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Extreme Dog Fence - Second Generation -2020- Professional Grade

Digital Transmitter

Dimensions: 4.5" high x 5.5" wide x 1" deep

The fence transmitter is the brain of your eXtreme Dog Fence. You not only set your signal field width here (which is the distance from the wire that the collar will activate), but you also program your collar's correction level here.

You can also change AM radio frequencies here, if you have a neighboring fence system that is causing interference with your fence.

The transmitter should be mounted indoors, so as to avoid any moisture getting into the electronics, and at least 3' away from any large metal objects.

Waterproof "Active" Collar

Receiver Dimensions: 1" high x 2" wide x 1" deep

Strap Dimensions: 3/4" wide (fits necks from 10" to 30")

Contact Probe Dimensions: small = 5/8", large = 7/8"

The "Active" collar is waterproof and submersible to 10 feet, with no impact on the receiver's performance.

It includes a long set of contact probes for dogs with long neck hair, and a short set for dogs with shorter hair. A set of metal infused rubber comfort covers are included to help keep the contact probes comfortable on your dog's neck.

The receiver weighs a mere 1.1 ounce and runs on a proprietary 6v battery, which lasts an average of 4 months (after the battery used during the training period).

The collar receiver has 7 correction levels (1-7) and a beep only level (0), to accommodate a wide range of dog sizes, breeds, personalities and temperaments.

Heavy Duty Boundary Wire

Specs: Polyethylene jacket (UV resistant, direct ground burial rated)

This heavy duty gauge boundary wire is so durable that it allows for many installation options you won't find possible with a thin 20 gauge wire:

Burial: You can bury the wire from 1" to 18" deep

Above Ground: You can secure your wire to the ground, using 6" landscape staples at every 5' of wire

"u"Existing Fence: You can attach the wire to an existing traditional type fence (if metal, it must be galvanized)

"u"Waterfront: It can even be submerged into water, to allow your dog some swim area in a lake or creek

No matter your installation preference, this wire will perform for over 20 years, even in eXtreme elements.

16 AWG Twisted Wire

Specs: 16 gauge with .045 polyethylene jacket (UV resistant, direct ground burial rated)

This wire comes pre-twisted to meet the standard recommended 5-7 twists per foot.

Twisted wire can only be used in certain situations, and will not work in others:

"u"Successful Uses:

    "li"When containing front and back yard, and house is not bordering containment area - The twisted wire carries signal from transmitter to the boundary wire loop "li"Connecting the main perimeter loop to a smaller loop inside the containment area (restricting access to a garden or swimming pool, for example) "li"Allowing an entry/exit point for your dog in a "Double Loop" wire layout.

"u"Unsuccessful Uses:

    "li"In single loop, backyard only layout - Trying to splice twisted wire into the boundary wire to allow the dog to go in and out of the house without activating the collar
Sours: https://decodr.in/interfiltrate202685.html


Keeping our pets safe is a huge priority. It’s important to create a safe environment that they cannot easily escape. Not everyone can build a fence around their property, so wireless safety fences are a great alternative. They can keep our pets safely close to home without harming them. Finding the right fence is challenging, especially that there are many different brands available on the market.

To help you choose the best brand, we’re going to compare PetSafe and Extreme Dog Fence, which are the most trusted in the business, to see which one will work best for you.

The Differences Between PetSafe and Extreme Dog Fence

An Australian Shepherd laying on a red dog bed in the grass

The differences between the two brands are their approach to placement/installation and the perimeter size.

PetSafe is portable and requires no burying of the fence. However, the eXtreme Dog Fence must be buried, so even though it’s easy to install, the whole process can take some time.

eXtreme Dog Fence offers a much larger perimeter than PetSafe, depending on the model selected. PetSafe can only cover a circular area of up to ¾ of an acre, while some models of eXtreme Dog Fence will provide a perimeter for up to 25 acres.

Both brands are excellent and at the top of the invisible dog fence market. Your specific needs are what will determine which one is going to be better for you.

About PetSafe

A white dog sitting outdoors surrounded by vegetation

PetSafe has been around since 1991. The brand is now the largest manufacturer of electronic pet training products in the United States. The company says, “We’re devoted to the most innovative research and advanced designs.”

Each product they offer is intended for training or pampering your pets and keeping them safe. They use intentionally established ISO 9001 and 22000 standards for their product development, testing, manufacturing, and inspection. All of their products are certified lead-free.

PetSafe also conducts rigorous in-home testing for their products, ensuring real-world conditions won’t destroy or harm when a lab can’t simulate real-life situations.

Product Line

PetSafe offers many products, though their focus is on wireless or invisible fences. They carry four of these products, including:

  • Stay & Play Compact
  • Stay & Play Wireless Fence for Stubborn Dogs
  • Stay & Play Wireless Fence with Replaceable Battery Collar
  • Wireless Pet Containment System

The systems are all technically portable and work for small yards. It means they not only work at home, but you can take them with you anywhere you go.

The systems create a circular boundary of up to ¾ acres, and installation only takes a few hours.

Training for their system usually takes less than two weeks with a few simple training exercises.

Pros and Cons of PetSafe

About eXtreme Dog Fence

Two dogs playing in their yard

Extreme Dog Fence has over 20 years of experience in invisible dog fences. They aim to provide high-quality products that effectively keep your dog safe and happily protected and share plenty of expert knowledge to consumers who reach out with questions on the topics related. 

“We can offer you advice on laying your dog fence wire, programming your transmitter, or training your dog. No matter what containment question you have, you can expect advice from knowledgeable professionals when you shop with Extreme Dog Fence®.”

