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A Complete Guide Of The Best Bongs On The Market In 2021

No herbivore’s collection is complete without a water pipe. Apart from traditional joints (you can check here the best rolling papers on the market), the bong is one of most popular ways to consume cannabis (but not the most subtle way to smoke weed…). Flavorful, impactful, and gentler on the lungs, it’s easy to fall in love with.

Not all glass is created equally, however. If you’re searching for a quality piece to add to your collection, you’ve stumbled upon the right page. From luxury stacked percolator pieces to the best cheap bongs for sale, this buyer’s guide will help you find exactly what you’re seeking.

Best Bongs of 2021

Session Goods Bong

The top place on our list goes to this bong masterpiece. Session Goods, a San Francisco-based company, is all about bringing together the best in design and functionality in all of their products. 

This beautiful modern bong truly redefines the smoking experience by combining a stylish, practical, and eye-catching design with the highest quality materials and accessories that guarantee the cleanest smoke and the best sessions possible. 

When you’re not using it, place it anywhere you want, not only will it blend in smoothly but it will stand out in your decor for its classy look. 

Made out of borosilicate glass and a silicone footer, be sure that this device will not succumb to wear and tear and will last through year-over-year use. The downstem diffuser ensures that your smoke is appropriately filtered and that you only get the best out of your product, experiencing all of its taste while minimizing harm to your lungs.

Plus, its 10 mm bowl has more than enough space to be filled with fine herb to deliver an effective rip every single time.

Don’t worry if you break it, every Session Goods bong comes with replacement parts in case you damage the bowl or the downstem.

And, this elegant device lets you customize its color due to its interchangeable silicone base; find it in Celery, Blush, Indigo, and Charcoal.

Easy to use, easy to clean, elegant, simple, and beautiful. This bong has it all, and that’s why it is our number one.

Read our full review of the Session Goods bong for more!

The Voyager Bong

The Voyager by VITAE Glass is one of the most exceptional items on our list. This device has been manufactured from 5 mm thick laboratory borosilicate glass, a non-porous material that prevents chemical residues and odors’ absorption, resulting in smooth, flavorful hits.

This bong consists of a UFO nozzle, a large honeycomb, a classic beaker base, and a descending stem. Using this attachment is very simple and makes for a much more pleasurable experience than other similar devices. This bong incorporates two cleaning plugs, a blade bowl, and a connector ring. Of course, the flagship base and UFO nozzle are included.

Higher Standards K. Haring Water Pipe

This beaker bong made of superior quality glass is resistant to scratches and breakage. Its long tube (12.4 inches) balances with a wide base that makes it super stable and easy to use. It has a removable downstem diffusor that, alongside the showerhead percolator, delivers super clean and smooth smoke every time.

It comes with an ice catcher and a splash guard that will make your smoke sessions even better, keeping that dirty water away from your mouth. It comes in Black and White or Yellow, always featuring the iconic Keith Haring artwork.

Read our full review of Higher Standards for more!

Marley Natural Walnut Wood Accented Beaker Bong

Beautifully crafted by hand, the Marley Natural Walnut Wood Accented Beaker Bong is an example of true craftsmanship. This device is the perfect addition to your mid-size smoking collection. The thick 18 mm to 14 mm ringed downstem and 3 pinch ice catcher will chill your smoke for smoother hits.

This masterpiece is expertly crafted from high-grade glass with a walnut wood accent ring and Swiss perc downstem, ensuring the smoothest hits you can imagine. This will be the centerpiece of any enthusiasts’ collection.

The Trinity Bong

The Trinity Bong explains itself, making visible and touchable the definition of a trinity: a union of 3 people, or in this case 3 things. 

Standing 23″ tall with plenty of percolation coming from the 3 honeycomb discs perc, 2 Matrix percs, and a Trio mouthpiece which serves as an ice catcher, too, this bong offers the possibility to be built to 23″ or 16″ making 2 combinations with 1 set. 

The Trinity Bong is made from non-porous laboratory grade Borosilicate glass which means it will not absorb odors or chemical residues. 

Last but not least, the Trinity Bong is part of the one-for-one proposal from VITAE Glass, which means they will plant a tree for each glass they sell, aiming to reduce our global footprint. Being composed of three pieces, this product will be responsible for putting three trees on our planet.

Snoop Dogg Pounds Battleship

If there’s someone who knows weed, that’s Snoop. That’s why he launched his own product line Pounds back in 2017. His beautifully designed smoking products stand out from the rest due to their superior quality and functionality, and the Battleship is on the top of their line.

This multifunctional bong offers a perforated honeycomb disc placed in between two tornado percolators. This triple filtering ensures the cleanest and tastiest smoke possible if you’re using dry herb or oils. Even though it’s pricy, this premium bong’s quality is entirely worth it.

