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How to Start a Poulan Chainsaw

If you have been wondering how to start a Poulan chainsaw, it will really depend on the exact model of chainsaw that you have. However, the overall process is quite similar for most models with the exception of a few minor changes.

Read the Manual

Obviously, the first thing you should do is consult your owner’s manual. This will tell you how to start the particular model that you have in a step-by-step fashion. It will also provide you with some potentially important tips that you can use in the event that you need to troubleshoot your chainsaw. More often than not, you can correct the problem if it is not starting or running properly but you will need the owner’s manual in order to do it. As far as a general method of starting goes, continue reading to find out what you need to do.

how to start a poulan chainsawCheck Fluid Levels

After consulting your owner’s manual, the first thing you should do is to check the fluid levels on your chainsaw and ensure that all of the fluids have been filled and are in the correct proportions. Once that has been accomplished, move the choke so that it is in the “full” position. Immediately thereafter, ensure that the throttle is properly locked and that it is in the starting position. Some models will do this for you automatically when you move the choke into the “full” position while others will require that you do it manually.

Flip the Switch

Next, locate the on/off switch and turn it to the “on” position. Again, not all models have an on/off switch, so make sure that you have consulted your owner’s manual so that you are not spending a lot of wasted time looking for something that isn’t even there. Your next step will be to find the primer bulb and press it, usually about four to five times. You are trying to get all of the air out of the fuel line so it will require that you press it at least four times. However, try not to get carried away by pressing it more than five times because you might flood the chainsaw and prevent it from starting if you do.

Here is another variation when it comes to the particular model you are using. Some chainsaws have what is called a step-through handle on the rear of the chainsaw. If it does, place the saw on the ground and then place the front of your shoe through the handle so that you are holding onto the handlebar at the same time. If there is no step-through handle on your particular model, simply hold the handle bar and then add pressure so that the chainsaw is placed firmly against the ground. In either case, the idea is to ensure that the chainsaw cannot move when you begin the actual starting process.

Pull the Starter Rope

Now you are ready to begin pulling the starter rope. The saw might respond after one to five pulls but this is not always the case. If it tries to start but fails to come on or you have pulled the starter rope a total of five times with no luck, you should immediately move the choke into the “half” position and then resume pulling on the starter rope until it starts. If it starts before you have pulled it five times, simply move the choke into the same position and continue on to the next step.

Finally, allow the chainsaw to warm up, usually for about 30 seconds. Once it has completed its warm up, squeeze the trigger and then immediately release it so that the engine begins to idle. This will allow you to begin cutting and working with the chainsaw as needed.

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Do you own a Poulan Chainsaw? Are you clueless about how to start a Poulan Chainsaw? If the answers to these questions are yes, then you are in the right place. Starting any chainsaw especially the Poulan Chainsaw requires that you follow the laid down procedure on the start process.

Knowing that there are various guides and videos available on the internet on the starting procedure. Selecting the best one becomes a big problem. In this article, I am going to take you through a clear guideline on how to start a Poulan predator chainsaw and other models.

There are various brands of Poulan chainsaw from the Poulan chainsaw to Poulan pro . Each of these chainsaws has a common starting procedure with minor differences. You only need to use this guide and the manual provided by the manufacturer.

How to Start a Poulan Chainsaw - Troubleshoot the Starting Problems

Before Starting The Poulan Chainsaw

With every process, you need to ensure everything is included before running any machine. That is why when starting the Poulan chainsaw there are some things you need to check on before heading on to the starting procedure. Here is a checklist for the Poulan chainsaw.

  • Ensure the chainsaw has the right mix of fuel and oil
  • Make sure the chain and bar are lubricated properly
  • Ensure that each part is intact
  • Don protective gear and clothing which includes gloves, helmet, ear defenders and goggles
  • Ensure the working area is clear of pets and other people not engaged in cutting wood

Having made sure that your checklist doesn’t have any issue. It is now time to start your Poulan Chainsaw.

How to Start a Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw, PR &#; Simple 7 Steps Guide

Step 1: Remove The Bar Cover

Before doing anything you need to remove the bar cover.

Step 2: Activate The Chain Brake

You will then need to activate the chain brake by pressing on it. It is located at the top handle.

Step 3: Move The Choke Lever

When the chain brake is activated. You will move the choke lever to the full position. In most models moving the choke lever will lock the throttle to the starting position. If it doesn’t you have to lock the throttle in the required starting position.

Step 4: Turn The Switch On

If the Poulan Chainsaw you own has an on/off switch. You only need to move the switch to the on position. It is mostly indicated by the symbol “I” and not “O”.

