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List of the Brett Battles Books in Order


Last Updated on December 3, 2019 Brett Battles is mostly associated with his Jonathan Quinn series, it being his most popular one. However, he has written so far over 30 indie books in several different series. While Jonathan Quinn is an excellent series, my favorite books by this author are included in Project Eden, a series which deals with the edging to an apocalypse and trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

I first learned about this author after a recommendation from Jonathan Maberry, who wrote the bestselling Rot & Ruin, and Joe Ledger series.

Here are the Brett Battles books in order for his currently written 8 series and his standalone novels.

New Brett Battles Books

Jonathan Quinn Series

  1. Becoming Quinn (Jonathan Quinn #0.1), 2011
  2. Just Another Job (Jonathan Quinn #0.2), 2011
  3. The Cleaner (Jonathan Quinn #1), 2007
  4. The Deceived (Jonathan Quinn #2), 2008
  5. Shadow of Betrayal/The Unwanted (Jonathan Quinn #3), 2009
  6. The Silenced (Jonathan Quinn #4), 2011
  7. Off The Clock (Jonathan Quinn #4.5), 2011
  8. The Destroyed (Jonathan Quinn #5), 2012
  9. The Collected (Jonathan Quinn #6), 2012
  10. The Enraged (Jonathan Quinn #7), 2013
  11. The Assignment (Jonathan Quinn #7.5), 2013 (Orlando story)
  12. The Discarded (Jonathan Quinn #8), 2014
  13. Quick Study (Jonathan Quinn #8.1), 2014
  14. Lesson Plan (Jonathan Quinn #8.2), 2014
  15. Night Work/Flight 12 (Jonathan Quinn #8.5), 2015
  16. The Buried (Jonathan Quinn #9), 2015
  17. The Unleashed (Jonathan Quinn #10), 2016
  18. The Aggrieved (Jonathan Quinn #11), 2017
  19. The Fractured (Jonathan Quinn #12), 2018
  20. The Damaged (Jonathan Quinn #13), 2019

Excoms Series

spin-off from Jonathan Quinn

  1. The Excoms (Excoms #1), 2016
  2. Town at the Edge of Darkness (Excoms #2), 2017
  3. City of Nope (Excoms #3), 2018

Project Eden Series

  1. Sick (Project Eden #1), 2011
  2. Exit 9 (Project Eden #2), 2011
  3. Pale Horse (Project Eden #3), 2012
  4. Ashes (Project Eden #4), 2012
  5. Eden Rising (Project Eden #5), 2013
  6. Dream Sky (Project Eden #6), 2014
  7. Down (Project Eden #7), 2014

Logan Harper Series

  1. Little Girl Gone (Logan Harper #1), 2011
  2. Every Precious Thing (Logan Harper #2), 2011

Trouble Family Chronicles

  1. Here Comes Mr. Trouble (Trouble Family #1), 2011

Alexandra Poe Series

co-authored with Robert Gregory Browne

  1. Poe (Alexandra Poe #1), 2013
  2. Takedown (Alexandra Poe #2), 2013

Rewinder Series

  1. Rewinder (Rewinder #1), 2014
  2. Destroyer (Rewinder #2), 2016
  3. Survivor (Rewinder #3), 2017

Mine Series

  1. Mine (Mine #1), 2016
  2. The Arrival (Mine #1.5), 2016

Standalone Brett Battles Books

Brett Battles Biography

Brett Battles Jonathan Quinn seriesBrett Battles was born in 1962, in Ridgecrest, California. He also grew up in California, sharing the love of books with his parents, who introduced him to books and helped him grow a fondness for them that stayed with him ever since.

Brett knew he wanted to become an author early in life, from the age of 11, when he was in the fifth grade. He always wanted to tell stories, and over the years he would write on and off.

In college, he graduated with a degree related to film and television because he knew that he needed a regular job that would pay the bills while he was writing novels. He did end up working in television for 20 years, during which time he would write in the morning and after work. As he was living close to his job, he would essentially save two hours of commuting, which he would spend writing.