Grace Glass Rasta Ice Bong

This Amsterdam-based company has more than ten years of experience in the glass bong industry, and their products always excel in quality and value for money. This straight, rasta themed device works with dry herb as well as oils and concentrates.

The artistic look that this bong has gets even more impressive when you see the smoke moving through the vortex that’s created inside it between the honeycomb and turbine percolators. Definitely one of the best bongs in the market made by one of the best and more experienced companies in the word.

GRAV Straight Base Bong

This Texas-based company has been manufacturing glass blown products for decades and is committed to superior quality and design. This Straight Base Bong is a masterpiece in bong design. It’s simple, elegant, and super effective.

Its 12-inch tube offers lots of space for clean smoke and great highs. Its percolator, located on the bottom of the main tube, will give you super clean and smooth smoke that can be enhanced even more by adding some ice cubes in the mouthpiece. This device can be found in a variety of colors.

Higher Standards Beaker Bong

This US company truly lived up to its name with this device. This minimalistic handmade bong made with the highest quality glass is almost unbreakable and won’t get scratches. This bong offers super clean and cool smoke thanks to its downstem percolator. Its simple, yet elegant design makes it attractive to the eye and super easy to clean.

This beaker bong also comes with an ice mold that’s designed to fit through the mouthpiece and makes the experience even better, with smooth, refreshing smoke. This bong is super easy to use and clean and will last for a lifetime if handled correctly. Truly a superior quality product.

RooR X Mud Son Water Pipe

The RooR Mod Sun water pipe features a 5″ wide bottom beaker large enough to hold enough for more than one hit. The 12″ tall body section is the perfect size for comfortable use and can easily be handheld. This water pipe comes to you signed by the glassblower artist, sealed with custom Mod Sun artwork and an authenticity code. This straight neck water pipe offers solid hits; it’s perfect for traveling and taking to concerts. It’s beautifully crafted, portable and functional.

This straight neckpiece comes equipped with a showerhead percolator to ensure smooth hits of water filtered smoke every time. The bottom beaker base allows for even more stability as you use this heady glass water pipe.

Boo Glass Glycerin Coil Beaker Bong with Gold Accents

An 11-inch tall beaker bong built to provide an icy-fresh rip on the bowl without the need to struggle and hassle with bags of ice. All because the glycerin coil on this fantastic-looking beaker bong is designed as a detachable device that you can put in your freezer. Not only that, but the design on this piece makes it extremely easy to clean after every smoke session. Forget about scratchy throats with a bong that delivers a smooth and cool rip every single time… if you put the coil in the freezer that is…

The bong is equipped with an 18mm ground joint and a colored removable slitted diffuser downstem. The bong also comes in more than just one color, so you’ll be able to choose your favorite between blue, green, and black if you feel like keeping it classy.

Black Leaf Double Honeycomb Bong

A German beauty that will deliver great rips every time. This handmade glass bong comes with two honeycomb discs that create lots of water and air filtration through its percolator holes, ensuring cooler and filtered smoke in every rip.

For added smoothness, you can also use this bong as an ice bong by merely adding as many ice cubes as you want through the mouthpiece. Plus, the removable bowl is a great addition that makes it easy to clean and will give you that final kick when lifted. This durable and easy to clean bong will deliver great smoke sessions for long.

Boo Glass Freezable Beaker Bong

This Beaker Bong from Boo Glass is a piece built for high-end, first-rate everyday use. A freezer-friendly glycerin coil insert ensures that you’ll have five-star quality hits whenever the mood arises. This innovative feature allows the user to place the insert in his icebox for hours before usage so that he can get right down to business.

This is one of the biggest ice bongs available. This internet favorite boasts a three millimeter thick, clear glass design with green accents. The system of double loops, reinforced with two larger tubes, allows for smooth airflow and a comfortable smoking experience.

Black Leaf Nautilus Multi-Level Bong

If there’s something cool about Black Leaf that has nothing to do with the bongs themselves, is their promise of a fast & discreet shipping, and invaluable customer support. That said, let’s concentrate on the Nautilus.

A Percolator glass bong that makes the smoke descend through the diffuser found in the downpipe, ultimately resurging and passing through a drum percolator that will cool down the smoke, leaving it just at the right ‘throat’ temperature. This Black Leaf beauty is made of borosilicate glass, comes with classy blue colored details, and a quality-feel 4mm wall thickness.

GRAV Upright Bubbler

Talk about a sleek looking design. The 7” tall bubbler is made on 44 mm tubing and the black accents added to the glass design make for a real bachelor’s/bachelorette’s favorite toy. The smoke is lightly diffused through the water and then passes inside the bubbler to be fixed. The angled mouthpiece on this piece is perhaps the closest portrayal of ‘comfortability’ in the bong world and the 14mm cup bowl makes for a power-packed rip.