Product Line

eXtreme Dog Fence offers a range of products, including various wireless fences. They produce and sell such products as: 

  • Contain & Train System – 20 gauge
  • Contain & Train System – 16 gauge
  • Standard Active Electric Dog Fence Kit
  • Hyper Standard Electric Dog Fence Kit (for Stubborn Dogs)
  • Pro-Grade Professional Dog Fence Kit
  • Perimeter Technologies Ultra Pro-Grade
  • Hyper Pro-Grade Professional Dog Fence Kit
  • Max Grade Ultimate Performance System

The systems are designed to safely protect your dog from “escaping” the yard. The different systems offer various gauges, perimeter lengths, and training options, as well as standard and professional-grade differences to fit your needs best.

Pros and Cons of Extreme Dog Fence

How to Choose the Best Dog Fence for You

Happy older golden dog smiling as walking on pathway

The pros and cons can help you determine which fence is the right fit. Keep these things in mind as you choose, and remember that not all of the features are necessary. Try to focus on the most important ones for you.

Range It Covers

If you have a smaller space you can use either system to keep your pooch safely at home. However, if you’re looking to cover a larger area, the eXtreme buried fence is the right option.

The Size of Your Dog

The size of your dog will determine which product within the brand line you should choose. Remember to check its weight and measurements before buying a fence.

Number of Collars

If you need more than one collar, make sure the system can support the desired number. Double-check how many collars come with the system and how many additional ones can be added.

Correction Level

Both systems have a varied correction level that is useful for dogs who are a bit less sensitive to the standard settings and can rebel against the fence otherwise.

If you have a dog that behaves well, don’t get the stubborn system, since this can be too much for it to handle.

Training Manual

Finally, make sure that the system you’re buying has a training manual that is recommended by others. Some of them have manuals that are of poor quality, while others are excellent. That’s why always get familiar with the reviews to choose the right product.  

PetSafe Vs. eXtreme Dog Fence – Which One is Right For You

Now that you’ve seen the quality care, features, and options available, you can assess the products these two brands offer more effectively.

However, knowing their specifics is not sufficient to understand what is the best solution for you. To find yourself the most suitable product, you always have to determine your needs first. After you know what features are the most suitable, go through this article again to match them with your unique requirements.

If you find this article helpful, please let us know in the comments below, and as always, please share!


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eXtreme Dog Fence Review have several electric dog fence options available.

These options include the second generation of dog fences – the basic, standard, pro grade, and max grade.

Each option gives you different features and set ups to meet the requirements of different owners, dogs, and yards.

In this review, we go over the full list of features, and pros and cons of the eXtreme dog fences.

One thing to note about eXtreme is that they are an American company (connected to the Southeast) – so if you like supporting US companies, you might want to consider their products closely [some products may be manufactured overseas though – so you can ask that before the time of purchase if you like]

Let’s take a look!

(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)

eXtreme Dog Fences: Basic, Standard, Pro Grade & Max Grade

If you want to go straight to viewing the eXtreme Dog Fences, you can do so here:

NOTE: when you get through to the product screen, you can choose customization options such as number of acres of wire that you want, and how many collars you want for the number of dogs you have.

Some people also buy these additional extras with the fence system:

  • Additional Wire (and/or upgrade the wire)
  • Additional Collars (and/or upgrade the collars)
  • Fence Staples (on Amazon) – for above ground wire installation
  • Wire Repair Splices (on Amazon) – for fixing broken and frayed wire
  • Additional batteries for collars that use replaceable and not rechargeable batteries (make sure the battery type is compatible with the collar type)

*Note that the reviews below are accurate as of the time of writing or updating – please confirm yourself the details of the product, and full product offer, at the time you decide to buy it.

Contact the manufacturer if you have any additional questions or queries.

Which eXtreme Dog Fence System To Get – Which Is The Best?

People usually pick based on price, performance, and inclusions of each system to match their dog/s, containment area and personal preferences for settings and features.

In summary, some of the major points about each model are (note – the features, performance, capability and quality of the dog fences tend to increase with the more expensive products):

The Basics system is the cheapest, and has the least features. It does come with a rechargeable battery though, and 20 gauge wire. For dogs 15lbs and over

The Standard Grade system is most comparable to the SportDOG dog fences. It presents good value for money. It also comes with additional features to the Basic, such as different frequency settings, and 7 correction levels. The batteries are not rechargeable, and the wire is 20 gauge wire. For dogs 8lbs and over

The Professional Grade system (at the moment) is one of the best selling systems, and might be the best overall system when considering performance, price, features, and so on. It comes with more durable and stronger 14 gauge wire (with a 45 mil Jacket) that doesn’t need to be buried (it can be fixed to the ground, or run along an existing fence), a surge protector, and extra twisted wire (on Amazon). For dogs 8lbs and over

The Max Grade is not cheap, but offers essentially everything the Pro Grade offers, except the 14 gauge wire comes with a 60 mil jacket – which is more thicker and designed to be the strongest of perimeter wires

The warranties tend to increase in length as you go up to the more expensive model too – but confirm warranty conditions yourself.

Do make sure you fully check what each dog fence system is designed for, it’s features, and kit inclusions, to make sure you are getting the right model.

eXtreme offers a customer service line and other methods of contact

eXtreme Dog Fence Max Grade System: Review

Features & Kit Inclusions

The Max Grade System has the most features of the 4 options, and is one step above the Pro Grade System

Comes with a 14 gauge wire with a .060 Thick Polyethylene Jacket (designed to last 25+ years)

Comes with twisted wire as well

Transmitter is designed to cover up to 10 acres (and when enough wire is purchased for the perimeter)

Check product description for full list of features and inclusions


Offers essentially many of the same things as the Pro Grade, except it has the thicker and more durable jacket on the fence wire (60ML compared to 45ML)

Where To Check Out

eXtreme Dog Fence Professional Grade System (Second Generation): Review

Features & Kit Inclusions

The Professional Grade System is one step above the Standard Grade System, and right now, is the best selling of the 4 dog fence options

Has a containment area coverage up to 10 acres

One of the main differences is the upgraded 14 gauge wire (with a 45 mil Jacket), along with other inclusions

The wire doesn’t need to be buried – it can be fixed to the ground or an existing fence