He wrote his first novel in 1991, a modern-day urban fantasy, but after getting 100 rejections on it, Brett Battles never printed the book. The same happened with the second book, which he wrote 8 years later, at the end of the 1990s. However, his third book, The Cleaner, turned to be the golden goose. It was written right after finishing his second novel, and while he still got a lot of rejections for it, the book caught the attention of a friend who helped Brett get it released with a small publisher, Uglytown.

Once the publisher went into bankruptcy, they sent the book to Random House, the major publisher which not only picked the book but also worked out a 3-deal book with Brett Battles in 2007. Brett Battles next got another book deal, this time for two books, which happened just before the major financial turmoil in 2008. This same year, Brett quit his dayjob in television to continue writing full time. After these novels were published as well, in 2010, Brett no longer got a further deal with Random House, so he started looking into self-publishing, which turned out to be one of the best ideas he implemented regarding his career as a writer. Now, most of the Brett Battles books are released on Kindle via Amazon.

As the author Brett Battles is self-published, he can afford to write in several genres, as he is not tied to one single genre by a publisher. Thus, so far he has written spy thrillers (the Jonathan Quinn and Excoms series), a few straight-up thrillers, and also what he calls present-day sci-fi with various themes, such as apocalyptic theme (Project Eden), or time-travel theme (Rewinder) and crime mysteries (Logan Harper series). Still, each of the Brett Battles books also qualifies as mysteries, as they all have thriller elements in them.

Reading the Brett Battles books in order is recommended for most of his series (especially Jonathan Quinn) for main character progressions, however, in terms of action and plot, the novels do read well as standalones. For example, for the Project Eden series, the author adds a one-page short summary of what happened so far. Thus, if you read that summary, you will be pretty much caught-up with everything that’s been going on in the series.

Currently, the author Brett Battles is not only an established author who wrote around 30 digital books so far, but he is also a 6-figure-income author who earns greatly from his novels. Each year, Brett Battles writes 3 bindie ooks, which he divides into a Jonathan Quinn story, an Excoms book, and a third one, usually is a science-fiction novel in an existing series, or he starts a new series, blank slate. In 2009, his novel The Deceived, the second Jonathan Quinn book, was the winner of the Barry Awards for Best Thriller of the year. The author Brett Battles is a member of Mystery Writers of America and International Thriller Writers, and is a founding member of Killer Year.

Praise for Brett Battles

Brilliant and heart pounding (Jeffery Deaver)

The best elements of Lee Child, John le Carré, and Robert Ludlum. (Sheldon Siegel)

Quinn is one part James Bond, one part Jason Bourne. (Nashville Book Worm)

Sick didn’t just hook me. It hit me with a devastating uppercut on every primal level—as a parent, a father, and a human being. (Blake Crouch)

…a gem of an outbreak story that unfolds like a thriller movie and never lets up, all the way to the last page. Absolutely my favorite kind of story! (Jonathan Maberry)

…not only grabs you by the throat, but by the heart and gut as well, and by the time you finish you feel as if you’ve just taken a runaway train through dangerous territory. Buy these books now. You won’t regret it. (Robert Browne)


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Jonathan Quinn

Jonathan Quinn is a freelance “cleaner”.

As defined in the series, this is a person who will inspect a clandestine meeting spot to make sure it is safe, or will plant cameras and mikes to ensure a record, or will come along afterwards to remove footprints, tire tracks, and the odd recently-deceased body. They clean up after a mission and strive to make it appear nothing happened.



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Jonathan Quinn Books In Order

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Publication Order of Jonathan Quinn Books

Coming from a background of avid readers, the American author Brett Battles has always had a keen passion for all forms of literature, with both reading and writing it. Being born and raised in southern California, he was always stuck with his head glued in a book, with a clear interest in the form from a very early age. This was especially the case with science-fiction, something he would continue to return to throughout the years, along with thriller and suspense novels. In regards to the latter he would find himself writing the now highly famous Jonathan Quinn series, set firmly in the mold of detective fiction and the crime genre. With over ten books in the series so far and counting, they chart the investigations of one Jonathan Quinn, who works as an ex-cop who is now freelancing for the ‘Office’; a top secret US intelligence agency. With a world-weary attitude he’s seen it all before, but he still manages to face a new challenge within each new and thrilling instalment, something which readers have flocked to in droves.

