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Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas -

Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (8)

I’m completely captivated over this Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party by Elaine Tan of Ms. Laine Events, out of Selangor / Malaysia!

Sprouting details both modern and fresh, this adorable celebration will definitely prick your interests!

Favorite party ideas from this fantastic event, include:

  • Cute and Creative Cactus & Succulent Planter Cake
  • White Pedestal Dessert Tables
  • Planted Cactus Macaron Pops and Cookies
  • Modern Gold Wire Lanterns
  • Pastel Balloon Garland
  • Adorable Succulent-iced Cookies
  • Cactus and Succulent Cupcakes

Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party

Cactus & Succulent Planter-shaped Birthday Cake from a Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (21)

Planted Cactus Macaron Pops from a Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (9)

Planted Cactus Cookies from a Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (10)

Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (11)

Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (12)
Cactus & Succulent-inspired Cupcakes from a Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (13)

Cactus Cupcake from a Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (15)

Cactus Balloon Bunch from a Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (16)

Bulb Succulent from a Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (14)

Wire Lanterns & Cacti Decor from a Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (17)

Cactus Cupcakes from a Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (18)

Cactus & Succulent Cupcakes from a Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (7)

Succulent Frosted Cookies from a Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (19)

Green Plant Decorations from a Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (20)

Cactus & Succulent Planter-shaped Birthday Cake from a Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (21)

White Guest Table from a Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (22)

Cactus & Succulent Table Centerpiece from a Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (6)

Greenery from a Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (23)

Cactus & Succulent Planter-shaped Birthday Cake from a Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (24)

Cacti from a Cactus & Succulent Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (25)

Our Take:

It seems as though the whole world has been pricked by the love that is all things cacti and succulents! Some of our favorite parties with this sweet desert theme include this Desert Bloom Cactus Baby Shower and this Pastel Cactus Birthday Party.

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I’m finally sharing pics from the recent Sweet Sixteen party I planned for my oldest daughter, Taylor. If you’ve been a reader for a while, you may remember her 9th Sweet Shoppe party, her 10th Zebra party, 11th Baking and Craft party–to name a few! Sixteen is BIG and I wanted to make sure the party reflected her personal style. It was desert meets succulent party theme. She picked everything, from the colors (peach and cornflower blue), to the theme (succulents), to the patterns we used throughout. It was a nice experience working with her to make the vision come to life. I also kept thinking, wow, I’m so lucky she has great style (because I LOVED her ideas)!  :)

succulent party theme :: succulent invitation with boho pattern

An invitation always sets the stage for a party and I was thrilled how this turned out. I designed them myself and printed them on high-quality paper. The succulents were incorporated on the front and we chose a peach and cornflower blue boho pattern for the back. I also designed coordinating stamps and thank you cards.

setting up a succulent party theme

The guest list was pretty large since we included both family and her friends. We knew our home wasn’t big enough to host everyone inside, and since it was mid December with temps in the 50’s, we knew outside would be too chilly. We opted for renting a 20×30 tent for our backyard and it worked out better than imagined. It had a heater inside which made it completely toasty (it could get up to 75 degrees!). I loved the  clear plastic vs the traditional all-white because it gave the space a nice indoor-outdoor feel. We had market lights strung inside which lit the space at night. It looked amazing! Let’s go inside to look at some of the details, shall we?

succulent party theme - wooden signs

There were three hand-painted wooden signs throughout the party: above the dessert table, next to the favors, and at the entrance. I picked up the wood from Lowe’s and gave it a quick stain. Then, I used water based Sharpie paint pens to write on them.

succulent centerpieces for succulent theme party

The linens were mainly khaki which was a nice neutral palette for the space. We wanted a that desert, natural tone and the khaki linens were the perfect backdrop for our floral table runners. (There was also one table with a cornflower blue linen and one with a peach–since these were the main colors of the party we wanted to let those colors pop subtly throughout the space.) The centerpieces were more like runners made out of eucalyptus leaves, fresh flowers, and succulents clippings. The eucalyptus (I used three different varieties), made the entire tent spell like a spa. That was  FABULOUS surprise. I hadn’t realized how great it smelled before.

centerpieces for succulent party theme

In addition to tucking succulents into each of the table arrangements, I also gathered larger potted succulents in the space. Since it was a succulent party theme, I wanted to make sure we used as many real succulents that we could (speaking of I cannot wait to show you the party favor installation we created!).