Collar – has digital frequency encoding, for dogs 8lbs and over, comfort contacts, 7 individual correction settings (Levels 1-5 are a steady correction, where levels 6 and 7 are progressive), a beep only mode, battery check, disposable battery. Each collar can be programmed individually too

Transmitter – has different programmable frequencies, adjustable boundary zone, temp check and wire check, 10 acre capacity

Uses a replaceable and not rechargeable battery

Warranty – differs depending on who you buy from

Comes with (exact kit inclusions may differ depending on who and where you buy from) …

Digital transmitter (10 acre capacity)

Waterproof collar receiver

14 Gauge Boundary wire

50′ of 16 Gauge Twisted Wire (on Amazon)

50 training flags

2 pairs of contact points – small, and large

2 x splice kits

A battery for the collar receiver

Yard staples

Surge protector

Some Drawbacks

Does not have battery backup

Has a disposable battery needing replacing every 2 to 4 months, and not a rechargeable battery


Has some clear extra features and upgrades over the Standard system – but, you pay an extra price for it

Still good value

Where To Check Out

eXtreme Dog Fence Standard Grade System (Second Generation): Review

Features & Kit Inclusions

The Standard Grade System is one step above the Basics System

Has a containment area coverage up to 10 acres

Can accommodate an unlimited amount of dogs on the systems

Has a replaceable battery that is not rechargeable – the battery is designed to last 2 to 4 months

Transmitter – has Temp and Wire Check feature, and multiple frequency levels, and can adjust the boundary zone

Also on the transmitter – Has correction levels, and a beep only mode. Correction Levels 1-5 are a steady correction, where levels 6 and 7 are progressive

Collar – can individually set correction settings for individual dogs

Collar fits 6″- 26″ neck sizes, and can accomodate dogs as small as 8bs

Warranty – differs depending on who you buy from

Comes with (exact kit inclusions may differ depending on who and where you buy from) …

Perimeter wire

Advanced digital transmitter

Waterproof collar receiver

Splice Kits

50 Training boundary flags

Long and medium receiver contacts

Medium comfort contact covers

1 Battery for collar receiver

Some Drawbacks

Not for the tiniest dogs

Does not include surge protector

Does not include twisted wire

Does not have battery backup if power goes out

Not for dogs under 8lbs


Includes several more features than the Basic system

Might be the best value of all the fence models

Where To Check Out

eXtreme Dog Fence Basics System: Review

Features & Kit Inclusions

The Basics System is the economy option i.e. it is for people looking for a cheaper option

It works with a signal field from the boundary wire to the collar receiver on the dog’s neck, with low numbers of beeps and stimulation the further the dog is from the wire, and higher numbers of beeps and stimulation the closer they get to the wire

Can contain on land acreage of 1/2 and acre up to 4 or 5 acres depending on how much wire you buy

Can accommodate 1 to 5 dogs, depending on the number of collars you buy

Has a simple set up – refer to the eXtreme Dog Fence website and the product instructions for this dog fence system

Rechargeable collar – so no replaceable batteries are required

Fence System Designed For – dogs weighing 15lbs and up

Collar Designed For – the adjustable collar strap fits dog necks from 10 inches to 26 inches

Warranty – differs depending on who you buy from

Comes with (exact kit inclusions may differ depending on who and where you buy from) …

1 digital fence transmitter w/ mounting hardware

1 water proof collar receiver

Collar test light tool

Long and short sets of collar contact probes, and wrench tool

A USB collar charger

20 or 16 Gauge Boundary wire (length is dependent on how much wire you order). Wire is designed to last for 15+ years

50 training flags

Some Drawbacks

Wire gauge is 20 or 16 gauge, which is lesser quality than the Pro Grade and Max Grade wires

Does not offer different levels of correction on the receiver collar

Does not offer different frequency levels

Does not offer special or advanced system programming

Not for dogs under 15lbs


The cheapest and lowest quality of the 4 options

You’ll save on money, but it’s possible this system may not be as durable or perform as well as the other options

Some users may experience issues with the materials used for the collars, as well as consistency and quality of performance of the collars over the long term

Where To Check Out

eXtreme Dog Fence: Buyer’s Guide

Can You Customize eXtreme Dog Fence System Orders?

Yes – the customisations are different depending on where you buy, and the system you buy.

Customisations or adds on might include:

additional collars

different collar types

additional wire

different types of wire (different gauges), ground staples

add batteries (if the collar uses batteries)

and a surge protector

What Dog Fence Wire Perimeter Layouts Are Available?

Refer to the instructions of each product for available layouts.

But, some of the layout that might be available are:

Back and front

Double loop

Single side



Existing fence

How Do You Set Up The eXtreme Dog Fence?

Before you do anything, read the operating guide and training manual for the dog fence product you buy, and follow their instructions.

A general dog fence set up might look like something like the following:

Get your underground utility lines identified and marked by a professional

Layout your wire in the appropriate configuration (keep the wire away from other wires and underground utility lines)

Determine transmitter location

Connect the wires to the transmitter

Turn on the power for the transmitter to test it works

Set the collar to wire activation distance

Set other system settings to your liking or according to instructions – correction/stimulation settings, sound/tone settings, vibration settings, frequency settings, and so on

Charge the collar receiver (or insert battery if it’s a replaceable battery and not rechargeable)

Test the collar receiver around the entire wire perimeter 

Dig the perimeter trench for the wire – can do it yourself with digging tools or a mini trencher machine (which you can hire), or hire a landscaper or professional to do it for you

Bury the wire (to the depth identified by the manufacturer)

Train your dog/s

Dog fence system is ready for full operation

*Note that some dog fence models come with wire thick and strong enough that they don’t have to be buried.

They can be fixed to the ground, to an existing fence, and be exposed above ground.

Different Types Of Wire

There’s 14, 16, 18 and 20 gauge wire.

14 is the thickest and hardest wearing.

Some wire comes with different coatings, and some wire is even twisted for added strength and durability.