EHLE Ice Cylinder

A straight standing bong that stands tall above all else with its 45cm stature. At a glance, this EHLE beauty seems to give maximum importance to branding, but once you take a closer look, you’ll realize extremely sleek features colorful glasswork features on the mouthpiece. On the picture shown above, you’ll see these details in red, but the Ice Cylinder is also available in orange, blue, and yellow. Talk about a centerpiece for your living room coffee table.

RooR Little Sista

Another beaker style waterpipe for the ages. With RooR, you just can’t go wrong, and this beaker style bong is solid evidence of exactly why. This incredibly symmetrical piece of glasswork stands at a whopping 18” of German Duran Schott glass, includes a tech barrel percolator on the top chamber and a lower percolator with slits on the bottom to enhance airflow. The 30mm splash guard and ice-pinch ensure a splashless experience and the debris catcher aids in easy maintenance.

Best Cheap Bongs For Sale

Everyone is always looking for the best deals on bongs. Of course, the age-old question is how do you know if you are getting ripped off or have found a good deal?  A good rule of thumb is if it costs less than $40, there’s a good chance the quality is pretty low.

There are bongs out there that can go as high as a $1000, but not everyone has the money to fork over that much for a luxury piece.  So what do you buy if you’re broke? The answer is: find a good quality bong for under $100 Here is a list of bongs to consider if you are budget conscious.

Cheech & Chong Sgt. Stedenko Round Base Bong

The Sgt. Stedenko glass bong, with its pinched joints, will surely be a topic of discussion anytime you set the water pipe up for a smoke session. The Sgt. Stedenko is part of the Cheech & Chong Up in Smoke collection by Empire Glassworks and features a very cool Cheech & Chong theme that’s subtle yet effective on this piece.

Boo Glass Mini Bong Water Pipes

Sours: https://herb.co/learn/best-bongs/

710 Pipes offers an extensive selection of quality water pipes. We're proud to carry in-demand heady glass and scientific glass pieces from Denver's best local artists, including Nico Cray, Kadabra Glass, Gordo Scientific and more. 710 Pipes also carries name-brand pieces from top brands Righteous Glass and Roor. The bongs we sell are specifically created to give you a smoother pull and generate fewer pollutants. Several of our pieces come with additional smoking amenities such as ice notches to fix ice cubes above the water level for a smoother smoking experience or a curved mouthpiece for easier access.

If you're new to the smoke shop scene and don't know where to start, read our smoke shop buyer's guide to learn more about the types of water pipes, hand pipes and vaporizers we offer. Browse our bong selection below to find the perfect piece for your preferences and desired price range. If you're in the Denver area and aged 21 or older, you can also drop by our Northglenn head shop or our Denver locations on Colfax and Evans Avenue to see thousands of our best bongs and other top products in person today.

Sours: https://www.710pipes.com/product-category/bongs-and-water-pipes/
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Personalized Bongs for every taste: put together your own Roor!

The right shape: straight or with bowl?

  • Straight Roor-pipes are available in different varieties. A slim neck, like the Ice- or Fairmaster have, contain a smaller smoke and water volume than bigger models like the Zumo, the 500 mm or the 1000 mm Roor.
  • The Beaker-series with the cone-shaped bowls has a much higher water capacity than the straight designs. We offer these bongs in different, convenient sizes. The smaller versions, as the name intends, are the Little Sistas, the Dealers Cups are the big ones.

Right size, perfect thickness and fitting ground joint

  • Regarding the size, it is imperative to remember that a taller bong means also a bigger smoke capacity. The particularly tall bongs are usually more suitable for experienced smokers.
  • The thickness especially makes a difference for the longevity of your bong. Thick glass is more robust and protects the bong from breakage due to carelessness.
  • The standard size of ground joints is 18,8 mm. Smaller bongs normally also have smaller ground joints (14,5 mm). Whoever wants to upgrade his/her bong with other bowls or pre-coolers should be aware of the right size, in particular.

Individual bong with or without ice pinches and carbhole

You decide, if your Roor glass-bong should have ice pinches or not:

Carbhole or lifting up the bowl:

  • With a bong containing a kickhole one just has to lift up the finger from the hole, to let fresh air flow into the bong after taking a hit.
  • When using a bong without Carbhole, the bowl needs to be taken down after inhaling the smoke, to let air stream into the bong and your respiratory system.

With RooR you choose exceptional quality and attention to details
Since the mid-90s, the Roor-team specialized on the handicraft of glassblowing and production of glass bongs. The well-known and proven bongs are being manufactured at the Roor-workshop in Frankenthal with precision and expertise. Like this, Roor keeps its high standards while always developing their products further.

Sours: https://www.bushplanet.com/Roor_Pipes

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