decor for succulent party theme

Using succulents throughout the space tied the theme together nicely. I purchased the larger ones from my local nursery.

table low set up for succulent party theme

I also set up a low table for the teens to lounge around and apply some metallic jewelry temporary tattoos . The tribal prints looks really cute and they had fun applying them. I added floor pillows for them to sit on to make it comfortable. I picked up a few large floor pillows from Hayneedle that were great. I also designed a couple using the pattern from the back of the invitation. The others  I got at a thrift store.

decor for boho party theme

A little handmade decor rounded out the space. These didn’t photograph that great with the plastic tent wall, but they were really cute. And the great thing? They cost $5 to make! I used a wooden embroidery hoop and some yarn. So simple! I attached some eucalyptus to the hoop using floral wire and then hung them with fishing line.

Hanging photos on a palette

And what would a Sweet Sixteen party be without a few baby pictures (am I right?). I strung photos on a pallet and added twinkle lights so they lit up at night. Just so HARD for me to believe she’s 16 already!

decoration for boho theme party

I hope you’re loving it so far, there is so much more to share.

sweet sixteen succulent theme

I’m going to pause there so this post isn’t forever-long. But here’s a little peek at the desserts. And this is me and the birthday girl. She has heels on but even without them, she’s taller than me. Love her to pieces. (Now please stop growing up m’kay?).

I haven’t even gotten to the dessert table, photo booth, or party favors (which were my FAVORITE!).  Check them out in Part 2, here.

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How to Host a Succulent Garden Party

This post was sponsored by JOANN. All opinions are my own.



It’s the time of year where you see succulents everywhere!  Every spring I fill my home with fun succulents because they’re hard to kill and fill the gap between winter and spring/summer blooms.


My friend Melaine and I hosted a Succulent Garden Party for a few of our girlfriends recently.   It’s always more fun to get creative together, so we planned a simple lunch and succulent garden making activity.


This party is easy to replicate for your own group of friends, for a baby shower, birthday, grad party or even a bridal shower!


Our guests were greeted with a welcome sign made from fabric scraps simply framed with a message over the top, set in a tray of succulents.


My favorite place to get succulents is The Succulent Source.  I have used them several times over the years and they have always been fantastic to work with.  They are a small family owned business in Southern California who ship the most gorgeous succulents at amazing prices.



When I host, I try to keep the food really simple.  It cuts down on the prep and allows more time for other details.  I never feel like people eat very much at parties anyway, so small options are always great.  Plus it leaves more room for dessert! 


For our lunch, we served caprese sandwiches, fresh strawberries and simple salads.  This galvanized tray from JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores was perfect for serving the fruit and sandwiches.



It’s fun to pair your event with a coordinating cocktail or pretty drink.  We served sangria garnished with lots of colorful fruits. 



As friends arrived we offered them a drink and caught up a little over lunch.  We were all excited to get to our craft!





After the delicious lunch and lots of laughs, we got our hands dirty with our succulent gardens.


We created our succulent gardens into the shape of a heart using Wilton’s Heart Cake Pan.  It made the cutest base for our garden and something we can use later down the road when we re-plant the succulents in a larger container.


DIY Heart Succulent Garden

You will need:
Variety of Succulents
Wilton Heart Cake Pan
Cactus Soil


I love the packages of fabric pieces at JoAnn stores.  I have used them so many ways over the years.  For this party, I grabbed a package and placed one in each cake pan for the girls to use as napkins while creating their garden.



I found a second galvanized tiered tray at JoAnn that held our succulent supplies.  When you’re picking up things for hosting, try to find things you will re-use for other parties or around your home as decor.



  1.  Fill pan with about 1″ of dirt.



2.  Arrange succulents in pan before planting to ensure placement you are happy with. 


3.  Plant succulents!



4.  Add decorative moss and rocks as desired. 


5.  Lightly spritz garden with water once a week.

It was so fun to see how each succulent garden turned out.  No two alike!



You don’t have to host a party to make a succulent garden, you can definitely create these on your own or even as a fun activity with your kids.  With the end of the school year approaching, these would make really sweet teacher gifts.


