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Your Classic Coloring Trucks Printables Of 18 Wheelers Peterbilt, Freightliner, Delivery Vans, Truck Parts...

Shockwave World Fastest Jet Truck

Peterbilt Jet Coloring Printable

Peterbilt Jet Truck Coloring Page at YesColoring

Classic American Truck BrockwaY 358 - BrockwaY Hood Ornament Golden Huskie

BrockwaY 358 Coloring Book Picture

BrockwaY Truck Coloring Picture at YesColoring

BrockwaY Huskie Picture To Color In

Coloring BrockwaY Truck Huskie Mascot at YesColoring

"Remembering BrockwaY Trucks"

Brockway Trucks started as a New York state horse and carriage maker in 1875 (10 years after the Civil War).

They started making work trucks in 1909. Over time they created over the road trucks, fire engines, dump trucks, wreckers, utility trucks, even school buses for kids who wanted a ride. Brockway built Army trucks, Navy and Air Force trucks, too.
Mack Truck Company expanded their business by buying Brockway trucks in 1956. Brockway did well until the 1970's. Today, you do not see the well-built Brockway vehicles on the road. American money troubles, government regulations, and labor union strikes caused the popular truck manufacturer to shut its doors in 1977.

Plenty of truck drivers handled Brockway trucks. Visit Cortland, NY for The National Brockway Truck Show to see these classic American haulers.

Peterbilt 389 - Peterbilt 379

Coloring Sheet Peterbilt 389

Truck Coloring Sheet Peterbilt 389 at YesColoring

Picture To Color of Peterbilt 379

Peterbilt 379 Truck Free Coloring at YesColoring

Peterbilt 386 Picture To Print

Peterbilt 386 Lorry Coloring at YesColoring

Powerful Coloring Pages of Truck Pictures of Famous and Classic Vehicles and Accessories, Too!

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  • Classic Easy Truck Coloring Pictures
  • Boys Coloring Pages of Truck Winch - Jacks
  • Print Out Pictures of Driver Boots - Gloves - Ball Cap
  • Kids Article: "Remembering BrockwaY"

"My Coloring Picture Is Too Small!" See How To Print Out Jumbo 8x10 Coloring Pages. Resize, Too!

World Famous Freightliner Cascadia - Freightliner RoadTrain Over The Highway

Freightliner Cascadia Truck Colorable

Cascadia Truck Colourable at YesColoring

Freightliner Cascadia Lorry Colouring Picture

Freightliner Lorry Colouring at YesColoring

Freightliner Cascadia With Names

Freightliner Cascadia Colouring

Print Pictures of Freightliner RoadTrain

Print Truck Freightliner RoadTrain at YesColoring

Cool Coloring of Tools: Jack and Winch

Print Out Page of Truck Jacks

Print Out Page of Truck Jacks at YesColoring

Cool Picture Of Winch

Cool Coloring Picture Of A Truck Winch at YesColoring

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Mascot Coloring Buddy Mike

Kids, give a donation of 30-40 ribbon wrapped coloring pages to children's hospitals, orphanages, church and day care centers. It is easy to give: Go to hospital, go to nurse's station, hand her/him your coloring sheets!

Beginners Coloring Pages For Preschool and Grade School Kids

Cab Front

Coloring Page of Truck Cab Front

Long Haul

Long Haul Truck Coloring Page at YesColoring

On The Move

On The Move Truck Coloring Sheet at YesColoring

Over The Highway

Over The Highway Truck Printable at YesColoring

Coloring Truck Big Timber Rig

Coloring Truck Big Timber Rig at YesColoring

Free Color Pages of Short Haulers and Vans

Delivery Truck Coloring For Boys

Delivery Truck Coloring For Boys at YesColoring

Moving Van Picture Coloring

Moving Van Truck Picture Coloring at YesColoring

Delivery Van Colorable

Delivery Van Truck Colorable at YesColoring

Kids Coloring Picture of Service Vehicle

Kids Coloring of Service Truck at YesColoring

Smooth Coloring Truckers Clothes: Western Boot - Work Boot - Baseball Cap - Work Gloves

Kids Coloring Sheets of Cowboy Boots

Boys Coloring Sheet of Trucker Boots at YesColoring

Pictures You Can Print of Driver Work Boots

Pictures You Can Print of Trucker Work Boot at YesColoring

Coloring Driver Gloves

Coloring Truck Driver Gloves at YesColoring

Ball Cap Coloring Pages

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Top 25 Truck Coloring Pages For Your Little Ones

Is your child a fan of trucks, cars, bikes and other automobiles? Does your child love the sound of the truck engines revving? Then this article is right read for you!

