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Win a U-he Plugin Of Your Choice!

Think you know u-he? Think again&#;.. Take part in a quick quiz that tests your ears and eyes for u-he and be in with a chance to win a u-he plugin of your choice!There are 3 plugin prizes to give away!

UPDATE! June 15th This competition is now closed. Entrants will not qualify to win but you may play for fun. Thank you.

In this month&#;s quiz, we’ve teamed up with long-time Attack favorites, u-he, to offer three lucky contestants the chance to win a u-he plugin of their own choice. Simply complete the quiz below and we&#;ll choose three winners from the best answers.

About u-he

Since launching in as a solo operation, Urs Heckmann has slowly expanded u-he into one of the most respected music software companies around. Part of what makes u-he special is that you almost always get a sense of Heckmann’s personality in his soft synths and plugins. Perhaps it’s just because he’s happy to talk about his motivation for developing each piece of software, but there’s a real feeling that he believes in his products because they reflect his own tastes.

In the beginning, u-he was a part-time hobby for Heckmann, who worked as a university assistant at the time. Things changed in when he released the first version of Zebra, his much-loved ‘wireless modular’ synth. The success of that plugin allowed him to switch to software development full-time. He self-effacingly puts at least part of his success down to good timing: Apple launched the Audio Unit plugin format in , and as an early adopter of the standard he managed to tap into the market of Logic and GarageBand users.


U-he has kindly offered three, lucky winners, to choose a free plugin of their choice. From incredible Dave Smith emulations to brilliant FX plugins like Colour Copy, u-he has a sound arsenal capable of adding flavour to the most discerning of producer setups.

To enter, firstly just email in your correct answers (terms and conditions apply, see below). Please note that by submitting your answers, you accept the terms and conditions. If there are any questions please use the contact form to get in touch.

UPDATE 8 JUNE This competition will now end June 14th at midnight GMT




Standard prize draw terms and conditions apply.

  • Our competitions are open to anyone from around the world.
  • The competition closes on 14th June at midnight GMT.
  • No purchase is necessary to win.
  • The winners agree to provide a photo, by email only and will allow us to display it on the Attack Magazine website, social media and newsletters along with their first name and county or city of origin. Please send photo’s at the original size, we will edit them to the correct size. The photo must be of you and the prize with any text we provide. The winner must be visible in the photo with their face clearly in view.
    We may occasionally ask for a picture before the Facebook prize is sent out as recently we have had many winners forgetting to send us picture.
  • If the winner refuses to provide a photo their claim will be void and another winner will be selected.
  • Winners will be announced on the Attack Magazine website or social media channels.
  • Winners must claim their prize within set time limits, within 48 hours after the winner is announced on social media and Attack Magazine.
  • Attack Magazine will offer free delivery to all UK winners. If the winners are located outside the UK standard delivery charges will apply All delivery charges must be paid before the prize is despatched.
  • If the competition allows you to select a prize of your choice please allow 21 days for delivery
  • We are a UK based company so all timings are at UK time.
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  • Employees of Attack Media Ltd or u-he are not eligible to enter our prize draws.
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  • If your prize is returned to us through the post marked ‘undelivered’, through no fault of our own. You will be responsible for the delivery charge to cover the second delivery attempt before we can send your prize back out to you.
  • Prizes cannot be returned for a refund or exchanged for other products, if the prize is broken or defective on arrival we will replace it with the same make and model where possible. If we are out of stock of that product Attack Magazine will pick a suitable alternative of equivalent value.
  • You cannot earn VIP points for winning prizes.
  • Attack Magazine decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
Sours: https://www.attackmagazine.com/features/quizzes/win-a-u-he-plugin-of-your-choice/

U-he goes native Apple Silicon with new M1 versions of its current synth & effects plugins and refreshes free-/magware plugins with new GUIs.