Step 5: Depress The Primer Bulb

If your Poulan Chainsaw has a primer bulb. You will press it times to draw fuel to the carburetor. The air in the carburetor is removed and fuel gets in. Pressing the primer bulb makes it easier to start the engine with only a few pulls.

Step 6: Position The Chainsaw

If the chainsaw has a step-through rear handle, you can set the saw on the ground by placing the toe of your shoe through the handle. You will then hold the handlebar using your left hand.

If the step-through rear handle is not available on your chainsaw just hold the handlebar and firmly press the chainsaw on the ground.

Step 7: Pull The Starter Rope

The last step involves pulling the starter rope times. When the engine starts and then stops after the 5 pulls. You should push the choke to half position and pull the rope to start the engine.

The engine will fire up and allow about 30 seconds for the engine to warm up. You can go ahead and start using your chainsaw after releasing the chain brake or release the trigger to turn off the engine.

Troubleshoot The Starting Problems

So you have undertaken every step in the guideline above but your brand new Poulan chainsaw won’t start. You try repeating each step but to no avail. Various questions in your mind linger on what could be the problem. You are even contemplating giving up or initiate a return since you believe it might be faulty.

However, before giving up there are things you can look at to troubleshoot why your Poulan chainsaw won’t start. Here are some of the causes of starting problems.

Flooded Engine

The distinct indicator of this problem happens when you smell fuel from the chainsaw. Flooding of the engine is caused by pressing the primer bulb too many times. You can also confirm flooding of the engine by removing spark plug and checking whether it has some moisture.

Removing the excess fuel can be done in two ways. The first method is to allow the chainsaw to stay for around minutes so that fuel can evaporate from the engine. You can then go ahead and repeat the starting procedure.

The second way involves turning the choke off, activating fast idle, turn on the on/off switch and pull the starter rope when the chainsaw is firmly on the ground.

If the engine doesn’t start after 15 pulls, you have to remove spark plug and replace it with a new one. Drain the fuel in the engine through spark plug hole after removing it before placing the new spark plug.

Bad Fuel

Your chainsaw may not start due to bad fuel in the fuel tank. This can be chainsaw oil mix ratio is not correct or using fuel left in the engine. The correct mixture of oil and fresh fuel should be one gallon of unleaded gas and ounces of Poulan 2-cycle oil.

The oil and gasoline mixture recommended should be used in the Poulan chainsaw without any additives. This is because adding any additives will damage the fuel system and the engine.

You should also clean the fuel tank and use fresh fuel since the fuel left after the chainsaw was used has been robbed off some components of the oil and gasoline mixture.

Spark Plug

Spark Plug

The spark plug needs to be checked to ensure spark is produced. You can do this by holding the rubber boot of your Poulan pro Chainsaw spark plug and grounding the other end on the metal of your chainsaw engine. If there is no spark the spark plug might be defective.

The spark plug could also be damaged if you notice some cracks on the porcelain insulator, burned electrode or carbon builds up on the spark plug.

You can clean the spark plug using a wire brush and some gas for carbon build-up. For the other problems, the spark plug has to be replaced.

Replacement of the spark plug can be done by adjusting the gap of the new spark plug to Thread the spark plug into the cylinder, use a socket to secure the spark plug.

From there install the spark plug boot and you are done. You can then try starting your chainsaw using the set guideline.

Clogged Carburetor

If there are clogs on the carburetor, this will hamper the starting process of any chainsaw. The clogging can result if you leave fuel in the tool for long. When such an instance happens, some components of fuel can evaporate and leave something sticky which causes clogging.

To solve this, you need to clean the carburetor using a carburetor cleaner. In an instance where your chainsaw engine doesn’t start after cleaning, you can undertake Poulan chainsaw carburetor adjustment or you can consider replacing the whole carburetor.

Spark Arrestor

Spark arrestor is a small screen that prevents the sparks given off from the engine to reach your clothing. It is usually made of fiberglass. This screen can become affected by soot over time causing the engine to stall after starting or run roughly.

To fix the problem, you have to remove the spark arrestor and clean it using a wire brush. If cleaning doesn’t solve the problem, you just have to buy a new one as a replacement. It is recommended that the spark arrestor should be replaced after 25 hours of use.

Ignition Coil

Ignition Coil

Ignition coil sends the required voltage to the spark plug. It is the work of the ignition coil to transmit the needed voltage on the spark plug so that a spark can be produced igniting the fuel.