How Much Wire Do You Need?

But, a conversion chart from the eXtreme website indicates (for the Standard systems):

500 Feet Of Wire – For 1/3 Acres

700 Feet Of Wire – For 1/2 Acres

1000 Feet Of Wire – For 1 Acres

1400 Feet Of Wire – For 2 Acres

1700 Feet Of Wire – For 3 Acres

2000 Feet Of Wire – For 4 Acres

2200 Feet Of Wire – For 5 Acres

2400 Feet Of Wire – For 6 Acres

2600 Feet Of Wire – For 7 Acres

2800 Feet Of Wire – For 8 Acres

3000 Feet Of Wire – For 9 Acres

3200 Feet Of Wire – For 10 Acres

3500 Feet Of Wire – For 12 Acres

3700 Feet Of Wire – For 14 Acres

4000 Feet Of Wire – For 16 Acres

4200 Feet Of Wire – For 18 Acres

4500 Feet Of Wire – For 20 Acres

5000 Feet Of Wire – For 25 Acres

How Do The eXtreme Dog Fences Compare To The SportDOG Dog Fences?

Read more about a SportDOG vs eXtreme dog fence comparison in this guide.

Best In Ground, Above Ground & Wireless Dog Fences On The Market

These guides outline some of the best dog fence models on the market at the moment:

Best Above Ground & In Ground Electric Dog Fences

Best Wireless Electric Dog Fences

Above Ground vs Underground vs Wireless Dog Fences: Comparison

FAQ Guide About Electric Dog Fences

You can read an FAQ Guide here about commonly asked questions by potential buyers and owners of electric dog fences.

We outline things such as:

Types of electric dog fences

All factors to consider in choosing an electric dog fence

Most important factors to consider in choosing an electric dog fence

How much an electric dog fence costs

How to install and set up an electric dog fence

How an electric dog fence works

How to train a dog to use an electric dog fence, and how long it takes

Type of wire used for an electric dog fence

How much wire is required for an electric dog fence

Which electric dog fence wire is best

How to bury the wire for an electric dog fence system

How deep to bury the wire

Are dog fences safe, and are they effective

Size Of Collar For A Pomeranian

A Pomeranian is generally a small size breed.

With any electric dog fence you buy, make sure the collars are suitable for your dog, and also fit their neck size.

The manufacturer should provide collar sizing instructions for the dog fence and the dogs using them.

Some Safety Considerations For Using An Electric Dog Fence

Safety is extremely important with an dog fence.

Always always get your vet’s advice or the advice of an animal health and/or training expert – nothing is a substitute for professional advice.

Some general safety guidelines for using a dog fence humanely might be:

Buy from a reputable company who put proper use of the dog fence and the safety of the dog as a priority 

Read and follow the operating guide, instruction/safety manual and training guide that comes with the dog fence system from the manufacturer for operation and safety instructions and guidelines

Pay attention to any warnings issued by the manufacturer

Monitor your dog’s response both mentally and physically to using a dog fence. Take the collar off immediately and discontinue use of the system if you notice any negative implications or reactions

A good dog fence that uses static stimulation should simply stimulate the muscle (to the point of reflex) to get the dog’s attention, but should not cause pain (it might be slightly annoying for the dog to act as a small deterrent – but shouldn’t cause pain or harm). It certainly shouldn’t cause a ‘sharp pain’ to the muscle or body. 

To get a safe stimulation level – you can always start from the lowest stimulation level, and work your way up to a level that gets the dog’s attention (such as changing body language when a stimulation, vibration or tone is administered) without any visible sign of pain or harm (such as yelping, or showing signs of stress).

A good dog fence company should give you all the necessary safety, use and training instructions, and should have a dedicated customer service line to help when you being using the fence system.

The static function does not need to be used either – tone and vibrate training modes can be used instead.

Some owners like to use their dog fence system as a temporary training tool i.e. once their dog/s have learnt the boundaries and are properly training to stay in the yard, they turn the fence off or remove it.

If the dog starts going outside the boundaries again, they use the fence again to re-train their dog.

As a safety precaution for humans as well – make sure to get a qualified company to do an underground utility search and get these utilities marked before doing any digging.

Read more about the safety of electric dog fences in this guide.

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Reviewing our Favorite Pet Containment Systems from Extreme Dog Fence

Written by Rick Allen

Why We Chose It:

  • Waterproof.
  • Covers big boundary.
  • Complete kit.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight of 26.45 Pounds.
  • Uses lithium ion batteries.
  • Dimensions of 14 x 13 x 12.3 inches.

If you’re looking for an in-ground or wireless pet containment system for your dog, it won’t be long until you come across one of the great products made available by Extreme Dog Fence. These products are in-ground systems, meaning they won’t be predisposed to the shortcomings with holes in the barriers that are possible to occur with wireless dog fence systems.

Extreme Dog Fence is an American-based company, and better yet, all of their products are made in America. They are proud manufacturers of rugged and durable products that are sure to hold up to long term use. If you’re thinking that one of the products from Extreme Dog Fence might be for you, you’re probably on the right track already. In this article we’ll take a closer look at three of the offerenings from Extreme Dog Fence. By the time you’re done reading, you should be able to determine which one is the perfect fit for you.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in with a review of the first product on our list from Extreme Dog Fence.

Extreme Dog Fence Professional Grade (Second Generation)


We’ll start with what the company claims to be their best selling product, the Professional Grade dog fence system. The Professional Grade kit comes with everything you need to get started, and it can be configured for multiple dogs as well as a variety of boundary areas. The second generation has upgraded electronics so that it can work with newer collar designs.

The included collar and receiver is said to be totally waterproof, so your dog can swim up to 10′ deep without any problems whatsoever. The kit includes boundary wire, staples for insulation, a digital transmitter for controlling the system, the appropriate number of collars the amount of dogs you choose when buying, and boundary flags that you can use to train your dog as they are getting used to the new invisible fencing system.