A truck is an articulated vehicle used primarily for carrying weight. This huge vehicle comes in all shapes and sizes. There are pickup trucks, fire trucks, 18-wheelers, construction trucks and so on. Encourage your children to draw their favorite trucks. It will flare their imagination and help to express themselves as the budding artists.

Top 25 Truck Coloring Pages:

Kids, especially boys, have a great fascination with trucks of all kinds. Here is a collection of 25 coloring pages of trucks for kids who love watching all kinds of trucks. You will find realistic and detailed images of trucks in this article. Some free truck coloring pages to print have a simple outline while others are complex pictures with fine detailing.

1. Monster Truck:

Get your child geared up for the big show with this mighty monster truck-coloring sheet.

A monster truck is styled after the pickup truck. It is modified with suspension and extremely large wheels. Monster trucks are used for entertainment and sports competition. These trucks feature along with tractor pulls and car-eating robots in the sports car races and monster truck show. The show involves the truck crushing small vehicles beneath its huge tires.


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2. Tow Truck:

This is a coloring sheet of a tow truck. The fine details of this coloring sheet will improve your child’s hand-eye coordination.

A tow truck, also known as a recovery truck or a breakdown truck transports motor vehicles to another location. The truck usually recovers disabled vehicles that cannot work on a drivable surface.

3. Fire Engine:

This fire engine coloring sheet is great for your young artists to explore the world of a firefighter. Tell your children to break their red crayons for this fire engine coloring sheet.

A fire engine or truck is a vehicle designed for fighting fire. It carries water hose, nozzle and other equipment to fight fire. It also carries 500 gallons of water to control the fire. This truck-coloring sheet will be an essential addition to your child’s coloring page collection.

4. Cement Truck:

Here is a coloring sheet of the cement mixer, one of the most beloved trucks of children.

Cement trucks mix concretes and transports it to the construction site. The pump on the cement truck helps to move the material to precise locations. The truck has a drum made of steel or fiberglass that helps to mix concretes.

5. Ambulance:

Here is a coloring sheet of an ambulance. Where do you think this ambulance is heading to? Let your child decide that as he fills in the page.

Ambulances do an important job of transporting sick and injured people to and from places of treatment. It makes sure that sick people get the help they need and in time. This coloring sheet is a perfect way to teach your child all about the ambulance.

6. Tank Truck:

Truck drivers get to see pretty landscapes when they are on the road as you can see in this coloring sheet. Ask your child what story he can up with as he colors the sheet.

A tank truck is a motor vehicle used to carry liquid, dry bulk cargo, and gasses. These large trucks may be insulated or non-insulated, pressurized or non-pressurized. The tank trucks are differentiated by their size and how much volume they can haul.

7. Postal Truck:

A postal truck, also called a mail van or the mail lorry is a vehicle that distributes mails. Here is a neat image of a postal truck waiting to be colored.

A postal truck plays a very important role in the community. Can your child guess what it is? This coloring sheet will give your child’s fine motor skills a boost. You can also explain some of the features of this truck while he colors the sheet.

8. Ice Cream Truck:

This coloring sheet features the most beloved vehicle of children, ice cream truck.

The ice cream truck serves as a retail outlet for ice cream. It usually goes on a road during the summer. These trucks are seen near beaches, schools, parks and other areas where children congregate. They stop for a short while before moving on to the next street.

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9. Car Carrier:

A car carrier or a car hauler is a type of trailer designed to transport the passenger vehicles.

A car carrier trailer can be either open or closed. They have built in ramps for loading and offloading the cards. The powerful hydraulics of this trailer raises or lowers the lamp for accessibility. As your child colors, ask him what cities this truck might be coming from and where it is driven to.

10. Garbage Truck:

Here is a coloring sheet of a mighty garbage truck, packed with full of garbage.

A garbage truck collects solid waste and then hauls the waste to a solid waste treatment facility. Ask your child if he has ever seen a garbage truck on the road. If yes, then ask him to draw the truck on a blank sheet of paper.

11. Snow Plow Truck:

This coloring sheet features a realistic image of a snowplow truck. This truck has a device that is used for removing ice and snow from outdoor surfaces.

The truck works by using a blade to push snow straight or to the side, thereby clearing it from the surfaces. The snow plow trucks are found in areas that receive large amounts of snow every year.

12. Ladder Truck:

This ladder truck is all set to hit the road in case of an emergency. Tell your child what colors he should use to color the ladder truck.

The ladder truck carries multiple grounds of ladder of varying length to reach the upper floors of the buildings. The truck also carries equipment for forced entry, power tools like chainsaws, lighting equipment, and ventilation fans.

13. Dump Truck:

Here is a coloring image of a dump truck, a vehicle used for transporting loose materials like sand, dirt and gravel to the areas of construction.

