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Dark Angels Tactics

The First Legion has new Dark Angels Tactics. Grab the new Codex Supplement to work with Codex Space Marines in Warhammer 40K 9th Edition. This “Loyalist” chapter brings unique ways to play unseen previously in this edition. Consider the “friendly?” rivalry with Space Wolves some may be howling “No Contest” because Dark Angels Tactics are that good.

Table of Contents

  • Stratagems
  • Warlord Traits
  • Relics
  • Disciplines
  • Units

Dark Angels Tactics – Stratagems

Battle Tactic Stratagems

Wrath of the Lion – 2CP

This stratagem can have its uses at times but won’t be a crucial backbone to your success. The best time to use this would be while in the Assault Doctrine. Bring in units with high volume melee attacks such as Deathwing Knights or Assault Intercessors. Due to this buffing mechanic, this is best used against models/units with a quality armour save but no invulnerable save.

Intractable – Cost: 2CP

This stratagem is incredible for Plasma Inceptors, Redemptors or any units that have blast weapons. Take a Redemptor Dreadnought with Macro Plasma Incinerator and charge into enemy units knowing you’ll survive into the next shooting phase. Since they can be equipped with up to three blast weapons, they are perfect for this tactic.

Deathwing Assault – Cost: 1CP

I like Deathwing Terminators with storm bolters for this stratagem. Teleport them within rapid fire range to get the most out of it. Since they get four shots per model, the amount of wound rolls will increase significantly.

Full Throttle – Cost: 1CP/2CP

This is best used with a Ravenwing squad. It lets youtube to different areas on the board or move block a dangerous unit such as a Keeper of Secrets. I like this best when used on a unit of five or fewer models to save command points.

Dark Angels Tactics

Line Unbreakable – Cost: 1CP

This is great against larger/horde units. A big example is when going up against a horde of Ork Boyz. Use this when a large unit charges in. They will not be able to pile in enough models within base contact to truly hurt your units.

Epic Deed Stratagems

High-Speed Focus – Cost: 1CP

A Ravenwing Talon Master can be a crucial unit on the Tabletop for a Dark Angel force. Its main weakness is its durability. With this stratagem, its durability gets increased tenfold from ranged weaponry that could normally pick this unit out when misplaced and unprotected.

Dark Angels Tactics

No Foe to Great to Subdue – Cost: 2CP

Equip your Deathwing Knights with a Mace of Absolution. Monster units such as Greater Deamons are becoming more prominent in the meta. This will allow you to get the job done in combat with these Maces.

Requisition Stratagems

Marked for Command – Cost: 1CP

A common stratagem across all flavours of Marines. This allows you to upgrade a Sergeant’s weapon even though they are not a character within a Dark Angel Infantry unit. Depending on your strategy and what you find most viable for your force, the right relic in the right hands can go a long way!

Paragon of the Chapter – Cost: 1CP

Giving a non-named character two warlord traits (as your warlord) is a massive ability! Take two warlord traits such as Calibanite Knight and Honour of the First Legion which compliment each other. This lets you plug gaps in your army and make choices that compliment your playstyle.

Dark Angels Tactics

Honoured by the Rock – Cost: 1CP

Give a custom Dark Angel Successor the ability to  benefit from relics within this supplement or from Codex: Space marines. This is a very viable option for a successor chapter due to the strength of these options at your disposal.

Strategic Ploy Stratagems

Tactical Appraisal – Cost: 1CP

This stratagem can definitely see use every game if not multiple times per game. The ability to change or adjust your combat doctrine at any given time is extremely powerful and a versatile option which can see a ton of use. Even when firing Intercessors, adding additional AP on their weapons can really increase your potency and bring down any targets they fire at.

The Hunt – Cost: 2CP/3CP

Best used with a Ravenwing Black Knight unit. Whether used with a smaller or larger sized unit, there is a ton of play with this ability. Pre-game movement is super potent in 9th edition. This allows you to apply early pressure and establish a greater board presence.

Dark Angels Tactics

Targeting Guidance– Cost: 2CP

Storm Speeders are looking even better with this ability. Increasing efficiency from all shooting across the board into a unit you need to bring down. Some heavy weapons that land serious blows have a hard time hitting their marks at that is where this stratagem comes into play.

Dark Angels Tactics

Swift Strike – Cost: 2CP/3CP

Definitely the best stratagem in this codex. A big unit of Ravenwing Black Knights is able to hit and run like never before. Be sure to equip this unit with some lethal melee weapons to hit hard and then pull the parachute before your opponent swings back.

Dark Angels Tactics

Secret Agenda – Cost: 1CP

I really like this ability and it is extremely unique. Picking secondary objectives is already a difficult task at times. Even harder than that will now be for your opponent to not know one of them until it may be too late, for them at least!

Dark Angels Tactics

Wargear Stratagems

Stasis Shell – Cost: 2CP

An astartes grenade launcher becomes extremely useful with this stratagem. The ability to tie up dangerous shooting units or to protect your important units, keeping the enemy in combat can be really important. If able to tag a Basilisk with a unit of Ravenwing bikes, this ensures that unit is not only unable to shoot but also you cannot be shot at by all the other tanks around you.

Weapons from the Dark Age – Cost: 2CP

A unit of Plasma Inceptors or Plasma Redemptor Dreadnoughts can become even stronger with their damage output. These are easily two of the best units to use this with. Units are becoming able to negate damage, such as the entire new Death Guard codex. This not only counters that but also gives you a great edge over other armies.

Dark Angels Tactics Warlord Traits

Brilliant Strategist

This is great for your most devastating shooting units like Eradicators or Plasma Inceptors. The ability to adapt your doctrine is massive when attempting to delete units. Additional bonuses can go a long way with devastating fire power.

Fury of the Lion

This is best on any beatstick character such as a Deathwing Strikemaster. This allows the character to wound larger targets easier. More reliability is key when needing to bring down the toughest of foes. 

Dark Angels Tactics

Calibanite Knight

This is best on a Captain with the Teeth of Terra relic. You need a character with a ton of attacks to get the most out of this. This Captain automatically becomes a horde slayer with this relic and warlord trait combined. 

Stubborn Tenacity

This is great for a Ravenwing Talonmaster. This allows them to still fight before being removed or stop units from consolidating into other important units. It is harder to kill a Talonmaster to begin with so every bit of use from them is crucial. 

Dark Angels Tactics

Decisive Tactician

Slower Units really benefit from this such as Deathwing Knights/Terminators. Bonuses to movement are crucial in the new edition of 40k. Blood Angels have this at their disposal and it now gives your Dark Angels a similar delivery system. 

Honour of the First Legion

This is really great on a Smash Captain. Heroic Interventions are super important when protecting objectives or interfering with charging units. A big reason for its quality is by making your opponent think twice. A Captain with this much mobility in your opponent’s phase is deadly. 

Ravenwing Warlord Traits

Lightning-Fast Reactions

Use this on a Ravenwing Talonmaster. Built-in modifiers are key to increase this unit’s durability. Talonmasters are tough units that really benefit from added layers such as this one. Units that can target characters will have a hard time hitting and wounding this character over the course of a battle.

Master of Manoeuvre

My favourite way of using this ability is with Sammael. The ability to never be stalled is crucial for this powerhouse. With dangerous weapons in shooting and melee, you need him active at all times. This allows you to tie up units and still be threatening every turn afterward. 

Deathwing Warlord Traits


This is my favourite Warlord Trait in this Supplement. Denying crucial powers at the right time can literally be game changing. Some armies such as Grey Knights and Thousand Sons heavily rely on powers succeeding at the right times. Deny a crucial Warp Time or Gate of Infinity at your command with this ability. 

Dark Angels Tactics


I like this best with Belial. He is an important character to your army and mitigating damage is crucial for his survival. Being that he is equipped with the Sword of Silence, you will want to play him aggressively. 

Dark Angels Tactics

Dark Angels Tactics Interromancy Discipline

Mind Worm – WC(6)

This is best used before charging into a deadly unit. This ability stops your opponent from interrupting combat. I would charge into a tough unit with multiple units of your own after casting this. 

Aversion – WC(6)

This is best used on an opponent’s melee threat. This can cut their efficiency in half. This also is best to use when knowing a dangerous unit is preparing a charge into your units next turn. 

Righteous Repugnance – WC(7)

This is my favourite power to cast on Deathwing Knights. This is an ability which grants maximum efficiency to hit and wound. The best part is that you can use this power on them while giving Chapter Master re-rolls to a different unit in the same turn. 

Interromancy – First rate powers for the First

Trephination – WC(5)

This is great to have on a psyker in your army. A Chief Librarian can take this extra power to have when needing to deal out mortal wounds. This is best to have when up against tough units that are hard to take down. C’Tans are difficult to remove and this gives you a solid chance at killing them in one turn.

Engulfing Fear – WC(7)

Definitely one of the most powerful abilities in the game against any army. This power is an auto include. Abilities such as this are few and far inbetween and negating the Objective Secured ability/Stopping Actions is incredible. Moving an Intercessor on an objective occupied by thirty ork boyz is actually possible to deny them points now. 

Mind Wipe – WC(7)

Many units rely on Auras. Auras buff your opponents units in multiple ways which can hurt your important units such as Ravenwing Bikes. If an enemy unit has re-rolls of any kind versus your Ravenwing Knights, you can deny them from benefiting from that aura. Decreased efficiency from your opponent increases your units survivability.

Dark Angels Tactics for Relics of the Rock

Mace of Redemption

I like this best on a Deathwing Knight – Knight Master. This takes your sergeant in the squad to the next level with amazing damage output against Heretic Astartes. This is more of a meta call decision for sure. 

Dark Angels Tactics

Pennant of Remembrance

This is an auto include for a Deathwing Ancient. This relic alone is a great reason to include this Ancient in your army. Select a unit of Deathwing Knights in the front line to benefit from this relic and literally cut a ton of damage inflicted away. 

Dark Angels Tactics

Shroud of Heroes

This is not the strongest option at your disposal. This is mainly a secondary or tertiary choice if you really feel the need to make a character more difficult to hit. The positive for this relic is that you will benefit against ranged and melee attacks

Nullzone can fail you but not this Relic:

Reliquary of the Repentant 

This relic is excellent on a Ravenwing Biker. Preferably on a Ravenwing Ancient. This ancient will most likely be included in your force for utility already. This relic on top of its innate abilities will really make this a crucial unit for your gameplan. Advance in front of the toughest of units your opponent has and easily destroy these units such as Primarchs or high invulnerable save units. 


This isn’t a must have in your army. It is only a nice piece of tech if you were to place this on a Deathwing Terminator Sergeant with Storm Bolter. 

Eye of Unseen 

This can see some solid play when creating a character hunter. A Captain with Thunder Hammer or Teeth of Terra Relic can really have a better chance at killing characters almost guaranteeing two chances to fight in back to back fights. This also negates your opponent from swinging first when they charge in which is great to deter your opponents from rushing into your units. 

Dark Angels Tactics

Cup of Retribution 

This is great on an Interrogator Chaplain. This can literally turn your heavy melee units such as Deathwing Knights or Bladeguard into monsters in combat. Use this at a time when you need that bit of extra volume required in order to get the most extreme efficiency. 

Dark Angels Tactics for Special-Issue Wargear

Adamantine Mantle

This is best when keeping an important captain or buffing character alive. An added layer of durability is beneficial but in most cases not necessary. This may be best on a character that does not have an invulnerable save such as a Primaris Lieutenant. 

Artificer Armour

This relic is not really necessary because most of your go to characters are in terminator armour. This makes them already get this buff across the board. This essentially is only best on a character without an invulnerable save such as a standard lieutenant or standard ancient. 

Dark Angels Tactics

Master-Crafted Weapon

This can be an okay option when taking a captain with a thunder hammer or power fist. Extra damage can go a long way especially when taking on the newly improved Death Guard with a built in minus one damage trait. 

Digital Weapons

This is not the greatest relic and very situational. I would not recommend using this relic as spots are very tight already on what to bring. This is definitely a tough exception to make on this one, even for the additional mortal wound output. 

Dark Angels Unique Special-issue Wargear:

Heavenfall Blade

I really like this on a Ravenwing Talonmaster. Vehicles  usually never get to take relics and this is a fantastic exception. Upgrading your Talonmaster’s sword to this weapon is great when taking on more elite infantry. It also increases efficiency through volume, strength, armour penetration and damage. 

Arbiter’s Gaze

This is really great on a Ravenwing Talonmaster. A really great relic to have the most efficient overwatching unit in the book. Ignoring modifiers is always great and this is best when firing at units with modifiers built in or Aeldari factions that are hard to hit. 


A plasma pistol on a captain is a great option. Upgrading to this ability is really impressive when shooting elite infantry. The best part is that there is no risk of losing your model like overcharging other plasma weapons. Shoot Gravis armoured marines and other elite units. 

Bolts of Judgement 

This is best on a Ravenwing Talonmaster. The twin heavy bolter is great against units with more models but this relic gives you this option against other units. This is best against higher wound models especially if they have a good armour save.

Dark Angel Tactic – Chapter Approved Rules

Purge the Enemy: Martial Interdiction 

Purge the Enemy has a few tough choices depending on matchups. This is a solid alternative as you will want to be moving forward destroying units. To get the most out of this secondary, include Inner Circle and Deathwing units. The biggest key to take all these points is using a tough unit that is hard to remove once they have completed killing the character. 

No Mercy, No Respite: Death on the Wind 

This is a must take if taking a Ravenwing heavy army. Ravenwing models want to be moving full speed at all times. Move at full speed and destroy easier targets to consistently pick up points each turn. 

Battlefield Supremacy: Stubborn Defiance

No matter what army you make, this secondary is a must. You will be looking at an easy ten points at minimum. This is best when taking a first company detachment and Deathwing units are given the objective secured ability. Their durability makes the difference to achieve the most points from this secondary. 

Dark Angels Tactics – Datasheets


I really like Azrael leading a Deathwing army. He is able to move forward at the same pace as every other unit. He is great for buffing your most lethal units with his Chapter Master ability. Just for including him, you gain extra resources and a bunch of toolbox abilities. 


Essentially a secondary Chapter Master. Azrael and Belial do not need to both be included in your force. Both can be with Azrael being more for buffs and Belial as more of a combat master. 


When taking a heavy Ravenwing army, you have to include Sammael. He helps all surrounding units as a Chapter Master and Captain simultaneously. He has extreme mobility which is key to be where you need him at the right times. Best used as a late game bully to clean up areas or take over objectives.


Definitely the best psyker available to the Dark Angels. As a Chief Librarian, he can cast and deny multiple powers. With the great new powers in the psychic discipline, Ezekiel becomes an auto-include with plusses to cast powers innately. 


Asmodai is a solid character to include in your force. When requiring a Chaplain, he does exactly what a priest needs to do. Take Asmodai as a support character for combat due to his special ability Exemplar of Hate. In combat he is solid, striking with his crozius multiple times and the Blade of Reason once. 

Dark Angels Tactics

The First Primaris in the Inner Circle:


Lazarus is definitely a unit that should be featured in your Deathwing forces. The Intractable Will ability is awesome to always have to fall back on when going into dangerous combats. His best buff against armies that produce tons of mortal wounds is his The Spiritshield Helm ability. This is super powerful to protect all surrounding units when taking on heavy psychic armies or Necron C’Tans that spit out absurd amounts of mortal wounds. 

Dark Angels Tactics


I don’t believe an Interrogator-Chaplain is necessary. Being that Asmodai is available, he is the better option in most ways. The best way to make this chaplain work is when given a jump pack and relic – Cup of Retribution. This creates a fast Character with buffing abilities to combat units when charging into any enemy units. 

Dark Angels Tactics

Ravenwing Talonmaster

This is a must take for a Ravenwing based force. The Talonmaster offers high-speed support for Ravenwing units. Increased efficiency as an active lieutenant is key for your army with ranged and melee attacks. Due to his durability, use him as a late game unit that can capitalize with speed.

Deathwing Strikemaster

This character is best when wanting to run a heavy terminator force. He is not the most needed compared to all the other characters available. Having the Inner Circle keyword, he has solid durability and is best used when in the heat of the battle amongst your ranks. 

Interrogator-Chaplain (in Terminator Armour)

Very similar to the Interrogator-Chaplain but with Terminator Armour. He can be given exactly the same buffs but is best in a Deathwing heavy army. Due to his speed, he keeps up with the rest of the force while still buffing other Terminator units to charge into middle areas of the board. 

Dark Angels Tactics for Elite Units

Deathwing Apothecary

The Apothecary has become an auto-include in every Space Marine army. This is no exception here and is crucial to include. He is best taken upgraded to a Chief Apothecary with the Selfless Healer Warlord Trait. He is best amongst your ranks within range of multiple units to increase durability. The best quality which can add up over a game is healing models flat three wounds twice per turn and reviving whole Deathwing Knights if lost. 

