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Boys and Girls have different choices for quote tattoos. Boys like to have inspirational quotes as tattoos, one that is even challenging death. This is the reason why we decided to pick up the best tattoo quotes for men. First of all, let me clear you that you don’t have to pick up the quotes shown here for tattoos.

You can have a unique quote of your own but we will give you ideas about the placement of the tattoo and also font ideas. So here are 50 inspiring tattoo quotes for men

Short Tattoo Quotes For Men

1. While choosing perfect quotes for tattooing people often ignore quotes about death but to be frank they are the most meaningful quotes. Here is a quote about death tattooed on the bicep of this boy.
Tattoo Quote for Men

2. When we talk about love quotes we often try to express the feelings of heart in words and it is very hard to do so. If you want to try a love tattoo quotes for men then I would suggest you opt for quotes about first love.
3D Quotes Tattoos Ideas For Men

3. Even though you will find thousands of pictures online of quote tattoos but honestly there are very few photos that show tattoos with meaningful sayings. Here is one meaningful thought inked on the chest of this boy.
Awesome And Cool Quote Tattoos Ideas For Boys

4. There are very few short meaningful quotes that can be tried for tattoos. If you pick a short quote than font selection and placement matters a lot. Usually, they look good on forearm or wrist.
Beautiful Quote Tattoos Ideas For Boys

5. One very commonly suggested font for quote tattoos is the ‘fairy tale’ font. This font is inspired from the fonts of fantasy novels of the Shakespearean era. If you opt for a long quote then this font is best for you.
Best Quote Tattoos Design And Ideas For Men

6. You can also try two or three words quote but let me warn you that you have to explain it to every other person that sees it so choose a meaningful quote.
Best Quote Tattoos Ideas And Pics

7. Many men like to have motivational tattoos especially those who are gym enthusiasts. If you are looking for inspirational tattoos for guys then this is the best design for you.
Fabulous And Cool Quotes Tattoos Design And Pics

8. Instead of trying any popular quote or saying you can also opt for bible verses. One unique place for bible verse tattoos is the rib cage as shown in this picture.
Latest Quotest Tattoos Ideas For Men

9. You can also add visuals in your quote but it should be small and should be compatible with the quote. Here is a quote tattoo about the tree and the guy added a tree tattoo to it.
Most Popular Quotes Tattoos Ideas And Designs For Men

10. Your tattoo of the quote should tell about your interest and hobbies. If you like music then you should try this quote tattoo about music. Man can try inspirational quotes like this too for tattoos.
Motivational Quotes Tattoos For Men

11. You can make your quote tattoo stand out of other tattoos by adding apostrophes, punctuation marks or brackets just like this.
Quote Of Tattoos For Men

12. If you have huge biceps then the best placement for quote tattoo on your body would be the inner biceps. Here is a motivational quote tattoo on the inner bicep of this guy.
Quote Of Tattoos

13. If you are a religious person then surely you would like to have a quote tattoo that is about god. I would advise you to add praying hands or cross tattoos to such designs.
Quote Rib Tattoos For Guys

14. Obviously, this is a very long quote to opt for a tattoo design but the placement on the rib cage makes it perfect. Only people close to you can read it fully and thus it makes the quote special.
Quote Rib Tattoos Pinterest

15. Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in the literature due to his meaningful song lyrics. Point is you can try a lyrics tattoo (as quote) on your body and surely it will be unique and new tattoo quotes for men.
Quote Tattoo Backgrounds

16. You can also opt for meaningful quotes that are popular in pop culture. It can be movie quotes or quote from popular TV shows or comic strips. Here is one from Calvin and Hobbes.
Quote Tattoo Borders

17. Poor font selection can make even a meaningful quote worthless. This quote about sailor life would have looked better with droid sans font.
Quote Tattoo Cover Up

18. Some fonts are so popular that people can easily recognise them. You can choose such fonts. For example here is tattoo of quote in Walt Disney Font.
Quote Tattoo Gallery

19. Society is slowly accepting transgender and LGBT. If you find yourself as a man trapped inside a woman then you can clearly send a message through a powerful quote tattoo like this.
Quote Tattoo Estimate

20. You can dedicate your quote tattoo to your loved ones. For example, this guy dedicated his tattoo to his family members and beautifully defined the meaning of FAMILY.
Quote Tattoo Creator

21. Many guys like to dedicate their tattoos to their girlfriends or wife. If you too want to have a tattoo dedicated to your GF then forearm is best place to try it.
Quote Tattoo Generator

22. There are several wrong things about this tattoo design. First of all, it is a very long quote, secondly, it is placed wrong (on forearm) and thirdly the font selection is poor thus making it hard to read and understand.
Quote Tattoo God

23. There are many quotes about strength and power on sites like brainyquote. You should consider them for tattooing as they make the best tattoo quotes for men.
Quote Tattoo Hand

24. If you are a heavily tattooed person then you should probably skip tattoos of the quotes because they will look odd among various designs just like this picture.
Quote Tattoo Ideas For Men

25. Oh My God. I could only imagine the pain that this guy went through to get this tattoo on his ripped forearms. Surely only a determined person can try this.
Quote Tattoos Boys On Hands

26. I love those tattoos that are dedicated to parents. If you love you, mom and dad, more than anything else then surely you can show it through a tattoo.
Quote Tattoos Design Boys 2017

27. Many boys like to have poems inked on their body. If you are fond of literature then pick up your favorite poem and get it tattooed across your chest or back.
Top Quotes Tattoos Ideas For Men And Women