The truck has an open-box bed with hydraulic pistons. Once the truck reaches its destination, the back gate is lifted, allowing the material to discharge on the ground. The material is discharged in piles near the construction area.

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14. Mechanical Shovel Truck:

Construction sites may be extremely messy, but this mechanical shovel truck-coloring sheet is certainly not.

Mechanical shovel truck or excavator is a vehicle consisting of a bucket and cab, a boomstick and a cab on a rotating platform. The truck uses steel ropes and winches to do its work. The mechanical shovel truck digs trenches, foundations and holes, for demolition and forestry mulching.

15. Crane Truck:

Construction based coloring sheet has been very popular with the kids lately. If your child likes to build and break down structures, then this coloring page should satisfy his soul.

A crane truck is a machine equipped with chains or wire ropes, houses, and sheaves. They lift and lower the materials and transport them to other places. The transport industry uses crane trucks for loading and unloading freight and the movement of heavy materials.

16. Bulldozer:

If your child is a fan of huge automobiles, then hand this bulldozer-coloring sheet to him.

A bulldozer is a truck equipped with a claw-like device that pushes large quantities of sand, rubble, soil and other such materials. It contains a protective driver cage, tracked chassis and a variety of front-mounted blades. A bulldozer is found in mines, quarries, military bases, heavy industry factories and sites.

17. Racing Truck:

This coloring sheet features a huge truck in a rush to reach its new destination. The only thing this big rig is missing is a splash of colors.

Can you ask your child to use his coloring set to bring this image to life? This may probably help this truck win the race. With such a heavy load and big wheels, this truck will need a lot of crayons to cover it completely.

18. Delivery Truck:

Here is a realistic image of a delivery truck up for coloring. Tell your child to fill some colors in this image for a speedy delivery. A delivery truck is a truck with an enclosed cargo space. It delivers goods to customers. Usually, semi-trailers are used for delivering goods to the customers. Dump trucks and concrete mixers specialize in delivering specific types of goods to people.

19. Connect The Dots:

Connect the dot puzzles are a favorite of kids. They have a lot of learning potential. Here is a fun, dot-to-dot coloring sheet for your preschool children. This coloring sheet features a dump truck carrying goods to the site.

Tell your child to connect the dots from one to 10 to complete the picture. This coloring sheet will help your child practice up to 10 to complete the picture. When he is done, he will have a cooling sheet to keep him busy. Kids can say numbers from one to 10 while connecting the dots to complete the picture.

20. Mater:

The adorable tow truck you see here is Mater, one of the main characters in an animated film “Cars”. A 1951 International Harvester tow truck inspired the character of Mater.

Mater is a sidekick and friend of Lightning McQueen. He is the only tow truck in Radiator Springs. Mater is a truck with a huge heart. He is the heart and soul of the Radiator Springs.

21. Big Rig:

Here is a coloring sheet of the big rig, a semi-truck used to transport things long distance. What do you think this truck is carrying? Tell your child to color the sheet and then write the content on the side.

A semi-truck consists of a towing engine, known as a tractor attached to one or more semi-trailers. A semi-truck does not trail behind the towing vehicle. It is attached at the point of the towing unit.

22. Simple Truck:

Delight your car lovers with this simple truck-coloring sheet.

The truck has an extremely simple outline, making it easy for the preschool kids to fill in the colors. You just have to give the coloring sheet to your child and let him do the rest.

23. Mack:

The cheerful truck you see here is Mack, characters from Disney’s “Cars” and “Cars 2”.

Mack plays the role of a tower for Lightning McQueen. He is responsible for transporting Lightning McQueen, the protagonist of the film to the race. This gigantic and slender semi-truck with lots of light on him. Mack is a loyal and friendly truck, who gets tired easily.

24. Pizza Planet Truck:

The huge truck you see here is the Pizza Plane truck. He makes deliveries for Pizza Planet in “Toy Story”.

The Pizza Planet truck has made cameos in every Pixar film, except “The Incredible”. The Pizza Planet Truck is a yellow truck with a white hatch on its top. Its interiors are light brown in color.

25. Chuck:

This coloring sheet features Chuck, the main character of the series “Chuck, the dump truck”.

Chuck is a dump truck who aspires to become a race truck. Give your child crayons and markers and let him decorate this road warrior. You can also ask him to add on the road beneath the wheels of the truck.

These truck themed coloring sheets will keep your children entertained during their free time at home. You can also print out these coloring sheets for your child’s classroom activity in school. These coloring sheets will supplement a learning module about automobiles and transportation.

These free printable truck coloring pages online are also perfect for truck or vehicle themed birthday parties. You can use these truck colouring pages as an ice breaking activity. Spread these sheets on the dining table with loads of crayons and let the kids do the rest.

Did your child like our collection of dump truck coloring pages? Share the feedback in the comment section below.

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