The kit comes with a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer for the electronic components, and a lifetime warranty on the wire. They stand behind their products and ensure their customers that the fence system will contain their dogs within the boundaries. They also offer 24 hour support, at least at the time of writing this article.

If you’re looking for an in-ground dog fence, you can’t find much better quality than this Professional Grade system by Extreme Dog Fence.

Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade Ultimate Performance


If you’re looking to take your pet containment system to the next level, then the Max Grade Ultimate Performance system from Extreme Dog Fence very well may be just the kit for your needs. This kit can be configured to cover up to 25 acres, and the wire can either be buried or installed above ground if you prefer. This system has an upgraded warranty over the pro system, with a 10 year warranty on the electronics. The same lifetime warranty applies to the wire. This fencing system has an excellent reputation, and has been used by happy customers for over 25 years.

This particular kit comes with 14- and 16-gauge wire, a digital receiver to control the system, the number of dog collars that you order, training flags, and splice kits. As with the Professional Grade system, the collars included with the Max Grade system are completely waterproof. The wire included with this kit has great casing, which allows for maximum signal transmission. If you’re looking for an invisible dog fence system that is unparalleled in quality, this might be a good one to check out.

Extreme Dog Fence Standard Grade Kit


Sometimes the top of the line model just isn’t for everybody, and that’s OK. If this is you, don’t worry, the folks over Extreme Dog Fence have you covered. For a bit smaller price tag you can opt for their Standard Grade kit, which still includes many of the great features that you’ll find in their higher price tag offerings.

This second generation standard grade kit can cover up to 6 acres. It includes a spool of 20-gauge boundary wire, a digital transmitter for controlling the system, however many collars you need for the size kit that you ordered, training flags, and splice kits. As with the Professional Grade kit and the Max Grade kit, the collars included with the Standard Grade kit are also waterproof up to 10′ deep. Even though this kit utilizes a less durable 20-gauge wire, the wire that they use does have an improved jacket for superior performance.

One feature that was not mentioned previously is that the transmitter allows you to change the frequency at which your invisible fencing system operates. This is a great feature particularly if you have neighbors using similar systems, or if they have other devices that emit radio frequencies in the area. You can get off the same wavelength as your neighbors using the transmitter to ensure that you have great performance of with your Extreme Dog Fence system.

If you’re looking for a reliable electric dog fence system without breaking the bank, then this Standard Kit offering from Extreme Dog Fence is a great way to go.

Want To Learn More About Electric Dog Fences?

So there you have it, a quick run down on some of our favorite electric dog fence products from the trusted folks over at Extreme Dog Fence. It’s great to support companies that manufacture their products in America, and this is an excellent opportunity to do so. You’ll notice that their products are made to quality standards that you expect, and what more can you ask than that?

If after reading this article you’re still not sure which product is best for you then don’t worry. Here at The Pampered Pup we’ve reviewed a number of dog fence products. Perhaps you’d like a different electric fence? Or maybe you’re interested in checking out some of our wireless dog fence reviews? Whatever the case, we hope we can help you out and get you on your way with a system that works great with your dog, your yard, and your budget. Thank you for visiting!

Sours: https://www.thepamperedpup.com/best-electric-wireless-dog-fence-reviews/extreme/

Fence extreme dog

eXtreme Dog Fence Careers and Employment

Questions and answers

People have asked 3 questions about working at eXtreme Dog Fence. See the answers, explore popular topics and discover unique insights from eXtreme Dog Fence employees.

How do you feel about going to work each day at eXtreme Dog Fence?

June 11, 2019

I love my job, I love the staff here. Going to work is fun, rewarding, and keeps me on my toes!

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What is the vacation policy like at eXtreme Dog Fence? How many vacation days do you get per year?
What is the vacation policy like at eXtreme Dog Fence? How many vacation days do you get per year?
How do you feel about going to work each day at eXtreme Dog Fence?

June 11, 2019

I love my job, I love the staff here. Going to work is fun, rewarding, and keeps me on my toes!

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eXtreme Dog Fence REVIEW (one year later): Is it worth it? 🤔

Extreme Dog Fence [Pro-Grade vs Max-Grade]

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Extreme Dog Fence

Parenting a dog comes with a lot of responsibility. You provide your pup with healthy food and treats. You ensure that she gets plenty of belly rubs and butt scratches. You share your couch and your bed with her. And you keep her as safe as possible with regular vaccinations and a protected play area. If you own or rent a house, getting a fence is often an essential step to giving your fur baby a safe place to relieve herself, play fetch, and do zoomies on a sunny day.

But choosing a fence is no walk in the park. If you’ve done a few Google searches, you know there are endless options for fencing. But don’t worry – knowledge is power, and this article is chock-full of information to help you make an educated decision about a terrific fence for the safety, health, and happiness of your dog.

Meet Your New Best Friend, Extreme Dog Fence [Click Here For reviews about other in-ground fences please read this]

The company Extreme Dog Fence makes precisely one thing: the Extreme Dog Fence. This wired invisible fence system comes with a few customizable options to ensure you and your dog both get the features you need for your lifestyle and your property.


Extreme Dog Fence Pro-Grade

The Extreme Dog Fence Pro-Grade varies from the standard kit in a few ways. For starters, the Pro-Grade kit comes with a 10-year warranty to give you extra confidence that your investment is protected. The fence wire has thicker insulation than the standard package – 45 ml instead of 15ml. Additional insulation helps preserve the cable against harsh weather and extreme temperatures.

Unlike the standard package, the Extreme Dog Fence Pro-Grade system includes some pre-twisted wire to connect your fence to your transmitter. Your dog can cross any section of twisted wire without getting shocked, so you can run the twisted wire wherever you want. (With the standard package, you twist the included wire together yourself.)

The Pro-Grade system includes 500 feet of 20-gauge wire, 50 feet of twisted wire, a transmitter, one collar with receiver and contact points, and 50 training flags.