With the new M1 processors, Apple has ushered in a new era for Mac computers. Away from Intel to its own powerful processors that consume less power, give the Macbook more battery life, and more. This change is also a big topic in the software music tech industry. Rozetta 2 already allows DAWs and plugins to run on M1 computers. However, if you want to use the full power of the M1, you have to update your plugins, DAWs &#;

This is happening at the moment, and with a surprise, relatively quickly. U-he, for example, has today published M1 versions of its current plugins. This is a big step as U-he is one of the most popular plugin manufacturers out there.

U-he Apple Silicon M1

U-he Apple Silicon M1 Updates

U-he promises a major performance boost with more instances as a result. A little downer AAX Mac is temporarily unavailable because native AAX support for Apple Silicon is not yet available. Pro Tools users should continue working with the previous versions until further notice.

There is also good news for users of other computer systems. U-he also improved the multicore support for Intel-based Macs and made the GUIs faster and smoother. Windows and Linux users also benefit from these changes. Then, they updated the browsers with a new drag & drop soundset installation which is a nice addition. Also new is the support for the new project-wide micro tuning standard MTS. The CPU-friendly Hive Synthesizer also got a performance update with new resource management. This means that most presets will use even less CPU.

U-he Triple Cheese ZebraCM

U-he has a big surprise for friends of the free synthesizers Triple Cheese and ZebraCM (Computer Music). Both synths just got new graphic user interfaces making them more modern and intuitive. Big thanks for this.

The new U-he plugin versions with native Apple Silicon M1 support are available now as a free update for existing customers.

More information here: U-he

Plugin News

Free Plugin News

Sours: https://www.synthanatomy.com//08/u-he-goes-native-apple-silicon-m1-refreshes-free-plugins-with-new-guis.html
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U-He Wiretap

Superbooth U-he Wiretap melody to rhythm convertor

15 Sep· Wiretap is like a circus of triggers that automatically generates rhythms in response to the movement of your melodies.

U-He CVilization


u-he CVilization: the details are in and it&#;s available now

20 Oct · You Mix, Route, Record/Mutate and Pan - that's what CVilization is all about through its 4 colour-coded modes of CV manipulation and it hopes to change your whole approach to modular.

u-he CVilzation


u-he releases introduction to CVilization video and we are none the wiser

13 Oct · The long-awaited CVilization module from software synth specialists u-he is a glorious display of colour and possibility but what does it do?

Best free plug-ins this week

Best free plug-ins this week: Molot, Protoverb and DC1A

11 Oct · This week's collection of free plug-ins features three classics that everyone should have in their collection. We've got two great compressors and an experimental reverb: Molot, Protoverb and DC1A.

U-He Wiretap


Superbooth Urs Heckmann to reveal Wiretap &#; an auto-gating Eurorack module

05 Mar · Urs Heckmann from software synthesizer company U-he is booked for a live performance at Superbooth It says that the performance is with Wiretap which we've never heard of before.

u-he Hive


U-He HIVE 2: Sleeker, sexier with modular style modulation, sequencing and scoping

28 May · U-He has brought HIVE bang up to date with a fresh new look, new sounds, better workflow and a whole West Coast function generator modulation section, "Shape Sequencing" and a ruddy great big scope.

Soundforce SFC-1


Soundforce SFC-1 controller turns U-He Repro-1 VSTi into a hardware synth

03 Apr · SFC-1 is a beautifully realised hardware controller for the U-He Repro-1 software emulation of the Sequential Pro-One. Is that a better hardware experience than the forthcoming Behringer Pro-1?

U-He Hive 2

NAMM U-He reveals Hive 2 synthesizer

23 Jan · U-He gives us a sneak preview of the new Hive 2 due to arrive in the 2nd Quarter of A new interface, new modulations and NKS support and the key features as well as backwards compatibility.

u-he twangstrom

u-he Twangström spring reverb shakes things up with physically modelled springs

11 Jan · u-he's spring reverb is an upgraded standalone version of the reverb unit from Bazille, one of the developer's best-known synthesizers. It uses physical modelling instead of convolution.

