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Matériel (hardware):SONY VGN-AR320E

Type de logiciel:BIOS

Nom:BIOS Update Utility


Taille de fichier:1.29Mb

Date de sortie:03 Dec 2010




Description:BIOS Update Utility for SONY VGN-AR320E
This utility updates the BIOS to version R0200J6 and resolves an issue where there’s no display after closing and re-opening the notebook lid

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Système:Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bitWindows XP

Description:VAIO Update Software for SONY VGN-AR320E
This utility installs an updated version of the VAIO Update software to resolve the following issues:
The VAIO Update application may become unresponsive
The computer will no longer Logoff, Restart, or Shutdown during the installation of a patch
The VAIO utility menu is hidden behind the VAIO utility tool
No up...Télécharger SONY VGN-AR320E VAIO Update Software v.

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LAN Setting Utility
Sony Utility Series
VAIO® Camera Utility
VAIO Camera Capture Utility
Wireless Switch Setting Utility
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Nom:VAIO Event Service Utility Update


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Provides compatibility with the Microsoft® Windows Vista™ operating system
Addresses an issue where the performance of the drive is reduced when running on b...Télécharger SONY VGN-AR320E Pioneer DVD SuperMulti Drive DVR-K16VAD Firmware Update v.1.10

Type de logiciel:VAIO Update Software Update


Système:Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bitWindows XP

Description:VAIO Update Software Update for SONY VGN-AR320E
This utility updates the VAIO Update software to version and provides improved performance of the VAIO Update applicationTélécharger SONY VGN-AR320E VAIO Update Software Update v.

A long time back I upgraded an ageing Sony VAIO SVE151A11W laptopwith an SSD, which made it feel a bit faster. At that time I simply cloned the previous hard drive but not so long ago I decided to come back to this laptop and convert it to a retro gaming laptop, which meant re-installing Windows from scratch in my case.

I installed a new SSD and was actually able to find original driver downloadsfor the laptop (on Sony India website for some reason). Since I was installing all drivers and utilities from scratch I also decided to update the BIOS.

The update part completed successfully...


However after this step the setup utility got stuck trying to restart the laptop. Since this was a BIOS update, I didn't want to manually reboot the laptop in case the BIOS was actually corrupt, but after leaving it for around 30 minutes, I ran out of patience.

I terminated the process for the BIOS update tool and restarted the laptop. Going into the BIOS showed me that I did in fact have the latest R0240E6 version. Not bricked after all. From this point the laptop proceeded to boot OK too.

I'm not sure why the setup utility got stuck, but since the update part was successful I think it's safe to say that a manual restart was definitely the right step forward (or I just got lucky that the laptop was bricked 😅).


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sony bios update

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velocityg4 said:

It appears Sony dumped every driver and BIOS from their servers for older computers recently. Unlike virtually every other computer manufacturer. They are too cheap or poor to continue hosting old drivers and BIOS on their servers. A few TB of rarely accessed data must be too much for them. Way to keep past customers and enthusiasts loyal Sony.

Unfortunately the waybackmachine doesn't keep that level of site detail to see if the BIOS updates existed.

While it looks like there may be some BIOS updates. They are only on those sketchy driver download sites. So, who knows what you're really getting with the download.

Someone backed up the Sony vaio support FTP server before they took it down. I don't think I'd be allowed to link to it here. I'm not certain what the forum rules would be as I don't think it's software piracy but it is discontinued drivers and whatever else was on the server. But the mods may think differently. So, I'll play it safe and not say where to get it.

Also you'd have to download the entire thing and look for your BIOS. Among every BIOS and driver for every Sony product from 2019 and earlier. Which existed on that server. To say it's big is an understatement. Assuming it is even legit. Another reason I didn't link.

But hey. If a mod gives the go ahead. I'll post the link. Then you can pick through it and hopefully find your BIOS update.

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Ha, I know, I held back from ranting about Sony in my initial post, but I've been arguing with their awful customer services people about this for weeks!
So initially I contacted them, asking nicely. I said, look, I understand about pulling support for Windows 7, it's obsolete, it's not receiving security updates, people should stop using it, fine, but there's millions of machines out there that received a free update to Windows 10 from Microsoft. Would you please send me the last version of the BIOS update utility that supported this machine?
They sent me a useless response, we're sorry for the inconvenience, but we can't guarantee compatibility with Windows 10. I said I don't need you to guarantee compatibility with Windows 10, I'm not asking for help running Windows 10, I've got Windows 10 running just fine. I just need the last BIOS update so I can see if it will make the battery work.
So for a while they sent me variations of the same useless reply, I sent them increasingly vexed variations of my reply, and demanded to be put on to someone who was capable of answering my questions.
So I changed tack, and asked could they just confirm whether or not a BIOS update was ever released. They said yes, we can confirm there was a BIOS update released, but they're no longer providing it.
I asked if they could tell me what the last BIOS revision was, so at least I figure out whether or not I was already on the last BIOS revision.
They then told that they no longer have any information whatsoever about this model, due to it's age. I pointed out that support for this range was only removed from their website at the start of this year, were they really telling me that all information about this machine has been totally and irreversibly erased without trace, and if so, how were they able to confirm that there had ever been a BIOS update for it?
They are refusing to answer this question. They won't even acknowledge that I'm asking it. They're now just sending me the same generic reply over and over again, about how they're sorry for the inconvenience, but they no longer provide a BIOS update for this model.
I am sending them increasingly vexed variations of the same reply, with more and more block capitals and underlining, pointing out that I am not asking them to provide the BIOS update, I just want them to explain to me how they were able to confirm that there had been one if they no longer have access to any information about this model.
This may well be the most frustrating and absurd interaction I have ever had with any company's customer services department. It's awful, futile, circular, and I hate it so very, very much.



Update sony bios

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