28. If you are trying a motivational tattoo quotes for men then be sure that you are easily able to see it. If it is less visible to you and more visible to the world then it is worthless and shows your ego.
Quote Tattoos Design On Bicep

29. Here is another amazing quote about a family that will strengthen the bonds between siblings and parents. Boys can try family quotes on the chest.
Quote Tattoos For Boys

30. There is a big question on whether devoted Christians should opt for tattoos or not. In my opinion, it is good to ink the sayings of the lord on our body.
Quote Tattoos Ideas For Men

31. You can make your quote tattoo stand out by giving it a unique background. You can either ink the quote on a leaf or on paper just like this.
Quote Tattoos Memorial

32. One evergreen background for quote tattoos is trees. You can add trees to almost any quote and they will perfectly suit the whole tattoo.
Quote Tattoos Neck

33. Honestly, this quote is not very easy for a person like me to understand but I really admired the background of polka dots in this tattoo.
Quote Tattoos On Arm

34. Bible psalms are very popular among tattoo lovers so it doesn’t matter if you are a believer or not. You can always try motivational psalms like this.
Quote Tattoos On Chest

35. My favorite kind of quote tattoo would be one that perfectly runs across the side of the forearm and is inked in the perfect font.
Quote Tattoos On Forearm Pics

36. You can also add glyphs in your tattoo design and it will be a very smart move. Here is an interesting tattoo design on the forearm of this man.
Quote Tattoos On Forearm

37. Have you ever tried blackwork quote tattoos? They are tattooed using solid black ink and they do not fade away easily.
Quote Tattoos On Hands

38. You must choose a font that looks meaningful even after the tattoo completely heals and stays for a long time. It should not fade away in a few months.
Quote Tattoos On Ribs

39. You can ask the artist to give a 3D look to your quote tattoo design as it will look mesmerizing. I must warn you that it can be really painful.
Quote Tattoos On Side

40. Self-motivational quotes always look good on visible parts of body such as wrist or forearms.
Quote Tattoos On Thigh

41. You can try quote of your favourite superhero along with the logo of the superhero. My favourite superhero is batman and here is a batman tattoo.
Quote Tattoos On Upper Thigh

42. You can add natural landscapes tattoos to your design and you won’t be disappointed by the result.
Quote Tattoos On Wrist

43. Your quote tattoo needs not to be in English language. You can opt for quote tattoos in hindi, Urdu, Arabic or Spanish language.
Quote Tattoos On Your Backside

44. Now, this is a quote that you should live by, You will face thousands of hurdles and disappointments in life but just keep going on.
Quote Tattoos On Your Hands

45. You can have a matching quote tattoo with your brother or father. For this, you can divide the quote into two parts.
Quotes About Tattooed Boys

46. The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) gave a very beautiful style of tattoo. You can try that style for quote tattoo as shown in this picture.
Quotes Tattoos Ideas Boys For Chest

47. If you want to try offbeat quotes then you should try sayings that have a dark sense of humor. Surely not every person would appreciate it.
Quotes Tattoos Ideas For Boys

48. Many guys like to try ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME quote. This is an age old quote but still very popular.
Quotes Tattoos Ideas For Guys

49. Side wrist is also a good option for short and meaningful quote just like this.
Short Quotes Ideas For Men

50. There are many glyph signs from ancient civilizations that have deep meaning. You can add them to your quote tattoos and surely people would admire it.
Inspirational Tattoos For Guys

i am the storm tattoo

Amazing Tattoo Quotes

it is well tattoo

Angels Tattoo Quotes

spanish quotes for tattoos

Arm Tattoo Quote

with pain comes strength tattoo

Art Tattoos Design Quotes

love me for who i am tattoo

Awesome Quotes Tattoo

know your worth tattoos

Awesome Tattoo Quotes

inhale the future exhale the past tattoo

Badass Quotes For Tattoos (1)

find what you love and let it kill you tattoo

Badass Quotes For Tattoos (2)

life is beautiful tattoos

Badass Quotes For Tattoos (3)

without struggle there is no progress tattoo

Badass Quotes For Tattoos (4)

life is a beautiful struggle tattoo

Badass Quotes For Tattoos (5)

into the wild tattoo

Badass Quotes For Tattoos (6)

i am because you are tattoo

Badass Quotes For Tattoos (7)

tattoos on the heart quotes

Badass Quotes For Tattoos (8)

live the life you love tattoo

Badass Quotes For Tattoos (9)

fear no man but god tattoo

Badass Quotes For Tattoos (10)

because of her i will not fall

Badass Quotes For Tattoos (11)

the world is mine tattoo

Baloon Tattoo Quote

quote tattoo on thigh

Beautiful Japanese Tattoo Quotes

love her but leave her wild tattoo

Beautiful Tattoo Quote

it can t rain all the time tattoo

Best Quote Tattoo

love and pain tattoo

Best Tattoo Quotes

all the gods all the heavens all the hells are within you tattoo

Best Tattoo Sayings

tomorrow is never promised tattoo

Bob Marley

trust the process tattoo

Breakup Tattoo Quotes

no rest for the wicked tattoo

Chest Quote Tattoos

pain is love tattoo

Chest Tattoo Quote

in a world of my own tattoo

Chest Tattoo Quotes About Life 818

humble and kind tattoo

Cool Quote Tattoos For Guys (1)

grow through what you go through tattoo

Cool Quote Tattoos For Guys (2)

get busy living or get busy dying tattoo

Cool Quote Tattoos For Guys (3)

i was not built to break tattoo

Cool Quote Tattoos For Guys (4)

