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Mob Data value Subtitle All mobsSomething fell Burning Dying Sipping Eating Explosion Fire extinguishes Something hurts Something trips Splashing Swimming AxolotlAxolotl attacks Axolotl dies Axolotl hurts Axolotl chirps Axolotl chirps Axolotl splashes Axolotl swims BatBat screeches Bat dies Bat hurts Bat takes off BeeBee buzzes Bee dies Bee hurts Bee buzzes Bee buzzes angrily Bee buzzes happily Bee stings BlazeBlaze breathes Blaze crackles Blaze dies Blaze hurts Blaze shoots CatCat meows Cat begs Cat dies Cat eats Cat hisses Cat hurts Cat purrs ChickenChicken clucks Chicken dies Chicken plops Chicken hurts CodCod dies Cod flops Cod hurts CowCow moos Cow dies Cow hurts Cow gets milked CreeperCreeper dies Creeper hurts Creeper hisses DolphinDolphin chirps Dolphin whistles Dolphin attacks Dolphin dies Dolphin eats Dolphin hurts Dolphin jumps Dolphin plays Dolphin splashes Dolphin swims DonkeyDonkey hee-haws Donkey neighs Donkey Chest equips Donkey dies Donkey eats Donkey hurts DrownedDrowned gurgles Drowned hurts Drowned dies Drowned throws Trident Drowned steps Drowned swims Elder GuardianElder Guardian moans Elder Guardian flaps Elder Guardian curses Elder Guardian dies Elder Guardian flops Elder Guardian hurts Ender DragonDragon roars Dragon dies Dragon flaps Dragon growls Dragon hurts Dragon shoots EndermanEnderman vwoops Enderman dies Enderman hurts Enderman cries out Enderman teleports EndermiteEndermite scuttles Endermite dies Endermite hurts EvokerEvoker murmers Evoker casts spell Evoker cheers Evoker dies Evoker hurts Evoker prepares summoning Evoker prepares attack Evoker prepares charming Evoker FangsFangs snap FoxFox angers Fox squeaks Fox bites Fox dies Fox eats Fox hurts Fox screeches Fox snores Fox sniffs Fox spits Fox teleports GhastGhast cries Ghast dies Ghast hurts Ghast shoots Glow SquidGlow Squid swims Glow Squid dies Glow Squid hurts Glow Squid shoots ink GoatGoat bleats Goat bellows Goat dies Goat eats Goat hurts Goat leaps Goat gets milked Goat stomps Goat rams Goat steps GuardianGuardian moans Guardian flaps Guardian shoots Guardian dies Guardian flops Guardian hurts HoglinHoglin growls Hoglin growls angrily Hoglin attacks Hoglin converts to Zoglin Hoglin dies Hoglin hurts Hoglin retreats Hoglin steps HorseHorse neighs Horse neighs Horse armor equips Horse breathes Horse dies Horse eats Horse gallops Horse hurts Horse jumps Saddle equips HuskHusk groans Husk converts to Zombie Husk dies Husk hurts IllusionerIllusioner murmurs Illusioner casts spell Illusioner dies Illusioner hurts Illusioner displaces Illusioner prepares blindness Illusioner prepares mirror image Iron GolemIron Golem attacks Iron Golem breaks Iron Golem dies Iron Golem hurts Iron Golem repaired LlamaLlama bleats Llama bleats angrily Llama Chest equips Llama dies Llama eats Llama hurts Llama spits Llama steps Llama is decorated Magma CubeMagma Cube dies Magma Cube hurts Magma Cube squishes MooshroomMooshroom transforms Mooshroom eats Mooshroom gets milked Mooshroom gets milked suspiciously MuleMule hee-haws Mule neighs Mule Chest equips Mule dies Mule eats Mule hurts PandaPanda pants Panda's nose tickles Panda sneezes Panda dies Panda eats Panda steps Panda bleats Panda huffs Panda whimpers Panda hurts Panda bites ParrotParrot talks Parrot dies Parrot eats Parrot flutters Parrot hurts Parrot <sounds> PhantomPhantom screeches Phantom bites Phantom dies Phantom flaps Phantom hurts Phantom swoops PigPig oinks Pig dies Pig hurts