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Circular fluorescent bulbs are available in a range of sizes and different numbers of watts and it does mean that they can be quite an adaptable light bulb and used in various situations. Knowing more about the range that is available does make sense in order to make selecting the right one that bit easier for you and this does mean that the information that follows may prove to be rather useful.

First, these bulbs do offer you a couple of different shades of light to choose from with the most common being warm white, cool white, and daylight. Clearly this does make a slight difference in the light that is emitted from them and it is important to think about where the bulb is going to determine the one that is going to be most suitable.

Next, these bulbs do offer a higher number of watts than other bulbs out there on the market and there are several for you to choose from. These wattage levels tend to range from 22W at the low end up to 60W at the higher end with the other common ones being 32W and 40W. This is of course lower than older models where W was not unknown, but the technology in the newer models is certainly far superior resulting in a lower number of watts being required to produce the same amount of light as the old W version.

Apart from those two areas, you must also think about the dimensions as they do also vary depending upon the bulb that you go ahead and purchase. In general, the 22W version is going to have a diameter of mm whereas the 40W and 60W versions are larger with an average diameter in the region of mm. Clearly this is important as it does have an impact on the one that you need to buy as they do require a different connection to hold them in place.

Finally, it is worth just mentioning where these types of bulbs are mainly used and the first thing to know is that there are some lamps that are specifically designed for these types of bulbs and the same can be said for light fixtures that are fitted into the ceiling. These fixtures are mainly those that tend to sit quite flush to the wall in the bathroom or kitchen since a normal light bulb would simply sit out too far leading to these circular bulbs as they offer the same light, but can safely be housed within the cover without it protruding too far. Alternatively, some outdoor lights that are designed to be near the door rather than as a security measure may also use them and this is also due to them tending to be quite flush against the wall.

Circular fluorescent bulbs are, therefore, available in a range of watts and offer several different shades of light for you to choose from in order to help you get the perfect bulb for whatever your needs may be. They are certainly far more efficient compared to older models and you can expect to get thousands of hours of light from them before they need replaced offering you real value for money on a bulb that is not too expensive to purchase in the first place.

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These round bulbs pack a few more features than their fun design suggests, and if you are not savvy to the ways of circline lamps you may have a hard time incorporating them into your home&#;s lighting. To fully understand and get the best out of circular fluorescent bulbs, keep the following four facts in mind.

Pay Attention to Wattage

Just as with (the soon to be gone) standard incandescent light bulbs, circline lamps use wattages to measure how much power is used to light a bulb. By comparison, the circular fluorescent lights emit the same amount of light (lumens) while using less power than incandescents. A circline light bulb of only 13 watts can replace a 60 watt incandescent bulb and has an output of lumens. The wattage of the bulb also determines the diameter of the bulb which in turn determines if it will fit the fixture. So unlike standard spiral CFLs you may not be able to go up or down in wattage range because it will affect the size of the bulb possibly rendering it unusable with your fixture.

Color Temperatures Are the Same as Standard CFLs

Color temperatures represent how bright a bulb is. Circular fluorescent bulbs can range in color from warm white to the brightest daylight just like standard compact fluorescent lights. Color specifics are all varying shades of white:

  • K: Warm, equivalent to what is typical in a bedroom or living room
  • K: Soft, suitable for bathrooms
  • K: Cool, florescent-like in color
  • K: Daylight, the brightest color, like sunlight at noon

Circular Bulbs Cannot be Used in Just Any Fixture

This is where using a circular fluorescent can get tricky. Depending on the manufacturer, some light fixtures only use bulbs from their own line. Yeah, I know it can be tempting sometimes to go with an off/generic brand, but in this case your generic circline lamp may not work in the fixture. When replacing a Circular Lamp, first make sure that there are no manufacturer specifics determining what bulb can be used. Next, determine what the lamp type (e.g. T6 , T9) and pin type is (e.g. 2 pin, 4 pin). When finding the right lamp for your fixture, you have to choose the same lamp type and pin types as these are not interchangeable.

Diameter Matters

For light fixtures that use circular bulbs that are too big or too small will not work, even if it is from the right manufacturer. Make sure to replace these bulbs by measuring the diameter of an existing bulb then purchase the right size. If you would rather leave measuring alone, you can also use the manufacturer model number to find a replacement bulb.

While there is more to be taught and learned about circular fluorescent bulbs, these four facts alone will allow you to make informed purchases and hassle-free replacements. See, it doesn&#;t take much to become savvy to the ways of circline lamps.

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TCP 20W T9 4-Pin Circular Lamp 27K
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How to Change a Circular Fluorescent Light Bulb

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Circular Fluorescent Tubes

12 watt T4 4-Pin Base K Daylight 12 watt T4 4-Pin Base K Daylight
Racine, WI
The bulb continues to work well in my old Chicago Lamp magnifying lamp.
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Pacific Palisades, CA
Product is excellent and delivery was timely.
Very pleased with my purchase.
Thank you
40 watt 12" T5 4-Pin Base 2,K Warm WhiteSatco 40 watt 12" T5 4-Pin Base 2,K Warm White
Winchester, KY
Bulb didn’t work. Cost more to send back than it cost.

Fluorescent tubes circular

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