because of her i will not fall tattoo

Cool Quote Tattoos For Guys (5)

the best is yet to come tattoo

Cool Quote Tattoos For Guys (6)

we ride together we die together tattoo

Cool Quote Tattoos For Guys (7)

pain is temporary pride is forever tattoo

Cool Quote Tattoos For Guys (8)

life too short tattoo

Cool Quote Tattoos For Guys (9)

fear no one tattoo

Cool Quote Tattoos For Guys (10)

i have found the one my soul loves tattoo

Cool Quote Tattoos For Guys (11)

spine quote tattoos tumblr

Cool Tattoo Quote

respect the past create the future tattoo

Cosey Quote Tattoo

make it count tattoo

Cute Tattoo Quote

and yet i smile tattoo

Deep Meaning Quotes Tattoo

weight of the world tattoo

Design Tattoo Quotes

i move the stars for no one tattoo

Dont Forget

all the gods all the heavens are within you tattoo

Do What You Love

stand for something or fall for anything tattoo

Exciting Quotes Tattoo

all we need is love tattoo

Family Tattoo Quotes

i am certain of nothing tattoo

Famous Tattoo Quotes

how wild it was to let it be tattoo

Fantastic Tattoo Quote

beautiful disaster tattoo meaning


you never know how strong you are tattoo

First Tattoo

no fear tattoo designs

Follow Your Dream

words tattoos on shoulder

Foot Tattoo Quote

life quote tattoos tumblr

Genesis Quote Tattoo

one life to live tattoo

Glorious Love Tattoo Quote

be the change you wish to see in the world tattoo

Glorious Tattoo Quote

small quote tattoos tumblr

Good Tatoo Quote

quotes for tattoos tumblr

Good Tattoo Quotes

stronger than yesterday tattoo

Great Tattoo Quotes

my life is my message tattoo

Guardian Angel

the past is practice tattoo

Guys With Tattoos Quotes (1)

pray for peace prepare for war tattoo

Guys With Tattoos Quotes (2)

no fear tattoo design

Guys With Tattoos Quotes (3)

love and war tattoo

Guys With Tattoos Quotes (4)

always on my mind tattoo

Guys With Tattoos Quotes (5)

all is fair in love and war tattoo

Guys With Tattoos Quotes (6)

no fear tattoos designs

Guys With Tattoos Quotes (7)

wait and hope tattoo

Guys With Tattoos Quotes (8)

born alone die alone tattoos

Guys With Tattoos Quotes (9)

no struggle no progress tattoo

Guys With Tattoos Quotes (10)

girl quote tattoos tumblr

Guys With Tattoos Quotes (11)

happiness is a choice tattoo

Happiness Depends

beauty lies within tattoo

I Love Him

all is well tattoo

Inner Foot Tattoo

life quotes tattoos tumblr

Inspirational Tattoos For Guys (1)

we are all broken that’s how the light gets in tattoo

Inspirational Tattoos For Guys (2)

from struggle comes strength tattoos

Inspirational Tattoos For Guys (3)

stay strong tattoos tumblr

Inspirational Tattoos For Guys (4)

without struggle there is no strength tattoo

Inspirational Tattoos For Guys (5)

chest quote tattoos tumblr

Inspirational Tattoos For Guys (6)

if i look back i am lost tattoo

Inspirational Tattoos For Guys (7)

i climbed the tree to see the world tattoo

Inspirational Tattoos For Guys (8)

love above all else tattoo

Inspirational Tattoos For Guys (9)

you know my name not my story tattoo

Inspirational Tattoos For Guys (10)

no excuses no regrets tattoo

Inspirational Tattoos For Guys (11)

remember to live tattoo

Inspirational Tattoo Quotes

losing my mind tattoo

Inspirational Tattoo Sayings

girl tattoos quotes tumblr

Inspiring Tattoo Quote

love is my weapon tattoos

Inspiring Tattoo Quotes

pain is temporary quitting lasts forever tattoo

I Should Have Been

love always wins tattoo

Its Only Forever

no pain is forever tattoo

Life Tattoo Quote

badass tattoo quotes for guys

Life Tattoos Design Quotes

Live Life Tattoo Quotes

Love Cannot Save You

Lovely Tattoo Quote

Love Quotes Tattoo

Love Tatoo Quote

Love Tattoo Quote

Love Tattoos Design Quotes

Matching Tattoos Quotes

Meaningful Tattoo Quote

Meaningful Tattoos Quote

Meaningful Tattoos Quotes

Men Tattoo Quotes

Mind Blowing Tattoo Quote

Motivational Tattoos For Guys (1)

Motivational Tattoos For Guys (2)

Motivational Tattoos For Guys (3)

Motivational Tattoos For Guys (4)

Motivational Tattoos For Guys (5)

Motivational Tattoos For Guys (6)

Motivational Tattoos For Guys (7)

Motivational Tattoos For Guys (8)

Motivational Tattoos For Guys (9)

Motivational Tattoos For Guys (10)

Motivational Tattoos For Guys (11)

Newest Tattoo Sayings

Nice Quotes Tattoo

Nice Quote Tattoo

Nice Tattoo Quotes

Nice Tattoo Quotes For Men

Nice Tattoos Design Quotes

Pac Quote

Peace Quote

Peace Tatoo Quote

Prayer Tattoo Quotes

Quote Had Symbolized

Quotes Tattoos For Guys (1)

Quotes Tattoos For Guys (2)

Quotes Tattoos For Guys (3)

Quotes Tattoos For Guys (4)

Quotes Tattoos For Guys (5)