Soma Labs Pulsar


Whatever happened to these synths promised in ?

25 Dec · Many products promised for didn't materialise. Did they vanish without a trace or are just taking longer than they hoped. We dug into our favourite missing synths of to find out.

u-he twangstrom public beta

u-he Twangström: modern spring reverb plug-in enters public beta

08 Dec · A spring reverb that you can easily dial in and blend into your production, rather than letting it inevitably take center stage of your sound - sign me up, please!

U-He Colour Copy beta

U-He Colour Copy BBD delay plug-in enters public beta

07 Jul · Based on the Lyrebird delay in the Repro-1 synthesizer, Colour Copy is said to deliver the colouration typical of classic Bucket Brigade Delay units, but with a wider variety of options. The plug-in is now in


Superbooth U-He shows off Colour Copy delay and spring reverb plug-ins

07 May · Synth and effects developer U-He demonstrated a pair of new plug-ins in the works, the Colour Copy delay and an as yet unnamed spring reverb. Colour Copy is just entering its beta phase.

U-He CVilization


Superbooth U-He CVilization Polymorphic CV mangling tool

03 May · Urs Heckman reveals the story behind CVilization the still very much under development utility module that packs an awful lot of functionality into 10hp using a simple but effective colour coded interface.

U-He CVilization


First listen to U-He CVilization prototype Eurorack module

30 Apr · A video has emerged of the U-He CVilization prototype Eurorack module in action but without any explanation of what it's actually doing. Is it a CV processor, a sequence mixer? What do you think?

U-He Eurorack

U-He to reveal their first Eurorack module at Superbooth

06 Apr · Super software instrument makers U-He have teased a foray into Eurorack with an image of part of their first hardware module. Can U-He cross from software to hardware and make it work? We'll find out at

Sours: https://www.gearnews.com/manufacturer/u-he/

Freebies: 7 u-he Audio Plug-ins that you can download and use for free!

u-he makes synthesizers, effects, and sound sets. They also have 7 u-he audio plug-in freebies that you will truly enjoy. Download them all today!

It goes without saying, but don&#;t forget to check out u-he&#;s full list of products at Toolfarm. We&#;ve listed them at the bottom of this page, to make it easy for you.

Tyrell N6, a compact, sporty synth

The first of our 7 u-he free plugins that we&#;re showcasing is Tyrell N6. It was commissioned by a German music magazine called Amazona.de.

Some features:

  • Virtual analogue with classic architecture plus extras
  • 2 oscillators, noise, ring modulator
  • 2 LFOs with 8 waveforms, host-syncable
  • Over factory presets
  • much more!

Learn more / Download

u-he Triple Cheese Synthesizer

u-he&#;s Triple Cheese was the winner of the KVR Developer Challenge. Besides the crazy name, it&#;s a synthesizer like no other! It doesn&#;t contain the usual oscillators, wave tables, or FM or phase distortion. So what does it contain? Download it and check it out!

Some Triple Cheese features:

  • 3 comb filters for sound generation
  • 8 different modes per comb filter module (11 modes total)
  • Polyphonic (up to 16 voices), duophonic, monophonic (retriggered) or legato mode
  • factory presets
  • much more!

Learn more / Download

u-he Zebralette &#; Mini Zebra Synth

Zebralette is a free synthesizer and an introduction to Zebra2’s fantastic oscillators. Perhaps it will persuade you to try Zebra2 and upgrade. If one oscillator is this powerful, imagine what you can achieve with four… and all the other great features available in Zebra2.

Zebralette has been recently updated, too.  Below, some Zebralette features.

  • A single Zebra2 oscillator with a slot waveset
  • Oscillator waveform editing with geomorph, spectromorph, geoblend and spectroblend modes.
  • 24 spectral effects including filter, sync, scatter, phase distortion and many more
  • much more!