Dark Angels Tactics

Deathwing Champion

A Deathwing Champion is not required when Elite slots are so hotly contested. The main reason to take this elite character is when added to a Command Squad and more for flavour. They are there as a deterrent for more important characters with the ability Honour or Death. 

Dark Angels Tactics

Deathwing Terminator Squad

This unit does get overshadowed by the Deathwing Knights. Its best quality is the versatility of Weapon options. Take a squad of 5 Terminators with all storm bolters. Have them arrive to the battle via deepstrike and use the stratagem – Deathwing Assault. This increases efficiency and is best used to clear just about any light screens in the game. 

Dark Angels Tactics

Deathwing Knights

This is the best infantry unit in the supplement. They are super durable with Inner Circle and Storm Shields. They are one dimensional but are so good at taking objectives outside of your deployment zone. Buff this unit with Chapter Master re-rolls and have an Apothecary within three inches. They are the most durable unit available and are tough for any armies to remove. 

Dark Angels Tactics

Deathwing Kept Permanent Transhuman

Deathwing Command Squad

This unit is more viable than ever. They are best taken as a two man squad. Use them to do actions, come out of reserve for free, and they can fulfill many tasks. They are also efficient and protecting characters with the Bodyguard rule. Being terminators they are durable and best kept cheap with Storm Bolter and Power Fist.

Dark Angels Tactics

Ravenwing Apothecary

When taking a heavy Ravenwing Bike army, you must take this unit. Apothecaries can really make a massive difference throughout a game reviving and protecting models. Upgrade to a Chief Apothecary to revive a lost model for free every turn. When included in a heavy bike army, he keeps up with every unit and can be in the right place at the right time. 

Dark Angels Tactics

Ravenwing Champion

Not the most important unit to take. They are best used for their Heroic Intervention ability. They can deter opponents from charging in knowing they can intervene so are best positioned in an area where they can jump in from six inches away. Equipped with a Master-crafter power sword, he is excellent at shredding infantry and two wound models.

Dark Angels Tactics

Ravenwing Ancient

A Ravenwing Ancient isn’t the most useful unit at your disposal. Although tough to kill, there are better ways to spend your points. If you were to make him work, it would be used in a very central location to multiple bike units. This is to take advantage of his Astartes Banner ability. 

Dark Angels Tactics

Don’t forget the Reliquary of the Repentant 

Ravenwing Black Knights

The main reason to take a 2nd Company detachment is for multiple Ravenwing Black Knights. They will get the Objective Secured ability. Your Warlord in the Outrider detachment refunds you the three command points. It is an overall solid build to threaten armies with speed and precision. These bikes are versatile with shooting and combat. They are best used when taking on infantry supported by Redemptors or Eradicators to deal with bigger targets. 

Dark Angels Tactics

Ravenwing Darkshroud 

A Darkshroud is more viable than ever. It offers more durability to surrounding Dark Angel units. Added layers really help Deathwing Knights make their way up the board. This unit is best used to support multiple other units and still being a solid gun platform. Shoot light infantry and clear screens in order to get through to the juicier targets. 

Dark Angels Tactics

Ravenwing Land Speeder Vengeance

I really believe this unit is a very solid option. It has solid speed which moves well with the rest of your Ravenwing force. It is best used as a moving gun platform shooting its Plasma Storm Battery. Besides shooting at larger targets with its plasma, it is well suited to shoot light infantry and clear screens with its other weapon. 

Dark Angels Tactics

Dark Angels Tactics for Flyers

Ravenwing Dark Talon

Flyers in general are not the most necessary for the Dark Angels. The best way to use the Dark Talon is by dropping a Stasis Bomb early and shooting the Rift Cannon at the same unit for a potential of twelve mortal wounds. The Rift Cannon is great to shoot at tougher units with better invulnerable saves as mortal wounds will be inflicted no matter what their armour value is. 

Dark Angels Tactics

Nephilim Jetfighter

This is overall the better option for consistency. Equipped with multiple weapons, it can clear screens with ease and even whittle away elite infantry. Shoot units on objectives that are hard for the rest of your army to get to. Moving up to fifty inches is its best quality while also being hard to hit as an Aircraft. 

Dark Angels Tactics

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Warhammer 40k‘s Dark Angels are one of the most popular, intriguing, and downright coolSpace Marine Chapters around. Taking medieval chivalric style and combining it with ceramite-clad warriors in the far future is already a winning combination; throw in a hefty dose of secrecy and hidden Warp-powered mystery, and you’ve got a recipe for sheer success. Many Warhammer players’ first Space Marines are Dark Angels – they’ve been a fan favourite since their inception, and, with each passing novel or update hinting at their backstory, that fervour for the dark-green boys grows.

It doesn’t just begin and end at their lore and courtly style, however, as they perform exceptionally well on the tabletop battlefield too. They’re a flexible force that moves with devastatingly powerful speed, able to take out targets and score points with breathtaking ease.

So, with mysterious lore full of dark secrets, a cool space-monk-esque look that’s unlike anything else in Warhammer 40,000, and the ability to bring overwhelming power to the battlefield, the Dark Angels might just be your next favourite army.

Here’s everything you need to know about these grim warriors from the far future.

Warhammer Community artwork showing The Rock and Dark Angels ships exiting the warp


From their first founding, the Dark Angels have been a proud sect of warrior monks. Whilst many other Space Marine Chapters have their own plaudits and reasons to be proud, only one gets to be first and that honour goes to the Dark Angels – originally styled the First Legion Astartes.

Dark Angels share their Primarch’s martial prowess - and arrogance

Spawned from the gene-Seed of their genetic father, Lion El’Jonson, they inherited many of his traits. These include a passion for victory, an overwhelming desire for martial perfection, and – unfortunately for their story – a certain arrogance and tendency to keep secrets. The Lion’s sons had to fight without him at first, however, as their gene-sire was scattered across the galaxy by the machinations of Chaos, landing on a terrifying planet named Caliban. There he grew into his full form with unnatural speed, raised by his surrogate father and best friend, Luther. As he grew, his martial prowess grew with him, leading him to eventually take control over the knightly orders which inhabited the forested world.

Games Workshop artwork showing Dark Angels Space Marines fighting Chaos

In a dark mirror to the grander crusade taking place in the Emperor’s burgeoning Imperium, Lion El’Jonson led his knights on a war against the Chaos-twisted creatures prevalent in the darkness of Caliban’s many woods. His victory was complete, a new age of peace and prosperity descended over Caliban – though, as with all things Dark Angels, it was peace with a hidden core of corruption.

Without Lion El’Jonson, the First Legion fought across the galaxy at the Emperor’s side, becoming grim angels synonymous with death, until the chance discovery of their Primarch on Caliban. As they descended to the planet’s surface, they tested him to prove his worth, then raised him to lead them into battle in the distant regions of the universe.

Loyal servants: These are Warhammer 40K’s Imperium factions

The coming of the Imperium saw the Lion help Luther and the Caliban knights to gain new technology, raising them almost to a Space Marine’s prowess. It’s there, however, that he made a crucial error. He left Luther and his former friends to guard Caliban, disappearing into the Warp with his new legions, in a devastating snub to those who considered him one of their own.

It’s possible that things could’ve ended there with some disgruntled proto-Space Marines on a former death world. Unfortunately for everyone, however, the Horus Heresy happened, shattering humanity’s unity into shards.

Warhammer Community artwork showing Horus and the Emperor about to duel aboard the Vengeful Spirit, with Sanguinius corpse nearby

There are many questions about what happened next, with the final truth yet to be unearthed by Games Workshop or the Black Library, but the current known version of events goes a little like this:

Caliban was smashed to rubble by the Chaos gods

After Horus’s defeat on Terra, Lion El’Jonson returned home to Caliban, only to find the planetary defences active. Luther, in the Lion’s absence, had betrayed the Imperium and his Primarch, firing upon the fleet in an effort to destroy the Dark Angels once and for all. The Lion wasn’t so easily defeated, however, leading a force to kill Luther and end this insurrection.

The final battle between adopted father and Primarch demi-god son was colossal, leading to the mortal wounding of El’Jonson, and the capture of Luther. Thwarted yet again, the Chaos gods opened a rift in the Warp, scattering the disloyal sons of the Lion across both time and space, shattering the planet Caliban into a field of debris.

Warhammer Community photo showing models of a warband of fallen dark angels fighting loyal Deathwing Knights

Now, ten thousand years later, the Dark Angels hunt their traitorous brethren – The Fallen – across the galaxy, desperate to wipe clean their name in their own eyes and that of the Emperor.

Sons of Macragge: Our guide to the Ultramarines chapter

Meanwhile, at the heart of the Rock, the floating space monastery that serves as the Dark Angels’ home, three hearts still beat. One belongs to Luther, now insane and held in a stasis field. The other two belong to a recovered Lion El’Jonson, also in stasis, waiting for the time he’ll be called to fight once again.

Games Workshop artwork showing a Dark Angels space marine and banners

Who are the Dark Angels Characters?

More than almost any other Space Marines Chapter in Warhammer 40K (except perhaps the Ultramarines), the Dark Angels have a cavalcade of special characters and named individuals that also have miniature counterparts on the tabletop. Let’s meet the Dark Angels gang, and get to know some of the friendly faces you might encounter if you start collecting a Dark Angels army.

Azrael, Supreme Grand Master

The current head of the Dark Angels, Azrael serves as the Supreme Grand Master and Keeper of the Truth. This lofty position means he’s aware of many of the Dark Angels’ secrets, including the existence of Luther, locked in his eternal prison.

He’s armed with the Sword of Secrets, his armour is known as The Protector, and he’s followed everywhere by one of Caliban’s mysterious creatures, known as a Watcher in the Dark, who carries his venerable helm, the Lion Helm.

Ezekiel, Grand Master of Librarians

The leader of the Dark Angels’ Librarius, Ezekiel is renowned as one of the most powerful psykers the force has fielded since Lion El’Jonson’s time. When not at war, you will find Ezekiel working to maintain the Dark Angels’ history, ensuring that what has passed is never forgotten.


Belial is the Grand Master of the Deathwing, those bone-coloured Terminators who stalk the battlefield as stalwart masters of destruction. Clad in ancient Terminator armour, Belial is one of the most fearsome warriors the Dark Angels have ever seen, with a loyalty unmatched among even his sturdy brethren.


The Master of the Ravenwing, Sammael leads the Dark Angels’ jetbike-equipped mobile strike force into battle with a reckless abandon that borders on foolhardiness. Known for his ability to put armed forces into combat with shocking speed, Sammael is one of the most deadly Dark Angels you’ll meet on the battlefield.

Master Lazarus

If you encounter Master Lazarus, you’ll be most struck by how calm and collected he is, even in the midst of battle. If, however, you happen to be a sorcerer, one wielding the dark arts of the Warp, then you’ll see his fury unleash itself on you, along with his blade, Enmity’s Edge.

Brother Asmodai

There are many things to fear about the Dark Angels, but, in some ways, Brother Asmodai is the most fearsome of them all. Acting as their Master Interrogator-Chaplain, he is responsible for rooting out heresy or deviation, no matter what form it takes. Zealous and cold-hearted, Asmodai is a terror on the battlefield – but so much scarier if you meet him in an interrogation chamber.

Primaris Lieutenant Zakariah

Zakariah is one of those new breeds of Space Marine, the Primaris. Despite being one of the newer warriors in the Dark Angels, Zakariah has proved his worth many times over, earning the robe and cowl of a Lieutenant with ease.


Finally, we come to Cypher. You won’t be fielding Cypher with the other Dark Angels, but he’s utterly entwined with them. The leader of The Fallen, he is the most hunted person in the entire galaxy; even a whisper of his passing will cause a full crusade to spill out from the Rock.

His goals are unknown, and it’s not even known if this is the same Cypher seen during the Horus Heresy. All we know is that his movements seem to centre on Terra – and he’s getting closer each passing day.

Games Workshop of a Dark Angels Space Marine army on display with painted models

Dark Angels in 9th Edition

Now you know the backstory, and a bit of the lore surrounding the Dark Angels, but how do they play on the battlefield? Thankfully, Warhammer 40,000 9th edition has been quite kind to the Dark Angels, with many benefits that see them play in a flexible, but unique manner.

Dark Angels’ talents as a mobile army of mixed elements come to the fore in 9th edition 40k

If you’re playing as a Dark Angels force, it’s likely that you’ll have a highly mobile army, including Ravenwing bikes, jetbikes, jetfighters, and land speeders. This focus on mobility is brought to the fore in 9th Edition 40K, as the smaller general board size means you can get into the action even more quickly, and tie up enemy forces with ease. In addition, Games Workshop has recognised that Dark Angels can be a mixed force, giving Ravenwing units a movement buff while the Devastator Doctrine is active (primarily at the beginning of the game) – which can be very nasty to face indeed.

This approach to flexibility carries across to the rest of the rules, which support your Dark Angels force. The Dark Angels are often thought of as three armies in one, as they have a core of regular Space Marines, surrounded by fast-moving Ravenwing units, and ultra-resilient Terminator Deathwing units. As the battle proceeds, and your Space Marine Combat Doctrines rotate, you’ll find your non-Deathwing infantry units receive a buff to their shooting with the Tactical Doctrine, and the Deathwing Terminators gain re-rolls in melee with the Assault Doctrine.

Games Workshop photo of Dark Angels Space Marines Deathwing Knights models

In addition, despite having a very powerful psyker in the form of Ezekiel, the need to bring a psyker is less pressing with a Dark Angels army. This is because they bring many of their own survivability buffs: HQ units such as Azrael and Lazarus can provide a bubble of toughness, seeing your primary units survive any onslaught.

That said, Dark Angels Librarians received a powerful boost with the release of the Dark Angels 9th Edition Codex. The Interromancy Psychic Discipline is currently being widely lauded as potentially the best in the game.

Traitors all: Our guide to Warhammer 40K’s Chaos factions

Mind Wipe, Aversion, Mind Worm, and Engulfing Fear can offer powerful debuffs to your foe, with Righteous Repugnance offering key survivability for your crucial units (some of whom are /already/ tough as nails to kill, due to the Inner Circle special rule preventing them from being wounded on a roll of less than a four).

The best psyker power, however, is Trephination. Consider this an upgraded Smite, if you want to send some mortal wounds into your enemy, then Trephination is going to be your favourite tool to do so.

Games Workshop artwork showing a Dark Angels primaris space marine charging

On the downside of things, the Dark Angels can be a points-expensive force to field, meaning you won’t have many bodies to throw at things. This won’t always be an issue, but can make control of the board more difficult than for some other armies.

Dark Angels armies often rely heavily on characters - so positioning is important

Dark Angels can also be reliant on character models – and 9th Edition rules for targeting characters make it much easier to be caught out and lose a critical model just when you need it, meaning caution and careful positioning is required ( at odds though it is with much of the Dark Angels ethos). Overall, however, the Dark Angels remain a flexible and highly manoeuvrable force, able to take the fight to your foe quickly, backed by powerful debuffs and characters who can help keep your force alive until they’re needed. They can be difficult to get your head around, due to their triune nature (that’s right, triune – google it), but once you get the hang of them you’ll be whipping your opponents in no time.

Photo of the models from a Dark Angels combat patrol box

Building a Beginner Dark Angels Army

When building a Dark Angels force, you’ll only need a few extra models in order to turn a generic Space Marines army into the core of a gang of winged angels of death.

The first port of call for a Dark Angels army is, of course, the Dark Angels Combat Patrol box set. This is a flexible box, containing a Primaris Chaplain, three Interceptors, a Redemptor Dreadnought, and five Primaris Intercessors.

Starter boxes: Our guide to Warhammer 40K combat patrols

From there, it’s definitely worth picking up the Codex Supplement: Dark Angels book, as it’ll give you the essential lore, rules, and details you’ll need to confidently plan your army.

Now you’ll want to make your Dark Angels force a little more Dark Angels-y. We’d recommend some HQ characters in order to do that, which will also give you plenty of extra buffs and options on the battlefield. Lazarus and Azrael will help your army stay alive long enough to do some damage, and if you’re looking to fling some psychic powers around then Librarian Ezekiel simply cannot be bested.

Warhammer Community photo of painted models for Dark Angels Ravenwing bikes

Then it’s time to sprinkle in some extra flexibility into your force, focusing on all three pillars that the Dark Angels specialise in. For the core of your army, you can’t beat an extra squad of Primaris Intercessors; for speed and pure hitting power, you’ll want to look at a wing of Ravenwing bikes, and, to add a hardy element to your army, it’s worth taking a peek at a Deathwing Knights Terminator squad.

Rule the galaxy: Read our guide to 40K 9th edition codexes

Now, you should be able to field a Dark Angels army with pride, adding to it as you see fit, and evolving it into a force that can take on anything the galaxy can throw at you.