Quotes Tattoos For Guys (6)

Quotes Tattoos For Guys (7)

Quotes Tattoos For Guys (8)

Quotes Tattoos For Guys (9)

Quotes Tattoos For Guys (10)

Quotes Tattoos For Guys (11)

Quotes Tattoos For Guys (12)

Quotes Tattoos For Guys (13)

Quotes Tattoos For Guys (14)

Quotes Tattoos For Guys (15)

Quotes Tattoos For Guys (16)

Quotes Tattoos For Guys (17)

Quotes Tattoos For Guys (18)

Quotes Tattoos Design

Quote Tattoo Designs

Quote Tattoo Ideas

Quote Tattoo Life

Quote Tattoo Love

Quote Tattoos Tumblr

Religious Tattoo Quotes

Rose Tattoo Quote

Sad Tattoo Quote

Short Motivational Quotes For Tattoos

Short Tattoo Quotes

Short Tattoo Quotes Ideas

Short Tattoo Sayings

Simple Tattoo Quotes

Small Tattoo Sayings

Some Say Im Going The Wrong Way

Stunning Quotes Tattoo

Sweet Good Tattoo Quotes

Take A Breath Be Strong

Take Care Of The Sense

Tatoo Sayings Men

Tattoo Sayings For Guys (1)

Tattoo Sayings For Guys (2)

Tattoo Sayings For Guys (3)

Tattoo Sayings For Guys (4)

Tattoo Sayings For Guys (5)

Tattoo Sayings For Guys (6)

Tattoo Sayings For Guys (7)

Tattoo Sayings For Guys (8)

Tattoo Sayings For Guys (9)

Tattoo Sayings For Guys (10)

Tattoo Sayings For Guys (11)

Tattoo Quote For Men

Tattoo Quote For Women

Tattoo Quotes 1

Tattoo Quotes 2

Tattoo Quotes About Life

Tattoo Quotes All Is Fair

Tattoo Quotes All You Need Is Love

Tattoo Quotes And In Time This Shall Too Pass

Tattoo Quotes And Sayings

Tattoo Quotes A Prayer For The Wild At Heart Kept In Cages

Tattoo Quotes Celebrate The Chance To Be Alive And Breathing

Tattoo Quotes Character Is Who You Are When No One Is Watching

Tattoo Quotes Dream Hope

Tattoo Quotes Dreams As If Youll Live Forever

Tattoo Quotes Eat Drink Today For We Die Tomorrow

Tattoo Quotes Everything Has Beauty But Not Everyone Sees It

Tattoo Quotes Fall Down Seven Times Stand Up Eight

Tattoo Quotes Fate Fell Short

Tattoo Quotes For Couples

Tattoo Quotes For Lovers

Tattoo Quotes For Men

Tattoo Quotes For You

Tattoo Quotes Grant Me The Serenity

Tattoo Quotes Heart Means Everything

Tattoo Quotes I Am Not Afraid

Tattoo Quotes I Am Not Afraid I Was Born To Do This

Tattoo Quotes I Am The Master Of My Fate I Am The Captain Of My Soul

Tattoo Quotes I Carry Your Heart With Me

Tattoo Quotes If You Want Peace Prepare For War

Tattoo Quotes Im Gonna Fight For What Is Right

Tattoo Quotes Its Only Forever Not Long At All

Tattoo Quotes Life Goes On

Tattoo Quotes Love

Tattoo Quotes Men

Tattoo Quotes Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Tattoo Quotes On Dream

Tattoo Quotes One Step At A Time

Tattoo Quotes Only The Strong Survive

Tattoo Quotes Take These Broken Wings And Learn To Fly

Tattoo Quotes The Woods Are Lovely Dark And Deep

Tattoo Quotes To Die

Tattoo Quotes To Guide Me

Tattoo Quotes To Live Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure

Tattoo Quotes Tumblr

Tattoo Quotes With Pain Comes Strength

Tattoo Sayings Live Each Day

Tattoos Design Quotes

Tattoos Design Sayings

Tattoos Quote Dream

Tennessee Williams Tatoo Quote

The Truth Is Out There

Too Wild

Uncertain Tatoo Sayings

Wars Begin

Wonderful New Tattoo

Wonderful New Tattoo Quotes

Wonderful Tattoo Quotes

Wording Tattoos For Guys (1)

Wording Tattoos For Guys (2)

Wording Tattoos For Guys (3)

Wording Tattoos For Guys (4)

Wording Tattoos For Guys (5)

Wording Tattoos For Guys (6)

Wording Tattoos For Guys (7)

Wording Tattoos For Guys (8)

Wording Tattoos For Guys (9)

Wording Tattoos For Guys (10)

Wording Tattoos For Guys (11)



People who have tattoo quotes for guys these type of tattoos vary from teens. They want to make a statement to Hollywood stars that want their fans to remember something. Throughout the course of history, many great men have left behind inspirational words of wisdom.

Today there are an abundant number of books with all sorts of inspiring authors and topics to read up on. From inspirational quotes to those that remind us of a special memory.  See if one of these top best tattoo quotes is the right one for you. You can have a unique quote of your own. Now we will give you ideas about the placement of the tattoo and also font ideas. So here are top inspiring tattoo quotes for men.

Quote tattoos

Quote tattoos can highlight the person’s attitude and nature, serve as a reminder of values that guide them. Hold personal sentimental importance. So if you are about to get a tattoo quote on your body, remember that you’ll have it forever. Do it should still be meaningful to you 20 years down the road. Guys can also customize their artwork and add hearts. For exempel flowers, a lion pride, hand-prints, tribal drawings, an anchor, or a compass. Exceptionally talented artists can even recreate lifelike portraits.