Just like the standard Extreme Dog Fence kit, the Pro-Grade kit includes a transmitter that can support fencing around up to 25 acres of fenced property. As previously mentioned, an invisible fence works by sending radio signals from your fence system to your dog’s collar. But what happens if there are other radio systems nearby?

What if your neighbor has an invisible fence, too? Fortunately, the Extreme Dog Fence Pro-Grade system gives you the option of multiple frequency settings on your transmitter. That way, you can guarantee that you aren’t using the same radio frequency as your neighbor and disrupting each other’s fence signals.

Each collar runs off a 6-volt battery that powers your dog’s receiver for 3-4 months. About one week before the battery dies, a low-battery light begins blinking on the collar to remind you to replace the battery. You can order extra batteries from the Extreme Dog Fence company, so you always have enough power for the collar.

Since the receiver only weighs 1.1 ounces, the collar is suitable for any dog who weighs eight or more pounds. And the collar is completely waterproof – if your dog goes for a swim with the collar on, the receiver isn’t damaged. And of course, your dog can play in the rain or your sprinkler system without worry, too.

Extreme Dog Fence Max-Grade

The Extreme Dog Fence Max-Grade is the most elite invisible fence system offered by the Extreme Dog Fence company. The Max-Grade system comes with a 10-year warranty like the Pro-Grade system, ensuring that the invisible fence keeps protecting your yard for years to come. The insulation around the Max-Grade system’s wiring is the company’s most impressive offering: a full 60ml of insulation. This wire can stand up to the most extreme weather conditions that you and your dog will encounter.

Like the Extreme Dog Fence Pro-Grade package, the Extreme Dog Fence Max-Grade system includes some pre-twisted wire to connect your fence to your transmitter. This cable allows you to run wiring across your yard without shocking your dog when he crosses it, giving you greater flexibility when choosing where to plug in your transmitter. Additionally, the wires in the Pro-Grade kit are 14-gauge instead of the 20-guage wire that comes with the other fence systems.

The Max-Grade system includes 500 feet of 14-gauge wire, 50 feet of twisted wire, a transmitter, one collar with receiver and contact points, and 50 training flags.

As with all Extreme Dog Fence systems, the Pro-Grad’s transmitter works with enough wiring to enclose 25 acres of land. Additionally, the transmitter allows you to choose which frequency you want your fence to use. That way, you can be sure that your fence will function without interruption if other pet parents in your neighborhood are using invisible fences, too.

You can buy disposable batteries from the Extreme Dog Fence company for the included collar. Some pet parents like the idea of having a rechargeable battery for their fur baby’s collar receiver. The issue is that a radio signal drains the battery very quickly – a rechargeable battery in a collar receiver needs to be charged daily.

If you happen to forget about charging it one evening, the collar is useless the next morning. The Extreme Dog Fence company has a specific 6-volt battery for their collar receivers. This particular battery is designed to last 4-6 months before needing to be replaced, meaning you have peace of mind for almost half a year. The collar starts to blink when the battery is running low, giving you plenty of time to replace the battery and assure the invisible fence is always protecting your dog.

The collar is suitable for dogs eight pounds and up. If your dog is smaller than eight pounds, the Extreme Dog Fence company offers a Little Dog fence option. The collar receiver that comes with the standard package is water-resistant, excellent for the occasional puddle or rainstorm. The Max-Grade collar, on the other hand, is fully waterproof, protected against your dog’s planned (or accidental) dips in your pond.

Critical Information To Know Before Buying An Extreme Dog Fence

When you think of an invisible fence, you probably imagine smooth green grass, uninterrupted by a wooden or chainlink fence stretching into the sky. There’s a reason people choose invisible fences for their yards! Their aesthetic appeal is undeniable. A little known fact, however, is that there are two different types of “invisible fence:” a wired fence and a wireless fence.

A wired invisible fence like the Extreme Dog Fence consists of a wire that runs around your property, buried 1-3 inches in the dirt. A receiver on your dog’s collar communicates with the cable and tells your dog when he’s close to the boundary. That way, he knows to stay in your yard where he’s safe.

A wireless invisible fence is produced by a transmitter inside your house. The transmitter emits a radio signal in a circle the size of your choosing. The radio signal is projected around your home and communicates with your dog’s collar to keep him safely on your property.

Why You Should Buy A Wired Fence

A wireless invisible fence is more convenient to set up – just plug in the transmitter, adjust the size of the signal, and you’re done. So why would you choose a wired fence, which requires you to bury a wire around the length of your property?

One reason is that a wired fence is not limited by physical barriers. Your property can have hills, trees, or water features, and a wired invisible fence still excels at protecting your dog. On the other hand, a wireless invisible fence is not so adaptable. Since it’s casting a signal, it needs flat space to maintain that signal with no interruption.

Hills and trees disrupt a wireless fence. If you have a small yard or flat farmland property, a wireless fence will work for you. But if you have any variation in your landscape, you should choose a wired fence like the Extreme Dog Fence.

A second significant difference is flexibility. The shape of a wired invisible fence is only limited by your imagination. Is digging at the base of your storage shed Fido’s favorite guilty pleasure? Do you want to make sure your dog can’t get hurt (or drown) in your pool? Surround these areas with some of the wire from your fence kit, and presto:

Your shed is safe, and your dog can’t fall into your pool. But a wireless invisible fence is limited to a circle shape projected from the transmitter in your house. You can’t use a wireless fence to keep Fido out of specific areas of your property – it’s all or nothing.

Features of the Extreme Dog Fence

Each Extreme Dog Fence kit comes with 20-gauge wire, a transmitter, collar receivers, collar contact points, and 50 training flags. The collar is powered with 9-volt batteries. The included transmitter can maintain up to 25 acres of fenced property, making it an excellent choice for pet parents with large yards or farms (you just need to buy additional wire for that much land).

The Extreme Dog Fence company emphasizes that all of their products are proudly made in America. They offer 24-hour support for any customer with one of their fence kits, meaning you can call with dog training questions or troubleshooting issues on any day of the week.