Sours: https://www.wargamer.com/warhammer-40k/dark-angels
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[Post New] 2021/02/06 21:13:51

    Subject: For the Lion! Dark Angels 9th Edition Codex.



Made in ca
Jinking Ravenwing Land Speeder Pilot


The aim of this thread is to provide new players considering starting a Dark Angels (DA) force a one-stop shop to see the basics and give a place for DAplayers to share experience. It is not meant to be a complaint department about GWbalance/prices/lore/nutrional values. The Dark Angels (DA) play much like other Space Marines (SM), sharing baseline stats, units, strats and weapons.

The Spoiler has a list of DAunits, focused on those unique to the DAbut not ignoring standard SMunits that either form an important part of a DAlist or behave differently when DA. While I play DAregularly and take them to local tourneys, I don’t claim to be a tactical genius! I will update the rankings based on input from the community (curated?) and observations from the meta. Full credit to those who contribute! Tiers can be fun to discuss, but new players should take all this with a grain of salt.

How Dark Angels Play Differently.

The Dark Angels’ Chapter Tactic Grim Resolve favours standing still – you get a +1 to hit when you do not move. So if you like Devastators etc you are in the right Chapter. You also automatically pass Combat Attrition tests. This means you can take large squads - can be useful for maxing the effectiveness of certain Strats.

Their Super Doctrine, though, is quite different. It changes as the Doctrines advance. Ravenwing get a bonus in Devastator Doctrine, normal infantry get a bonus in the Tactical Doctrine and Deathwing Infantry/Dreadnoughts gain a bonus in the Assault Doctrine. The Ravenwing aspect is probably the most important.

When you are in Devastator Doctrine, your Ravenwing units gain a +3 inch bonus to Movement and can Advance and shoot.

When you are in Tactical Doctrine your non-Deathwing infantry can shoot when they are in Engagement Range.

When you are in Assault Doctrine your Deathwing can re-roll Wounds against characters and models with 8 wounds or more.

There are also two important Abilities for certain Dark Angels units. Inner Circle, granted to all Terminators, certain characters, Bladeguard Veterans and Ravenwing Blacknights, provides several bonuses to resilience and morale. Deathwing Terminators and Raven Black Knights, for instance, pass all morale tests. Jink, granted to all Ravenwing units, provides an invul to shooting.

Dark Angels Terminators and Bikers are more resilient than other Chapters. Due to Inner Circle, Wound rolls of 1 to 3 always fail against Terminators (and all Infantry with Inner Circle). This is huge. Bikers have Jink which gives them an invul against shooting (unless they stay still in their movement phase). If you love Terminators and Bikes, you really can’t go wrong playing Dark Angels this edition.

Key Stratagems: Weapons from the Dark Age for added plasma damage; Intractable to Fall Back and shoot; Line Unbreakable to mitigate hordes in melee.

Warlord Traits – Brilliant Strategist is the stand-out. If you have a Deathwing Character (including an Ancient or Apothecary) then spend the CPto have a second trait and take Watched to say “Not Today” to a single psychic power once per game. This one is situational, but has done great work!

Psychic Powers – Engulfing Fear (messes with the enemy’s Obsec and Actions) and Mind Wipe (disrupts an aura) look great to disrupt the enemy. I think that Engulfing Fear can swing a game. Are these worth losing access to Abhor the Witch? Not sure. A Deathwing-heavy force can have several Deny attempts without taking a Psyker (Watchers in the Dark).

Relics. The Reliquary of the Repentant on a Ravenwing character can make Harlequins cry by taking their Invul to a 5++. It has changed a bit, but I used this one a lot with the Index. The Pennant of Remembrance reduces damage on Deathwing Infantry Core by 1. Yes please.



Top Tier/A++ (These guys will more than pull their weight)

Azrael. His 4++ Invul aura against shooting and re-roll auras do make you tend to clump up, but he can lead a force onto the middle of the board seize those mid-field objectives.

Ravenwing Apothecary. All Apothecaries are good right now, but this one has mobility. You can also give him Ravenwing Relics. Since he has the Inner Circle keyword it seems he can go in a 1st Company Detachment without breaking it.

Deathwing Terminators. These guys are very resilient now with Inner Circle (built-in Transhuman Physiology) and combine shooting with melee. Normally 40K favours specialized units, but these guys can do anything anywhere (especially with Cyclone Missile Launchers and maybe a single Storm Shield in the squad). Obsec in a Deathwing Detachment is great. Back these guys up with an Apothecary to stay in the fight and group them with Azrael. That objective is yours.

Deathwing Command Squad. Strengths of the Deathwing Terminators in a more flexible squad-sized package. Gives you small units in a DW list to grab objectives/perform Actions.

Good Tier (A)

Bladeguard Veterans. Very survivable (Inner Circle!), hit hard in melee. Take and hold objectives. Economical cost in a DW list.

Attack Bikes with Melta. The survivability of RW combined with access to a fast Apothecary make them hard-hitters that can also take some punishment.

Sammael. Trending to Top Tier when taken in a Ravenwing Detachment. He only rides on Corvex now - his Landspeeder option is gone.

Ezekiel. The Dark Angels have very useful psychic powers, and Ezekiel can really take advantage of them. Not sure if he is an auto-include yet, but trending that way.

Inceptors with Plasma. Weapons from the Dark Age means these guys can drop in and kill almost anything if you commit to overcharging. Going to Damage 3 overcomes wound-reducing mechanisms that seem to be more prevalent.

Ravenwing Talonmaster. Gives a Lieutenant-buff while also clearing chaff with his guns. Can use character protection to hang in there longer.

Deathwing Knights. A threat to anything in close combat and very resilient. No shooting, but they can take and hold those mid-field or opponent-zone objectives. They would go to Top Tier with Obsec.

Deathwing Ancient: Combine with the Relic to make your bit Deathwing Squad even more resilient.

Ravenwing Black Knights. Mobility, survivability (Jink) and firepower (plasma with Weapons from the Dark Age) is a potent combo.

Eradicators. Although great in any SM list, they do break Deathwing/Ravenwing for those Detachments. The Dark Angels Chapter Tactic doesn’t really help them all that much since they want to be moving forward. They do, however, benefit from being in the Azrael bubble.

Solid Tier (B)

Dark Talon. The ability to dish out Mortal Wounds is great, and High Speed Focus can keep it alive longer than other SM flyers.

Belial. Lack of mobility is his downside, and Azrael can go in a DW detachment. If he is melee, though, he can shred!

Outriders. These are a mainstream SM unit, but as Ravenwing they give you a melee punch that a RW force can lack.

Hellblasters. Weapons from the Dark Age means that these guys can outperform their standard SM counterparts. Still outperformed themselves by Plasma Inceptors and Black Knights, but their range advantage gives them a place in some lists.

Nephilim Jetfigher. Can spit out an eye-watering amount of D2 firepower.

Deathwing Apothecary. If you really want to teleport an Apothecary then he's the one. Otherwise just take the RW one.

Fluffy Tier/ C- (you take these guys because you really really want to).

Lazarus. He isn’t that fluffy, but at least he has a name?

The Wings

If you are playing a Dark Angels force, you need to decide on your theme. A Dark Angel can choose to play “Greenwing” with standard Space Marine units; you can play Deathwing or you can play Ravenwing. You also have Mixed Wing!

Greenwing. At its core, a Greenwing Battalion at 1500 points will have Intercessor Squads or Tactical Squads with a Captain (or Azrael). They can hold the objectives in your own deployment zone and challenge the mid-field. A Devastator Squad benefits from the Dark Angels Chapter Tactic. Both Hellblasters and Plasma Inceptors can really benefit from Weapons from the Dark Age, boosting their damage by 1. Committing to overcharging and using the Stratagem can overcome units that rely on damage reduction and can melt most tanks. Have an Apothecary to bring at least one back if they roll a 1 twice (always have a Captain or Azrael supporting your Plasma). Plasma Inceptors have the bonus of being able to come in on Turn 2, mitigating the effect of going second. The Intractable strat on Eradicators or Hellblasters can be a nasty surprise. Line Unbreakable (a somewhat situation strat that can mitigate hordes in melee) and the Fire Discipline Super Doctrine (shoot in melee) can really help Intercessors take and hold the middle of the board. A pure Greenwing detachment with Azrael can do some great work. It won’t be flashy, but it will be solid. Just how Dark Angels like to be.

The Deathwing. Deathwing Terminators are in a good place right now, due in no small part to the Inner Circle ability that gives them baked-in Transhuman. A Deathwing Detachment gives your Deathwing Terminators Obsec. Use a Deathwing Warlord (including Azrael) to refund the CPfor the Vanguard. A ten-man squad of Deathwing Terminators with Cyclone Missile Launchers backed up by a Deathwing Apothecary, Deathwing Ancient with the Pennant of Remembrance, Bladeguard Veterans and Deathwing Knights can either march up the middle or teleport on Turn 2/3. Dreadnoughts upgraded to the Deathwing give you something to hold home-field objectives while still contributing to the fight. This list is very resilient and killy, but can lack board presence and once it’s committed as it lacks mobility.

The Ravenwing. Ravenwing Bikers (various types) have the Jink ability, which gives them a 5++ when they move and a 4++ when they advance. They still get the 5++ for the opponent’s first shooting phase if they go second. A Ravenwing Detachment gives your Bikers Obsec, which can be decisive in 9th Edition. Ravenwing are fast to begin with, and can use some Strats to boost their mobility. Sammel, a Talonmaster, squadrons of Outriders and Ravenwing Bikers and at least one decent-sized Ravenwing Black Knight squadron give you tools to seize or flip objectives. In Devastator Doctrine your Ravenwing get +3” to move and can Advance and shoot as if it was equipped with Assault Weapons. This means that several squads of Ravenwing Bikers can zoom up the board, gain a 4++ Invul due to their Jink and still shoot their weapons. A single squad can be an effective distraction, but a Ravenwing Detachment can use this to really dominate a section of the board early. They are vulnerable to getting stuck in protracted combats. They can use some Strats to fall-back and shoot/assault to mitigate this.

Mixed Wing. You can blend Ravenwing and Deathwing units into a standard DAlist without penalty – you just miss out on the Obsec. I think that any Greenwing list can benefit from a Deathwing Squad and a Ravenwing Squad. Azrael, a Talonmaster, a Ravenwing Apothecary, a large Deathwing Terminator Squad and a Ravenwing (take your pick) squadron go really well with a baseline of Intercessors, Plasma Inceptors and Devastators/Hellblasters. I think that this will be the strongest design. The Ravenwing squad (or squads) disrupt the enemy early-on. The Deathwing component dominates the mid-field Turn 2 to 5 and the Intercessors hold the back-field. Plasma Inceptors can drop well with Deathwing, while Eradicators can trudge along in a Deathwing/Azreal/Apothecary bubble. The Deathwing mow-down hordes while the Eradicators eradicate. Azrael and the Apothecary make the group more resilient and more killy. I used something like this to win a local tourney with the Index – take that with a grain of salt but it’s not just theory-hammer.

Another approach is to take a Greenwing Patrol with a Captain, two Intecessor Squads, a Plasma Inceptor Squad and a Devastator Squad to support either a Ravenwing or Deathwing Detachment. Effective DWor RWdetachments will usually cost around 1000 points, meaning you could take a decent Greenwing Patrol to support them. With the Warlord in your DW/RWDetachment, taking the Patrol costs you 2 CPbut gives you board control and fire support. Your Greenwing Patrol holds your deployment Zone while your specialized DWor RWdetachment goes out and wins the game by taking the mid-field and enemy objectives.

Looking forward to hearing from other Dark Angels! I will edit the tiers under the spoilers as we go if there is interest.

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All you have to do is fire three rounds a minute, and stand 

[Post New] 2021/02/07 02:06:26

    Subject: Re:For the Lion! Dark Angels 9th Edition Codex.



Made in us
Grim Dark Angels Interrogator-Chaplain

A Protoss colony world

A couple of times in there you mention Terminators getting the built-in Transhuman Physiology bonus; it actually applies to all Deathwing infantry units, including the special characters and Bladeguard Vets. That's huge, as Bladeguard are a pretty solid unit and cheaper than actual Terminators (I think; I don't have the book yet).

[Post New] 2021/02/07 03:53:14

    Subject: Re:For the Lion! Dark Angels 9th Edition Codex.



Made in ca
Jinking Ravenwing Land Speeder Pilot


 ZergSmasher wrote:
A couple of times in there you mention Terminators getting the built-in Transhuman Physiology bonus; it actually applies to all Deathwing infantry units, including the special characters and Bladeguard Vets. That's huge, as Bladeguard are a pretty solid unit and cheaper than actual Terminators (I think; I don't have the book yet).

In the Spoiler under Bladeguard I mention Inner Circle. I’ll make it more clear about Inner Circle for all Deathwing infantry (I've edited the first post to remove confusion).

Bladeguard indeed make a good support unit in DWas they can be taken in squads of three and are therefore a little cheaper.

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All you have to do is fire three rounds a minute, and stand 

[Post New] 2021/02/07 07:26:00

    Subject: Re:For the Lion! Dark Angels 9th Edition Codex.



Made in fr
Mutilatin' Mad Dok

 ZergSmasher wrote:
A couple of times in there you mention Terminators getting the built-in Transhuman Physiology bonus; it actually applies to all Deathwing infantry units, including the special characters and Bladeguard Vets. That's huge, as Bladeguard are a pretty solid unit and cheaper than actual Terminators (I think; I don't have the book yet).

Lightning claw terminators are cheaper by two points. Which is fair as they don’t have 4++ nor any shooting. All Terminator variants and BGV all have their use

Ere we go ere we go ere we go
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[Post New] 2021/02/07 13:52:20

    Subject: Re:For the Lion! Dark Angels 9th Edition Codex.



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Jinking Ravenwing Land Speeder Pilot


The shooting advantage of standard Deathwing Terminators puts them over Bladeguard Veterans for me. For my games with the Index though, the Bladeguard Veterans gave a good support squad. Their smaller squad minimum size allows them to provide a useful unit at a cheaper points cost. They can hold/contest objectives and perform Actions. I think they work well in any list, including a pure Deathwing Detachment. I also find they get the job done without needing character or Stratagem support due to their high number of attacks with S5 damage 2 weapons.

Looking for feedback for the unit ranking under the Spoiler. Hoping it can be a resource for players contemplating Dark Angels.

All you have to do is fire three rounds a minute, and stand 

[Post New] 2021/02/07 23:58:59

    Subject: Re:For the Lion! Dark Angels 9th Edition Codex.



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Regular Dakkanaut

Per the video linked below, you can make a very points-efficient DA Interrogator Chaplain who’s an absolute blender in melee.


[Post New] 2021/02/08 09:08:20

    Subject: For the Lion! Dark Angels 9th Edition Codex.



Made in hk
Regular Dakkanaut

I have been buildings Deathwing lists with a core Patrol consisting of a Primaris Chaplain, Infiltrator OR Intercessor, Ravenwing Apothercary, MM Attack Bike squad and 5 man Inceptor squad. Can't leave home without this detachment for 800-825pts.

That leaves the Deathwing detachment where for me everything is almost locked in. 10 man DW Squad, 5 Man DW Knight Squad, 3 2 man command squads and finally an Ancient.

Thoughts on HQ to support this army?

Im thinking a Termie Librarian.

But my new consideration is a Captain on Bike with Chapter Master and Deathwing Keyword. For 160pts he's not cheap, basically Azrael in cost. But the difference being on bike is hes mobile and can go out and do potentially more damage with one of the swords or chainsword relics and double traits to blend. His Chapter Master buff probably goes to Inceptors or Attack Bikes, and he'll sit with the big block of terminators until he needs to launch.

What do you guys think? Or Maybe Azrael will come into contention to really make the 10 man block durable but lose out on mobility.

[Post New] 2021/02/08 11:11:24

    Subject: For the Lion! Dark Angels 9th Edition Codex.



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Perfect Shot Dark Angels Predator Pilot

Sesto San Giovanni, Italy

For the Master on Bike I think the Relics and the Warlord Traits available will make it or break it. I need to check the full Codex.

On army composition, since I'm still in the field of unproven theories (due to Covid), I'm orienting towards a FULL bi-wing (Deathwing and Ravenwing) with full ObSec.
That should be a Vanguard + another Detachment (I think a Patrol will suffice but an Outrider may be used if needed).
You sacrifice backfield controls and Devastators, but I think Deathwing Dreadnought may cover you. You also lose indirect fire with Whirlwinds, but thanks to the Ravenwing elements you should be able to reach hidden units. Also few Primaris units, but I despise them anyway.
Some models like Black Knight or the Ravenwing Apothecary should be able to be put in either detachment.
Maybe this will require some mandatory psychic power to work (for example negate ObSec to your opponent, since you have it on everyone but the army will be very small) but O think will be an engaging and challenging army to play, and is a funny break from the Greenwing-heavy infantry firebase I had to use during basically the entirety of8th edition.