When this happens the engine automatically fires up. If you have looked at your spark plug and it is in good condition or replaced with a new one and the engine doesn’t start. The ignition coil might be the problem.

An ignition coil tester is used to determine whether the ignition coil is damaged or defective. If that is the case, you need to replace the ignition coil. Once you have replaced you can try starting your Poulan chainsaw.

Final Verdict

Poulan chainsaw starting process isn’t complicated and the steps are fairly easy to master over time. As a beginner, the process may be smooth without any problems.

However, if you experience any issue you have troubleshooting solutions that you can undertake. If the above doesn&#;t work, you can seek the help of an expert.

Ensure that you maintain your chainsaw properly and replace the faulty parts with recommended Poulan chainsaw parts. You should also keep safety measures when starting or using the Poulan Chainsaw.

The above steps on how to start a Poulan chainsaw will help you start your Poulan chainsaw with ease as long as they are correctly implemented.

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Poulan Pro Chain Saw Troubleshooting

By Jennifer Blair

Your Poulan Pro chain saw may fail to start if its fuel mixture isn't fresh.

Poulan Pro chain saws have two-cycle engines that help make them efficient at cutting tree limbs and firewood in your yard. While these chain saws come with a one-year warranty to ensure performance, you may occasionally encounter issues that prevent your saw from operating properly. Whether the saw won't start or doesn't cut correctly, you may be able to troubleshoot the problem yourself without calling Poulan for assistance, so you can get back to your yardwork as quickly as possible. Making your own repairs with manufacturer recommended parts won't void your warranty, but you must maintain your chain saw according to recommendations in the owner's manual to receive the full value.

Check the Fuel

If your Poulan chain saw won’t start, the first thing to check is the fuel. Always use a fuel mixture composed of 1 gallon fresh unleaded gasoline and ounces of Poulan 2-cycle air-cooled engine oil, to achieve the recommended fuel-to-oil ratio. When you mix the fuel and oil, date the container so you know you're never using a mixture that’s more than 90 days old. If your fuel is fresh and you smell gas when you try to start your chainsaw, the engine is likely flooded. Let the saw sit for approximately 15 to 20 minutes -- if the flooding is mild, the fuel should evaporate so you can eventually start the chain saw. If the flooding is more severe, turn off the choke and turn on the fast idle. Then turn the saw on, hold it firmly and pull the start rope in short, brisk pulls until it starts. If it doesn’t start within 15 pulls, the spark plug is likely wet-fouled. Remove it and check for moisture on the electrode. If it is wet, it needs to be replaced. Turn the saw so the engine is upside down, and allow the excess fuel to drain away before replacing the spark plug.

Check the Filters

Your Poulan chain saw may fail to start if its filters are dirty. Start by checking the air filter -- remove the filter from beneath the cylinder cover and clean it with hot, soapy water. Rinse it with cool water, and allow it to dry completely before reinstalling. To prevent future issues, clean the filter after every five hours of operation or 10 tanks of fuel, whichever occurs first. An air filter can never be completely cleaned, though, so replace it after every 50 hours of use or annually, whichever happens first. A worn or dirty fuel filter can also prevent the chain saw from starting. Poulan recommends replacing your fuel filter once a year. To replace, drain your chain saw of fuel and remove the fuel cap. Pull the filter from inside the tank and disconnect it from the end of the fuel line. Replace with a new filter, and reassemble

Check the Carburetor

In warm weather, your Poulan chain saw may fail to start after sitting for 15 to 30 minutes because the carburetor has become vapor locked. This occurs when hot gas evaporates in the carburetor and prevents the right amount of fuel from reaching it. To fix the problem, flip the saw on its side and carefully loosen its gas cap to release any pressure inside the tank. Replace the gas cap, and push the primer bulb a few times until it fills with fuel. The saw should start immediately, but if the bulb doesn’t fill with fuel, let the tool sit for a half hour before trying to start it again.

Check the Chain

If your Poulan chain saw starts but doesn’t cut properly, there may be an issue with the chain. First, check to see if the chain is moving. If it’s not, cut the engine and see if the chain brake is engaged. The brake can engage automatically from a sudden movement. If the brake is disengaged but the chain still doesn’t turn, turn the saw off and check the drive links for burs that might bind the chain. Examine the chain’s bar groove to see if there’s a pinch that’s preventing the chain from passing through it freely. If the chain is moving but still not cutting properly, it has likely been dulled by accidental contact with dirt. Poulan recommends taking your saw to a professional chain sharpener for sharpening when necessary.


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