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BMW may have the words “motor works” in their name, but no motor is impervious to damage. Many BMW fans prefer to keep older cars in their garage for the nostalgia and tactile driving experience they deliver. However, as cars age, they become more susceptible to breakdowns. One part that could break on older or higher mileage cars is the head gasket.

Head gasket failure is one of the most ominous issues that car owners deal with, but it doesn’t have to result in a totaled car. If you know what signs to look for to identify a leaking or blown gasket in your BMW, you can take steps to fix the problem before your situation becomes dangerous.

Here are a few signs to look for and some steps you can take to solve the problem.

Oil in All the Wrong Places

Your BMW’s head gasket has an important job to do. It serves to separate all of the passageways that move oil, coolant and fuel inside your car’s head.

When all of these fluids can do their jobs without mixing, your car is happy. A leaking head gasket can allow oil and coolant to mix, and that can result in some undesirable reactions. Your car may begin to misfire, and you may experience high engine temperatures for no reason. You may also notice white smoke coming from your vehicle’s exhaust.

Under the Hood

Additional signs will show themselves when you pop the hood on your BMW. When oil and coolant mix, the result is a white “mousse.” This substance is nothing like the one you put in your hair, but it’s very distinct. If you notice white residue around the head on your engine or floating on top of the oil when you remove your oil filler cap, it’s time to take some action to protect your engine.

Fixing a BMW Head Gasket

Like a severe disease, the key to successfully fighting head gasket failure is getting to it early. If you spot the signs mentioned here, but can still drive the car reasonable distances without overheating, you may not have to replace the head gasket.

Rather than performing an expensive replacement, you can try a liquid sealant. These gasket repair liquids have been developed over decades to remedy leaking heads, and some of them even use advanced reinforcing agents like carbon fiber or aramid. They’re easy to apply — simply pour in the liquid gasket and hold your car at a high idle for about fifteen minutes.

Replacement Gasket Costs

If you can’t drive the car for more than a few minutes without it overheating, you may need to seek out a new head gasket for your Bimmer.

While the part itself is only moderately expensive, the labor involved in replacing it will set you back a few shillings — the cost to replace a BMW head gasket can quickly climb to more than $ Depending on which model and year car you have, you may be required to visit the dealership to have the service performed.

Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid dealing with head gasket issues. To keep your BMW running cool and happy, keep an eye out for these signs and make sure to have it regularly serviced.


BMWdiyhead gaskethow tosmokeSours: https://www.bimmerforums.com//06/tell-bmw-blown-head-gasket/

Symptoms of a Blown Head Gasket

Can You Still Drive a Car with a Blown Head Gasket?

Symptoms of a Blown Head GasketIf you’re asking yourself this question, you may already have a blown head gasket. The head gasket is sandwiched between the engine block and cylinder head, so when it has blown, it allows fluids or gases to get into places they shouldn’t be.

Driving with a blown head gasket means driving with fluids that aren’t in their proper places. Coolant could get into the engine oil. Spark plugs could be damaged by leaking coolant. Engine oil could leak, lowering engine power. When the head gasket has blown, do not continue driving, and immediately have your vehicle serviced.

Stay Up to Date Thanks to Our Service Department

The best way to prevent head gasket failure is to ensure your car’s engine doesn’t overheat. Be sure to check the radiator and coolant overflow tanks when you check the oil level. Add in coolant as needed, and look for any loss of fluids.

Radiator hoses should be checked for any splits or frays, with replacement occurring at the first sign of damage. When it does come time for service, schedule an appointment with our experienced technicians online or give us a call!

Sours: https://www.bmwatlanticcity.com/symptoms-blown-head-gasket-atlantic-city-nj/
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BMW Head Gasket Maintenance

BMWs require proper a care and routine maintenance to help prevent any issues from arising as the vehicle ages. Even if you are able to keep up with the required maintenance schedule, an important part to always keep in mind is the head gasket because it plays a key part in keeping your BMW running as intended. The head gasket is an expensive part to replace if it were to be damaged because it can be tricky to get to. Below is information about the head gasket and how to ensure that it remains properly maintained.

BMW Head Gasket

What is the Head Gasket?

The head gasket is a piece of rubber that is in between the engine block and the cylinder head. The engine block is where the pistons, cylinder bores, rods, and crankshaft are located. The pistons are housed in the cylinder bores and are connected to the rods. In turn, the rods are connected to the crankshaft, which move the pistons up and down give the BMW power to run.

The cylinder head is connected to the engine. Inside the cylinder head are the valves where air and fuel flow through. This is also where the head gasket is. Although the head gasket seems like a simple part, in order to reach it there are many parts that need to be moved around.

Signs the Head Gasket has Failed

Having a head gasket that has failed is very bad news for you and your BMW. It is important to try to catch this issue before the head gasket completely fails. This is easier said than done, so below are a few signs that will alert you to the fact that the head gasket has failed.

1. Oil Contamination
Without the head gasket functioning properly, the coolant can mix with the oil. This will create a milky sludge that will form around the oil filter cap or the dipstick. This is the most common indication that there is an issue with the head gasket, but it is also good to be aware that this the sludge may not always point to an issue with the head gasket. Either way, if you notice this in your BMW, then you need to take it in to have the engine taken apart so the source of the contamination can be found and properly addressed.

2. Overheating
The head gasket prevents the mixing of the hot gases and coolant liquid from mixing. So if the head gasket has failed, the engine is going to overheat due to the hot exhaust gases leaking into the coolant system. The opposite can also happen, where the coolant leaks into the cylinders, producing steam. Either one of these instances will cause your BMW to overheat.

3. White or Blue Smoke
When the coolant leaks past the gasket and into the cylinders and becomes a part of the combustion process, you will notice that there is white smoking billowing out of the exhaust. Blue smoke coming from the exhaust is less common, but it does occur if oil is leaking into the cylinders.

Maintaining the Head Gasket

In order to try to prevent the head gasket from failing, one thing that you can do is keep your BMW up to date when it comes to doing maintenance of the cooling system. Overheating is not just a sign that the head gasket has failed, but it is also a reason why the head gasket can fail in the first place. Taking preventative measures by maintaining the cooling system will help to keep the engine cool so the head gasket will not melt or corrode.

BMW Head Gasket Repair

Taking your BMW to Ultimate Bimmer Service to have one of our trained technicians take a look at your cooling system is the way to go when trying to keep the head gasket from failing. Conveniently accessible from the Carrolton and Dallas, TX areas, you are able to have your BMW inspected and diagnosed for any issues that may be present regarding the cooling system or the gasket head itself. The parts of the cooling system are always going to be easier and more affordable to replace and maintain, so this will be the first step that our technicians will take to ensure you can be safely back on the road.

Sours: https://www.ultimatebimmerservice.com/bmw-head-gasket-maintenance/

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