With a clear cinematic quality they haven’t been adapted for the screen yet, but it seems that they’d be a perfect fit, something which his many readers would agree with. The series itself has gained plaudits from a number of different publications, as well as from his fellow contemporaries, garnering him success both critically and commercially. As the series continues so to does its readership with it growing from strength-to-strength with each instalment, something that shall continue for some time yet.

The Cleaner

Initially published on the 26th of June, 2007, through the Delacourte Press publishing label, this was the first book that set the series up as a whole. Creating the overall style, pace and tone of the series it manages to bring the character of Jonathan Quinn to the forefront, establishing him as a key protagonist. It also manages to build a sense of the world he inhabits, setting up much the back-stories, as well as providing the narrative for what was to follow.

Taking place in a shadowy underworld, it’s clear that Battles has a firm grip on the world they’re all inhabiting. With a keen eye for detail and accuracy it manages to portray a realistic view of the intelligence services, whilst simultaneously not letting up on the action. Whilst it is somewhat dark as well, it still isn’t unrelenting in its ‘gritty’ portrayal of its world, as it allows some light to shine through along the way.

In it though we’re introduced to the leading protagonist of Jonathan Quinn for the first time; a hard-boiled ex-cop now turned freelance. He’s got a tough attitude and an equally tough outlook on life, something that is really well established as we meet him for the first time. That’s not to say he’s completely disgruntled to the point of being unempathetic, as Battles manages to subvert the trope of the ‘loner cop’ to great effect. This is seen in how he interacts with those around him too, along with his supporting cast, who play off the eponymous hero well. It’s also said that a hero is only as good as his villain, and this is something that Brett Battles knows only too well, as he inserts a compelling killer into the action.

Starting out with a basic job that seems so simple for Quinn, he finds himself taking an arson case that seems quite straightforward. There’s some suspicion to it, but nothing untoward; that is until a body turns up out of the blue and turns everything upside down. Not only that, but his partners in ‘the Office’ where he gets his assignments from has now gone silent, meaning something’s afoot. That’s when someone from his past turns up once again in the form of a woman named Orlando, who may prove to be essential in solving this case. As they cross continents and they world, they both begin to uncover a massive global conspiracy of epic proportions, all whilst attempting to be found out themselves and evade danger. Maintaining the suspense throughout, Battles manages to bring it all to a thrilling conclusion, with some major twists and turns along the way, leading to one final shocking climax.

Setting up to be what is one of his most profitable franchises to date, Battles manages to keep his readers guessing right until the very end. Who is the body and how were they implicated in this case? Can Quinn and Orlando evade the killer and shed some light on this massive global conspiracy? What will become of he who is known only as the cleaner?

The Deceived

Originally published on the 24th of June through the Delacourte Press publishing label once again, this was to be a direct follow-up to the first. Continuing on from the last, it carries a lot of the story from the original, as well as most of the main characters, picking up with another major case for the intrepid freelancer. Providing more of the same, this shows Battles as an author who is now clearly in his element, as he has a strong understanding of the characters and the world they inhabit, along with where they’re going.

Usually Quinn would try and keep emotion out of the mix, but it’s going to be difficult this time as an old friend and colleague is murdered. With the body turning up in a shipping container in Los Angeles it appears that all the old rules are now out of the window, as he’s out to make the culprits pay. When Jenny, the girlfriend of ex-CIA now and deceased Steven Markoff, goes missing herself it appears that there’s trouble definitely afoot. With the help of Orlando once more, Jonathan Quinn will get to the bottom of the case even if it kills him. Who would murder his friend Steven? Where has Jenny disappeared to? Just who are the deceived?