Learn more / Download

u-he Podolski

Podolski is a simple, efficient virtual analogue synthesizer. It contains a single oscillator, one filter, an envelope and an arpeggiator / sequencer. It&#;s fast, easy to use and creates clever sounds! Podolski has been recently updated, as well.

Some features of Podolski:


  • Oscillator with variable symmetry (sawtooth to triangle, PWM) and glide
  • Polyphonic (up to 16 voices), mono, legato and arpeggiator modes
  • 4 envelope modes: ADSR or HDSR, linear or exponential. Sustain has Fall/Rise control
  • Over factory presets
  • more!

Learn more / download

u-he Beatzille: little monster modulator

Beatzille is a compact version of u-he&#;s &#;monster&#; modular synthesizer Bazille. This one is available through a German magazine called Beat.

Beatzille features include:

  • Modular architecture
  • 2 digital oscillators with simultaneous frequency modulation (FM), phase distortion (PD) and fractal resonance (FR)
  • 1 multimode analogue-style filter with 6 parallel outputs (4× lowpass, bandpass, highpass)

Learn more / Download Beatzille

u-he BazilleCM: little monster

Another mini version of Bazille and another commissioned by a magazine! This time it&#;s from Computer Music magazine.

Comparatively, here are a few of BazilleCM&#;s features.

  • Modular architecture
  • Coupled witth 2 digital oscillators with simultaneous frequency modulation (FM), phase distortion (PD) and fractal resonance (FR)
  • 1 multimode analogue-style filter with 6 parallel outputs (4× lowpass, bandpass, highpass)

Learn more / Download BeatzilleCM

u-he ZebraCM

As a matter of fact, ZebraCM commissioned for Computer Magazine. In fact, it&#;s also a lite version of Zebra2.

Similarly, features include:

  • 2 wavetable (16) oscillators with integrated sync and spectral filter
  • Polyphonic (up to 16 voices), duophonic, mono or legato
  • Stereo signal path
  • Noise generator: White, pink, digital or crackles
  • Filter with 20 modes (various lowpass, bandpass, notch, shelf, allpass…)
  • In addition, it comes with 3 LFOs.

Learn more / download ZebraCM



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Posted by Michele Yamazaki

Sours: https://www.toolfarm.com/news/freeu-he-audio/

He u


Two or three oscillators, multimode filters, dual envelope generators, a couple of LFOs and some effects. You've seen it all before - or so you might think.

It's true that we've been inundated with virtual analogue synths over the past decade, yet aficionados of vintage synths would have you believe that the beloved classics of yore have never really been matched in software form.

"We compared Diva to a room full of vintage analogue synths, and it held its own."

Certainly, there is a limit to the processing powers of even the mightiest PCs, and there is agreement that compromises must be made between audio quality and shaving a few CPU cycles from any emulation. Yet we can't help wondering how much the average user or listener really cares about such details. It's a debate that continues to rage.

With Diva (short for Dinosaur Impersonating Virtual Analogue), u-he may have found the ideal middle ground. It's not a clone of any specific synth; instead it provides elements from various famous instruments, all deeply analysed and meticulously recreated with excruciating attention to detail.

Star power

Diva is a VST/AU plug-in for PC and Mac, coming in and bit versions. You'd better have a powerful machine, though, especially if you want to eke the most realistic analogue sound from the instrument. u-he provides multiple playback modes of varying quality, with 'Divine' being themost CPU-intensive.

We tested Diva on two machines: a quad-core i7 MacBook Pro and an older Core 2 Duo model. We experienced crackles and dropouts when playing more than two or three notes of certain polyphonic patches in Divine mode on both machines, though the quad obviously fared a little better.

The CPU overhead is justified by the sound, which leaves us breathless. We compared it with
a room full of vintage analogue synths, and it held its own. Wewere particularly impressed by how well Diva stacked up against a restored Model D Minimoog.

A big part of this superior sound is down to Diva's incredible-sounding filters. These use circuit simulation algorithms similar to those found in software such as PSpice (used by electrical engineers to design and simulate circuits at the component level).