Saddle equips PiglinPiglin admires item Piglin snorts Piglin snorts angrily Piglin celebrates Piglin dies Piglin snorts enviously Piglin hurts Piglin retreats Piglin steps Piglin converts to Zombified Piglin Piglin BrutePiglin Brute snorts Piglin Brute snorts angrily Piglin Brute dies Piglin Brute hurts Piglin Brute steps Piglin Brute converts to Zombified Piglin PillagerPillager murmurs Pillager cheers Pillager dies Pillager hurts PlayerCritical attack Knockback attack Strong attack Sweeping attack Weak attack Burp Player dies Player freezes Player hurts Player drowning Player burns Player dings Polar BearPolar Bear groans Polar Bear hums Polar Bear dies Polar Bear hurts Polar Bear roars PufferfishPufferfish deflates Pufferfish inflates Pufferfish dies Pufferfish flops Pufferfish hurts Pufferfish stings RabbitRabbit squeaks Rabbit attacks Rabbit dies Rabbit hurts Rabbit hops RavagerRavager steps Ravager stunned Ravager roars Ravager bites Ravager dies Ravager hurts Ravager grunts Ravager cheers SalmonSalmon dies Salmon flops Salmon hurts SheepSheep baahs Sheep dies Sheep hurts ShulkerShulker lurks Shulker closes Shulker dies Shulker hurts Shulker opens Shulker shoots Shulker teleports Shulker BulletShulker Bullet explodes Shulker Bullet breaks SilverfishSilverfish hisses Silverfish dies Silverfish hurts SkeletonSkeleton rattles Skeleton converts to Stray Skeleton dies Skeleton hurts Skeleton shoots Skeleton HorseSkeleton Horse cries Skeleton Horse dies Skeleton Horse hurts Skeleton Horse swims SlimeSlime attacks Slime dies Slime hurts Slime squashes Snow GolemSnow Golem dies Snow Golem hurts SpiderSpider hisses Spider dies Spider hurts StriderStrider dies Strider eats Strider warbles Strider hurts Strider chirps Strider retreats SquidSquid swims Squid dies Squid hurts Squid shoots ink StrayStray rattles Stray dies Stray hurts Tropical FishTropical Fish dies Tropical Fish flops Tropical Fish hurts TurtleTurtle chirps Turtle lays egg Turtle hurts Turtle baby hurts Turtle dies Turtle baby dies Turtle swims Turtle shambles Turtle baby shambles VexVex vexes Vex shrieks Vex dies Vex hurts VillagerVillager mumbles Villager cheers Villager dies Villager hurts Villager disagrees Villager trades Villager agrees <Profession> works VindicatorVindicator mutters Vindicator cheers Vindicator dies Vindicator hurts Wandering TraderWandering Trader mumbles Wandering Trader dies Wandering Trader disappears Wandering Trader drinks milk Wandering Trader drinks potion Wandering Trader hurts Wandering Trader disagrees Wandering Trader appears Wandering Trader trades Wandering Trader agrees WitchWitch giggles Witch cheers Witch dies Witch drinks Witch hurts Witch throws WitherWither angers Wither dies Wither hurts Wither attacks Wither released Wither SkeletonWither Skeleton rattles Wither Skeleton dies Wither Skeleton hurts WolfWolf pants Wolf dies Wolf growls Wolf hurts Wolf shakes ZoglinZoglin growls angrily Zoglin growls Zoglin attacks Zoglin dies Zoglin hurts Zoglin steps ZombieZombie groans Door shakes Door breaks Zombie converts to Drowned Zombie dies Turtle Egg stomped Zombie hurts Zombie infects Zombie HorseZombie Horse cries Zombie Horse dies Zombie Horse hurts Zombie VillagerZombie Villager groans Zombie Villager vociferates Zombie Villager snuffles Zombie Villager dies Zombie Villager hurts Zombified PiglinZombified Piglin grunts Zombified Piglin grunts angrily Zombified Piglin dies Zombified Piglin hurts
Sours: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Subtitles