PS: I have a question for the OP: aren't Deathwing Command Squad limited (one per army)???
If not, they're REALLY powerful... Basically a smaller terminator squad to exploit even more the MSU on the board. I've taken for granted they were limited as 1 per army

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I can't condone a place where abusers and abused are threated the same: it's destined to doom, so there is no reason to participate in it. 

[Post New] 2021/02/08 11:33:51

    Subject: For the Lion! Dark Angels 9th Edition Codex.



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They are not limited, but they pay an extra over the regular terminator model.

They also don't get Obsec in the DW detachment.

[Post New] 2021/02/08 12:41:05

    Subject: Re:For the Lion! Dark Angels 9th Edition Codex.



Made in ca
Jinking Ravenwing Land Speeder Pilot


The Deathwing Command Squad is a great little unit - you can take one in a "free slot" if you a Deathwing Terminator Captain. I think the only limitation is the Rule of Three.

I've been looking at the Dark Angels' Secondaries. Its all theory right now (back in Lockdown).

Martial Interdiction looks fluffy, but I think it will usually lead to disappointment. Could work if your opponent's list doesn't offer much in the way of Bring it Down or Assassinate. Might be an option if your opponent relies on a few, squishy characters and you have Sammael? I found with the Index that Sammael on Corvex could be a good character assassin. Belial will have a hard time catching anyone, but maybe with a well placed teleport?. Still, I suppose it lets you add some narrative to your Matched Play!

Death on the Wind is clearly for Ravenwing players. Destroying 8 enemy units (to max out at 15 points) is certainly possible, but watch out for the restrictions on moving over 12" or melee. I guess you could take this over Grind them Down if you want to guarantee a few points.

Stubborn Defiance looks amazing. Holding an objective of your choice for the whole game to get 15 points looks very doable. It does, though, require you to hold it with the same Obsec unit for the consecutive turn scoring (the rule says "that unit". This paints a huge target on "that unit" so I think you need to commit something like an Obsec Deathwing squad or a full-size Tactical/Intercessor squad with Apothecary support. Still, I think its the winner of the group and will be the one we see.

All you have to do is fire three rounds a minute, and stand 

[Post New] 2021/02/08 16:06:30

    Subject: Re:For the Lion! Dark Angels 9th Edition Codex.



Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

So I noticed that on the Deathwing promotions chart or whatever, you can induct a "Captain" for X amount of points. Does this mean I can promote a standard power armor (non-terminator armor) wearing captain to the deathwing order? Is it inferred anywhere that this captain must be wearing terminator armor?

[Post New] 2021/02/08 23:54:51

    Subject: For the Lion! Dark Angels 9th Edition Codex.



Made in it
Perfect Shot Dark Angels Predator Pilot

Sesto San Giovanni, Italy

Answering by the fluff, Deathwing is the name for the Veterans of the Chapter that do not use power armour (that's why, at least originally, we didn't have standard Veteran).

Any Character is a member of the Inner Circle, and of the Deathwing by extension. That said only Belial was specifically a Deathwing Character for the purpose of the formation in previous edition.

So, if the table say so, than yes. I think the new book manage that a little differently due to the mess of Keyword, duplicate Terminators and Dreadnought entries with the base Marine Codex and such.

This message was edited 1 time. Last update was at 2021/02/08 23:55:27

I can't condone a place where abusers and abused are threated the same: it's destined to doom, so there is no reason to participate in it. 

[Post New] 2021/02/09 00:09:48

    Subject: Re:For the Lion! Dark Angels 9th Edition Codex.



Made in ca
Jinking Ravenwing Land Speeder Pilot


The 1st Company rule is quite permissive - much more so than the 2nd Company. As it reads, anything with Inner Circle can go in a Vanguard without breaking 1st Company. The Rites of Initiation are also broad.

All you have to do is fire three rounds a minute, and stand 

[Post New] 2021/02/09 02:03:11

    Subject: Re:For the Lion! Dark Angels 9th Edition Codex.



Made in hk
Regular Dakkanaut

eternalxfl wrote:
So I noticed that on the Deathwing promotions chart or whatever, you can induct a "Captain" for X amount of points. Does this mean I can promote a standard power armor (non-terminator armor) wearing captain to the deathwing order? Is it inferred anywhere that this captain must be wearing terminator armor?

Yes anything with Captain keyword can be promoted to Deathwing which makes sense as having Deathwing lead all the other companies. This is what I am looking at doing for my Vanguard detachment so as not to break the obsec rule for terminators
[Post New] 2021/02/09 02:19:48

    Subject: Re:For the Lion! Dark Angels 9th Edition Codex.



Made in au
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon

TangoTwoBravo wrote:
The Deathwing Command Squad is a great little unit - you can take one in a "free slot" if you a Deathwing Terminator Captain. I think the only limitation is the Rule of Three.

I've been looking at the Dark Angels' Secondaries. Its all theory right now (back in Lockdown).

Martial Interdiction looks fluffy, but I think it will usually lead to disappointment. Could work if your opponent's list doesn't offer much in the way of Bring it Down or Assassinate. Might be an option if your opponent relies on a few, squishy characters and you have Sammael? I found with the Index that Sammael on Corvex could be a good character assassin. Belial will have a hard time catching anyone, but maybe with a well placed teleport?. Still, I suppose it lets you add some narrative to your Matched Play!

Death on the Wind is clearly for Ravenwing players. Destroying 8 enemy units (to max out at 15 points) is certainly possible, but watch out for the restrictions on moving over 12" or melee. I guess you could take this over Grind them Down if you want to guarantee a few points.

Stubborn Defiance looks amazing. Holding an objective of your choice for the whole game to get 15 points looks very doable. It does, though, require you to hold it with the same Obsec unit for the consecutive turn scoring (the rule says "that unit". This paints a huge target on "that unit" so I think you need to commit something like an Obsec Deathwing squad or a full-size Tactical/Intercessor squad with Apothecary support. Still, I think its the winner of the group and will be the one we see.

Be wary when using an inner circle unit and the Stubborn Defiance secondary when facing orks. If they can get a bead on the unit with smashagunz the unit will vanish as they get around transhuman type abilities with their wounding mechanic.
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    Subject: Re:For the Lion! Dark Angels 9th Edition Codex.



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cody.d. wrote:

Be wary when using an inner circle unit and the Stubborn Defiance secondary when facing orks. If they can get a bead on the unit with smashagunz the unit will vanish as they get around transhuman type abilities with their wounding mechanic.

Yes it will be important to know your enemy before picking secondaries. Luckily you go through army over view before you pick.

Curious how the Orks get around transhuman?

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The smasha gun uses a special wounding roll . It rolls 2d6 and has to beat your T value to wound.
The final effect is that it averages between strenght 7 and 8, but it is especially mean against transhuman effects. It wounds a DWK more often than a 2+.

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 Smirrors wrote:

cody.d. wrote:

Be wary when using an inner circle unit and the Stubborn Defiance secondary when facing orks. If they can get a bead on the unit with smashagunz the unit will vanish as they get around transhuman type abilities with their wounding mechanic.

Yes it will be important to know your enemy before picking secondaries. Luckily you go through army over view before you pick.

Curious how the Orks get around transhuman?

The Smashagun is a very odd weapon. In it's ruling is specifically states that INSTEAD of a wound roll you roll 2D6and try to match or exceed the targets toughness. If you do you successfully wound so you skip the step of the wound roll entirely. And trust me, most ork players will be taking 1 or 6 of these guns as they're disgustingly cheap for their quality. Probably one of the handful of units keeping orks competitive ATMhonestly.
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    Subject: For the Lion! Dark Angels 9th Edition Codex.



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As someone who is new to Dark Angels, I do like to read various opinions and options available in a single location. Having said that, I have been unable to locate the rules for Grim Resolve. Can anyone provide page#? The Codex references it, but I can't find what it actually does.

No earth shattering, thought provoking quote. I'm just someone who was introduced to 40K in the late 80's and it's become a lifelong hobby. 

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    Subject: For the Lion! Dark Angels 9th Edition Codex.



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Its In the chapter tactics section of Codex Space Marines.

You need both codex and supplement to get the most out of Dark Angels.

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princeyg wrote:
Its In the chapter tactics section of Codex Space Marines.

You need both codex and supplement to get the most out of Dark Angels.

So are Grim Resolve and the Devastator Doctrine bonus (+6" to range) still active for DA? I was listening to a podcast where they said they have been replaced by the new "Sons of the Lion" rules. I'm starting to get a bit confused...
[Post New] 2021/02/09 17:43:40

    Subject: For the Lion! Dark Angels 9th Edition Codex.



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eternalxfl wrote:

princeyg wrote:
Its In the chapter tactics section of Codex Space Marines.

You need both codex and supplement to get the most out of Dark Angels.

So are Grim Resolve and the Devastator Doctrine bonus (+6" to range) still active for DA? I was listening to a podcast where they said they have been replaced by the new "Sons of the Lion" rules. I'm starting to get a bit confused...

Range bonus is gone. I can make the first post more clear without becoming a Codex replacement either.

All you have to do is fire three rounds a minute, and stand 

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A question about swords. Heavenfall Blade vs The Burning Blade? Which one do you prefer? Or is it "Secret option 3", Teeth of Terra?

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Agusto wrote:
A question about swords. Heavenfall Blade vs The Burning Blade? Which one do you prefer? Or is it "Secret option 3", Teeth of Terra?

Definitely Heavenfall Blade for Talonmasters!

All you have to do is fire three rounds a minute, and stand 

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A Protoss colony world

Teeth of Terra has some usefulness for a generic bike captain or something (in the event you don't take Sammael for some reason).

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Canadian 5th

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Vancouver, BC

Agusto wrote:
A question about swords. Heavenfall Blade vs The Burning Blade? Which one do you prefer? Or is it "Secret option 3", Teeth of Terra?

To start let's examine what the melee profile of the character using these weapons will looks like after applying them, in this case we'll use a Captain for our comparison:

Astartes Chainsword: 5 Attacks @ S4 AP-1 D1
Teeth of Terra: 7 Attacks @ S5 AP-2 D2
Power Sword: 4 Attacks @ S5 AP-3 D1
MCPower Sword: 4 Attacks @ S5 AP-3 D2
The Burning Blade: 4 Attacks @ S7 AP-5 D2
Heavenfall Blade: 5 Attacks @ S6 AP-4 D2
Blade of Burden: 4 Attacks @ S6 AP-4 D2 - When resolving an attack made with this weapon, an unmodified wound roll of 6 inflicts 2 mortal wounds on the target and the attack sequence ends.
Thunderhammer: 4 Attacks @ S8 AP-2 D3 - Each time an attack is made with this weapon, subtract 1 from that attack’s hit roll.

Looking at the above list you'd essentially never want to gimp your dedicated CCcharacter with a default weapon so let's chuck those and look at the specialist options:

Teeth of Terra: 7 Attacks @ S5 AP-2 D2
MCPower Sword: 4 Attacks @ S5 AP-3 D2
The Burning Blade: 4 Attacks @ S7 AP-5 D2
Heavenfall Blade: 5 Attacks @ S6 AP-4 D2
Blade of Burden: 4 Attacks @ S6 AP-4 D2 - When resolving an attack made with this weapon, an unmodified wound roll of 6 inflicts 2 mortal wounds on the target and the attack sequence ends.
Thunderhammer: 4 Attacks @ S8 AP-2 D3 - Each time an attack is made with this weapon, subtract 1 from that attack’s hit roll.

The Teeth of Terra is a great option for clearing hordes, anything with armor 5+ never gets a save and 4+ loses that save in later turns as tactical doctrine kicks in.

I'd always take the Heavenfall Blade over the Burning Blade as +1 attack will be better than +1S AP-1 against most targets.

For anti-armor/MCwork Thunderhammers still shine as going from +5 to wound +4 can be a huge change.

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TangoTwoBravo wrote:

Agusto wrote:
A question about swords. Heavenfall Blade vs The Burning Blade? Which one do you prefer? Or is it "Secret option 3", Teeth of Terra?

Definitely Heavenfall Blade for Talonmasters!

So many decent relic options, I think the Arbiters Gaze would be chosen more often. The only time I would consider a Heavenfall Blade would be in an all Ravenwing Army and that would be to use it with the Swift Strike strategem to hit and run

Automatically Appended Next Post:

eternalxfl wrote:

So are Grim Resolve and the Devastator Doctrine bonus (+6" to range) still active for DA? I was listening to a podcast where they said they have been replaced by the new "Sons of the Lion" rules. I'm starting to get a bit confused...

The Space Marine Codex gives us our Chapter Tactic Grim Resolve of +1 to hit etc. Also we have access to vanilla stratagems, relics, warlord traits, secondary objectives and the the core list of units.

The Dark Angel Supplementadds our unique units, Super Doctrine, exclusive stratagems, warlord traits, relics and stratagems.

You need BOTH to play Dark Angels

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Do you guys think a space marine captain or a chaplain is better on a bike as an aggro CC threat?
Both seam to be able to do similar damage, with slightly different buffing affects to nearby core. Roll with some outriders/ attack bikes

I do drugs.
Mostly Plastic Crack, but I do dabble in Cardboard Cocaine. 

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    Subject: For the Lion! Dark Angels 9th Edition Codex.



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 ninjafiredragon wrote:
Do you guys think a space marine captain or a chaplain is better on a bike as an aggro CCthreat?
Both seam to be able to do similar damage, with slightly different buffing affects to nearby core. Roll with some outriders/ attack bikes

You can set up a Primaris Bike Chaplain to be a nasty beatstick character, but to do it most effectively his litanies will be ones that mainly buff himself. Give him the relic crozius, The Imperium's Sword warlord trait, and the Mantra of Strength as his litany and he'll wreck almost anything he touches. But he gives up his ability to help his friends out to do this. If you want him as a buff machine, probably make him a Master of Sanctity (so he can do double litanies), Wise Orator, and I'm not sure what relic would be best, and choose whichever litanies will best help your list.

The Bike Captain, on the other hand, can be given a wide variety of weapons, including some very nice relics like the Teeth of Terra or the Heavenfall Blade. Not sure a Storm Shield is worth it on him anymore (although a 2+ save is nice). And his aura always buffs any CORE stuff around him, which is nice. He also has a good selection of warlord traits that can either buff him or guys around him and could take a Chapter Master upgrade (if you don't have Azrael in the same list).

Honestly, it's not super easy to choose between the two, as both have their uses. They do different things, so you should take whichever one would most benefit your list. Personally I prefer Sammael to a regular Bike Captain, but if you were running Successors for some reason (which isn't as terrible an idea as it sounds, although actual DAare better IMO), you're stuck with the generic guy.

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Quick question about Bladeguard in a DW detatchment. How do you transport them? Just let them walk?

The repulsor still doesn't sound like a good deal with that high points cost and no invul-save. I think in the preview they said Impulsors can't be DW.

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Dark Angels Codex Supplement Review- Stratagems

Hi everyone, Michael here to take a look at the new hotness, the Dark Angels. This review will take a look at the new stratagems available in the book. For more reviews and analyses, check out the Tactics Corner.

As well as the powerful stratagems in the Space Marine Codex, Dark Angels have access to a range of new ones to boost the power of the army even further.

Wrath of the Lion (2CP)– Use in the command phase if a combat doctrine is active. Each time a Dark Angels model from your army makes an attack with a weapon specified in the active combat doctrine, an unmodified wound roll of a 6 improves the AP by 1. Cumulative with the active doctrine bonus. 

Situational. This is way too expensive. A one in six chance of getting an AP bonus on selected weapons is pretty poor, especially for 2CP. Might be useful if you really need to kill an enemy unit and it only cost 1CP, but I don’t see this getting used that much. There are simply better stratagems to spend your CP on. 

Intractable (2CP)– Use in your movement phase when a unit falls back. The unit can still shoot. If they have the Inner Circle ability, they may fall back automatically and do not need to test. 

Competitive. Now this is a stratagem definitely worth 2CP. The ability to fall back and shoot is great for most units in the game, especially since it is much more restricted with the changes to Fly. Being able to fall back with an Inner Circle unit is also a great bonus, without having to hinge on a Ld test. Capricious dice stopping your Terminators from falling back could ruin a battle plan, so having a guaranteed exit is probably worth it in some circumstances. Given the firepower of many Marine units, this is a great ability, with no negative penalty for shooting. However, many Dark Angels infantry are able to fire in combat to almost full effect, so save this for your Terminators or Ravenwing units, or if you are simply running low on CP.

Deathwing Assault (1CP)– Use when a Deathwing unit shoots. Add 1 to the wound roll if it was set up on the battlefield as a result of a Teleport Homer or Teleport Strike that turn. 