After getting our creative fix for the day, we enjoyed dessert.  In keeping with the succulent theme, I made a sheer naked chocolate cake topped with fresh succulents (from The Succulent Source) and a tray of succulent sugar cookies. 




It was such a relaxing afternoon.  I always feel recharged after spending time with friends doing something creative!


Photos by Kelly Clare Photography


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{Submission} A Succulent & Cactus Planting Party

Hello, friends!

I am excited to share this adorable Succulent & Cactus Planting Party submitted by the talented ladies from Posh Paperie!

A Planting Party can be the perfect and unique theme to celebrate your child’s birthday if he/she is not so little anymore! With plenty of beautiful ideas on how to creatively display party sweets and an interactive activity idea, this celebration can certainly offers the ultimate birthday party experience to your guests.

The darling whimsical invitation suite set the tone of the event. Black and white with a pop of pink was the color palette chosen.

A Succulent & Cactus Planting PartyA Succulent & Cactus Planting Party

The repeating succulent pattern from the envelope liner was used to create a printed backdrop for behind the sweets and treats table. The envelope liner and backdrop also were the inspiration for the custom cookies done by Elizabethan Desserts.

A Succulent & Cactus Planting Party

The dessert station featured custom sugar cookies and fresh fruit cups neatly displayed in wooden crates, pastries and chocolate covered strawberries adorned with cactus toppers and a chocolate chip bundt cake complete with cactus candles and a sparkling gold “10”!

A Succulent & Cactus Planting PartyA Succulent & Cactus Planting Party

Darling succulents and cacti decor along with coordinating themed paper plates, napkins and straws tied in the theme and made the perfect accent combination decor.

A Succulent & Cactus Planting PartyA Succulent & Cactus Planting Party

A Succulent & Cactus Planting Party

“We had a blast designing and executing this party for Elizabeth’s daughter, Hailey Grace. She wanted something interactive for the guests, as well as a darling theme. She has always been obsessed with “tiny” things – so it was a bit of a challenge to come up with a theme that would encompass everything she wanted. Succulents are so on trend right now, so we decided to plan a party around that theme – and came up with the idea of a planting party…where the guests could create mini succulent gardens! We hired Liz Roach of Succulent Haven to help with the planting party.”

The guests had fun making their own miniature succulent gardens! No detail was left out – and every girl was able to pick the plants and tiny accessories to make the garden unique and perfect.

A Succulent & Cactus Planting PartyA Succulent & Cactus Planting PartyA Succulent & Cactus Planting Party

Each place setting was beautifully decorated with a personalized placemat (laser cut and adhered to the placemat) and a cactus water cup that doubled as take-home favors.

A Succulent & Cactus Planting PartyA Succulent & Cactus Planting PartyA Succulent & Cactus Planting PartyA Succulent & Cactus Planting PartyA Succulent & Cactus Planting Party

If you were looking for a unique birthday party theme, you just found it!

Happy planning!


Party Design, Styling and all Paper Goods: Posh Paperie

Custom Cookies: Elizabethan Desserts 

Decor: Michaels, Pigment & Meri Meri

Custom Cactus Cups: Wedding Cups By Alyssa

Custom Succulent Headband worn by Hailey: Baker Blossoms

Custom macrame hung on Backdrop: Slow Down Productions



Ideas succulent party

21 Ideas for a Succulent-Themed Bridal Shower

Whether you're browsing Pinterest for wedding inspo or shopping for plants, one thing is clear: Succulents are in. Typically small and easy to care for, succulents come in a variety of colors and shapes, from green and purple to pink, making them an easy favor idea to give out to guests at a party. Succulents also make great decor and can make any paper decorations and stationery pop, too. Basically, it's easy to see why the love for these small but mighty plants has transformed into full-fledged wedding and shower themes. From printable invites to succulent wedding favors, read on for our top succulent-themed bridal shower decoration inspo, and browse The Knot for more wedding shower ideas and decor.

High Peak Studios Succulent Bridal Shower Invitation

The succulents on this bridal shower invitation provide the whole design with a fun, springy look. The instant download template is easy to customize with your party details and can be printed on your own for a fun and simple DIY project.