Most of these are inspirational quotes, then there are funny ones and some other types.  The most meaningful family tattoos are special and significant to you. It is because their meaning is sentimental, sweet, and unique.

Sure, motivational plaques or wall decals can definitely bring some good energy to any home or work space. But inspirational quote tattoos can also provide lots of long-term motivation.  Whatever is written in the picture for easier reading. You can check the text in normal and check the tattoo ideas in the pictures. Good luck.

chest tattoo sayings for guys
shoulder motivational quote tattoos for guys design
side quote tattoo ideas for guys images
best tattoo sayings for guys on arm ideas
chest cool tattoo sayings for guys
arm tattoo quote ideas for guys men design
temporary chest best quotes for men's tattoos
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Tattoo Quotes You Should Check Before Getting Inked
motivational small tattoos for men arm images
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life tattoo quotes for guys
neck god quote tattoos for guys
arm life quotes tattoos for guys
male quote tattoos on arm
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short quote tattoos for guys
 quotes for guys


motivational tattoos for guys
  1. Android 21 legends
  2. Mist color paint
  3. Dfw shooting sports
  4. Perseverance clip art
  5. Minecraft skin skirt

Tattoo quotes are very simple so they are never chosen because they look cool. Tattoo quotes always stick to the purpose of conveying a message which is always addressed to it’s owner.

Having a script tattoo is really beautiful way of easily getting your message across. We’ve rounded up some of the most beautiful and motivational quote tattoos for me that will change your life for the better.

However, before we proceed further please remember:

  1. there are a lot of things that people overlook and a lot of things can go bad with the script tattoo.
  2. If you are quoting something or someone, whether that’ll be poetry, or song lyrics, or historical speech, or a passage from a religious text, make sure you actually understand the actual meaning of the actual text!

Quote Tattoos For Men

quote tattoos for guys - tattoo quotes - word tattoo design - meaningful tattoo quotes

Short Quote Tattoos For Guys

quote tattoos for guys - quote tattoos for guys on leg - word tattoos for guysquote tattoos for guys - tattoos with meaningful sayings - tattoo quotesquote tattoos for guys - short quote tattoos for guys - meaningful tattoo quotes

quote tattoos for guys - quote tattoos for guys on leg - word tattoos for guysquote tattoos for guys - short quote tattoos for guys - meaningful tattoo quotes

Quote Tattoos for Guys on Chest

quote tattoos for guys - quote tattoos for guys on chest - tattoo lettering stylesquote tattoos for guys - quote tattoos for guys on chest - cool word tattoos for guys

Quote Tattoos for Guys on Ribs

quote tattoos for guys - quote tattoos for guys on ribs - word tattoos for guysquote tattoos for guys - quote tattoos for guys on ribs - cool word tattoos for guys

Quote Tattoos for Guys on Hand

quote tattoos for guys - word tattoos designs - name tattoosquote tattoos for guys - tattoo lettering styles - meaningful tattoo quotes

quote tattoos for guys - quote tattoos for guys on hand - cool word tattoos for guysquote tattoos for guys - tattoo lettering styles - meaningful tattoo quotesquote tattoos for guys - tattoo quotes - word tattoo design - meaningful tattoo quotes

Tattoos with Meaningful Sayings

quote tattoos for guys - quote tattoo placement for guys - tattoos with meaningful sayings

quote tattoos for guys - name tattoos - cool word tattoos for guysquote tattoos for guys - cool word tattoos for guys - tattoos with meaningful sayings

Top 41 Chest Writing Tattoo Ideas [2021 Inspiration Guide]

Chest quote tattoos are a mainstay for the men who wear them. This type of tattoo becomes a part of who they are more so than a tattoo on any other body part.

It’s much like communicating to the outside world “this is who I am, this is what I believe.”

In most cases, the designs are not refined or extremely decorative. The focus is on the words inked eternally on a particular male’s skin and their meaning. Whether the words arise from a book, movie, a famous speech, or poem, this type of tattoo is usually symbolic to the wearer.

Sometimes the quote blatantly depicts the psyche of the man and at other times, it may appear cryptic and paradoxical to the person you see before you. Even so, in back of every chest quote tattoo there is a deeply personal narrative. Even if the tattoo appears simple and easy to understand, it may have a very different meaning to the wearer. What’s more, the motivation for getting a chest quote tattoo plays a huge part in the tattoo wearer’s decision.

An engagement, birth of a child, death of a loved one, or a much loved pet, can all be motivations for getting a chest quote tattoo. This type of tattoo has curative properties that assist a man with healing the past, accepting today, and looking forward to the future.

Chest Quote Tattoo Ideas

Awesome Mens Upper Chest Quote Tattoo Designs

“Born again still your son,” is a an excellent quote referencing god and parent. The cursive for this chest tattoo is nicely flowing and well decorated but took a while to decipher. The curving font and placement is fine but it and future chest work could benefit from being another inch closer to the curving collarbone. Should the subject want more work done in this area then the quote will need to be incorporated rather an act as a natural border.

Cancer Ribbon Guys Chest Quote Strength Tattoo

Clean, effective chest quote tattoo. The lack of spectacular imagery or font works perfectly in getting this simple message down, and the stylized. The slightly ratty ribbon is a deft testament to the hard work needed to grow strength of character.