Competitive. Another strong stratagem for the Deathwing. Getting +1 to wound on the turn they arrive with their Storm Bolters or Heavy Weapons is a great boost, allowing you to clear out enemy infantry with their massed firepower. Can be combined with Fury of the First for +1 to hit, making the unit even more effective on the turn that they deploy. 

Line Unbreakable (1CP)– Use at the start of the fight phase. Select one Dark Angels Infantry unit. Until the end of the phase, that unit can only be targeted for melee attacks by enemy models in engagement range. 

Competitive. A bargain at 1CP. This could be really effective against horde units. It essentially means that only models in base contact or within 1/2″ are able to attack your selected unit. This stops massed infantry from getting their full compliment of attacks, blocking “second row” fighters from participating. Really useful if you find a character surrounded by an enemy unit, or are able to block the enemy unit by terrain or other units in your army. I don’t see it being used all the time, but could help a unit survive to hold an objective and win you the game. 

High-Speed Focus (1CP)- Use in the enemy shooting phase when an attack is allocated to a Ravenwing Vehicle unit. The unit gains a 4+ invulnerable save against ranged attacks. 

Efficient. This stratagem is now limited to Ravenwing vehicles, but is still useful. If you don’t get the first turn, gives you a measure of protection for your Ravenwing vehicles, going from a 5+ to a 4+ invulnerable save. Key for keeping your Flyers or Darkshroud alive, or if one of your Talonmasters gets targeted by enemy firepower if they suddenly find themselves out in the open. 

No Foe Too Great to Subdue (2CP)– Use in the fight phase. Each time a chosen unit of Deathwing Knights makes an attack against an enemy vehicle or monster, add 1 to the wound roll and AP. 

Competitive. At S8, this will allow Deathwing Knights to wound most Vehicles and Monsters on a 2+ at AP-3 (-4 in the assault doctrine) and damage 3, hitting on a 2+. This turns Deathwing Knights into a very powerful melee threat for enemy Vehicles and Monsters. Even Knights will fear a unit of Deathwing Knights, as they will be wounding on a 3+ against them. Deathwing Knights are already a solid choice thanks to the bonuses of Inner Circle, and this makes them even better in combat.

Marked for Command (1CP)– One Huntmaster or Knight Master or Sergeant can take a MC Weapon, Digital Weapon, Atonement or Bolts of Judgement. 

Situational. Allows you to give one of your Squad leaders a selected piece of special issue wargear. Not a bad bonus, but I don’t see myself ever using this. There are simply better relics to take or to spend your CP on. 

Paragon of the Chapter (1CP)– Give a Dark Angels warlord trait to a character that is not your warlord. 

Efficient. A solid stratagem that should see use. The Dark Angels have a number of useful traits, so it is worth taking one of these in your games if you can spare the CP. 

Honoured by the Rock (1CP)– Allows you to give a Dark Angels relic to a warlord from a Dark Angels successor chapter. 

Situational. A nice bonus, as Dark Angels have a number of useful relics. 

Tactical Appraisal (1CP)- Use in the command phase. Select one Dark Angels unit within 6″ of your warlord. Select one combat doctrine. Until the start of your next command phase, apply that doctrine to the unit instead of the currently active one. 

Efficient. A strong stratagem for turning back the clock on your doctrines or boosting a unit to the assault doctrine early. Very useful for the Ravenwing or Deathwing, as they get some good bonuses in other doctrines. Cheaper than the main codex stratagem allowing a unit to be active in all doctrines at once. Not as powerful overall, but cheaper to use if you only need a unit for a specific task, such as shooting or combat. 

The Hunt (2CP/3CP)– Use at the start of the first battle round. Select one Ravenwing unit. It may make a normal move as if it were the movement phase, but must end up more than 9″ from enemy models. Costs 2CP if the unit has 5 or fewer models, 3CP if it has more. 

Competitive. A very strong stratagem. This essentially allows you to redeploy a unit if you do not get the first turn, or move up on the enemy army if you do. This would allow you to put a unit of Black Knights in the open at the edge of your deployment zone. If you get the first turn, you can move up to be in key position to shoot or charge, or to be within range of an objective. Alternatively, if you go second, you get to re-deploy the unit to hide them or move up behind cover closer to the enemy army. This is very useful as the Speed of the Raven stratagem (allowing them to advance and still shoot and charge) no longer exists. 

Also useful for moving up on an objective that your opponent has abandoned or moving a unit into range to block a secondary, such as Investigate Sight. I need to check the wording on pre-game stratagems to see if this can be used more than once. Probably not going to be used too much at 2 or 3 CP each, but could get you out of trouble if your opponent also has a re-deploy ability. 

A great boost for early game board control, especially with the movement bonuses the Ravenwing already get on the first turn.

Targeting Guidance (2CP)– Use in the shooting phase. Select one enemy unit within 18″ of a Ravenwing Landspeeder or Storm Speeder unit. Add 1 to hit rolls when friendly Dark Angels units target that unit. 

Efficient. A strong bonus for your firepower. Ravenwing Landspeeders have some great firepower and durability (thanks to the Jink save), so they can be tough to shift and are pretty cheap. Well worth taking this for some boost to your firepower. Pairs well with the Talonmaster, allowing you to ignore cover on the unit as well as giving you +1 to hit. 

Swift Strike (2CP/3CP)– Use in the fight phase after a Ravenwing unit has fought. The unit may fall back as if it were the movement phase, or can move as normal if not in engagement range. Costs 2CP if the unit has 5 or fewer models, 3CP if it has more.

Competitive. Amazing! This allows your Ravenwing to strike at an enemy unit and then fall back to avoid attacks back. They can either retreat to the safety of the army, or plunge forward to contest or steal an objective your opponent thought was safe. I can see this being used a lot. Great on objective secured Bikers.

Secret Agenda (1CP)– Use when selecting a secondary objective. Do not reveal the objective to your opponent until you score victory points for it. 

Situational. This was much better under the maelstrom rules, but could be useful. I don’t see it being used too often. There are few objectives that are scored at the end of the game and are worth taking, so you are going to have to reveal your secret objective pretty early on in most games. To be honest, your opponent can probably guess what objectives you are taking in most games anyway, so it’s worth saving the CP. 

Stasis Shell (2CP)– Use when a Ravenwing model with an Astartes Grenade Launcher fires That model makes a single attack, if it hits the enemy unit is caught in stasis until the end of your next turn. While in stasis, the enemy unit (excluding Vehicles and Monsters) cannot fall back. 

Efficient. A situational, but effective stratagem. Stopping an enemy unit from falling back is a great bonus. This could allow you to pin an enemy unit in combat with your Terminators if they are unable to destroy them in a single round, or happen to consolidate into them after killing another enemy unit. The changes to combat order in your opponent’s turn also makes this pretty effective, giving your units the chance of striking first. 

Weapons from the Dark Age (2CP)– Use in the shooting phase when a Dark Angels unit is selected to fire. Until the end of the phase, add 1 to the damage characteristic of any plasma weapons the unit is equipped with. 

Competitive. An old favourite, but still worth it at 2CP. This is amazing on Dark Angels units, particularly Black Knights, Hellblasters and Plasma Inceptors. Especially useful now that a few units and armies are able to reduce damage on incoming attacks. Great for taking on Death Guard with overcharging weapons and still being able to kill them. A solid tool stratagem for the Dark Angels that should see use in most games.


As you can see, the Dark Angels have access to a number of useful stratagems. I am particularly happy with the Ravenwing stratagems, giving them a further boost to the already significant bonuses the new book has given them. 

Posted on February 12, 2021byMichael Corrin40K, Tactics

Tags: 40k 9th editiondark angelsdark angels codex review

Sours: https://www.frontlinegaming.org/2021/02/12/dark-angels-codex-supplement-review-stratagems/

Tactics dark angels

Why Play Dark Angels?

After the release of Deathwatch, Space Wolves, and Blood Angels last year, one chapter has remained alone and aloof (in an extremely on-brand fashion) outside the supplement club.

No longer.

The knightly forces of the Dark Angels have finally unpicked the Fallen plot that has been holding them back, and their Codex Supplement has been unearthed from the depths of the Rock. Games Workshop has kindly furnished us with a review copy to pore over, and a good thing too – this book is about to slam into the metagame harder than a charging unit of Deathwing Knights. Whether you’re a long-time Dark Angels fan, you’re planning out a fancy new army or just want to know what you’re going to be up against on the tournament tables, join our review team as we dig in. On the cards today we have:

  • Wings: Occasional Dark Angel appreciator, chief devourer of new rules.
  • Gunum: Hear Me Out mastermind and expert at pulling together some of the most esoteric Dark Angel lists in the business.
  • Greg: Goonhammer webmaster, long-time Dark Angel enthusiast, proud winner of at least one tournament game.

One of the OG chapters from the earliest days of Warhammer, the Dark Angels have been throwing out vibes and serving looks for longer than most of us writing this have been alive. Even when Games Workshop wasn’t entirely sure what to do with them rules-wise, they’ve always had a strong model range, and look as amazing on the table as they do being carefully placed back in your bag after being stomped into the dirt.

There’s a whole host of reasons to play Dark Angels, but really there are three main ones:

  • They have an entire company of marines where all they do is ride bikes with their friends, and another one that exists just to boss everyone around and talk wild shit, but they still have all the same tools and tricks as the regular marines that you know from the codex and the other supplements. For all the complaints about Deathwatch being “marines plus one”, there’s a legitimate case to make that this iteration of the Dark Angels might be a little too good at a few too many things.
  • Swords and wings is a killer aesthetic, absolutely timeless.
  • Goth?

If any of these apply to you, the Dark Angels might just be your guys.

Wings: On the more sensible side of things, if you like a chapter that takes the monk/knightly aspects of Space Marines up to 11, Dark Angels are for you. They march to battle in robes and ornate armour, and if you want to convert up some beautiful bikers, Bladeguard or Terminators this is absolutely the chapter for you. They also have fantastic support for themed forces on the tabletop, especially as of the new book. If you want to play an army of “whoops all Terminators/bikers” (delete as applicable) the Unforgiven have you covered.

Gunum: It’s three armies in one book. Biker Gang, Battle Priests, and Knights of the Round Table. How cool is that?!

They’re also really, really good. Like really good.

In line with the new Supplement structure for 9th, this book contains:

  • Fleshed out lore for the enigmatic denizens of the Rock.
  • Army special rules for fielding a Space Marine list from this chapter or one of their successors.
  • Special rules for Deathwing and Ravenwing detachments, letting you field powerful themed contingents with special rules to boot.
  • Warlord traits, stratagems, relics and a dedicated set of secondary objectives
  • An exceptionally powerful new version of the Interromancy discipline.
  • Rules for all of their unique units.
  • Crusade rules with a focus on hunting the Fallen – including a solution to the age old problem of hardly anyone actually having a Fallen army.

We think there’s a lot to like here – here’s what stands out to us:

  • Huge amounts of flexibility, letting you reap benefits from every part of the Marine codex.
  • Ravenwing and Deathwing rules that give you spectacular benefits for using their favoured units.
  • Interromancy, which might be one of the best psychic disciplines ever printed, and feels fully tailored for 9th Edition.
  • An excellent stratagem sheet means you always have a wealth of options in any situation.
  • Raw power – we know what some of our audience are here for, and this book might be the most powerful GW have printed since Iron Hands.

Dark Angels have the honour of being the final Marine chapter to be fully inducted into the supplement club and mostly follow the standard template. We say mostly, because there’s a couple of places where Dark Angels just get a bit more than everyone else to support the Ravenwing and Deathwing. Rules-wise, this section includes:

  • Rules for fielding Successor Chapters
  • Sons of the Lion, a completely new super Doctrine for the new edition.
  • Rules for fielding Deathwing and Ravenwing units and detachments.
  • Warlord Traits – including four additional ones over the standard six to provide specialized Ravenwing and Deathwing options.
  • Relics and Special Issue Wargear.
  • The Interromancy Discipline.
  • Secondary Objectives.

Successor Chapters

In line with every chapter except Deathwatch, if you want to take the rules in this book and combine them with one of the Successor Chapter traits from the Space Marine codex you can do that. As is standard, doing so loses you access to the named characters and higher-tier relics in the book (though you can buy access to one of those with a stratagem) and for Dark Angels specifically, there’s another price to pay. Unless your successor chooses to be Inheritors of the Primarch and take the Dark Angels chapter tactic, playing a Successor switches off the powerful Jink and Inner Circle abilities, meaning that Bikes, Land Speeders, and Terminators are going to be considerably less potent in the hands of Successors.

That does not mean they’re not going to see use, however – there are a wealth of options in this book that potentially combine extremely well with some of the Successor traits, and while you don’t get the signature Ravenwing and Deathwing abilities, Successors do still get the ability to build Ravenwing and Deathwing detachments (which we’ll cover in a second). All things considered, there’s potentially quite a bit more scope for making effective use of Successors in this book than in many we’ve seen recently, and here we’ll let the Grand Master of the Outer Circle himself take the wheel:

Gunum: There’s a reason Successor Chapters are the lead off of rules breakdown and that’s because the Outer Circle 1: is the best, and 2: actually benefits from all the amazing things from this book. Currently, the official outer circle is: Bolter Fusillades and Master Artisans. The Dark Angels have an ocean of bolt weapons on vehicles that normally cannot get re-rolls and Master Artisans provides even more support for units like the Land Speeder Vengeance or for the Rift Cannon on the Dark Talon. With the new book and the new tools, our tactics are looking like they may change. Tactics like the Outer Circle OG Whirlwind of Rage and Hungry for Battle are huge tactics I’m clearly going to be testing out. Heck, even things like Knowledge is Power or Tactical Withdrawal will be huge boons for us.

Now does picking a successor come with some costs? Yes. It does. We don’t get Inner Circle (OC4lyfe, Inner Circle can’t sit with us) or Jink (lame) nor do we get any of the named characters or artifacts. So yes, that sounds like a pretty big deal. Also, we lose out on the Dark Angels okay chapter tactics. As we’ll go into later, our new artifacts are pretty great so only being able to buy one is kinda lame. But, as a small little bonus, there is a collection of items in the Special-Issue Wargear specifically for Talonmasters so we can get the feel of having unique chapter artifacts still.

With these slight* (not slight) losses in mind, Inner Circle and Jink seem like things you’ll never be able to leave home without. I’d just like to present the idea that your opponent will roll 4+s. You’re gonna get hurt. Wouldn’t you like to be able to destroy your enemies better, vs just trying to live longer? Food for thought. Regardless, my fellow Green/Black-armored sons, I promise you that whether you are a 1st legionnaire or a lost son of the Lion. Now is a good time to be a Dark Angel of any variety.

Doctrine – Sons of the Lion

One of the big challenges with representing the Dark Angels on the table is how to handle the fact that they’re almost three armies in one. Alongside the conventional forces that many fans dub the Greenwing, you have the far more specialized Deathwing and Ravenwing, and the three contingents are going to be packing very different units a lot of the time, and wanting quite different supporting rules. This hit especially hard with the Dark Angels “Super Doctrine” in 8th, which boosted the range of guns in Devastator. Decent on Ravenwing (Gunum: or super awesome on Multi-melta Attack Bikes), OK on Greenwing (Gunum: Super awesome on Eradicators w/Heavy Meltas), but it did almost nothing for Deathwing (Gunum: Accurate), and on 9th’s smaller boards felt extremely missable.

The GW designers clearly understood that something much more exciting was needed here and boy have they delivered. Dark Angels get a completely revamped and completely unique super doctrine in this book, bringing support for all flavours of the Unforgiven and allowing savvy list-builders to reap massive benefits with combined arms forces.

How has this been done? Well, as previewed on Warhammer Community, the Sons of the Lion Doctrine doesn’t just have an effect in one of the three Doctrines. Instead, in each of the three Doctrines, one sub-set of Dark Angels units benefits.

As the game kicks off in Devastator Doctrine, the Ravenwing gains access to the Speed of the Raven ability. This increases their movement and lets them shoot after Advancing (taking a penalty as if all weapons were Assault when they do). This lets your faster elements zoom across the board to take firing positions straight out of the gate (while picking up the maximum Jink benefit), and is going to be especially nasty on units like Attack Bikes and Invader ATVs.

When things move on to the Tactical Doctrine, all your non-Deathwing INFANTRY gain access to the Fire Discipline rule. This lets them shoot with non-Blast weapons while in engagement range, treating their BS as 5+ while doing so. This is probably the least “splashy” of the three parts, but certainly not a bad thing to have access to, and lets you play very aggressively with units like, er, Aggressors, helps your Intercessors stay flexible, and makes bully charging your Eradicators a far dicier prospect. Don’t forget, too, that pretty much whenever this is active so is your Grim Resolve chapter tactic, so you’re pretty likely to be hitting on 4s rather than 5s.