The transmitter allows you to control the “boundary zone,” the area just inside the buried wire. As your dog approaches the wire, she receives a warning tone telling her that she’s close to your fence. You can decide how soon she gets this warning, anywhere from within a couple inches to 32 feet away from your buried wire. With this feature, you can control how close your dog is allowed to get to the edge of your property (and the busy road beyond).

The basic kit comes with 500 feet of wire and supports one dog collar. You can adjust your Extreme Dog Fence kit to include more fencing (1000-2500 feet) or support more dogs (up to 5) or both, for big yards and big dog families.

Helpful Tips for the Extreme Dog Fence

The 9-volt battery in your dog’s collar will last about 4 months. Check for a low-battery signal and keep some 9-volt batteries on hand to make sure your dog’s collar is always ready to go.

It’s essential to take your pup’s receiver collar off when the two of you go for walks together – he doesn’t need to get shocked when he’s leaving the yard for a walk with you. Dog trainers suggest starting all of your walks from one particular location on your property, like your mailbox. This helps reinforce your dog’s understanding that he’s supposed to stay in the yard unless he’s leaving with you, wearing a leash, and standing by the mailbox.

Pros of the Extreme Dog Fence

Pro: You don’t need special skills to use the Extreme Dog Fence

You don’t need a degree in IT or experience with landscaping to install and use the Extreme Dog Fence. Decide where you want the fence to go, push the wire a few inches into the ground, and teach your dog where the new border is. Anyone can do it! And don’t forget, the Extreme Dog Fence company’s customer service line is available 24/7 if you run into any hiccups.

Pro: The Extreme Dog Fence costs less than a traditional fence

Maybe you thought about getting a wooden or chainlink fence for your dog – until you saw the price tag. Between labor and material, a conventional fence can set you back thousands of dollars. Luckily for your bank account, each Extreme Dog Fence costs far less and can be installed entirely by any pet parent willing to put in several hours of time and energy.

Pro: Your dog is better trained

It’s a widely-recognized truth that the happiest dog is a well-trained dog. Our canine best friends don’t enjoy surprises – they like knowing what to expect from the crack of dawn until the moment they crawl under your covers with you at night. They feel secure and confident if they know what makes you happy and what makes you put them in time-out. Your dog has to learn how to use the Extreme Dog Fence, and that means he’s a little better trained than he was before you got him the fence – and thus, he’s a little happier.

Invisible Fences: Humane or Cruel?

Once you get your pup an invisible fence, she wears a collar with a radio receiver and metal prongs that touch her skin under her fur.  Any time she tries to cross the fence, she’s shocked by the prongs. Is that cruel to your dog? Many people worry that it is. But there’s no reason to fear. For starters, the collar isn’t an inconvenience to your dog. She gets used to it like she would any collar or harness that you bought her. The receiver only weighs a few ounces, and the metal prongs are not sharp or irritating. And you’re advised to take the fence collar off at least once a day to give your dog a break for good behavior.

If you’re worried that the shock is hurting your dog, it’s helpful to understand that he’s only receiving a static shock. You get the same kind of shock in the winter when you touch metal objects. Is it painful? Not really. You notice it, but you don’t feel tortured. To put your mind at ease, you can test the collar prongs on your own arm to see what your dog is feeling. Furthermore, you can adjust the level of shock so that the collar gets your dog’s attention (and keeps him safely in your yard) without causing him any unnecessary discomfort.

Remember that your dog isn’t surprised or scared by the shock. As you train her, she learns where the fence is and that a shock means she’s disobeying the rules. Many dogs with invisible fences never try to cross the fence after training and, therefore, are never shocked at all! Don’t worry about hurting your dog – an invisible fence is a civilized way to keep her safe and happy in your yard.

Cons of the Extreme Dog Fence

Con: It takes time to train your dog

No training is involved with a wooden or chainlink fence. Simply turn your dog loose in a backyard with a traditional fence, and he quickly understands the rules: The fence is the end of his play area. Invisible fences, on the other hand, are invisible. Since your dog can’t see them, he doesn’t intuitively understand that he should stay in your yard instead of chasing a car down the street. You have to invest some and energy teaching your pup about the invisible fence.

Con: The Extreme Dog Fence doesn’t keep other animals out of your yard

Does your neighbor across the street have a beagle who digs under his fence and trots over to dig up your flowers? A fence made of wood or chainlink would keep that little troublemaker off your property (and away from your own dog). But an invisible fence doesn’t work on other dogs – only yours. Keep this in mind if your neighborhood has a plethora of stray animals who like to poop on your grass.

Con: The Extreme Dog Fence doesn’t work for all dogs

The Extreme Dog Fence collar receiver is not meant for dogs under eight pounds. Tiny dogs need to find themselves a different invisible fence. And, as previously mentioned, the base kit supports only one dog. You can get an Extreme Dog Fence for two, three, four, or five dogs, but each additional dog raises the total price of the kit you’re buying. If you have more than 1-2 dogs, you might want to shop around and compare prices.

Con: The Extreme Dog Fence isn’t portable

Earlier, we talked about the difference between wired and wireless invisible fences. It’s worth noting that a wireless invisible fence is portable – you can plug it in at your lakeside cabin, your RV, or your mom’s house. If you travel often, you might want a fence that’s nomadic, too. The Extreme Dog Fence stays buried in your yard after you assemble it and can’t go camping with you. This might be a deal-breaker if you and your pup have serious wanderlust.

How To Set Up The Extreme Dog Fence

We said that you don’t need any landscaping experience to set up the fence, and we were telling the truth! It’s easy to get your Extreme Dog Fence up and running. Follow these steps for a successful installation.