Chest Mens Quote Never Give Up Tattoos

This large, bold cursive is a hallmark of the Chicano graffiti style, which is popular because of the free flowing yet still weighty characters able to be created. In this piece, the font is strengthened by inking in sharp, heavy black internal detail. This allows the piece to be large and looping but remain easy to decipher amongst the swirls and squiggles.

Chest Quote I Fall Seven Times Stand Up Eight Mens Tattoos

This is a fascinating chest quote tattoo. Research the semi colon symbol and its relationship to body art – especially if you’ve struggled with mental health – for a full primer on a great subculture. It’s interesting and important for tattoo enthusiasts and others. Building on the small symbol this tattoo applies a very funky and innovative font to display it’s message. The stark black single needle fill for the words gives it a vivid, sharp, application.

Chest Quote Learn From Yesterday Mens Tattoo Ideas

Crisp cursive can make the difference between a cleanly produced affirmation tattoo and something completely -or worse, almost – indecipherable tattoo. If you’re opting to use words on skin, always try to make sure there’s a clarity to the wording even if it’s threaded in to part of a larger tattoo. Also, thoroughly spell check, theme check and context check any foreign and dead languages you wish to use so you don’t make a mistake. For example, there are lots of guys walking around with the Chinese symbol for strength in construction and building methods rather than physical manifestations of prowess out there. Be smart!

Clouds With Sun Rays Guys Chest Quote Tattoo Ideas

Yes! Always love a bit of J.R.R Tolkien and this Lord of the Rings tattoo is nicely done. The font choice brings that Hobbiton feeling of sharp quills, fat fingers, and hairy feet to the fore, yet remains easy to read and cool to look at. Also like the sun blaze shading pattern that alternates with neg space. It may prove to be too light over time but fills space cleverly (the font is quite wide by tattoo standards) without being a focal point of the body art.

Compass With Chest Quote Mens Family Trash Polka Tattoo

Cool Pinstripe Frame Mens Script Chest Quote Tattoos

Spanish is great for tattoo. It often flows just as beautifully on page or skin as it does in conversation. The chest quote tattoo in this example is nicely delivered. There’s no spectacular bells and whistles, just a simple message in fresh cursive augmented by a few bits of fine needle bordering fancy.

Cursive Script Dreams Chest Quote Tattoos For Men

Another effective, simple chest piece. The font is large, unique, and well balanced on the subject’s left breast. Only a slight, pedantic quibble, the ‘e’ when ending a word kind of looks like it’s added an ‘r’ at the end because of the flourish. It’s a small nitpick, but the type of thing you notice when words spend 20+ years being read from the same page.

Death Smilies At Everyone Mens Chest Quote Tattoo With Bravery Theme

Like the cursive in this chest tattoo. It’s easy to read but still flourishes nicely, and the handwritten note effect of the font size works well in the placement.

Dragon With Chest Quote Male Tattoo Ideas

This chest quote tattoo has been effectively incorporated into a much larger piece of work. The quote itself is clean, crisp cursive that utilizes a nice touch of white ink highlight across each word’s middle. It’s cleverly filled with fuzzy flowing shadow and sharp stars to align it with the rest of the subject’s right side tattoo.

Family Quotes For Mens Chest Tattoo Designs

Cool family oriented quote. There’s contradicting word thicknesses (like when kids press too hard on their pen) through the left edge of the piece but hopefully they will settle down and not look so different as time passes.

Forver Bound To Those Love Chest Quote Guys Tattoos

This body art is well placed, curving along the subject’s chest in nice flow. The cursive is helped by the large text, but would be clearer with thicker lines and white ink highlights. The underlined borders could also be thickened and extended to provide more shape.

Guy With Cool Scroll Banner Chest Quote Tattoo

Lambs And Lions Mens Chest Quote Tattoo Designs

A pick n mix font tattoo. Individually the different text are interesting but together and lacking fill pattern the fonts clash against each other jockeying within the space. The internal shading is excellent – the piece needs a bright block color fill to bring the font in line by contrast, or more attenuated gray shading work to add balance.

Let Fate Decide Ornate Script Guys Chest Quote Tattoo

Life And Death Chest Mens Quote Tattoos

Live Full Die Empty Guys Chest Quote Phrase Tattoo

Male Chest Retro Font Quote Tattoo Designs

Male With Decorative Only The Strong Survive Chest Quote Tattoo

Masculine Chest Quote Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Mens Banner With Sparrows Chest Quote Tattoo Ideas

Mens Chest Quote Dont Forget To Love Yourself Tattoo

Mens Chest Quote Never Give Up Tattoo

Mens Diamond With Wings Chest Quote Tattoos

Mens Dna Helix Strand Chest Quote Tattoo Designs

Mens Never Let Fears Decide Your Fate Chest Quote Tattoo

Mens Watercolor Paint Splatter Motivation Chest Quote Tattoo

Mother Memorial Guys Chest Quote Tattoo

Never Lose Hope Male Chest Quote Tattoo Inspiration

Ornate Male Chest Quote Tattoo Ideas

Quote Mens Religious Bible Verse Tattoo On Upper Chest

Religious Quote Guys Chest Tattoo Inspiration

Scrip Cursive Chest Quote Tattoo Ideas For Males

Script Font Outline Guys Chest Quote Tattoo

Small Simple Mens Chest Quote Tattoo Designs

Strength Chest Quote Tattoo Ideas For Men

The Future Belongs To Those Who Dream Chest Quote Mens Tattoos

True Love Never Dies Mens Chest Quote Tattoos

Trust Your Struggle With Wing Chest Quote Male Tattoos

Unique Guys Chest Quote Tattoo Ideas


Quote tattoos guy


When it comes to tattoos, men choose them very rarely according to fashion trends. They usually go for rather meaningful ones, which represent something important in their lives. Things get really serious when we are talking about tattoo quotes for men as they literally describe beliefs or values of the owners and are highly relevant for their personality.