Finally, once the Assault Doctrine drops it’s the Deathwing’s turn to shine. With the Implacable ability, their INFANTRY and DREADNOUGHTs gain re-rolls to wound in melee against CHARACTERs and models with 8+ wounds. Not complicated, but very brutal, and a super-strong ability to have access to in a world where Greater Daemons and Tyranid nasties are running amok.

What this adds up to is that you are massively rewarded for playing a force that combines all the different Dark Angel elements, you have the opportunity to draw a whole lot of strength from this. The tradeoff for this is that no single part is quite as powerful as the best existing superdoctrines, but that’s only fair given that you get to triple dip. It’s also worth flagging that Dark Angels have especially easy access to the ability to put a unit in another Doctrine via the new Tactical Appraisal stratagem, so if you need some early punch from a Deathwing unit or to let a Ravenwing unit rip across the table in an emergency, you’ve got options.

The only big gap is that there’s nothing here that rewards you for taking “conventional” vehicles, meaning they’re likely to be a fairly rare sight in Dark Angels forces. Given how extremely potent all the Dark Angel themed choices end up, we suspect you’re not going to miss them much.

Gunum:I’d like to make a quick addition here, as most of our unique vehicles are Ravenwing. This allows us to have a very strong turn in Devastator doctrine with things like the Land Speeder Vengeance or the Dark Talon. Being able to protect all of our unique vehicles with a 4++ and still fire their powerful guns is pretty sick. This is also a buff to Outer Circle, where the re-roll 1s for bolt weapons and the Master Artisans re-roll will help mitigate the -1 to hit from advancing.Not to mention the shooting in close combat.

Deathwing and Ravenwing

Dark Angels players have honestly been having a pretty good time of things with just their interim Index alone, and a lot of that has rested on the power of the Ravenwing and (especially) Deathwing rules within it. This book brings good news for Dark Angels fans – all of that’s still here, and it’s been turned up to 11.

The big power here has been two special abilities that the Ravenwing and Deathwing units in the Index had. Jink on Ravenwing units gives them a 5+ Invulnerable save against shooting that they lose if they Remain Stationary, but increase to a 4+ if they Advance, while the even spicier Inner Circle ability makes units fearless, and if they’re INFANTRY (so Deathwing and Characters) gives them “always-on” Transhuman Physiology, meaning they can never be wounded on an unmodified roll of a 1-3. Deathwing Terminator and Knight units have been rampaging across the tournament tables since, and that isn’t about to change – all the units that had these abilities still do.

Now, however, that’s only where the fun begins. The only drawback these abilities had in the Index was that they only applied to units that had them on the datasheet, meaning only the limited range Dark Angels-specific units got to benefit.

Gunum:And here we go…

Not any more. Thanks to this book, any RAVENWING units in Dark Angels detachments that do not already have Jink gain it, and the same thing is true for DEATHWING units and the Inner Circle ability.

This is, bluntly, completely wild and is a big part of why we think Dark Angels are pretty likely to take the crown of best Space Marines coming out of this book. Do you want your Bladeguard Veterans to have always-on Transhuman for free? Yes, obviously you do, you absolutely want that. Do you want your Attack Bikes to have a 4++ when they advance up and multi-melta something thanks to Speed of the Raven? Duh. Do you want to seriously think about whether some of the Storm Speeder builds could have a place in your lists? Honestly maybe! This gives you so much power for zero cost that it’s the kind of ability that forces you to go back and check out every datasheet that has these keywords, and ensures that the cream of the crop are going to be staples in Dark Angels lists.

GunumThis has been a wishlist thing since we first saw these rules, and man it makes it hard to stay outside the lines. Giving Transhuman to BGV as well as Jink to just regular bikes is a massive buff and is very, very hard to ignore. It was one thing when IC was just affecting Terminators, but saving me CP on all my elite units as well as my bikers?! Gah. Must stay true to who I am…

Even some units who don’t have the DEATHWING keyword natively can get in on the fun. The new Rites of Initiation rule lets you pay a points premium to add the DEATHWING keyword to some units, covering Captains, the “Bladeguard” Primaris Lieutenant, Dreadnoughts, and all the vehicles that can ferry Terminators around. Obviously, the biggest benefit here comes for the characters, as only INFANTRY can benefit from the Inner Circle ability, but Dreadnoughts do need it in order to dip into the Implacable Doctrine effect, so if you’ve got a melee-specced one it can be worth thinking about.

The other vehicles don’t actually get any direct benefit from doing this, so why would you spend 10pts on it? Well, that’s where the final big bit of Deathwing/Ravenwing support now comes in. If your army is pure Dark Angels (or a Successor) and you build a pure Deathwing Vanguard or a pure Ravenwing Outrider that contains your Warlord, the detachment refunds you 3CP, and also grants Objective Secured to what seem to have been designated the “basic” models for that wing. That means Bike Squads and Outriders for Ravenwing, and all the Terminator flavours that are not Command Squads or Knights for Deathwing. This is another seriously spicy benefit likely to see a whole bunch of use. There’s almost certainly a real case for Outrider/Vanguard Dark Angel lists, and granting units ObSec for free is hugely welcome, especially on models as crunchy as Terminators or as speedy as bikes.

The Ravenwing and Deathwing have been big drivers of Dark Angels performance so far, and that’s not about to change – in fact, they’re set to become some of the standout units across the whole game. Great news for fans of bone or black armor.


Dark Angels Blade Guard Veterans and Ancient

Honestly, where to even start. In line with a developing theme you might be detecting, Dark Angels make out like mysterious, robe-clad bandits in the Stratagem section, sporting powerful tricks for a wide variety of situations alongside all the standard options you’d expect from a Supplement. Let’s kick off with two obvious wins, then we’ll let our team highlight some of their favourites. First up, as alluded to earlier, Tactical Appraisal is a real eye-catcher. For 1CP, you activate it in your Command Phase, pick a unit within 6″ of your warlord, and that unit then counts the Doctrine of your choice as being active till your next Command Phase. Sure, Marines can already access this via Adaptive Strategy, but in exchange for needing a bit of setup, this is half the price and doesn’t have the CORE limitation, meaning you can use it to turn on Speed of the Raven for Land Speeders or let a Deathwing character get juiced up to punch out a tank. Any Marine army would kill to have access to this, but the Dark Angels stole it and hid it within the vaults of the Rock. Speaking of sequestered treasures, Weapons From the Dark Age is back, and though it sports an increased price tag of 2CP, there really is no substitute for how horrendously nasty it makes plasma Inceptors. From there, let’s throw it to the team and see what highlights they’ve picked out.

Gunum: Honestly, there is a ton of stratagems we gain here, and as much as I’d like to dive into that. I want to talk about one that we no longer have. Combined Assault. This was a much-loved stratagem from the index we received that allowed a Deathwing unit to deep strike within 6″ of a Ravenwing bike that hadn’t advanced, as long as they were also outside of 6″ of an enemy unit. Now, this was a very fluffy stratagem that was used almost daily by me. It was hard to deal with and I was able to use it to decent success when paired with a Bike Chaplin. Sadly, with the early movement increases to Ravenwing units and the buffs to Terminators in general, I think it was removed for the good of the game. RIP Combined Assault. 2020-2021.

There is one beside Line Unbreakable, which I think is S tier good, that I would like to touch on quick and that’s the return of Deathwing Assault. When you arrive from deep-strike you get to add +1 to the wound roll in the shooting phase. Pretty Good when we have a wall of Terminators pumping out bullets at literally anything.

Greg: If I have a problem with these, and I’m not honestly sure that I do, it’s that the majority of them cost 2CP, and with the 1st and 2nd company detachments (not to mention the relics and WLTs) I think most lists will start down on CP. For balance purposes, I understand why, but it does introduce a breakpoint where you probably never want to spend all your CP, and instead end your turn with at least one banked, in order to have enough to pop off WftDA or Intractable on your next turn. Otherwise, they’re all good, straight up. Except for the one where you pay 2CP to fire a grenade that turns off falling back, which sucks.

Wings: I guess I’ll round out with a few more Ravenwing options because there certainly are some! They have the option of a pre-game move with The Hunt, melee hit and run with Swift Strike, and can have a Land Speeder boost shooting with Targeting Guidance. As Greg has pointed out, these do all run you multiple CP, forcing you to carefully prioritize game-to-game, but when these are good they’re really good. A very final thing to mention is that, much to our surprise, a version of the old strat that let you hide your Maelstrom cards is here. Secret Agenda lets you spend 1CP when you pick Secondaries or Agendas to hide one of them from your opponent, only revealing it the first time it’s scored. This is, honestly, kind of hilarious, and is potentially even pretty strong if cunningly combined with While We Stand, We Fight. It’s also worth remembering that all the “kill” secondaries don’t actually score till the end of the game, so if your opponent has valid targets for multiple of them, you can keep them guessing with this. Probably not often worth spending a precious, precious CP on, but super cool.

Warlord Traits

Dark Angels HQs

Dark Angels have a whole bunch of extra Character datasheets, and what better way to spice them up than by adding some powerful Warlord traits? The good news for anyone thinking that is that this section is another slam dunk – the traits are powerful, and there are more than in most books. Six options here can be taken by any Dark Angels character, but Deathwing and Ravenwing models get two additional choices each, letting you customize to your heart’s content. Most of these are new or shaken up from previous rules, but fans of deviously thwarting the machinations of elves and Daemons alike will be delighted that the once-per-game auto-deny of Watched is still here and still as much of a headache as ever. For the new ones, let’s throw things straight out to the team to talk about their favourites:

Wings: I’m a big fan of Fury of the Lion, which means that if the Warlord charged, was charged or heroically intervened in a turn they grant DARK ANGELS units within 6″ (including themselves, as surprisingly there’s no CORE rider) +1S. I expect to see this be a popular choice on the always excellent Bike Smash Chaplain, especially because with the standard “kit” this pushes the model to the critical S8 breakpoint. More generally, if you’ve got an aggressive Character you’re planning to charge with a lot, this lets the Dark Angels dip into the kind of wide-ranging melee buffs more commonly seen among Blood Angels and White Scars. If you prefer your Chaplains to stay as force multipliers rather than punch stuff themselves, it’s also a good combo with the Cup of Retribution for a big melee swing turn.

Gunum: Now, it’s no secret I haven’t been the biggest fan of our Dark Angel warlord traits. I rarely took any of them. The core codex traits are just so good it’s hard to compete. With the new warlord traits, is that going to change? Maybe. There is one I think that really stands out as “cool” but maybe not great. That’s Stubborn Tenacity. This new trait allows your Warlord, when killed, to just…not die. Not be removed. Just continue to exist. Well, until his insane endurance finally gives way at the end of the turn. Imagine, a warlord that your opponent goes out of the way to remove, for him only to die, then punch whoever killed him right back in their face. All the while still providing his aura buffs throughout the phase. I love it on something like a Smash Chaplain on a bike who gets touched by an Armor of Russ then rightly murdered. “Sorry little doggy, you’re still getting the stick.”

Greg: I love Stubborn Tenacity but it is so, so, so, stupid.

Wings: The other one that really needs a mention is Decisive Tactician, which gives a 6″ aura granting CORE units +1 to Advances and Charges. You may recognize this as an ability that’s good pretty much wherever it turns up and is spicy in a chapter with a bunch of Terminator support. Where it’s also super strong is in a Successor using Hungry For Battle, because it stacks to give you that sweet, sweet 7″ charge out of Deep Strike without needing to do anything so gauche as to have a Chaplain shouting at your guys. I’m honestly not quite sure how I feel about this one being here because it’s so out of the Dark Angels’ conventional wheelhouse that it does feel a bit like they’re stepping on the toes of other chapters. Good though!


Deathwing Terminator Praetor

Gunum:I know what you’re looking for you readers who are skipping ahead. I got you.

Are you feeling like you just can’t keep up with all these incredible rules? Well, if you want a breather this might be your only chance because Relics is one of the few places in this book that’s merely “great” rather than “slam dunk tier”. As with all supplements, you’ve got your premium Relics of the Rock, which are available to the Dark Angels themselves or via the Honoured by the Rock stratagem, and Special Issue Wargear that Outer Circle chumps can take to their heart’s content.

Both categories have got some good stuff, and once again it’s time for the team to pick out their favourites.

Wings: I may as well follow on from my Warlord pick here and talk about what the Cup of Retribution actually does. This is a Relic of the Rock for a Chaplain that gives them a once-per-game Litany they can use instead of one of their normal ones. This Litany automatically works (no feel bads of taking this then rolling a 1), and while inspiring gives the Chaplain a 6″ aura of +1A for your CORE units. Simple but very, very effective, letting your army hit like a monster truck on a key turn.

Gunum: The relic. The only relic worth talking about. The Pennant of Remembrance.  The burning question of the masses next to “Did BGV get Inner circle?” is “Did the Pennant change?”. Yes. It did. A lot. The Pennant no longer provides a 5+++ to all Deathwing within 6″. I know, stop groaning dear readers. Instead, in your command phase, you pick a Deathwing Infantry Core unit within 6″ to take 1 less damage from all attacks.

I’ll let that soak in and hand it off to Greg.

Greg: Here’s something that won’t surprise anyone that’s ever read my posts: I have a soft spot for stuff that sucks. This means that I have an inexplicable number of plasma pistols spread around my Dark Angels army, just throwing points away. But now, with Atonement, an absolutely bonkers S9 AP-4 3 damage pistol, I feel vindicated. Incredible waste of a relic slot, and absolutely going into every list I can fit it in. One-shotting Gravis marines with a plasma pistol, my god.

Gunum Redux: -1 Damage to all attacks!!! It’s -insane-. Put this on our newly buffed Bladeguard?! How about that brick of Deathwing Knights you dropped down the turn before. This is insane. The applications of this along with the durability of our Deathwing is just bonkers. I’m not saying this is an auto take in every Dark Angel list. But I don’t think there is a list where I don’t take this on a Bladeguard Ancient.

Psychic Discipline – Interromancy

OK, back to the outstanding stuff – Interromancy is in real contention for the best Psychic Discipline in the game. Anyone who’s been keeping an eye on the Warhammer Community previews has probably got some pretty high expectations coming into this (we certainly did), and this set of powers smashes those expectations into the ground then blasts Space Jam at top volume.

Let’s start with what we’ve already seen – Mind Wipe and Engulfing Fear.

Mind Wipe reaches out and switches off an enemy aura, while Engulfing Fear (as shown above) switches off ObSec and can mess with Actions if you roll well. Both of these are exceptionally good abilities in the kind of games 9th encourages, and we imagine many Dark Angels players were already dusting off their Librarians based on these alone.

The debuff fun doesn’t end there, however. These are joined by the return of Aversion and Mind Worm (both WC6). Both are amplified versions of what they used to do in 8th. Aversion gives an enemy unit -1 to hit, but now additionally applies -1A to the unit if they’re within 6″ of the Psyker. The front half of this is always fine, and having the extra effect available if things get crunchy is very helpful. However, when it comes to shutting down enemy melee units Mind Worm is clearly your pick. This does what it always did (1MW, make the enemy fight last) but gets 6″ extra range (a big difference to how easy it is to slot in) and benefits from opponents not being able to Counter Offensive out of it anymore (it uses the “not eligible” wording). This one feels really strong now, and is really going to help you dominate games.

Continuing with the theme of Fight Phase domination, we come to our one buff – Righteous Repugnance. Once again, this does what it always did (full hit and wound re-rolls in melee for a target unit) but that effect is so much more valuable in 9th (and the Dark Angels so much better suited to getting into a fight) that it feels like a whole new (and very spicy) toy. Use this on Terminators of any stripe or even just some Intercessors and watch the enemy melt.

Last and kind of least because of how good the rest is comes Trephination. This has been re-worked and is now basically just a better Smite – it deals d3 MWs to the closest visible enemy unit and increases to a flat 3 MWs if the psychic test beat their leadership. This works out as a better Smite against Ld <=8, equal on average (but less spiky) against Ld 9, and slightly worse against Ld 10. “Better Smite most of the Time” is pretty good going for a mortal wound power, and the fact that this is probably going to be the least-used option here despite that says a lot.

Greg: I think it’s telling that GW did such a thorough job with this book that even goddamned Trephination is good now. That spell has been trash since it was created, one of the worst picks in uninspired book after uninspired book, but in the glorious new world of 9th edition, even that is worth a look.

Gunum: Man. Is Mind Worm lasting for two combat phases bonkers to anyone else? It is literally oppressive.

This is some outstanding stuff overall, and expect to see Dark Angels sporting one of the highest rates of Librarian inclusion across the board, usually Ezekiel or a Chief Librarian. Mostly these will be sporting 3/4 of Mind WormMind Wipe, Engulfing Fear and Righteous Repugnance, and we’ll have to see whether having the full toolkit of top-tier debuffs or having access to a force multiplier in a pinch wins out for filling the slots.