Step 1

Decide which area(s) of your property you want to fence off. Your whole property? Just the front yard? Do you have a lake or garden that you don’t want Fido getting into? Draw your property on some spare paper and plan out your fence before you lay down any wire. Also decide where you’ll plug your transmitter, which connects to the two ends of your cable and needs a standard outlet in a dry location. Don’t forget to buy the extra cable for large yards or rural farmhouses!

Step 2

Start at the location where you plan to plug in your transmitter. Unspool your wire as you move, and walk from the outlet to the edge of your property. Then walk around the areas that you decided to enclose, still unspooling the wire. (Don’t forget to cut sections for the pond or garden!) The cable should be laid at gentle angles rather than sharp turns, which might interfere with the wire’s signal.

Step 3

Walk back to the transmitter along the first length of wire that you laid down. Twist together the cables that reach from your transmitter to the edge of your property. Any twisted portion of wire won’t shock your dog, which means he can run between the transmitter and the end of your yard without getting zapped. Then connect the wires to your transmitter at the appropriately labeled points. With your dog’s receiver collar in hand, walk around the fenced-in area – if the collar beeps, your fence is working!

Step 4

Good news, you’re ready to bury the wire! Use a spade, shovel, or motorized lawn edger (you can rent one at Lowe’s or Home Depot) to make a groove in the ground 1-3 inches deep. Next, push the wire into the groove you just created. Pat the dirt back, or walk over the groove to replace the soil. Then set up the included training flags along the buried wire.

Step 5

On the transmitter, choose the boundary zone and set your dog’s collar to tone-only (you’ll use this for training your dog in the next section). If you have any issues with setup, the Extreme Dog Fence company is happy to help you.

And that’s it! Your Extreme Dog Fence is set up and ready to go. Now, on to the next phase: training your dog.

How To Train Your Dog

Teaching your dog about an invisible fence might seem like a Herculean task. But with a lot of patience and dog treats, you can train your dog to stay in your yard.

Until your dog is thoroughly trained, she should only wear the receiver collar during training time – that gives her time to get used to the collar. Stock up on your pup’s favorite treats for training sessions, and bring along a standard leash and collar, so your dog doesn’t try to run away during training. Don’t forget to have fun! Spend some time playing fetch or letting your dog run zoomies in your yard – keeping your yard associated with happy memories makes training go faster.

Week 1: Day 1

Make sure the receiver collar is set to tone-only. Put the collar on your pup, grab his leash, and walk to the flags you put along the invisible fence. As you approach the flags, your dog’s collar will sound the warning tone. After a few seconds, lead your dog away from the fence back into your yard, then tell him he’s the best thing since sliced bread! Give him some treats to show him you mean it. Staying at the same few flags, repeat the “approach fence, walk away, eat treats” routine until your dog starts to hesitate when approaching the flags. Good work! He’s learning! Don’t train your pup for more than 10-15 minutes each day, to keep training fun and exciting.

Week 1: Days 2-4

Now that your dog recognizes the warning tone, it’s time to teach her about the static shock system. Use your transmitter to set the collar to level 2. If your dog doesn’t react to level 2 by raising her ears or looking around for the source of the static, try level 3.

Put the collar on your pup, grab the leash again, and return to the same flags where you practiced earlier. After your dog hears the warning sound and feels the shock, lead him away and give him his favorite treat. Repeat for 10-15 minutes, then call it quits for the day. Some dogs catch on quickly, but others need a little more time. Watch your dog for signs that he’s feeling stressed, and take a break if he needs it. You can always come back to training when he’s feeling more confident.

Week 1: Days 5-8

You’re ready for this stage if your dog resists approaching the flags. If not, stay patient and keep practicing until your dog hesitates when you lead him towards the flags.

It’s one thing for your dog to stay away from the flags while she’s on a leash and you’re standing right next to her. But what if you’re on the other side of the yard, or even inside your house? You want your dog to be entirely convinced that she shouldn’t break the rules, no matter how tempting it might be – and you’ll start to work up to that goal in the next few days.

Take your dog to the invisible fence – and this time, bring his favorite toy. Stand by the flags and toss the toy across the flags, away from your yard. Watch your dog’s reaction! He might trot across the fence to get his toy as if he forgot the previous week of training. That’s ok! Try throwing a toy he doesn’t like as much, or a random stick. Build your dog’s resistance slowly until he can withstand the temptation of his favorite toy laying on the other side of the fence.

Of course, if your dog doesn’t dart across the fence after his toy, be sure to reward him immediately. Give lots of treats and praise to this hero among canines! Eventually, work your way up to tossing your dog’s favorite treat across the fence and expecting him to stay put. Practice this at different parts of your fence so your dog understands that all the flags are boundaries he can’t cross.

Week 2: Days 9-15

You’re ready for the next stage of training if your dog can repeatedly resist the “bait” of his favorite treat on the other side of the fence. If she can, now it’s time for leash-less training! Go outside to play in your yard without a leash, and play fetch or tug-of-war – whatever your dog enjoys doing. Then go back inside together. Do this for a few days.

Next, make sure your dog remembers the previous week’s training. Throw one of his favorite treats across the fence line and watch his reaction. If he stays where he is and doesn’t run after the tasty snack, reward him for being such a good dog!

If your dog runs head over heels after the treat like Scooby Doo after a Scooby Snack, go after her and bring her back. (Don’t forget to remove the collar to make sure she doesn’t get zapped on the way back across the fence.) It’s ok if you need to repeat some of your dog’s earlier training at the fence line, maybe with something less tempting than a treat. Hang in there! Your dog will eventually understand how the fence works.

Week 3

You’re ready to start removing the training flags when your dog consistently stays inside the invisible fence, even with a distracting treat or toy just out of reach on the other side. Take out a few flags every day until they’re all gone.


With the Extreme Dog Fence around your property, your dog is safely contained for healthy and productive playtime. Both of you can look forward to spending a lot of sunny days outside together, now that you know he won’t run away or get hit by a car! It might take some time to plan your yard, install the Extreme Dog Fence, and train your dog to use it – but in the end, his freedom and your peace of mind will be well worth it.

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