Quote Tattoo Meanings

These kinds of tattoos are most likely the most significant ones out there. Most of them never include any sophisticated or highly artistic designs as they are focused only on the meaning behind the words inked forever on man’s skin. They are not about aesthetics or art, but about remembering key quotes that can make a man stronger.

Their meanings vary from one tattoo to another. However, behind every one of them there is a highly personal story that impacted the man in a certain way. Though you might think that you totally understand the quote, it might have a very different or even hidden meaning to the owner. After all, any quote can be interpreted in various ways according to the life experience of the reader.

Sometimes the individual decides to share the message with the world by getting a tattoo in a visible place. But other times the emotion is too personal so he goes for a very discreet body part that won’t be vulnerable to pry eyes.

Such tattoos are very simple so they are never chosen because they look cool. On the contrary, despite the fact that beautified latters can look highly appealing, they always stick to the purpose of conveying a message, which is nearly always addressed to the owner and set as a reminder that will help him in the journey of life.

Even if they incorporate design elements, they are always very masculine and enhance the visual appeal of the body. Tattoo quotes for men are usually inked just in black and grey, yet the ones that contain designs can go for a broader range of shades.

Why are they popular amongst men?

Tattoo quotes are very popular amongst men not only as stand-alone ones, but also as part of bigger pictures that reveal even more about their life experiences, preferences or beliefs. They help the man reconnect to spirituality and to his own emotions concerning important events or chapters in life.

Whether they originate in poems, speeches, movies or books, these kinds of tattoos always contain priceless knowledge for the owners. Sometimes a single quote can resume the whole personality of the man. Other times, it is rather mysterious and it leaves people wondering.

What do they represent?

In any case, any tattoo quote is full of essential significance and it represents real guidelines or mottos of the individual. They can have therapeutic properties and help the man heal past wounds or just help him move on and become more successful.

According to many tattoo lovers (, tattoo quotes for men don’t only play a role into catching the eye, but they can provide insight into the philosophy of a personality and the beliefs of the tattoo owner. They can define a way of life, which inspires the man and motivates him to achieve the fulfillment that he longs for.

Check Out The Best Tattoo Quotes for Men Here

This quote tattoo features one of the most well-loved quotes from the Calvin and Hobbes series. In the colored part of this tattoo design, Calvin and Hobbs are shown resting against a leafy tree, and the quote is inked above them in black.

This tattoo is related to the Harry Potter series. It features the word “Always,” with the A being comprised of a split triangle with a circle inside. This symbol was used in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The letter “y” in the tattoo is jagged, the same shape as Harry’s scar. Three stars complete the image.

Outlined in heavy black ink with an excellent shadow effect, the words “The World is Quiet Here” are shown beneath an eye. This medium-sized tattoo is the perfect style for men looking for something different. The quote is set on a diagonal to the eye symbol, giving lots of movement to the design.

With its thin black font and clever use of space, this smaller tattoo incorporates a unique quote. In parentheses (one offset slightly to the left, the other to the right), the words “but i imagine that yes is the only living thing” are printed. True to modern style, this quote is written in all lower-case letters.

Another lower-case lettered design, this all-black image features a slightly heavier black outline. Inspiring people to pursue their passion even when it hurts, this saying (“find what you love and let it kill you”) is the perfect quote tattoo for men who are looking for something classic and meaningful.

Incorporating a medieval-inspired font, this quote serves as a reminder that all wars and conflicts begin first in the mind. This non-violent message, written in thin black ink, will resonate with many people.

The Gesture Hunter, by David Means, is the source of the quote for this tattoo idea. Written in thin cursive script, this elegant design is ideal for those wanting a medium to large tattoo design.

Another perfect choice for those wanting a large tattoo, this design includes a quote from Jim Morrison. Crossing the entire body, from shoulder to shoulder, this tattoo curves into a smooth arc shape, with elegant cursive script.

Taken from the Bible’s book of Genesis, this design features part of the creation story. Inked in a modern, bold font, the first letter of the quote is set within a block in an old-style type, just like old books or manuscripts were sometimes done.

With its raised type and effective shadow technique, this tattoo is a powerful reminder of the importance of character. A larger size tattoo, it features a stylish font, with the first word centered above the rest of the quote.

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Best Inspirational quotes Tattoos For Men - Small Tattoos For Men - Positive Quotes Tattoo - Tattoo

Top 43 Quote Tattoo Ideas – [2021 Inspiration Guide]

A passage from a book, a beautiful song lyric, words of wisdom and motivation and definitions of faith are all part of timeless quotes tattoo ideas. There are limitless inspirational tattoos possibilities with all sorts of inspiring authors and topics to read up on and then apply to tattoo art.

Determining the best words for your ink to live by is entirely up to you. It can be a challenge to figure out the perfect placement on your body, whether it should be a small tattoo, a long or short quote, and in which font or language to get it etched.

Take a glance below and use this collection of meaningful tattoo art to answer font, style, and placement questions. There are also some handy tips at the end to help when you get to the tattoo parlor to make your next appointment.

1. Simple Quote Tattoo Design

Some quote tattoos work best as part of a much larger image but that doesn’t always have to be the case. A simple quote tattoo featuring little more than text can be a powerful image on its own. Short and sweet and to the point gives the message of the quote a more profound meaning when it’s uncluttered.