Secondary Objectives

Closing out the rules section, armies with a Dark Angels Warlord gain access to three extra Secondary Objective choices. As is standard, these still have categories and you can only take one choice from this list.

First up, we have a spin on the “screw that guy in particular” theme we’ve seen in other Marine books in Martial Interdiction (Purge the Enemy). If you pick this, your opponent chooses one Character in their army, and you get points at the end of that battle if the Character has been destroyed by a melee attack, then bonuses if it was an Inner Circle or Deathwing unit that did the deed and/or the unit that destroyed them survives the battle. It’s a nice spin on the theme, trading being a bit higher risk of you getting nothing (as you can’t just gun the target down to bank five VP in an emergency) for being more flexible to hit 15 on. Also, there’s a special prize for the first person who manages to max this out by running the target over with a Land Raider that’s been made Deathwing. Take them alive indeed.

Next up, we have a strong reward for building around Ravenwing in Death on the Wind (No Mercy, No Respite). This is good clean fun – you get 2VP every time a Ravenwing unit that either moved 12″ or more in your movement phase or made a charge move this turn destroys an enemy unit. If you’re packing the knights of the Ravenwing there’s a very strong chance that “go fast and kill things” was already your plan, making this look attractive. The only thing really holding it back is that it shares a category with Grind them Down, and they’re good against similar kinds of lists, but there are still going to be cases where the fact that you can spike this much higher in a given turn make it a superior option – it gives you more flexibility to set up cautiously or lie low for a Battle Round if the situation dictates it. Gunum note: There is no cap to how many points you gain a turn on this, which is kinda cool. Use those Multi-meltas baby!

Finally, we have a very polarised objective that is going to swing wildly between being annoyingly excellent in a minority of games and terrible otherwise. Stubborn Defiance (Battlefield Supremacy) lets you pick an objective at the start of your first command phase, then in every subsequent command phase score points based on how long you’ve continuously held it with an Objective Secured unit that’s currently holding it (2/3/5/5 for two through five consecutive turns of holding). The scoring margins on this one are pretty tight – in order to max it out, you need to literally start an ObSec unit on it at game start, then hold it continuously with that unit all the way through the game. Your opponent disrupting your hold for even one turn is also extremely bad news – the way it hashes out means that if you start this out the gate, score it on turn two, but then your opponent prevents you from holding the objective on turn three, you’ll only be able to salvage two additional points if you hold it on turn four and five, for a total of only four points.

Gunum:  I just want to jump in here and sayI think this is the best secondary in the game. It allows you to have Priority Targets, the best mission secondary in the game, every single game. The objective you pick is your home objective, and you never leave it. It’s literally free real estate. Oath of Moment is for chumps when compared to this. Codex secondaries being allowed in match play was the worst idea. 

Wings: So Gunum and I don’t agree on how good this is – I definitely think there are some games where this is outrageously good, but effectively all it takes is your opponent managing to sneak something in and take the objective for a single turn and things fall rapidly apart. It also commits you to keeping something much more substantial statically out of the game than you can pull with Priority (Servitors are right out). Part of the strength of Priority for me is also being able to pull a character back to backfill in an emergency, and part of the reason it’s so often so completely trivial is that you get to move objectives around. I think the percentage of games where this is actually, genuinely safe to take are pretty low – unless it turns out that you can do something dumb around combining this with While We Stand and just parking a third of your army at home and daring the opponent to come deal with your bullshit.

Gunum: The counterpoint of “Well. They will just break the chain and stop you from getting the big points.” is a real thing, sure. But even if that does happen, getting a minimum of 6 – 8 points here isn’t even close to a stretch. Not only that but if you do some good list building strategies and plan for this secondary from a list design standpoint. I think you can -really- set yourself up for success here. 

Where these land overall definitely depends on how good Stubborn Defiance ends up being – if it’s strong as Gunum thinks then this list is consequently extremely strong, but if grumpy Mr. Pessimism Wings is correct then this list merely ends up fine.

If you like hunting the Fallen and also understanding why the Fallen must be hunted (but to be clear, screw those guys) then you’re probably keen to know what’s going on in the Lore and Crusade sections of this book. As ever, we’ll have separate reviews for those two sections coming up in the next few weeks, so if that’s your jam make sure to check back in.

Similar to the other Codex to Index transitions, there’s not been a lot of change to the units themselves just the context in which they sit and the abilities around them. That’s not really a problem as such – Dark Angels have a bunch of really nice units, especially in the HQ and Elites slot, but if you’re a seasoned Dark Angels fan there isn’t a massive amount for you to see here, other than the one new datasheet (the Deathwing Strikemaster).


Starting out with Named Characters, Dark Angels get the standard trio of a Chapter Master, Librarian, and special Chaplain, and they’re joined here by the grandmasters of each of the two special wings, Belial and Samael, and a handsome Primaris guy.

Starting with the main trio, Azrael is your chapter master. He comes with the standard Chapter Master ability to grant a unit full re-rolls, has a reasonable set of relic weapons, and a couple of unique tricks of his own. The main one here is that he has a helper carrying The Lion Helm. This gives him a 6″ aura granting a 4+ invulnerable save against shooting to INFANTRY and BIKER units. This is pretty awesome, and has seen a lot of use in the Index alongside Ravenwing units that didn’t have Jink – but now all the Codex imports get that, it’s less of a draw. He gives you two bonus CP as well, which is a nice add-on, but his 170pt price tag is pretty steep and may see him benched.

Gunum: This guy is a G. His gun is still awesome, he still doesn’t kill himself with it. So big wins. The cost is still high but when you’re giving your brick of Deathwing Termies a 4++, or just protecting your backline. He’s an investment to be sure, but he provides such a force multiplier that he’s definitely worth a real look.

Ezekiel, on the other hand, is absolute fire now. He comes in as 125pts, which you may recognize as the same price as a vanilla Chief Librarian (and he has the third known power to match), but also sports relic weapons, an invulnerable save, and built-in +1 to cast for Interromancy. Given how great that is, expect to see him in a massive number of lists. He does also have an aura that allows units to get +1A in turns where Shock Assault isn’t active, so if you end up in a really protracted grind, he can even be a force multiplier.

Asmodai is out last of the main trio, and if we’re honest he’s pretty missable. He’s not a Master of Sanctity, and though he knows two Litanies can only recite one. He does have some other cool abilities, but realistically you’re taking a Bike or Jump Pack Master of Sanctity over him.

The two ‘wing commanders are both pretty cool. They each get a Chapter Master style effect that they can only use on models of their own wing, which is definitely nice to have around, and pack some suped-up statlines. Belial is a combat nightmare, while Samael is an all-rounder, being pretty good both in a fight or at range. With Deathwing and Ravenwing stronger than ever, expect to see both out and about in a lot of lists.

Finally, for the named dudes, Lazarus is a named Primaris Captain with a fancy sword and an anti-psyker aura. He’s OK, but there are so many great proactive things you can be doing in this book that spending points on a model like this that’s more of a counterpick is hard to justify.

Greg: I think Lazarus is slightly better than you’re giving him credit for. His aura is a 5+ against Mortal Wounds, not just psychic mortal wounds – it applies regardless of the source.

Gunum: He also fights when he dies! Which he probably will often, but that’s what we call value around these parts. 

The other HQs in the book are Dark Angel variants of all the Chaplain builds, then the Ravenwing Talonmaster and the new Deathwing Strikemaster. Both of these are essentially special Lieutenants, sporting a standard re-roll 1 to wound aura for CORE. They’re also both pretty nasty in their own right. Talonmasters are fast and pack a whole bunch of dakka (plus nice relic synergies) and can strip away enemy cover for Ravenwing units via their No Escape ability. The Deathwing Strikemaster doesn’t get any Deathwing-specific buffs, but does benefit from being able to take a mace of absolution and a storm shield, turning him into a very nasty combatant as well as a buff bearer. Talonmasters are well known as one of the best Dark Angel units, and that doesn’t feel like it’s changed much here, while the Strikemaster definitely feels like they should have a place in lists.

Gunum: As the skilled Outer Circle player knows, the Talonmaster is a key component to any list. And that’s no different for my cousins of the 1st. Don’t worry my treasured family, this unit hasn’t changed. He stays powerful, shooty, fast, and undercosted. There’s the Deathwing Strikemaster too, I guess. 


Deathwing Knights

Elites are the land of various flavours of Deathwing Terminators, plus the “command squad” style models available to both Deathwing and Ravenwing. Deathwing Terminator units come in three flavours – basic, Command Squads, and Knights. All three are great – your basic Deathwing unit is exactly the same as normal Terminators but with more flexibility in their weapon loadouts which, since they now get native ObSec in Deathwing detachments, is very appealing. Knights are your elite murder nasties. Sporting storm shields, 2+ WS, and maces of absolution (thunder hammers without the hit penalty), they will comfortably win fights against almost any other elite unit and are extremely tough to shift. If you’re going for Rites of War rather than leaning on the native ObSec, these are super cool. Finally, Deathwing Command squads are very similar to the basic Terminator options, but trade losing access to ObSec in Deathwing Detachments (plus two points) for highly configurable squad sizes, a Bodyguard ability and optionally getting to be included in a detachment for free if you have a Deathwing Terminator Captain in the detachment. The big draw for these is taking two model units, one with lightning claws and one with hammer/shield. That gives you an 80pt unit that’s perfect for screening out space or performing Activities (thanks to natural deep strike), and crunchy enough to soak up some fire or murder a few enemies when needed.

Continuing the command squad theme, both Deathwing and Ravenwing get their Company Champion, Ancient, and Apothecary options in this slot. All of these work basically how you expect, and the two standouts are the Ravenwing Apothecary (because he’s fantastic upgraded to a Chief Apothecary, driving round and reviving dudes) and the Ancient in Terminator Armor – despite, as the keen-eyed reader has likely noticed, not actually being in this book, he’s in Codex: Space Marines – because you need him to carry the fancy Pennant of Remembrance. The rest are all totally fine, but not must-haves in the way of these standouts.Gunum note: Bladeguard Ancients can still hold the flag too. Go, team!

Finally, in Elites, you have Black Knights, the Ravenwing command squad equivalent. These units are extremely cool and very iconic, but they’re still maybe just a little on the pricy side. The improved stratagem sheet definitely helps, and it’s just about possible that a huge brick of these blasting with Weapons from the Dark Age or hit-and-running could be good, but they sure are competing hard with just taking more Terminators.

Gunum: Hello fans. It’s me. Gunum. Here to talk about Black Knights. Now before we get started, let’s all take a collective breath. We’ve been through a lot already and there isn’t much more to go. Take a break, drink some water, call your mom. Have you checked your oil recently? It is near the end of the month, make sure your car insurance is paid for. I hope you didn’t go too deep into stonks this week. Okay, I’ll wait for you to come back before I dive into this really iconic unit.

Okay. Welcome back! Wait, what were we talking about? 

Fast Attack

The rest of the units in this book are all Ravenwing, all the time, and in Fast Attack, you have two special Land Speeders – the Darkshroud and the Vengeance. The Darkshroud is a defensive tool, providing a bubble of -1 to hit, while the Vengeance packs a massive plasma array. The Darkshroud used to be an absolute staple, but the caps on negative hit modifiers in 9th means it’s not mandatory. It certainly isn’t badand can give some armies headaches, but don’t feel like you have to take one. The Vengeance, on the other hand, is very much tailored for the “whoops all Land Speeders” lists that a certain Gunum used to favour before he got all edgy and joined the Outer Circle. If packing a bunch of speeders is your jam, it’s a good choice, as its main gun is pretty tasty for the price tag now.

Gunum: Have you guys heard about our plasma-lobbing savior, the Land Speeder Vengeance? It’s a Speeder. It’s got super-charged plasma cannons. It can get up to FOUR DAMAGE AGAIN!!!! Why aren’t you two more hype about this!? Also WINGS I stopped using the Land Speeders because I couldn’t take them in units of five anymore. No reader, we still can’t do that. 


Ravenwing Dark Talon

Finishing out the Ravenwing roster, they get two different plane choices, and in an edition that’s intensely hostile to aircraft as a rule (because of what they did to 8th Edition) these have the distinction of being some of the best out there. The Dark Talon gives you a mortal wound gun that’s extremely nerve-wracking to play against (plus a once-per game bomb that can trap a target in combat with your Terminators, always nice) while the Nephilim is an air superiority craft that packs a super heavy bolter on the nose, making it a decent source of dakka even when your opponent is plane-free (and in 9th, they probably are). Between the native invulnerable save that being Ravenwing gives them, and having access to at least some buffs despite not being core, both of these are reasonable includes in lists if you want some strong fire support. They’re rarely going to be the best option, but are decent choices (and the models are awesome, so using them makes your army look rad).

GunumMy sweet baby bird. The power of the Nephalim and its key role in my Outer Circle shouldn’t be ignored. This unit is the -key- reason why I love Bolter Fusillades. 16 Heavy Bolter-esc shots with 2 awesome missiles as icing on the cake?!Not only that, but it also kept its bonus wound to bring it to 11! Get in, Reader, we’re going flying. 


This book is outrageously good. I have a lingering affection for the Dark Angels (I had a truly awfully painted army when I was a kid) and the Unforgiven had a terrible run through 8th so it’s definitely nice to see them finally get the care and attention they deserve, and where this book succeeds is in making playing Dark Angels easily the most fun it’s been for a long while, and really delivering on the promise of Deathwing and Ravenwing being able to operate as themed forces. Where I must confess to being a little bit worried is how fun it’ll be to play against – this book is a whole lot, the army gets a tonne of access to powerful abilities without really paying for them, and ends up with ways at being good at almost everything. The book releases we’ve had thus far in 9th have been pretty well-tuned power level wise, but this time I’m raising my eyebrow a bit.


It’s good. It’s really good. From the spells to the secondaries. Dark Angels have seen a wall to wall, fluffy and powerful improvement to their book and the options they have. Giving us back Weapons of the Dark Age and the new Objective Secured detachments is such a powerful energy that I am constantly being drawn into playing regular Dark Angels over my Outer Circle. Which is something I thought would never happen. I need to start hearing about how Greg is the best player in his local community with this book, I also can’t wait for Cyle’s inevitable switch over to Dark Angels.


More like Forgiven, am I right?

How They’ll Play

Probably pretty good. I mean, if you’ve read this far, you have to know that.

Realistically, a large proportion of Dark Angels lists are going to lean heavily on Ravenwing and Deathwing elements. The former gives you mobile ranged threats that are surprisingly difficult to remove, while the latter gives you some incredibly high-quality anvil units that can park on objectives and brawl through anything and everything that tries to stop them. Out of the gate, you’re going to want to try and use your Ravenwing shooting to neutralise the cost-efficient tools your opponent has to shoot out your Biker units, then bring Deathwing squads down to establish control of space and the scoring process. Once that’s kicked off, you can start grinding your opponent out of the game – break them upon your bone-clad ranks, and blast them out of the game. Brutal but likely extremely effective.

Army Lists


Since Gunum wants to go deep on the Outer Circle, I’m up first here, bringing you a list that shows off the strengths available to real, genuine Dark Angels. For these purposes, I’ve gone as hard as possible on the new Ravenwing and Deathwing hotness, and thrown the Greenwing out the window. Let’s take a look.

Ravenwing Outrider Detachment – 0CP


Primaris Master of Sanctity on Bike, Warlord, Wise Orator, Paragon of the Chapter – Fury of the Lion, Canticle of Hate, Mantra of Strength, Cup of Retribution – 140, 1CP
Samael – 150


Ravenwing Chief Apothecary, Hero of the Chapter, Selfless Healer – 115, 1CP

Fast Attack

3 Attack Bikes, multi-meltas 165
3 Attack Bikes, multi-meltas 165
3 Outriders 150
3 Outriders 150

Deathwing Vanguard Detachment – 3CP


Ezekiel, Mind Worm, Mind Wipe, Engulfing Fear – 125
Deathwing Strikemaster, mace of absolution, storm shield – 110


10 Deathwing Terminators, 5x TH/SS, 5x lightning claws, Watcher in the Dark – 385
5 Bladeguard Veterans, neo-volkite pistol – 180
Deathwing Command Squad, 2 models, 1 TH/SS, 1 lightning claws – 80
Deathwing Command Squad, 2 models, 1 TH/SS, 1 lightning claws – 80

1995pts, 7CP

I’m not going to lie – building lists is hard here because there’s so goddam much stuff you want now. I’ve been staring at this for a while trying to work out how to get more cool toys in (notably, I really want a Talonmaster in here somehow) but alas deadlines beckon and it’ll have to do. This list takes massive advantage of Ravenwing imports from the main book getting Jink, which turns Attack Bikes into even bigger nightmares than they are most of the time, and allows Outriders to be very durable objective grabbers once they have ObSec (as they do here). Sammael’s re-rolls also make the prospect of firing Attack Bikes at the opponent very appealing. Over in the Deathwing contingent, you have a gigantic ObSec terminator brick to maraud around the mid-board, command squads to shore up the action game, and a big Bladeguard unit to take advantage of the always-on Transhuman. Watching over that detachment you also have Ezekiel, taking advantage of the fact he has the DEATHWING keyword, to jump in and bring all the debuffs you could ever want to the party. This list is durable, active in every phase and should pose a real challenge to many opponents.