$12 | Etsy

Hannah Maria Personalized Floral Tote Bag in Cactus

Say "thank you" to the friends and family who are helping plan your shower with this fun personalized tote. It features the recipient's name alongside bright green and pink cacti for a colorful bag anyone would be excited to receive.

$10 | Zazzle

The Knot Shop Set of Six Small Faux Succulents

It's not a succulent wedding shower without some actual (or faux) succulents. This set of small plants can be used as part of your centerpieces or given out as party favors.

$30 for 6 | The Knot Shop

The Knot Shop Geometric Wooden Tealight Holder

Succulents and geometric patterns are often paired together in party decor because they're both a modern take on boho design. (Geometric patterns also complement the roundness of succulents well.) Pair these graphic tealight holders with a "table runner" of succulents for the perfect shower centerpieces.

$22 for 4 | The Knot Shop

The Knot Shop Mylar Foil Helium Party Balloon Decoration in Cactus

Balloons elevate any party, it's just a fact! Add this cactus balloon to a photo backdrop for Insta-worthy photos, tie it to the bride-to-be's chair or pair it with ombré pink latex balloons to create fun arrangements to decorate the venue.

$10 | The Knot Shop

Strawberry Party Print Cards and Gifts Sign

Direct your guests where to place their cards and gifts at your bridal brunch with this adorable cactus sign. The pink flowers on top of the cacti provide a fun pop of color to the sea of succulent green.

$4 for a download | Etsy

The Knot Romantic Succulent Gift Tags

If you're giving out succulents as a bridal shower favor, dress them up with this charming themed favor tag. There's even room on the back to add a personal note.

From $1 each | The Knot Shop

Surfside Succulents Succulent Party Favors in Burlap

Add a rustic touch to your succulent theme with these living party favors. The fresh succulents come wrapped in decorative burlap for a cute and portable favor your guests will love.

$6 each | Etsy

Napkin Boss Big Cactus Hand Embossed Beverage Napkins

While it's always fun to go all out with your theme, subtle touches can make a big difference, too. These white napkins are embossed with various cactus shapes for a simple but unique way to bring succulents into your day's design.

$9 for 24 | Etsy

Leah Bisch Greenery Bridal Shower Invitations

This bold invitation features just a peek of a succulent for a subtle nod to your theme. The bold, contemporary font is a great way to show your personality with your stationery—you can even get matching envelopes for a cohesive look.

From $2 each | Minted

Strawberry Party Print Favors Sign

Let's be honest, shower guests are always excited to see what favors and game prizes the to-be-wed is giving out. Direct them towards where they can pick up their thank-you gift with this fun cactus sign.

$4 | Etsy

Creative Bridal Shower Succulent Bridal Shower Games Bundle

Games steal the show at showers and are a great way to get guests mixing and mingling. This instant download bundle comes with several game options, from bingo to mad libs, all in a pretty succulent and floral design. Print off the ones you want to use for a fun-filled—though slightly competitive—shower.

$10 for a download | Etsy

Sparkle and Bash Fiesta Mexican Cinco de Mayo Party Supplies

Party supply bundles can make decorating fast, easy and inexpensive. This pretty-in-pink bundle collection contains everything you need for a designer bash, including plates, napkins, cups and even a tablecloth, all in a cute cactus pattern.

$31 for 24 | Walmart

Galvan Bliss Cactus Banner

When it comes to celebratory decor, a colorful garland is a party MVP. It's just so versatile—you can string it across the gift or dessert table or hang it on the wall for a fun spot to take social media pics. This cactus garland features bright pink flowers for a pop of color that would look cute in any venue.

$14 | Etsy

Green Inspired Succulent Garden Thank-You Cards

A prompt thank-you note is a must after a wedding shower. Show your guests you're grateful for their love and support with this modern, thematic succulent thank-you card.

$9 | Target

Borden Specifics Custom Let Love Grow Favor Tags

Stick this cute favor tag into the soil of your succulent favors for a simple and punny way to dress up your favors. The design can be customized with your name and party date so guests will always remember showering you with love.

From $16 for 25 | Etsy

Outside the Box Papers LLC Cactus Paper Straws

Whether these straws are for a mimosa bar or iced tea station, guests are sure to enjoy sipping out of something so adorable. Bonus: Paper straws are better for the environment than plastic.

Succulent Wedding Favors

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