The algorithms u-he uses are tuned for audio, however: they run in real time, and the components have been carefully matched to produce the desired sound (u-he say that software such as PSpice, while giving correct results, is unable to precisely reproduce the sound of specific componentry). u-he says this is the first time such methods have been employed in real-time by a native soft synth.

Mixed, matched

Diva's structure is pretty standard. The oscillator section can comprise one of four designs. One - Triple VCO - is clearly patterned after the oscillator section of the Minimoog, while DCO is similar to that of the Roland Alpha Juno, offering a sub-oscillator and those fabulously rich waveforms. There are two Dual VCOs, one an economy version and the other with such niceties as sync and cross-modulation.

The filter section is equally familiar. Again, you can choose one of four designs: a Moog-style ladder filter, a cleaner cascade, a multimode design and the aggressive Bite filter.

Envelope generators come in three flavours: Minimoog-style ADS, analogue ADSR and digital ADSR. The latter features quantise 'stepping' as heard on the Oberheim Matrix and others.

As you can see, Diva is a semimodular synth of sorts, enabling the user to mix and match disparate classic designs. It's a great idea that has its roots in Diva's origins as one of u-he head honcho Urs Heckmann's development tools. We're glad he decided to share!

Inner beauty

The lower half of Diva's GUI features tabs to access further sections. Main provides tuning and master controls. Modification offers modulation control, and Trimmers hosts detune, cutoff, envelope 'slop' and other tweaks that impart some of that old analogue magic. Scope provides a display of the audio signal, and Patches accesses the Patch browser.

Everything about Diva's preset library is excellent. First there's the patch browser itself, which opens to occupy almost the whole GUI. Categories include Bass, Lead, Poly Synth, Dream Synth, Rhythmic and Effects. There's also a third-party collection and a huge directory dubbed Treasure Trove.

Of special note is the MIDI Programs folder, into which you can load patches for calling up via MIDI Program Change messages. Slick. Right-click presets to classify them as 'Favourite' or 'Junk'; Junk patches will disappear until you decide to bring them back.

The patches themselves are nothing short of exemplary. We have to confess to being a bit bored with the same old predictable dance, trance and dubstep patches that seem to make up the majority of synth preset lists these days. While those sounds can indeed be useful, we long for the days when factory patches were, well, musical; patches that beg you to put your fingers to the keys and jam.

Diva is loaded with them.

Basses that rip, rumble and resound, but can easily befitted into a mix. Leads that sear, soar and sing, but are tasteful and inspiring. Pads that are deep, rich andfull of subtlety. These patches are presented as musical instruments that let you, the musician, do the playing.

This tabbed section is flanked by a pair of LFOs. They sync, of course, and provide eight waveforms each. Needless to say, there are built-in effects, too: plate reverb, delay, chorus, rotary speaker simulation and phaser.

In other words, Diva's got everything you need to carve out any basic analogue sound, and then some. It's meat and potatoes with added spice, and digging beneath the surface, you'll find plenty of advanced features such as powerful modulation options and per-voice fine-tuning.

It's by no means a smörgåsbord of modularity, though- you'll have to look to one of u-he's modular machines for that. Diva was initially pitched as a "learning synth", but the sound quality makes it much more than that. Sometimes you simply don't want all the bells and whistles - you just want to whip up a quick patch that'll keep the inspiration flowing.

Is it worth bucks? Absolutely. Diva's slick, accessible interface and truly mind-blowing sound make it a fine addition to your synth rack.

Mind you, there is that CPU hit, and if you're trundling along on a years-old CPU, Diva will probably have it begging for mercy from the off, at least in the higher quality modes.

On the plus side, an update is just around the corner that promises multicore support, which u-he say could greatly alleviate the CPU punishment. However, if you have a box with enough grunt, you'd be crazy not to check this one out.

Sours: https://www.musicradar.com/reviews/tech/u-he-diva
u-he CVilization Mode IV: Quadraphonic Panner

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