Literally as I finish writing this, I realise I should swap the Bike Chaplain for a Terminator Chaplain in the other detachment, then I can have the Talonmaster I so desire. Ah well.


Okay. So. Hear Me Out. What if CP was just a tool for list building, allowing us to do cool things like have obsec bikers! Now is this list optimized? No, it’s not. Does it only start with 5cp? Yes, it does. But what do we get for all these CP purchases? Let’s go through it. First off, -3cp for the second detachment giving me obsec bikers and obsec Deathwing Terminators. Next, minus CPs for the extra warlord traits and Rites of War. Finally, I had to take the two things I wanted to try out the most. Using the Obsec Terminators with Deathwing Assualt, as well as the new Pennant of Remembrance following around a block of Blade Guard Vets. You’ll see my old faithful, the Nephilim Jetfighter is hanging out in the Ravenwing Detachment enjoying my Outer Circles re-rolls. Same with the Angriest of Chaplains leading my force, giving himself +1 to wound with the Teeth of Tera and smacking planes out of the sky. Whereas my Bike Chaplin has Master of Sanctity to give me +2 to charge, as well as +1 to wound in shooting against the closest thing. Something I may try and pop the turn my Deathwing Termies come down, or on further turns, so I can shoot their guns into CC with the same bonus!

Gunums Outer Circle (Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition) [5CP, 2000pts]

Vanguard Detachment -3CP (+3CP from Warlord) (Imperium – Adeptus Astartes – Dark Angels) [9CP, 840pts]

OUTER CIRCLE!: Bolter Fusillades, Master Artisans


Interrogator-Chaplain Exhortation of Rage, Astartes Chainsword, Jump Pack (Warlord – Sword of the Imperium, Teeth of Terra)


Bladeguard Ancient [5 PL, 85pts] (-1 CP Extra Relic, -1 CP Chapter Relic,Pennant of Remembrance)

Bladeguard Veteran Squad x5

Deathwing Terminators x6 w/ SS/TH Sergent, PF/Storm bolter Termies, and a Watcher.

DEATHWING Upgrade + 15 pts Redemptor Dreadnought [195pts]: 2x Storm Bolters, Macro Plasma Incinerator, Onslaught Gatling Cannon

++ Outrider Detachment -3CP (Imperium – Adeptus Astartes – Dark Angels) [-5 CP,160pts] ++

Detachment Command Cost [-3CP]


Ravenwing Talonmaster

Primaris Chaplain on Bike -. (-1 CP extra warlord trait) – Catechism of Fire, Canticle of Hate, Master of Sanctity, Rites of War)


Ravenwing Apothecary – Cheif Apoc (-1CP) Selfless Healer

Fast Attack-

3 x Bike Squad x4 +1 MM Attack Bike w/PF Sarge


Nephilim Jetfighter – Avenger MEGA-BOLTER (This is the most metal of the bolters.)

Do I think this list has legs? Maybe. Maybe not. BUT it does show off what we can do to make use out of some of our new rules. I personally like the 3 squads of bikes with power fists and hidden multi-melta attack bikes. Since they are obsec and very fast, they will be able to challenge the middle of the table quite easily. I had to go with some sort of close combat weapon on their sergeants to give them a little more power in their actions. Finally, I have a Redemptor Dreadnought on the list for my backfield bullying. Adding in some much-needed plasma to burn what CP I do have on Weapons of the Dark Age.

You’ll also notice, this lists benefits from every stage of our new Super-doctrine and also has units that can continue holding down my home field objective to gain those sweet, sweet, Stubborn Defiance points.

If you’re a Dark Angels player, we hope you’re excited after reading all that. For everyone else…we guess you at least know what you’re up against. We can’t wait to see how this book impacts the meta, and with Death Guard also bringing a very different play style to the table, we’re likely in for some big upheavals. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, hit us up at [email protected], and don’t forget to tune back in next week for the Crusade and Lore reviews.


Sours: https://www.goonhammer.com/codex-supplement-dark-angels-the-goonhammer-review/
How To Play Dark Angels (9th Edition 40k) - Off The Shelf Hobby

The Dark Angels were the First Legion. No other Space Marine brotherhood has served the Emperor for as long as they have. Staunch defenders of Mankind, they are merciless in the attack and stubborn in the defence. They are also shrouded in mystery, however, and have secrets so shameful they are kept even from many of their own number.

This section contains all of the datasheets that you will need in order to fight battles with your Space Marines miniatures. Each datasheet includes the characteristics profiles of the unit it describes, as well as any wargear and abilities it may have. Some rules are common to several Space Marines units – these are described below and referenced on the datasheets.

Codex: Space Marines

Codex supplement: Dark Angels

Expansion: Imperium Nihilus: Vigilus Defiant

Every datasheetin this codex has the <CHAPTER>keyword. This is a keyword that you can select for yourself, as described in the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book, with the guidance detailed below.

All ADEPTUSASTARTESunits are drawn from a Chapter. When you include such a unit in your army, you must nominate which Chapter it is from and then replace the <CHAPTER>keyword in every instance on its datasheet with the name of your chosen Chapter. This could be one of the Chapters detailed in a Warhammer 40,000 publication, or one of your own design.

Example: If you include a Captain in your army, and you decide he is from the Blood Ravens Chapter, his <CHAPTER> keyword becomes BLOODRAVENS and his Rites of Battle ability reads 'While a friendly BLOODRAVENSCORE unit is within 6" of this model, each time a model in that unit makes an attack, re-roll a hitroll of l.’

If your army is Battle-forged, you cannot include units from two different Chapters in the same Detachment.

Non-Codex Compliant Chapters

You cannot select Grey Knights or Legion of the Damned when nominating which Chapter a unit is from. In addition, the following restrictions apply:
  • Black Templars:LIBRARIAN units cannot be from the Black Templars Chapter.
  • Dark Angels: and units cannot be from the Dark Angels Chapter (or any of their successor Chapters).
  • Deathwatch: The following units cannot be from the Deathwatch Chapter: ASSAULTSQUAD; ATTACKBIKESQUAD; BIKESQUAD; DEVASTATORSQUAD; ; TACTICALSQUAD; SCOUT units.
  • Space Wolves: The following units cannot be from the Space Wolves Chapter (or any of their successor Chapters): APOTHECARY; ASSAULTSQUAD; DEVASTATORSQUAD; ; TACTICALSQUAD; .

Successor Chapters

Some rules refer to successor Chapters. If your unit is not from the Deathwatch or a First Founding Chapter (Dark Angels, White Scars, Space Wolves, Imperial Fists, Blood Angels, Iron Hands, Ultramarines, Salamanders or Raven Guard), it is from a successor Chapter, and you must decide which of the aforementioned First Founding Chapters it is a successor of. If the successor Chapter you have chosen is one established in the background, its founding Chapter will often be known (e.g. the Howling Griffons Chapter is a successor of the Ultramarines).

If your successor Chapter does not have a known founding Chapter but has the Inheritors of the PrimarchSuccessor Tactic, it is a successor of the Chapter whose Chapter Tactic you selected. Otherwise, select a First Founding Chapter that best fits your Chapters character. In any case, write down on your army rosterwhich of the First Founding Chapters your Chapter is a successor of.

A units datasheet will list all the abilities it has. Certain abilities that are common to many units are only referenced on the datasheets rather than described in full. These are described below.

Combat Doctrines

When the Adeptus Astartes fight, they employ a set of combat doctrines to eliminate the enemy. After pounding the foe with heavy weapons, warriors advance to lay down a hail of bolter fire before charging forth with chainswords roaring to finish the foe.

If every unit from your army has the ADEPTUSASTARTESkeyword (excluding AGENTOFTHEIMPERIUMand UNALIGNEDunits), this unit gains a bonus (see below) depending on which combat doctrine is active for your army, as follows:
  • During the first battle round, the Devastator Doctrine is active for your army.
  • During the second battle round, the Tactical Doctrine is active for your army.
  • At the start of the third battle round, select either the Tactical Doctrine or Assault Doctrine: until the end of that battle round, the doctrine you selected is active for your army.
  • During the fourth and subsequent battle rounds, the Assault Doctrine is active for your army.
Unless specified otherwise, this bonus is not cumulative with any other rules that improve the Armour Penetration characteristic of a weapon (e.g. the Storm of FireWarlord Trait).

Devastator Doctrine

The Codex Astartes explains in detail the strategic value of overwhelming firepower applied to key targets at the optimal time in order to eliminate threats and create tactical openings.

While this combat doctrine is active, improve the Armour Penetration characteristic of every Heavyand Grenadeweapon that models in this unit are equipped with by 1.

Tactical Doctrine

As the warring armies close upon one another and vicious firefights erupt, the Codex lays out strategies for swiftly seizing the initiative and combining versatility with firepower.

While this combat doctrine is active, improve the Armour Penetration characteristic of every RapidFireand Assault weapon that models in this unit are equipped with by 1.

Assault Doctrine

The Codex Astartes leaves no doubt that the killing blow in most engagements must be delivered with a decisive close-quarters strike. It presents plentiful tactical means to achieve this end.

While this combat doctrine is active, improve the Armour Penetration characteristic of every Pistoland Melee weapon that models in this unit are equipped with by 1.

Some rules refer to ‘bolt weapons’, ‘flame weapons’, ‘melta weapons’ or ‘plasma weapons’. The definitions of these weapons for the purposes of such rules can be found below:

Flame Weapons

A flame weapon is any weapon whose profile includes the word ‘flame’ (flamer, flamestorm gauntlet, heavy flamer etc.), any Relic that replaces a flame weapon, and any incendium cannons. Rules that apply to flame weapons only apply to the flamer profile of combi-flamers, and the flamer profile of Relics that replace combi-flamers. If a flame weapon has a shooting and melee profile, rules that apply to flame weapons only apply to the shooting profile of that weapon. Note that the following weapons found in Codex supplements are also flame weapons:
  • Drakkis
  • Gauntlet of the Forge
  • Infernus (flamer profile)

If your army is Battle-forgedand includes any ADEPTUSASTARTES Detachments(excluding Auxiliary Support, Super-heavy Auxiliaryor Fortification NetworkDetachments), then when you muster your army, you can upgrade any of the following ADEPTUSASTARTESCHARACTERunits in your army: CAPTAIN, CHAPLAIN, LIBRARIAN, TECHMARINE, APOTHECARY, ANCIENT, COMPANYCHAMPION.

Each time you upgrade one of the aforementioned units, its PowerRatingis increased, as shown in the table below. If you are playing a matched playgame, or a game that uses a pointslimit, then the pointsvalueof that unit is also increased by the amount shown in the same table. Make a note on your army rostereach time you upgrade a unit using these rules.

Each time you upgrade a unit, it gains a new keyword, as shown in the Chapter Command Keyword column of the table below. It also gains one or more additional abilities, as shown in the appropriate section below, as well as access to bespoke Warlord Traits and Relics (these are considered to be Chapter Relicsfor all rules purposes). These units are still considered to be the same datasheet for the purposes of any mission rules that limit the number of times any particular datasheet can be included in your army.

A Crusade forcecannot start with any upgraded CHARACTERunits - to include one in a Crusade force, you must use the ChapterCommandRequisition.

You cannot upgrade namedcharactersusing these rules. An army (and a Crusade force) cannot contain more than one model from the same Chapter that has the same Chapter Command keyword (e.g. it cannot contain two ULTRAMARINESCHAPTERMASTERS, or two SALAMANDERSCHIEFLIBRARIANSetc.). A BLACKTEMPLARSCOMPANYCHAMPIONcannot be upgraded to be a CHAPTERCHAMPION. A DEATHWATCHCAPTAINcannot be upgraded to be a CHAPTERMASTER. A BLOODANGELSANCIENTcannot be upgraded to be a CHAPTERANCIENT.

An ADEPTUSASTARTESDetachmentis one that only includes models with the ADEPTUSASTARTESkeyword (excluding models with the AGENTOFTHEIMPERIUMor UNALIGNEDkeyword).
  • ADEPTUSASTARTES Detachments gain the Company Command ability.
  • ADEPTUSASTARTES units in ADEPTUSASTARTES Detachments gain the Chapter Tactics ability.
  • Troops units in ADEPTUSASTARTES Detachments gain the ObjectiveSecured ability.

A DARKANGELSDetachmentis one that only includes models with the DARKANGELSkeyword (excluding models with the AGENTOFTHEIMPERIUMor UNALIGNEDkeywords). Note that such a Detachment is also an ADEPTUSASTARTES Detachment, as described in Codex: Space Marines, and as such all the ADEPTUSASTARTESDetachment abilitiesalso apply to that Detachment.
  • RAVENWING units in DARKANGELS Detachments that do not already have the Jink ability gain the Jink ability.
  • DEATHWING and INNERCIRCLE units in DARKANGELS Detachments that do not already have the InnerCircle ability gain the Inner Circle ability.
  • If every unit in your army (except AGENTOFTHEIMPERIUM or UNALIGNED units) has the DARKANGELS keyword, then every unit in a DARKANGELS Detachment that has the CombatDoctrines ability gains the Sons of the Lion ability.
  • If every unit in your army (except UNALIGNED units) has the DARKANGELS keyword, then DARKANGELSVanguard Detachments that only contain models with the DEATHWING and/or INNERCIRCLE keywords gain the 1st Company ability.
  • If every unit in your army (except UNALIGNED units) has the DARKANGELS keyword, then DARKANGELSOutrider Detachments that only contain models with the RAVENWING keyword gain the 2nd Company ability.
  • Your army can only include one RAVENWINGCAPTAIN and one DEATHWINGCAPTAIN from the same Chapter.

Successor Chapters

A Dark Angels successor Chapter is one for which the Dark Angels are their first founding Chapter. You can find out more information on successor Chapters, and how to determine if your Chapter is a successorof the Dark Angels, in Codex: Space Marines. If your Chapter is a successor of the Dark Angels, the following rules apply:

Detachment Abilities
If you have a Dark Angels successor Chapter, then for the purposes of using any Dark Angels Detachment rules, you can replace the DARKANGELSkeyword in all instances with the name of your successor Chapter.

Rites of Initiation
All units from Dark Angels successor Chapters are considered to have the DARKANGELSkeyword for the purpose of upgrading them with Rites of Initiation.

All units from Dark Angels successor Chapters are considered to have the DARKANGELSkeyword for the purpose of using Dark Angels Stratagems.

Warlord Traits
If your WARLORDis a CHARACTERmodel from a Dark Angels successor Chapter, you can use the Dark Angels Warlord Traitstable to determine what Warlord Trait they have. Replace the DARKANGELSkeyword in all instances in that Warlord Trait (if any) with the name of your Character’s successor Chapter.

Chapter Relics
Dark Angels successor Chapters have access to Special-issue Wargear Relics; Relics of the Rockcannot be given to a CHARACTERmodel from a successor Chapter unless you use the HonouredbytheRockStratagem.

Psychic Powers
PSYKERmodels from Dark Angels successor Chapters can know psychic powers from the Interromancy disciplinein the same manner as PSYKERmodels in DARKANGELS Detachments. When such a model uses one of these psychic powers, replace the DARKANGELSkeyword in all instances (if any) with the name of your Successor Chapter.

Chapter Approved Rules
All units from Dark Angels successor Chapters are considered to have the DARKANGELSkeyword for the purpose of using the Chapter Approved rules.

With the exception of named characters, you can nominate any DARKANGELSunits in your army to be from a Dark Angels successor Chapter. If you do, replace the DARKANGELSkeyword in every instance on its datasheet with the name of your chosen successor Chapter. For example, if you include an Interrogator-Chaplainin your army, and you decide it is from the ANGELSOFABSOLUTIONChapter, its DARKANGELSkeyword becomes ANGELSOFABSOLUTIONand its Spiritual Leaderability reads ‘While a friendly ANGELSOFABSOLUTIONCOREunit is within 6" of this model, models in that unit can use this model’s Leadership characteristic instead of their own.’

Crusade Rules
If you have a Dark Angels Successor Chapter, then for the purposes of using any Dark Angels Crusade Rules, you can replace the DARKANGELSkeyword in all instances with the name of your Successor Chapter. Legendary Crusade Relicscan never be given to a CHARACTERfrom a Dark Angels successor chapter.

Sours: https://wahapedia.ru/wh40k9ed/factions/space-marines/dark-angels

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