will meet your expectations. You only need to compare features and prices so that you will be able to make the right choice.

Sours: https://ipowertoolz.com/best-air-compressor-to-clean-pc/
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It can also be used to clean car seats, filters on air-conditioning units, "medical devices", and anything your dog has sat on. Just having it around would provide the motivation to actually clean your PC every two weeks like you probably should, and without junking up the environment. "This device is made highly environment-friendly", the product description says, noting it can be used "more than times".

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