Ever since the Better Together Update, Minecraft PE, Xbox One, Windows 10, and Switch lost their “Edition” subtitle in-favor of just the “Minecraft” name. This resource pack revives the “Edition” subtitle in-case you prefer things that way. ?

creator: https://twitter.com/Ninventoo

Update - Thanks for using Bedrock Subtitle! This is just a small quality of life update which fixes compatibility issues with recent versions of Bedrock Edition.


Sours: https://www.mcbedrock.com/community/16x16/mcpe-bedrock-bedrock-subtitle/
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How do you turn on captions on bedrock in Minecraft?

How do you turn on captions on bedrock in Minecraft?

Subtitles can be configured in the &#;Music & Sound&#; or &#;Accessibility Settings&#; section of the Options menu.

Does Minecraft PE have subtitles?

Ever since the Better Together Update, Minecraft PE, Xbox One, Windows 10, and Switch lost their &#;Edition&#; subtitle in-favor of just the &#;Minecraft&#; name.

How do I turn on subtitles?

On Android TV:

  1. Play the movie you would like to watch.
  2. Press the Menu button on your remote.
  3. Press UP to highlight the “Settings” item.
  4. Press OK to activate the menu.
  5. Navigate to Subtitles and select the language you want.
  6. Press back to exit the menu.

How do you turn on subtitles on ps4?

To enable closed captioning on your system, select (Settings) > [Accessibility] > [Closed Captions], and then select the checkbox for [Display Closed Captions]. A menu appears with different options for playback.

What is the voice saying in Minecraft?

The Narrator is a function of the game that was released in Java Edition It reads out text in the chat and can be activated by pressing Ctrl+B.

How do I turn Narrator off?

If you&#;re using a keyboard, press the Windows logo key  + Ctrl + Enter. Press them again to turn off Narrator.

Does Ranboo make Enderman noises?

He dug out a lot of dirt in front of his shack and finally came across a chest underground. After a lot of apprehension, opening the chest revealed a copy of what appeared to be Tommy&#;s prized Cat disc. Ranboo passed out once more, making involuntary enderman noises.

Can I turn on subtitles on YouTube?

You can turn on subtitles by clicking the CC icon at the bottom of a YouTube video. A red line will appear under the icon when closed captions have been enabled. 2. If subtitles are available for a video, a choice of generated captions and other formats will be available here.

Why are my YouTube subtitles not working?

In the YouTube app press the account icon, then select settings and then captions. if your are setting up captions via the Android settings>accessibility settings then YouTube does not use those only the options you select in the YouTube app itself.

Are there sound captions in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

Sound captions do not exist in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. It seems like this has already been requested on MC Feedback as a parity request. Please vote for that idea instead of creating a new one, because duplicate ideas on MC Feedback are highly frowned upon.

Are there subtitles on Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

: Minecraft Subtitles on bedrock edition? I don’t have any headphones so therefore I can’t hear game sound. Are there any subtitles of what is happening in the game that I can enable on Xbox one bedrock edition? Thanks! I’m pretty sure that there aren’t any subtitles on bedrock edit.

Can you play Minecraft with the sound on?

Please add subtitles. I cannot play Minecraft with the sound on. Without subtitles, I will go back to playing only Java. It&#;s a basic accessibility option. And people have hearing issues. Please add for PARITY. I hope the devs at mojang see this comment, I am hearing impaired using a cochlear implant with only one ear at 60% &#;volume&#;.

What does it mean to have subtitles in Minecraft?

Subtitles (also known as captions) are a feature which display text for sounds in-game. This feature is mainly intended for players who have hearing impairments, are deaf, or play with sounds off.

Sours: https://boardgamestips.com/helpful-tips/how-do-you-turn-on-captions-on-bedrock-in-minecraft/

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Bedrock subtitles minecraft

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NEW Duplication and Glitches (Works on Realms!) Minecraft Bedrock (MCPE/Xbox/PS4/Switch/Windows10)

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