That said, you want an artist with a steady hand to pull the cleanest lines imaginable for this to work. There is no room to hide here so the lettering must be pristine. Classic application is just black ink in these examples but color can work if it’s a rich and deep tone and its well saturated.

2. Short Tattoo Quotes and Lettering

A powerful inspirational quote tattoo doesn’t need to be a long quote. Sometimes just a word or a few words can encapsulate your whole outlook on life and love, a profound philosophy, recognize a loved one, or reference a funny joke that you want to be a part of you forever. The key to a short quote tattoo is making the style and design work together.

The message of your quote can change based on the tattoo placement and how it’s applied. Massive lettering can draw the eye while an ornate script can make it harder to read if it becomes too complex. A simple block text will increase readability while a handwritten style of text can be more informal or even funny just by virtue of the letter shapes. Try to match your style to your content to increase the impact of the quote.

3. Fun Quote Tattoo Inspiration

Many quote tattoos are weighty and serious in nature, with a profound and deep meaning for the person who wears them. But not every quote needs to be a philosophical treatise, a moving song lyric, or something pulled from literature that speaks to the nature of the universe and the complex relationship between man and woman. Fun and silly quotes make for an exceptional short tattoo, using the simplicity of just a few words or a clever turn of phrase to convey a sense of quirkiness.

If your personality leans towards the funny and weird, a matching quote tattoo is more than appropriate. Often this style is best applied i n a very simplistic and clean font style rather than more flowery scripts . If it’s easy to read and if the lettering has a comic book or whimsical style, it adds a second layer of dimension to the overall piece. As an added bonus, cleaner and goofier scripts are not used that often so your quote tattoo will be more unique.

4. Epic Quote Tattoos

To some a quote is just words on paper or, in this case, skin. But a truly epic quote tattoo incorporates graphic elements and a grand scale to make a next level design. These tattoos cover a large swathe of skin and can include background designs or accents to make the central quote really stand out.

An epic quote tattoo is the kind you want as a full or half sleeve design, a back piece, or even something that covers the torso and ribs. You need to keep in mind that the fine line work that can be involved in a tattoo of this scale can be an endurance test, especially with low pain threshold tattoo placement. If you’re getting your ribs tattooed, for instance, you’re going to need to have a decent pain tolerance and ability to sit still. One slip and your text will suffer for it.

5. Bible Quote Tattoos

Many quotes are chosen for tattoos explicitly because of their meaningful or inspirational nature. For that reason, Bible quotes are often used. Whether single lines or whole passages, these Bible quote tattoos can keep someone’s faith close at hand while also serving as unique pieces of art relevant to the person’s life.

These types of quotes are easily integrated into larger images that fit the theme and can be applied with a variety of script font types from simple, thin black ink to more elaborate calligraphy-inspired text. Background work is often shaded to appear like parchment or scrolls and there is an opportunity to include iconography like wings, crosses, or even human figures. Because of the serious nature of each tattoo saying, you want to make sure your tattoo artist is up to the task, able to apply clean and readable lines, and not prone to spelling errors.

7. Clever Quote and Word Tattoos

While the content of a quote is usually the most important part of any quote tattoo, it’s worth remembering that the way that quote is tattooed on you is also an integral part of the whole design.

A good tattoo featuring script and letters plays with expectations and presents the quote as its own piece of art, even aside from the words. Whether it’s a simple tattoo applied in unique shapes or as part of a larger image that incorporates the script in an unusual way, these clever quote tattoos work because they treat the quote body art as what it is, part of a visual art form.

Quote Tattoo FAQs

What quote tattoo should I get?

When it comes to inspirational quote tattoo ideas, you can go broad with meaning or look for something specific. A quote can quite literally be about anything: Love, combat and war, a song lyric, motivation and benedictions, life philosophy, religious beliefs, and even nature too.

One piece of advice: when getting a quote or lettering tattoo, think of its potential for enjoyment down the line. It doesn’t need to have deep meaning but may need more than that YOLO ink you nearly got on your neck last Friday.

Where do quote tattoos work best?

Quote tattoos can work when placed anywhere, however some positions are certainly more prevalent (and more useful) than others.

Forearm tattoo, the upper arm tattoo, and wrist are great areas for a lengthier quote tattoo. They provide a place where your eyes can be drawn to the tattoo art and to the message. This works extremely well for ink designs requiring a lot of horizontal space, or those sayings or signs that help with motivation and inspiration.

For those tattoo enthusiasts looking to get a bible verse or tattoo saying central to religion, the chest is a popular placement. With the heart (and soul theoretically) being linked closely to religion, this placement is popular for people of faith. Parents too, like to get their new tattoo – often linked to their kids – above their hearts.

Another increasingly popular position for a quotes tattoo is along the side and ribs. It’s a visually arresting area for both men and women that have the capacity to take on both shorter quote tattoos along with longer, more condensed text.

What are some tips for getting a quote or script tattoo?

  1. Make sure the script font is legible. It can be fancy or plain, but it needs to be clear enough to read

2. Make sure you’ve had the spelling, and any possible translation, checked independently before you even get to the tattoo artist for inking. I always try to get it confirmed three ways before getting a quote tattoo punched in at the tattoo shop

3. Never get a cultural, racially, or sexually insensitive tattoo idea

4. Pick the placement right for you, not someone reading the script tattoo

5. Will the tattoo quote still be relevant in twenty years?

Did you enjoy these quote tattoo design ideas? For more galleries of awesome script tattoo and inspirational quote possibilities click on the links below:


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