The Jonathan Quinn Series

Garnering a lot of success and acclaim both nationally and internationally, this series has managed to become a worldwide sensation. Along with his many other series they manage to capture the attention of the reader and not let up throughout, right until the thrilling denouement. This appears to be something that’s set to continue on into the foreseeable future, as plenty more books are set to be released on the horizon, making this one of his most profitable series to date.

Book Series In Order » Characters »

Brett Battles

Brett Battles is an American author from Los Angeles, California.

Publishing History[edit]

Brett Battles' first novel, The Cleaner (2007), introduced recurring character Jonathan Quinn, freelance intelligence operative. "The Cleaner" was nominated for the Barry Award for Best Thriller.[1]

His second novel, The Deceived (2008), won the Barry Award for Best Thriller.[1]

His third novel, Shadow of Betrayal, continues the adventures of freelance operative and "cleaner" Jonathan Quinn. Shadow of Betrayal was published in the United Kingdom under the title The Unwanted (Preface Publishing, 2009).

This fourth novel, The Silenced, was released by Dell in 2011.


Jonathan Quinn Series[edit]

# Title Publisher Date ISBN
1 The Cleaner Delacorte Press 2007 978-0-44-024370-0
2 The Deceived Delacorte Press 2008 978-0-38-534157-8
3 The Unwanted Delacorte Press 2009 978-0-38-534158-5
4 The Silenced Dell Publishing 2011 978-0-44-024567-4
5 The Destroyed CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2012 978-1-47-763551-3
6 The Collected CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2012 978-1-48-005538-4
7 The Enraged CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2013 978-1-49-055702-1
8 The Discarded CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2014 978-1-49-732447-3
9 The Buried CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2015 978-1-50-874694-2
10 The Unleashed CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2016 978-1-53-031430-0
11 The Aggrieved CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2017 978-1-54-673146-7
12 The Fractured CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2018 978-1-72-030827-0
13 The Damaged Independently Published 2019 978-1-07-750454-7
14 The Unknown Independently Published 2020 978-1-65-387835-2
15 The Vanished Independently Published 2020 979-8-57-559949-4

Note: In the US, The Unwanted was sold under the title Shadow of Betrayal.

Logan Harper Thrillers[edit]

# Title Publisher Date ISBN
1 Little Girl Gone CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2011 978-1-46-118928-2
2 Every Precious Thing CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2011 978-1-46-806402-5

Project Eden Thrillers[edit]

# Title Publisher Date ISBN
1 Sick CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2012 978-1-46-118926-8
2 Exit 9 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2012 978-1-47-500956-9
3 Pale Horse CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2012 978-1-47-760883-8
4 Ashes CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2012 978-1-48-115833-6
5 Eden Rising CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2013 978-1-49-288995-3
6 Dream Sky CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2014 978-1-49-475305-4
7 Down CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2014 978-1-50-336680-0

Rewinder Series[edit]

# Title Publisher Date ISBN
1 Rewinder 47north 2015 978-1-47-783083-3
2 Destroyer 47north 2016 978-1-50-395159-4
3 Survivor Createspace Independent Publishing Platform 2017 978-1-54-313151-2

Night Man Chronicles[edit]

# Title Publisher Date ISBN
1 Night Man Independently Published 2019 978-1-79-655055-9
2 Insidious Independently Published 2020 979-8-64-413501-1
3 Mercy Independently Published 2021 979-8-50-039637-2

Stand-Alone Novels[edit]

Title Publisher Date ASIN/ISBN
The Pull of Gravity Amazon Digital Services, Inc. 2011 B005H1O4DG
No Return Preface Publishing 2012 978-1-84-809290-7
Mine CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2016 978-1-53-506715-7

Short Stories[edit]

  • 2008 – "Perfect Gentleman" (published in Killer Year edited by Lee Child – St. Martin's Press)
  • 2011 – "Just Another Job – A Jonathan Quinn Story" (published by Slam Bang Stories, Available on Amazon Kindle)
  • 2011 – "Off the Clock A Jonathan Quinn Story" – May 20, 2011


July 10, 2011– Becoming Quinn (A Jonathan Quinn Novel): A prequel to the series

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