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#HurtBae refers to a seven-minute dialogue video in which a young woman named Kourtney and her ex-boyfriend Leonard discuss their relationship in retrospect, particularly about his history of sleeping with other women while they were together. Upon its release via Twitter on Valentine's Day in 2017, the video instantly went viral on the social media and prompted a discussion about infidelity, as well as a large volume of reaction images and image macro commentaries.


On February 14th, 2017, The Scene published a video titled "Why Did You Cheat On Me?" in which Kourtney and Leonard, a couple who had dated each other for three years, talk about how infidelity affected their relationship. That same day, the video also entered circulation on Twitter via The Scene's official account, garnering nearly 221,900 retweets and 478,799 likes within the first week.


The video resonated exceptionally well with the audience on Twitter, with the majority of both genders expressing their empathy and sympathy for Kourtney with reaction images and commentaries, quickly giving rise to the moniker #HurtBae overnight.

#hurtbae @SCENE : when she said "because you're my best friend but we all know she wanted to say "because I love you" face eyebrow forehead skin chin nose cheek head jawHE DID NOT DESERVE HER! SHE DID EVERYTHING RIGHT AND HE DIDNT CARE ABOUT HER. HE WAS HER BEST FRIEND & SHE STILL GOT TREATED SO BAD #hurtbae Kourtney Jorge facial expression text chin forehead photo captionAn accurate representation of my facial expressions when he said "I didn't count #hurtbae hairstyle forehead

The next day, it was also uploaded to The Scene's YouTube channel under Kourtney's newly-given moniker HurtBae, where it drew more than 3.4 million views over the same time period. In the following days, a number of video remixes featuring the tearful reaction of Kourtney began to surface on Twitter as well. Throughout that week, the video and the meme were covered by various internet culture sites, women's interest blogs and black entertainment sites, including The Daily Dot, Bustle, Inverse, BuzzFeed, BET, Fader, The Wrap, People Magazine and Cosmopolitan.

#HurtBae 2

On February 22nd, 2018, YouTube account Iris published a video entitled "#HurtBae 2: One Year Later – Kourtney and Leonard Meet Again." In the video (shown below), Leonard and Kourtney have a contentious conversation about the response to the video, including the basis of their relationship and why they did the video in the first place. Within five days, the video received more than 953,000 views. On Facebook, the video received more than 53,000 reactions, 18,000 comments, 82,000 shares and 4.4 million views.

Several media outlets covered the reunion video, including The Root, Vibe, The Daily Mail and more.

Following the release of #HurtBae 2, people on YouTube began posting reaction videos. That day, YouTuber Dwayne N Jazz posted a reaction video (shown below, left), which received more than 46,000 views in five days.

On February 26th, late night hosts Desus & Mero uploaded a clip from their show of them reacting to the video. Since being uploaded to YouTube, the video (shown below, right) received mroe than 58,000 views.

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"Hurt Bae" Tweets That Will Break Your Heart

Sorry, Salt Bae — there's a new bae in town, and it is the now iconic "Hurt Bae" whose story went viral Wednesday night. In a video uploaded by The Scene on Valentine's Day, a woman named Kourtney and her ex-boyfriend Leonard hash out exactly how their relationship dissolved, and the details are ... well, pretty grim. Since then, the internet has dubbed Kourtney "Hurt Bae," inspiring a stream of "Hurt Bae" memes and tweets that anyone who has ever been hurt by a bae will look at and sigh, "It me."

See, in the video, Leonard confesses that during their relationship he cheated on her more times than he could even count — and Kourtney just sits there and takes it, simultaneously fascinating the internet and breaking its collective heart, particularly when she says she forgives him because he's still her "best friend". And while many, many people probably fantasize about getting this kind of closure from their ex, undoubtedly there are few quite as dramatic, heartbreaking, or RIDONK public as this.

Since The Scene posted the video, Kourtney has become the Patron Saint Of Broken Hearts to the internet, aka "Hurt Bae". When you watch the video, you'll understand why:

Sorry, I'm not cry, I just have every gut-wrenching second of this video stuck in my eye. Here are some of the many Hurt Bae memes and tweets it has inspired since...

Actually, Though, WHAT?

It was the most emotional rollercoaster you ever rode.

BRB, Grabbing My Heart Off The Floor





The world needs to know.

Boom, Splash

Fantasizing about this on Hurt Bae's behalf.


Is it weird that I'm more broken up about this than I would be over my own breakup?

The Empathy Is So Real

A lot of people have been reaching out to Hurt Bae in particular, because although her story was the one that went viral, she's far from alone.

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Internet Rallies Behind #HurtBae After She Finds Out Her Crappy Ex Cheated

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Condé Nast’s video storytelling platform The Scene shared the story of Kourtney and Leonard. The two lovers at one point had a flourishing relationship that came spiraling down because he cheated on her. Over the next couple of days, Kourtney became known as #HurtBae, a moniker fit for the young woman considering that she had to sit in a chair hearing all about her ex-boyfriend’s crappy antics before eventually breaking into tears. Now ~ The Internet ~ has become fascinated with the video, spurring an avalanche of memes and rallying behind #HurtBae.

The almost seven-minute video is a bit of a commitment to watch, outlining how the two met and eventually started dating. It moves a bit faster when Leonard starts listing off all the awful things he did behind Hurt Bae’s back. Think of it as an episode of Maury or Jerry Springer, but without a paternity test reveal or chairs being thrown, just melodramatic music in the background and a soft gray backdrop.

There were several moments that the internet particularly latched onto, including when Hurt Bae asks how many other girls Leonard had sex with and he says, “I can’t say.” There’s also the point in the video when Leonard talks about one situation when he had another girl in his room and told Kourtney to leave who went back to her room and “just cried the whole night.”

Since the video started making the rounds on social media, the two were identified as @RealCreoleKourt and @leonardlongii on Twitter. She’s apparently been receiving a lot of attention, even people trying to send her money on PayPal that she has denied. Meanwhile, people have been dragging Leonard for his past behavior.

The outrageousness of the entire sit-down confrontation gave denizens of Twitter an excellent amount of material to work with and oh boy did they have thoughts (and memes). Plenty of people had ideas of how they would’ve reacted if they were in Hurt Bae’s seat.

Some people would have gotten a little more … violent.

Many people started pointing out how much of a fuccboi Leonard was.

Some others had more complicated feelings about the whole situation, especially with how the two kept on talking about how they were best friends throughout the whole thing and still wanted to be in contact with one another.

Hurt Bae comes after a slew of other internet baes, including #SaltBae, the Turkish butcher mesmerizing people with his seasoning abilities and #PrisonBae, the ex-criminal whose stunning mugshot went viral and is now walking New York Fashion week runways.

Fuccboi 2017 (Leonard) and Hurt Bae now live in different states, but still talk regularly, according to the video’s ending.


We bet not. Well done. what else to say. Find out how she found out. What for.

Bae memes hurt

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Excellent, I thought to myself: It's time to act.

#HurtBoy (Hurt Bae Parody)

When I was. Completely melted, in the same second a towel was roughly shoved into my mouth. Shut up, whore, she wanted it herself.

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